21 Trendy Pink And Yellow Nails

21 Trendy Pink And Yellow Nails

Want something cool, chic, hot, and yet very feminine on your nails? Well, pink and yellow nails can be the look to go for this spring-summer time. Not only are pink and yellow the colors to match the spring and summer vibes, but they are also versatile enough for various styles. Here are the 21 … Read more

21 Magnificent Matte Yellow Nails

21 Magnificent Matte Yellow Nails

Summer is just around the corner, which means calls for yellow nails—but wondering what nails to wear this season? To all the beautiful ladies out there, WE HEAR YOU! We have managed to list down twenty-one matte yellow nails from top makeup artists on Instagram, perfect to go with your summer-y outfit to rock this … Read more

21 Beautiful Brown Almond Nails

21 Beautiful Brown Almond Nails

Brown almond nails are a beautiful fit. The perfect shape for you if you’re an office woman who wants to look fashionably stylish. Nail enthusiasts now choose to make from the vast spectrum of the known beautiful shades of brown. Ranging from the cool light brown to the seamlessly blending non-glossy matte brown. 1 – … Read more

21 Glamorous Neon Purple Nails

21 Looks: Neon Purple Nails

There are different shades of purple in the world of nail art, and one for everyone. Below, we’ve rounded up 21 exceptional works of art on neon purple nails, so beautiful they take your breath away. These nails are created by some of the most talented nail artists on Instagram and are an inspiration for … Read more

21 Classy White Nails With Rhinestones

21 Looks: White Nails With Rhinestones

White nails with rhinestones are stunning; they make your nails glitter and attract much attention. There’s nowhere white nails with rhinestones cannot enter; so far, they are done by the best nail artist – perfectly. Meanwhile, there is something about white nails that we can’t quite put our finger on; they give off a unique … Read more

21 Adorable Pink Butterfly Nails

21 Looks: Pink Butterfly Nails Inspiration

Butterfly lovers, behold, we are here with some sassy content for you. If you’re obsessed with pink glam and butterflies just like me and want some inspiration to add that little pink sparkle, then this is the right spot for you!  In this article, we will be sharing 21 super cute and chic butterfly nail … Read more

21 Luxurious Baddie Simple Coffin Nails With Rhinestones

21 Baddie Simple Coffin Nails With Rhinestones

Coffin nails with rhinestones are magnificent nail art designs to add beauty and class when done right and in moderation. Are you tired of dull-looking nails gracing, though not really gracing your nails? Then, these twenty-one baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones may be what you’ve been looking for. This is a follow-up to our … Read more

21 Scary But Beautiful Scream Nails

21 Looks: Scream Nails

It’s a small town with good people, not many, but friendly and outgoing. Everyone knew everyone, and no one knew anyone – if you know what we mean. But, this small town has been thrown into disarray; the worst kind of evil disgruntled the once-peaceful village. There’s a killer among them, and it could be … Read more

21 Mesmerizing Green Ombre Nails

21 Looks: Green Ombre Nails Inspiration

If you’re a nail enthusiast, as we are, then you’d notice that ombre has been popular lately as it is having a huge moment. Ombre refers to the illusion that colors shift and change shades. This, coupled with the color green, which is very trendy regardless of the season, can create beautiful nail designs of … Read more