21 Pokemon Nail Designs

The entire world is going mad for Pokemon Go right now and we thought we would join in the fun by bringing you the very best Pokemon nail designs. Because … why not?

Whether you’re capturing yourself a Pikachu, or hunting out a Squirtle, do it in style with the best talons – check out these 21 Pokemon nail designs and let us know which ones are favourite.

We’re 100% in love with these Pokemon nail designs, based on Pokemon Go itself, and not only have we found you a fabulous picture of them, we’ve also found you a video tutorial.

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @natashaleeblogger

After watching it, we’ve established these aren’t as difficult as we thought they might be, and if you want to have a little peek for yourself, you can find the link to the video below.

(We warn you, watching these nail tutorials is addictive!)

Another cute set of Pokemon nail designs, this one features a few of the Poke-gang which, of course, we love. Pikachu is our favourite little due, which ones yours?

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @citynailswillits

These characters are actually quite easy to recreate yourself. Pikachu, for example, is simple a yellow backdrop, two red circles for the cheeks, a black squiggle-line for the mouth, two black circle for eyes, and a little white dot in the middle to make them look more realistic.

Super easy!

There’s something a little fabulous about these nails, slightly different from some of the other Pokemon nail designs you’ll see.

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @thesammersaurus

Short and with a square tip, these lovelies just go to show that you don’t need super long talons in order to recreate the coolest and latest nail fashion trends.

These ones are probably the simplest Pokemon nail designs you could go for, the simple Pokeball design. You’ve got white tips, a red base, the black line across the middle, and the little red circle in the centre of that.

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @huntresslaura

We love that these are on long and pointed nails, but you could do these with shorter nails, rounded nails, toenails, and more. These are one of our favourites, mostly because they’re so simple to do yourself.

Why wouldn’t you want Ivysaur nails? It’s not like these aren’t super adorable or anything … Oh wait, yes they are. We’re adding them to our nail lust-list.

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram /@ayewuykenails

These ones are super simple, and you could recreate these Ivysaur nails to recreate any of the Pokemon characters. You have that teal-turquoise-blue backdrop, a darker blue nail pen to create the outlines of those triangles, black for the eyes, nose and mouth, and one last darker blue, slightly differently shaded from the outline, to colour in those darker segments. Even the tails are easy. We know because we copied them!

These are slightly girlier Pokemon nail designs, based on shorter coffin-style nails. We love the heart embellishments on these, mostly because we love Pokemon, but also because they’re super cute. Who said Pokemon couldn’t be cute?

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @stormilahuillier

Check out the thumb nail on this design – it’s the regular Pokemon ball but instead of red, it’s pink, and an adorable love heart has been added for good measure.

Another simple design, it’s the Pikachu nail that we want to draw your attention to. The base of the nail has been left nude, with the addition of yellow to creat the outline of that Pika-shape.

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @enpolish

This look just goes to show that you don’t even need to cover the entire nail to rock Pokemon Go nail designs, and we also love that they’re all different. Perfect for when you want to stand out.

Just be careful out there – while you’re jumping off cliffs and walking into bushes trying to chase down that Charmander, try to exercise some safety. We know it’s hard, especially when you have super cool Pokemon nails to go with it, but you need to keep yourself safe people!

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @glossynails

Another Poke-design we love – note the square tips rather than the pointed and rounded ones we’ve shown you before.

How cute are these Pokemon nail designs? Long, pointed, shiny, sparkly, adorable … Everything we could want. It’s safe to say that we all got a little excited about this stunning styles.

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @tres_she

These take a little more work than your average nail, and you’ll need a steady hand unless you have a great nail technician to lend a hand. This is one we’d probably leave to the nail salon professionals. We tried, failed, and got incredibly frustrated in the process.

Simple, effective, to the point – everything you should want your Pokemon nail designs to be. We love that these are effortlessly simple, all black nails with the exception of that one feature nail, adorned with the classic Pokemon ball.

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @timelordsara

We’re a big fan of these pointed wonders, and one of the guys in our team regularly has black spiked nails just like these ones. We’re betting she’ll be in the nail salon within a couple of days getting one of them changed over to one of these Poke-beauties.

We recently displayed our love for dotticure nails, and if you haven’t seen them for yourself, you can find it here: 34 Dotticure Nail Designs You Should Try

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @shannon_polk

We have loads of love for these Pokemon nails too – lots of glitter, a Poke-ball, and that fabulous dotticure design all nicely mingled together. If you’ve got short / natural nails, these are definitely ones we’d recommend.

We love Pikachu and we love these nails too! (Hey, that rhymed!) These are nice and simple, the Pokemon ball easy enough to recreate, and the character nails being relatively simple too.

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @deartonii

Use the tips, the entire nail, whatever you like. Just make sure you “catch them all”!

They’re Pokemon nails but without being too much, that’s why we loved these Pikachu-themed beauties, complete with Pokemon ball of course.

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @a_is4andrea

If the faces of the characters are a little too difficult, stick with the ears like you can see here. They’re simple, effective, and Pokemon enough for our liking. How about you?

If you can’t make up your mind, customise your Pokemon nails so that each one displays your favourite character. We never said they all had to match. You could update them whenever you catch another one on your Pokemon Go game!

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @deartonii

We like the pinkie-finger nail here – the simple white backdrop with that red line creating the Pokemon ball features. These ones are matte nails too – get yourself a matte top coat to make any polish you already own have a matte-finish.

We know that Pokemon balls are usually red but we have a lot of love for these pastel pink delights, a real girlie take on the newest gaming craze.

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @alexx.miranda

What do you think? Would you rock these ones? Or are you a fan of the more traditional Pokemon designs?

And if you love the Pokeball look so much, why not design all your nails like them? Paint the bottom red, the top white, and use a thin black nail pen to create that centre-circle design.

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @designedbycucu

It’s a classic for a reason, and these are nails definitely necessary for any Pokemon fan. Here’s a quick tip too – if you don’t have time to wait for the layers to dry, when they’re a bit dry, soak them in ice cold water for a few seconds – it’ll dry them up real quick!

And for when you don’t want full Pokemon nail designs, how do you feel about just Pokeball tips instead? They’re classic, discreet, and you can still make out they’re meant to be Pokemon nails without them being a little ‘too-much’. Like an adult version of them if you like?

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @deartonii

If you already do white tips on your own nails, this is simply a case of adding another layer – a red layer. A quick flick of a black nail pen will easily give you that black line divider, although we found the circle part took a little bit more practice.

We love Jigglypuff so of course we would love these adorable pastel pink Jigglypuff nails, complete with adorable big blue eyes and those musical notes. Who wouldn’t want these?

Pokemon Nail Designs
Spotted on Pinterest

You could use a nail decal for these Pokemon nail designs if you’re not too great at the hand-painting stuff, and you could even use a little cut-out / transfer with a good couple of layers of top coat over the top.

And for when pink isn’t your colour, how about blue. And by blue, we mean these utterly adorable Togepi Pokemon nails? They’re cute, and those triangles are super easy to recreate, especially when you look at the slightly roughed-up and hand-painted nature.

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @ashearer3

If you wanted an easier way to wear these, paint your base nails in this baby blue colour and add to them as and when you have time. Start with your Togepi character one day, add a few triangle designs the next. It’s up to you – you can mix and match, and even add as you go.

And for when you want some extra glam, how do you feel about mixing your Pokemon nail designs with some glitter? We can tell you how we feel about it – we want them obviously.

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @deartonii

The glitter gives you a little way of adding something new and fresh to the Pokemon nails, perhaps when you’ve had them for a few days and need a way to revamp them up a little. You could even add more glitter detailing to the Pokeball nails too.

And for when you don’t want a full nail, we love the way the characters have been added to a base nail here, using only pretty and pastel shades to keep things super cute and girlie.

Pokemon Nail Designs
Instagram / @kewpienail

These adorable cuties just go to show that you don’t need to go for the boldest bright reds and yellow shades in your Pokemon nails, and even a pastel pop can be just the right touch.

So … which ones are your favourite? Which ones do you think you want to try next? We’ve hunted out a few Pokemon tutorials and you can take a peek below! If you give them a shot yourself, don’t forget to come back and let us know what you’ve done. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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