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21 Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas

It’s almost that time of year again and, as usual, we are beyond excited. We’ve been checking out realistic Halloween makeup ideas for weeks, months in fact, amongst many other Halloween-y things, and now the autumn season is finally upon us, it’s time to unleash our favourite designs. Here we’re going to look at Halloween makeup ideas that are so realistic, they’re actually terrifying, all in the hope they’ll give you some inspiration to some up with weird and wonderful designs of your own.

Just don’t forget to come back and let us know what you created!

Without any further ado, we’re going to jump right in … Are you sitting comfortably?

Listen ladies, we know you’re super exited. But just remember – all of the looks that you see can be customised to suit you, your budget, your makeup experience, and the kind of look you want to go for this Halloween. It’s time to get a little creative!

What an amazing look, and let’s face it – skeletons were made to represent Halloween. We can’t get enough of them this time of year, and if you want to recreate something a little similar yourself, this look is a great one to take inspiration from!

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Instagram / @ellycatt

You’ll need a lot of black makeup (obviously) to black yourself out, and in order to get the best photos, you’ll need to find yourself a decent, clean black background too. Definitely one you’ll want to practice a few times before the big day. It’s a good job we got started on things nice and early, right?

A scar is a very simple way of adding a Halloween touch to your makeup without going totally over the top. Sometimes all your costume needs is a well placed scar, so learning how to do this nifty Halloween makeup trick is handy because then you can apply it wherever you like on your body, not just your face.

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas

We loved the easy to follow tutorial from BeautifulYouTV, and if you click on the image, you can check it out for yourself!

Saw is one of the best Halloween movies, we think, and we’ve seen all of them a hundred times, perhaps even more. We’ve always wanted to go to a Halloween party dressed up as the psycho doll from the movies, and you can do just that by following the lead of this beauty blogger.

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Click for full tutorial

A white powdery base is essential, followed by black smoky eyes, as smoky as you dare to go. Finish it off with those big red lips, and those swirly red circles on the cheeks, and complete with a white shirt, black jacket and black trouser combo. It’s one of the best last minute realistic Halloween makeup ideas.

If you’re going to wear as much makeup as would be necessary to achieve these looks, you’ll need to invest in a good setting spray beforehand. Take this as a personal piece of advice – no setting spray means this amount of makeup will start to run down your face, especially if it’s a sunny day or you get in the slightest bit hot … like when you’re wearing a heavy or thick Halloween costume.

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Instagram / @anne_sfx

It’s like hairspray but for your face, but before you even begin your makeup, a primer is also necessary to give your skin a nice and smooth base to get things kick-started. You should also consider setting your look with powder too, although that should go without saying.

Sometimes you leave everything to the last minute (just like we do), and you need to come up with someone in five minutes flat that makes you look spooky. How about last minute zombie realistic Halloween makeup ideas like this one?

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Click for tutorial by Tess Christine

The brightly coloured contact lenses help to add to the look obviously, but you can leave these out if you don’t have time to grab them, or just hate putting them in your eyes … like me.

Fake blood is key when you’re creating a spooky themed look, but you can achieve a similar look with red lipstick if you don’t have fake blood to hand (because, who does?), and with the right amount of smudging and shading, your zombie could look as terrifyingly cool as this one.

Click on the image to check out the full tutorial on Youtube from Tess Christine.

This isn’t a look for the faint-hearted, and it’s certainly not something you’ll get done in five minutes, that’s for sure. Halloween looks are getting more and more realistic, and you need something like this to stand out from the crowd now. We know that every time we turn up dressed as a cute little Halloween-y cat, we feel a little underdressed!

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Instagram / @evasfx_

This kind of look is one you’ll only really achieve with some bondable material – latex for example. You can get your hands on this stuff nice and cheap online these days, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to practice. And with something as creative as this, practice really does make perfect.

There’s something very poetic and clever about this Halloween makeup look, a half-and-half mix of a normal girl and a skinless girl, all perfected with some very clever makeup skills.

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Spotted on Pinterest

Did you know there is actually such a thing as a phobia of Halloween? It’s a real thing, and it goes by the proper name of ‘Samhainophobia’. We don’t have it. In fact, we can’t get enough of Halloween! Or these realistic Halloween makeup ideas for that matter.

We love this look, dramatic and bold all at once. It’s simple – fresh faced with barely any makeup, all the detail on the neck alone. Perfect for when you want your face to be picture-perfect.

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Instagram / @tiffanybazesfx

If you have a hard time using mascara on your bottom lashes to achieve a look as bright-eyed as this one, here’s a clever tip you’ll love to know …

Use a plastic spoon! That’s right – one of those cheap white plastic spoons is the perfect thing to put underneath your lashes so that you can apply mascara to the bottom ones and not end up with it all under your eyes, ruining your look and making you look like some sort of panda.

It’s also a great way of ensuring your eyeshadow doesn’t go all over the underneath of your eyes too, especially if you’re working with loose powders. Those cheeky little buggers have a habit of going everywhere that you don’t want it to!

If Frankenstein were real, and he was female, we imagine he would look a little bit like this. It’s a pretty easy look to achieve, although you will need a lot of green … obviously. And purple. Well, purple for the eyes, and a dark plum colour for the lips. All the best colours!

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Spotted on Pinterest

Did you know that over the years, Halloween has been known by a few different names? Lamswool, Witches Night, All Hallow’s Eve, Snap-Apple Night, Summer’s End and Samhaim. Who knew?!

Here’s an odd Scottish Halloween tradition for you – it was believed by young girls that hanging a damp or wet sheet in front of the raging fire on Halloween night would reveal the face of the man they would then go on to marry.

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Spotted on Pinterest

There are a few other odd Scottish Halloween beliefs too – some girls thought that they would see the image of their potential future partner’s face in a mirror if they were to walk downstairs at exactly midnight on All Hallow’s Eve. Are you tempted to give it a try … ? Or this creepy Halloween makeup?

What a super creepy look, and although it looks really complicated, it’s actually not as tough as it looks. It’s all about placing that zipper on your face, open, and then building up the liquid latex around it, painting as you go, until you’ve built up enough to make it look pretty much like this.

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Spotted on Pinterest

It’s clearly not one you’re going to be able to do first time as a beginner, but you may just be surprised at how good your offering looks once you’ve given it a shot a couple of times!

Another classic pale look, how about just bleeding eyes? It’s very vampire-like, Edward Cullen fans would love it, and if we’re honest, we miss the Twilight movies a little bit … don’t you?

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Click for full tutorial

Again, things are nice and simple – that white base with classic black eyes, and you could use whatever lip colour you liked (but darker keep things more Halloween-y). Add a touch of fake blood around the eyes, or even red foil sections if you wanted to really modernise and punk it up, and you have bleeding eyes. It really is as simple as that.

For when you don’t have that latex stuff to hand that everyone else seems to be playing with, don’t worry, you can still come up with a killer Halloween look, you just need to know how to do it.

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Click for full tutorial by Ravinder Osahn

We love the way this blogger has recreated a burn look with just makeup, and you can find Ravinder Osahn’s full tutorial on Youtube by clicking on the image.

There’s something very cute about this look, despite how gory it is to look at, and we think it has a little something to do with the really feminine makeup there is in the centre of the design, with all the blood and guts (literally) around the edges. It’s a great way to have a beautiful face of makeup, and incorporate some gore, all at the same time.

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Instagram / @ayajade

Keep the makeup beautiful, light and relatively feminine and you could kill two birds with one stone here. You could be beautiful at Halloween, and scare young children too!

It looks like she’s had a bit of a fight with Freddy Kreuger, doesn’t it? In fact, this could be one half of a couple’s Halloween costume idea – your BAE could dress up as Freddy Kreuger, responsible for those big slashes across your face.

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Instagram / @tabreefx

You could recreate this look with makeup alone if you don’t have liquid latex to hand, and it’s relatively simple to do so too. We’ve found plenty of different turirals online, mostly Youtube, and there’s one to suit every kind of effect you’d be going for. Check them out!

Go with pale skin, dark eyes and fake veins and what do you have? A vampiress vixen, that’s what, blood and fright-factor included.

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Instagram / @giuliannaa

This is actually a very simple look – it’s your regular makeup but done paler than you usually would, with a few added veins thrown in for good measure. Easy-peasy … well, hopefully.

It’s a bit dead-looking, but beautiful nevertheless, and at first we couldn’t work out if these were veins or trees. Either way, it works super well, and we’re definitely adding this one to our Halloween makeup ideas lust list.

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Spotted on Pinterest

The idea is actually very simple – you have the pale makeup to start with, much like the dead / vampire look, and then you use a black eyeliner to create those flicks – trees, veins, whatever you want to call them. Finish it off with super dramatic eyes – a really dark red always seems to work really well, and don’t forget to get inventive. Use different products in the wrong places to see what you come up with – a plum-red lipstick in the place of eyeliner, for example, and eyeshadow in the place of a lipstick colour you don’t have.

What a crazy idea, but a brilliant one, and quite a simple one too. It’s an eyepatch of skin created so that it looks like the rest of the face has been peeled or sliced away. With the right shades of red makeup, you could even consider doing this all over your face if you don’t have any other ideas!

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Instagram / @makeupbystevens

The eye patch will need the addition of something like liquid latex, and we think it looks damn fabulous. In a deathly, Halloween-y sort of way, obviously.

It’s like Little Red Riding Hood, but she’s dead … in red. A great Halloween twist on a classic fairytale … Who said the wolf was scary anyway?

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Instagram / @nicoleguerriero

White or pale coloured contact lenses help to make this Halloween look as fabulous as it is, and although we love that sliced away skin detail on the chin, we think it would look great without that too. The dark / pale contrast on the lips and eyes do the job quite well. She definitely looks dead to us!

We’re a little bit scared of realistic Halloween makeup ideas like these – ghosts have always terrified us a little. Whether you believe in them or not, you’re guaranteed to freak everyone out at the party if you turn up looking a little bit like this!

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Spotted on Pinterest

It’s a lot of white background with a lot of black liner, and you could go as extreme as you liked. Go a little nuts with it, but just remember to take photos so you can come back and let us see what you’ve created!

Did someone say face off? Literally? Another terrifying realistic Halloween inspired look that made us cringe, this is literally a latex mask created so that it looks as if it has been ripped clean off the face. Again, not one for the faint-hearted, and definitely not one for a beginner. When we attempted this look ourselves, we mostly just made a really big mess.

Realistic Halloween Makeup Ideas
Instagram / @nicky_soup

Perhaps we’ll be leaving this one to the professionals … unless you have any brilliant tips you can offer us, obviously!

And there you have them – some of the craziest and most realistic Halloween makeup ideas ever. Which ones have inspired you this year? What are you going to dress up as? We can’t wait to see all your costumes! Make sure you come back and tag us with #CherryCherryBeauty, and if we love your work, we’ll feature it too!

Happy Halloween!


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