21 Short Christmas Nails

It’s that time of year again – time to start thinking about getting festive. If you’re already on top of the gift-buying, and the decorations are stashed, ready to be hung on the walls at any moment, it’s time to start getting serious. It’s time to start thinking about your outfit, and more than that, the accessories to your outfit – your nails, for example.

If you’re not a fan of long, lengthy talons, how about short Christmas nails instead? We’ve found a few designs that we positively loved, and we think that you might just fall in love with them too! Make yourself a drink, sit yourself down comfortably, we are about to begin …

1 – Short Silver Holly Nails

You may wonder why holly is a big thing when it comes to Christmas, seeing as we’re looking at these amazing holly design short Christmas nails.

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The red berries on the leaf are said to symbolise the blood of Christ, and the spikes on the sharp holly leaves are said to mimic the sharp nails he was nailed to the cross on. It all makes sense now, right?

2 – Green Christmas Tree Short Nails

Believe it or not, the first ever Christmas trees made by the Germans were said to have been created out of goose feathers which has been carefully dyed and place to mimic the look of a Christmas tree.

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Surely it would just have been easier to have gone out and actually cut down a tree? Still, the tree has become a very big symbol associated with Christmas, and that’s just one reason why you need a tree on your nails this year.

3 – Black + Gold Short Christmas Nails

Thankfully, Christmas Day is the best day of the year if you’d rather not break up with your potential BAE. According to studies and research, you are less likely to break up on Christmas Day than you are on any other day of the year.

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The run-up to Christmas is said to be the worst time for couples, with the two-week period before Christmas being the time most couples hit splitsville. Not the most fun Christmas fact, but at least if your nails are on point, you’ll care a little less!

4 – Black + Red Glitter Santa Nails

If you believe in the whole Santa theory, we’re about to bust it out the window. You might want to make sure no kids are around to hear the bad news …

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According to scientific research, if Santa Claus really was going to go around the world and deliver gifts to all the kids, he’d need to visit and drop gifts off at over 800 homes every second. That means he’d need to go roughly 650 mph. We wonder what kind of fuel Rudolph would need for that?!

5 – Red Snowman Christmas Nails

The Greeks don’t celebrate Christmas Day not he same way that we do. They actually open all of their gifts a bit later on – on New Year’s Day. They also go by an old Julian calendar, calling January 7th their ‘Christmas Day’. We bet you didn’t know that Christmas fun fact!

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All Christmas fun facts aside, what do you think about these short Christmas nails? We love the snowman design on them, and it’s actually not that difficult to do. A larger circle of white for the body, a smaller circle of white for the head, and a few details to create the facial features, and that scarf too. We think you should give it a shot – you might be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make snowman Christmas nails look good!

6 – Candy Cane Christmas Nails

Do you know why we use candy canes to celebrate Christmas? We didn’t, until we went looking for the answer. The tradition was said to have originated about 250 years ago, and originally they weren’t red and white. They weren’t the cane shape either.

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Candy canes first started out as straight white sticks used to keep young children quiet during choir services – a bribe if you like? This all happened in Germany, and although the tradition has evolved into the colourful and stripes version you see today (this happened around the 1900’s), they’re still a firm favourite. That’s why we think you need candy cane short Christmas nails!

7 – Glittery Green Candy Cane Nails

There are some theories that the candy-cane shape is to represent a ‘J’ – the first letter of Jesus. The colours are also meant to represent the blood (red) that Jesus shed, and also the innocence of him in the white.

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Why the peppermint taste though? That’s said to have come from hyssop being used in the Bible to purify. It was’t until the 1920’s that we saw the traditional candy cane design that we see today, from a little business called Bob’s Candies.

8 – Striped Candy Cane Christmas Nails

For thirteen years, Oliver Cromwell had Christmas, and all the festivities that go with it, banned. The ban started in 1647, and wasn’t lifted until 1660, and we bet it was the most depressing time ever in the history of earth!

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We’re eternally grateful that Christmas isn’t cancelled this year. Otherwise we’d have no excuse to rock these adorable little beauties – short Christmas nails done the right way!

9 – Christmas Lights Nails

It was in Germany that the tradition of decorating a tree with brightly coloured Christmas lights first came about too. In 1880, Thomas Edison decorated the outside of his laboratory to become the world’s first outdoor Christmas light decoration. A few years later, one of his assistants created the Christmas light as we know it as today. In 1890 these were mass produced.

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That’s a great story to tell when you show up to your festive events with these short Christmas nails. We love the way that different brightly coloured rhinestones have been used to mimic those Christmas lights. You could even consider using rhinestones to decorate a Christmas tree design like this too.

10 – Pale Blue Glitter Short Christmas Nails

We know that you’re excited for snow, and every year we secretly hope that it’s going to be a white Christmas, just like the sold song goes. The sad fact of the matter is that the odds are really stacked against us.

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If you live in England or Wales, for example, the odds of having a white Christmas are only one in ten. That’s just ten percent! You have a slightly higher chance if you live in Northern Ireland or Scotland – one in six Christmases are said to be a white one.

11 – Three Wise Men Christmas Nails

So … We all know about the Three Wise Men, right? It turns out that Matthew’s Gospel never actually said there were three wise men at all. In fact, it never stated a number. There were just some wise men hanging out, no numbers given.

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Three wise men works in short Christmas nails like these though, so we’re not complaining about yet another story of ‘Chinese whispers’!

12 – Short Mistletoe Nails

Mistletoe was once said to possess mystical powers, which is where the first practices of hanging the stuff around your house comes from. Back in the times of the ancient Druids, the plant was said to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck into the household.

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In the times of Norse mythology, missile was also said to represent things such as friendship, love, and respect, and that’s where kissing under the mistletoe comes from. Cool story huh?

13 – Sparkly Snowman Nails

You can’t go wrong for short Christmas nails than with these super sparkly snowman nails, light, bright, and very, very beautiful! We love this grey shade, and we also love that it’s been finished with different sized sparkly silver glitter over the top. And of course, we can’t help but fall in love with that snowman that brings the entire look together.

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Minus the snowman, you could get away with wearing these stunning nails all year round, and to be honest, we think we’re just looking for an excuse!

14 – Traditional Christmas Tree Nails

Have you ever wondered where the whole Christmas carolling business first came from? I mean, it’s a bit odd to go around the neighbourhood, singing in exchange for cash and other goodies, isn’t it? It’s a bit like X Factor, but without the promise of a recording contract at the end of it. In fact, your neighbours, just like Simon Cowell, are just like to tell you how pants you are at singing!

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It was during the 13th century that carolling first came about, but back then it wasn’t called carolling at all. It was called wassailing, and it was the practice of toasting your neighbours, wishing them to have a good, healthy, and prosperous life.

With short Christmas nails like these, we don’t care what we’re toasting, or carolling for that matter. As long as they get their little bit of the limelight.

15 – Christmas Jumper Nails

We love Jingle Bells, and we all sing it every year, so it might surprise you to learn hat the song wasn’t originally a Christmas song at all. In fact, it was originally written to celebrate Thanksgiving. Both events call for turkey though, so we can understand how it all got mixed around.

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The song wasn’t originally called “Jingle Bells” either, it was called “One Horse Open Sleigh.” In case you were wondering, it was written in 1857, and the ‘artist’ was James Pierpont.

16 – Pink Short Christmas Nails

How do you feel about a pink Christmas rather than a white one? We know it’s not conventionally Christmassy, but there sure is something very pretty about these short Christmas nails!

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We love the way that a Dotticure design has been used to recreate the appearance of a Christmas tree! Did you know that in Europe alone, over sixty million Christmas trees are grown each year? Another Christmas fun fact!

17 – Santa + Reindeer Nails

Believe it or not, people don’t actually think Jesus was born on the 25th December at all. Some scholars and theorists have suggested that his birthday was more likely to have been around September. Also, rather than being the start of BC – Before Christ, he was also said to have been born during 6BC and 30AD.

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Santa and his reindeer are one of the most iconic symbols of Christmas, and this tradition was said to have originated in the 19th century. It wasn’t until a few years later in 1939 that Rudolph came around with his big red nose, but before that, the tradition actually started from a poem about St. Nicholas.

18 – Merry Christmas Nails

You can’t get more Christmassy than a good old ‘Merry Christmas’, and we love the ‘Merry Christmas’ that has been beautifully painted on these nails – pretty pops of blue among the silver.

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One of the easiest and quickest things you can do to Christmas-up your nails is to add a ‘Merry Christmas’ (or there festive greeting) in the form of a decal to your nail. You can apply it over any shade that you like, and it literally takes seconds. Talk about getting in the festive spirit quick!

19 – White Snowflake Christmas Nails

And here’s another idea of how easily and simply you can make your already-existing manicure much more festive. Simply add a snowflake embellishment to one of the nails!

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You could use a snowflake over white nails, just like you can see here, or you could also consider adding a wide range of backdrop shades. Any colour you liked in fact, and you could even add a shimmer or glitter finish if you wanted things to really sparkle. It’s not just snowflake embellishments and charms you could add either – there are plenty of ideas, and you can find a few of our favourites below:

20 – Abstract Short Christmas Nails

We all know that the tree most traditional colours associated with Christmas are gold, green, and red. These have become almost symbolic with the holiday over the years, with many Christmas decorations (and outfits / accessories) are often worked to match these festive colour theme.

Green is not only the colour of the traditional evergreen Christmas tree, but also a symbol of everything Christmas is meant to mean – rebirth and life, the earth, natural, living.

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Red, the second colour commonly associated with the Christmas festivities, is to symbolise blood – the blood of Jesus Christ to be precise.

Gold is a colour of wealth and luxury, and also of royalty and of light – it’s a bright, reflecting shade. Taking all of that into consideration, these short Christmas nails are totally perfect, don’t you think?

21 – Black, Nude + White Short Christmas Nails

For when you can’t decide what short Christmas nails you want this year, why not mix things up and paint each nail totally different. These are all a little different, although still covering the same colour palette. Not only do they scream ‘Christmas’, but they’re also really cute! (And easy to recreate with hand-painting techniques!)

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Plus, these nails will totally match your nude Christmas / winter jumpers! And they’ll go with everything too. That’s why we love them. Isn’t that why you love them too?

We hope that you find the perfect short Christmas nails to rock this year, but we reckon some of these designs are fabulous enough to recreate. Why not let us know which ones are your favourite! And don’t forget to come back and let us know which ones you tried. We’d love to feature your work, so make sure you come back and show us your work!

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