21 Snowy Nail Designs

Hello, you wonderful lot! Can you believe how fast this year has zipped right by? Halloween is now over, and that can only mean one thing … The clocks go back, the nights get darker, the weather gets colder, and Santa starts brushin’ the dust off the ol’ sleigh. It’s a magical time of year, and, if we’re lucky, it might even be a Snowy time of the year too. It’s been a while since the UK had a good white Christmas. It’s definitely overdue.

Whether we get a white Christmas or not, we’re going to love everything about the snow. So much so, in fact, that we’ve been paying some rather special attention to it lately. As much as we’d love to jet off for a winter getaway, it’s not looking likely. It’s okay though, not all is lost.

Hey, if we can’t go to the snow, we’ll bring the snow to us!

1 – Ice Crystals

It’s a very simple look, but in terms of Snowy Nail designs, it could just be one of the best. White and blue are two colours that we often associate with cold, snow, and ice. It just makes perfect sense to use that as the starting point for your next nail look. Simply start with a base coat, because it’s super important, and then add your white base shade. Make sure you pick a good white polish though, as the cheaper, lower-quality stuff tends to be really thin, streaky, or just not ‘pigmented’ enough. With white polish, you’ll also more than likely need a couple of coats.

Once your base coat is dry, simply use nail embellishments, transfers, or decals to get the blue ice crystal look. A touch of glitter and some top coat completes the look.


Source: pretty_in_pink_polish

We like these pretty snow-themed nail transfers, decals, and other accessories:

2 – Black Snow Nails

Of course, you could go the other way entirely. These snowy nail designs are super-glam and super-fierce, especially with that pointed, stiletto finish to the nail shape. If you wanted a nail design that means business, this one is a look to take inspiration from, that’s for sure.


Source: secretjewelgarden

3 – Frostbite Blue n’ White Snowy Nail Designs

Frosty blue and white is a great combination for that chilly winter weather, and the detailing has been applied to the base of the nails — towards the cuticles — rather than towards the ends/tips. You can easily achieve this almost-ombré look using a sponge. Don’t dab the glitter on with a brush, apply it to the end of a clean makeup sponge and use that instead. It’ll naturally fade off, although you can dab a bit more to add more sparkle. You can also do the same approach with other types of nail polish top. It doesn’t just work with glitter and ombré effects.


Source: jauntyjuli

4 – The Snowman

You just can’t have snowy nail designs without a snowman, and this one really rocks. An easily hand painted design, we won’t tell anyone if you choose to use nail transfers or decals instead. We love them for quick and simple nail looks, especially themed ones. You can pick them up for next to nothing in the shops and online too.


Source: bambinanails

5 – Lilac Snowflakes

We love lilac and pastel purple tones for winter. There’s something a little frosty about it, and definitely when you add frosty snowflakes, just like you can see here. Another simple look, it’s one of those snowy nail designs that you could get away with for a while host of festive occasions.


Source: naq57

6 – Metallic & Textured Snowy Nail Designs

Bringing in all the colours of the rainbow, these metallic and textured snowy nail designs are beautiful, and short too. Perfect for those who don’t like to rock long talons. Most of the CherryCherryBeauty den are hopeless with gel and acrylic extensions, especially when it comes to working. Have you ever tried to tap out a blog post with inch-long claws? Getting back to the point though, these cute nails are so simple, hand painted too. But are they the right snowy nail designs for you?


Source: cottonconey

7 – Elegant Dark Blue Winter Nails

Lookin’ for something a bit more elegant for your wintery manicure ideas? How about an elegant, rich blue shade? Combined with silver, it’s the perfect combination for a snowy winter’s day, and there’s that featured silver glitter nail too, just to bring some extra sparkle to the occasion.

Snowy Nail Designs

Source: nailsandtowel

8 – Short n’ Sweet Frosty Nails

Short, sweet n’ frosty, these cute festive themed nails are, just like the others, far simpler than they look. You’ll start with your base coat of blue, obviously, and then you’ll go crazy with white and silver flecks of glitter, along with white snowflakes just to reinforce that wintery theme. We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a tiny rhinestone added to the centre of each snowflake, just to add that amazing last-minute finishing touch.


Source: nailsbysophiaa

9 – Sculpted Winter Snowy Nail Designs

For when you want to rock long claws, how about these sculpted nail extensions? Wonderfully embellished with dark blue gems and rhinestones, the snowflakes are darker, a dark, black shade. It doesn’t make them look too dark, however, with the rest of the nail left clear and just a bit sparkly. We really loved this look!

Snowy Nail Designs 15

Source: taliasnailtales

10 – Silver Stars & Blue Ombre Wintery Nails

The ombré look is a really easy one to achieve on your nails with the help of a makeup sponge, just like we suggested to you before. Add a darker shade on the top, a lighter shade at the bottom, and then press the whole thing on your nails. Clean up the skin and finish off with some silver stars and top coat, and you’ll have cute, winter talons just like these.

Snowy Nail Designs 17

Source: charliesnailart

11 – Bright White Over Blue Snowy Nail Art

Nail stamps are a great tool for when you’re not that good at hand-painted designs. We’re hopeless at that, but we have used nail stamps a few times. They’re much simpler, quicker, and you can achieve a really beautiful and wide range of designs and looks with them too. That’s even more so the case when you start layering them up.

Snowy Nail Designs 16

Source: secretjewelgarden

12 – Gold Snow & Black Tips

This is a very smart look, black tips with all the right embellishments, and you could even leave those gems and stuff out on the other nails. We mention ‘feature nails’ a lot, and they’re a great way of adding something, but without adding too much. What do you think? Black and gold nails for winter? Are they up your street?

Snowy Nail Designs

Source: nailsandtowel

13 – Snowy White Tips

We’re obsessed with that beautiful pink and shimmering shade, and we think it goes great with the snowballs, snow-tips, and snowman. Or, rather, snow person. Why does it need to be a man? Anyway, PC debate ignored for now, what are your views on these snowy white tips? Do you think they’d look good in the Insta-stories, opening all of your gifts?


Source: polishedtwins

14 – Gold Snowflake Nails

Feelin’ gold this winter? We definitely are now we’ve seen these sparkling wonders. That ombré look is easily achieved using a sponge, something we’ve mentioned a few times now. Add some white snowflakes to bring the wintery theme into play and you’re good to go!

Snowy Nail Designs 19

Source: sarahlounails

15 – Pink & Silver Prettiness

Fancy something cute and feminine for your snowy nail designs? We’d love to put forward these stunning nails, pretty in pink with some glitter and sparkle thrown in for good measure. If you can’t really make your mind up how to have your nails, opt for a different look on each one. No one said they had to match …

Snowy Nail Designs 21

Source: Pinterest

16 – Tiffany Blue Winter

We’re hoping for a Tiffany blue present under the tree, and we’re going to be using these adorable wintery nails as a way of hinting just that to our significant others. Different shades of that blue have been used on each individual nail here, which is a very smart and simple way of injecting a new lease of life into a look that you may have already worn a hundred times over.

Snowy Nail Designs 20

Source: sarahlounails

17 – 3D Snowy Nail Designs

The easiest way to make your nails really spring to life is to add a three-dimensional aspect to it. In this case, the large silver snowflake has been added, but you could opt for smaller embellishments if you wanted a more manageable mani. In our experience, those large embellishments just get stuck in our hair a lot. Smaller embellishments are a tad easier to work with.

Snowy Nail Designs 18

Source: charliesnailart

18 – Brilliantly Blue Snowy Nail Designs

Snowman building has got to be one of the best things about the snow. That and throwing snowballs, obviously. You probably wouldn’t want to do too much throwing or building with cute talons like these though. Scratching these cute blue, snowman themed beauties would be the saddest thing to happen to Christmas. (Well, probably not, but it would still be very sad.)


Source: nailsbyjema

19 – Sophisticated Blue & Snowy Winter Nails

Mix and match your snowflake shades for a look as cute and sophisticated as this one. It sticks with the traditional and snowy white and blue tones, but it mixes a range of them. There are two or three sheets of blue, for example, to help make those flakes look almost three-dimensional.


Source: bambinanails

20 – Short n’ Sparkly Winter Nails

If you need your nails to really sparkle but you don’t have time to head to the salon, how about this short and sparkly winter nails? The gold and bronze coloured glitter could be substituted for whatever shades would match your outfit, and those cute, hand painted snowflakes could be changed too. Nails transfers and decals make the job easier, but a thin makeup or nail brush dipped in your chosen colour to recreate this cute design.


Source: naildecor

21 – Reindeer Inspired Winter Snowy Nail Designs

Winter just wouldn’t be winter without reindeer in all that snow, and we really dig these simple reindeer silhouettes. To be fair, they could quite easily be deer, rather than reindeer, but we’re not sure if we’d be able to tell the difference. Not in black silhouette form anyway …


Source: secretjewelgarden

And there they are — 21 snowy nail designs that we think are going to be perfect for the upcoming winter season. We keep reading that it’s going to be a super cold and snowy one, so here’s hoping Christmas really is white this year. And, if not, don’t worry, because at least you’ll have snowy talons to admire.

Don’t forget to show these amazing nail artists some love. You’ll find links to their Instagram (etc.) pages below each image. Which nail look was your favourite? Which one do you think you’ll be recreating? Perhaps you’ve already created your own wonderful snowy designs and want to share them with us? Get in touch! Give our social media pages some love and send your nail snaps in. We would LOVE to feature you on a future piece for CherryCherryBeauty.

Thanks so much for reading. We hope we’ve given you plenty of nail inspiration today. Have a great one!

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