Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

We know that it’s still winter and you can’t even remember what the sun looks like, let alone feels like enough to walk out the house in anything fewer than four layers of clothing, but there is good news. Winter will not last forever. It will soon be spring. In just a few short months the days will get brighter and longer, and those cold nights will soon become a thing of the past. When it does, you should be ready for it. We’re going to give you a little helping hand with the biggest spring 2017 fashion trends.

1 – Neon Brights

We know that neon bright shades are shades that you may not have considered wearing for a while … since the eighties, at least, but they’re making a comeback. Whether or not you’re happy about that, they are.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 10
Source: www.alyinwanderland.com

The good news is that neon bright shades are actually a really easy trend to follow once you have the know-how. This blogger, for example, has teamed a bright yellow tee with a simple black skirt, and a pastel jacket has been thrown over the top to help mellow it all down a little.

Isn’t this the cutest outfit? You could rock the same tee with black or blue jeans, and underneath denim pinafore-style dresses. You could also rock the tee with a black leather-look skirt and neon heels for a night out. Who’d have known the neon thing could be so versatile? Not quite so eighties now eh?

If you wanted some cute neon items to help make your wardrobe pop, how about some of these:

2 – Bralets

They keep coming back with a vengeance, but we’re saying goodbye to the gladiator-style bralets and bra-tops that people were braving wearing throughout autumn and winter. We’re replacing those with pretty designs, incorporating colour, ruffles, and prints, although we’re still rocking them with slinky trousers or skirts to keep things evenly balanced.

The easy way to wear them this spring with white a cute skirt, ano you could also add a cute little thin blazer over the top if you were feeling a little exposed.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 40
£22 / Topshop

Designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Alexander Wang were all over the bralet trend on the spring / summer 2017 catwalks, teaming them with oversized skirts as well as slinky trousers (Victoria Beckham styled this trend), and even a bit of Houndstooth print.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 25
£18 / PLT

You’ve got a little bit of time to work only our abs but if, like us, you don’t care, you could always team the bra let with a high-waisted skirt to hide away those bits of yourself you don’t like.

3 – Shirt with a Difference

Right, we know it’s hardly a conventional look, but no fashion trends is right at the beginning. Don’t you remember when people first started wearing flared and bootcut jeans again in the late 90’s / early 2000’s?

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 6
£46 / Topshop

We were dubious about wearing those at first, and now look how many different styles of exactly those jeans we have now. It’s the same as any fashion – you just need to move with the times. Thankfully, the new look isn’t as difficult to wear as you first may have thought, and these items might just provide you with some inspiration to put an outfit together. What do you think?

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 3
£22.99 / New Look

It’s about wearing a man’s shirt differently, trying tailoring a brand new way, and there are ways that you can incorporate it into everyday fashion if you’re brave enough to give it a try.

4 – Ruffles

Ruffles have been making a slow but definite comeback for a while, and they’re definitely one of the biggest spring 2017 fashion trends to sit up and take notice of.

Ruffles can be as simple or as complex as you like, and we have a lot of love for the way this fashion blogger has effortlessly teamed hers with light coloured jeans, turned up at the bottom, and those cute heels. If the heels were a little much for you, switch them for white Converse trainers instead.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 11
Source: saltoaltodamoda.blogspot.com.br

You can wear ruffles at the collar, not he arms, around the waist, as a feature on the front of whatever you’re wearing. The possibilities are endless! There are plenty of ruffles to take notice of this spring, and here’s a few more lovelies we thought you might like to see:

5 – Garden Party Florals

Florals are always big when it comes to spring, and the spring 2017 fashion trends have seen things go a little further than that. The bigger and brighter your dress, the better, and there are plenty to choose from too.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends
£27.50 (was £65) / Fashion World

Bigger sleeve and even bigger ruffles seem to be a big feature in this spring style, but there are ways for you to team it down if up-and-down floral print seems a little scary for you to take on board.

A smaller-scale version of the dress can easily be worn during the summer with some cute trainers or ballerina pumps, or you could even team a denim skirt with the cutest ruffled and printed top. We’ve found loads of ways to rock this big spring trend, and we can’t wait to see what you beautiful lot come up with too!

6 – Stripes

Stripes can be quite difficult for women to wear, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t wear them anyway. You just need to find the right stripes for you, and there’s plenty of items out there to rock in your closet.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 8
£179 / Ted Baker

The spring 2017 fashion trends will see brightly coloured stripes as a big feature, and if you think of plenty of energy and hype, you’ll have about the right idea. Bright, bold, and beautiful, that’s what we want to see. If bright and bold sounds scary, just team a simple and bright striped item with plenty of more easier to wear colours. A bright top with black jeans or trousers, for example, or a bright skirt with white / black everything else. We’ve found a few little beauties that we think you might want to check out:

7 – Nude-Nudes

You know the new Yeezy range that Kim Kardashian has been rocking lately – all nudes and figure-hugging pieces? Well, that’s your inspiration for one of the biggest spring 2017 fashion trends. It’s like a khaki-nude, and there are plenty of ways in which you can incorporate it into both your wardrobe, and your outfit choices.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 15
£49 (was £88) / John Lewis

The trench coat is just the first place to start, of course, as there are so many other nude options open to you. We love throwing on nude coloured sweater – wIthaca jeans when the weather is cold, without them when it’s not. These oversized sweaters will also look great with those over-the-knee boots you probably bought for the winter too. Now it’ll be warm enough to actually wear them without tights or jeans!

We found lots of nude inspiration, but what do you think about these:

8 – Bows, Bows, Bows

They’ll be on the back of your light sweaters, and they’ll be on the front of your shoes and handbags. We promise you that bows are going to be everywhere. It’ll be one of the spring 2017 fashion trends you just won’t be able to shy away from. We’re obsessed with this rocky look, pairing a Giorgio Armani bow belt with the pleated black skirt and a black rock tee.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 47
Instagram / @madcatfashion

These days there are so many ways to wear bows, it’s not it just about accessories, and you are just confined to black either! What do you think about these unique and interesting ways to rock them?

9 – Sportswear

We’ve been dying for an excuse to wear our gym wear, otherwise known as lounge-around-the-house wear, for a very long time. Now we can, and it’s all down to the Kardashians making sportswear popular again. We predict that it’s going to be another of the big spring 2017 fashion trends.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 36
Source: eastcoastboho

Beautiful sports trainers, well structured leggings or yoga pants, and tight tank tops – only in the cutest colours and prints, and with the very best designer names on them of course! Whether you actually go to the gym when you put on your yoga pants, or you just sit around eating pizza and watching Netflix like we do, you’re going to love this loungy latest trend.

10 – Feelin’ Blue

We’re talking all shades of blue too – pastel pops, bright and bold shades, you name it, if it’s blue, you’re going to want to wear it. Blue is set to be one of the biggest spring 2017 fashion trends.

Blue is a great shade to wear if you have a cool skin tone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock the colour if you don’t. Bright blues and cool, icy tones are best left to the cooler skinned people, whereas warmer skinned folk should opt for more darker and rich colours.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 23
£55 (was £120) / Rock My Vintage

If the only blue you own is in the form of denim, it might be time for you to start thinking about a little shopping. There are so many blue beauties on the market right now, and we decided to share a few of our favourites with you below. We hope you love them as much as we did!

11 – Waist-Cinchers

Everyone and their granny has been using waist-cinchers recently, all in a bid to get that hourglass figure that every woman seems to desire. If the spring and summer 2017 collections on the catwalk are to be believed, we’re about to start wearing our underwear as outerwear again, and trend made fabulous by Tibi, Sally LaPointe and Misbhv.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 28
£18 / PLT

The good news is that these are super flattering garments, and can create all the right curves in all the right places. The bad news is that you are often required to wear them so tight, breathing is basically impossible, so don’t even think about eating or drinking when you’re wearing it.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 24
£28 / PLT

This is a stand-up only outfit. (Unless you’re a pro, which we’re clearly not!) Make sure you allow for this kind of outfit choice when you’re picking everything else to go with it. For example, jeans might offer a tight muffin-top in places you might not want, so leggings might be a better choice? Or no bottoms, just like you can see here. You could then team it with those over-the-knee boots you were rocking all autumn and winter!

12 – Trench Coat

Spring is the perfect time to rock a trench coat (or mac). It’s cool enough to allow for the slightly warmer temperatures. You don’t want to still be wearing your big winter coats, after all. But at the same time, it’s waterproof (if you make a smart purchasing decision), which will easily see you through those April showers without too much of a hassle.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 35
Source: jankatopanka

You can once again combine two spring 2017 fashion trends in one with the trench coat, especially if you opt for a nude or light-khaki colour. They might not be Yeezy, but these little beauties are definitely what you should be taking a closer look at. We’re certainly adding them to our wardrobe for spring.

13 – All Laced Up

Think laces, but on your clothes rather than on your trainers, and you’ll have about the right idea. It’s one of those spring 2017 fashion trends inspired by the likes of Alexander Wang and Michelle Smith, and as long as there are ties in it, it’ll be on-trend.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 27
£40 / PLT

There are plenty of ways you can wear this look, regardless of your style or body shape. The tee below is a great place to start because it offers you a way to wear without the trend without too much hassle. You could easily throw that on with some denims and converse sneakers for a relaxed daytime outfit, whilst still keeping that laced-up style within it.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 31
£11.99 / New Look

14 – Yellow

The good news is that there are plenty of shades of yellow out there, meaning there is bound to one that matches your skin tone, hair colour, and eye shade. The bad news is that it can be quite hard to find the right shade for you. We’ve been trying for a long time and some of us still haven’t round the right shade quite yet.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 32
Source: virgokar

Yellow is going to be a big colour for spring, so it might be time to look for the more sunshine shades when you’re out and about on shopping trips. Just remember that you don’t need to opt for a bright canary yellow if you’re frightened of the bold primary shade. Sometimes a pastel pop is all you need.

Alternatively you could combine two great trends in one here for your spring 2017 fashion trends – the yellow one and then neon one. Maybe it’s time to start looking for neon yellow?

15 – White Men’s Shirt-Dresses

Tailoring is apparently quite a hot topic for spring 2017 fashion trends, and Banana Republic and Rag & Bone were quick to make this a focal point of their spring and summer collections.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 33
Source: miasoarez

Think of odd hemlines, waistlines that are slightly out of place, and interesting features on your white shirt / shirt-dresses, and you have about the right idea.

16 – Shoulders Out

Cold-shoulder tops, or cut-out shoulder tops, are a big trend. They were quite big during autumn and winter, but they’re going to be one of the big hit when you down to the nitty gritty of spring 2017 fashion trends. If your shoulders are on show, you’re a big hit!

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 34
Source: huntercollector

If only one shoulder is on show, you’re on to an even bigger winner. The asymmetric look is very much going be in for 2017, so be prepared for some weird looking tan lines! There’s are a few of the cold-shoulder items that we’re obsessed with right now:

17 – Slitted Sleeves

It’s not just your shoulders that are going to be receiving the spotlight this spring, slits in your arms are going to be a big trend too.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 30
£17.99 / New Look

Lacoste and Michael Kors were big fans of this style choice, and it’s actually a much easier trend to wear than you first may have thought.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends 29
£22.99 / New Look

This cute sweater kills a number of proverbial birds with one stone. You’ve got that key yellow trend in there, as well as the slitted sleeve style, and it’ll keep you warm on those sneaky cold days that always seem to come out of nowhere when you’re least prepared for them. There – that’s the perfect excuse to buy it! It’s also available in black and blue, just in case yellow wasn’t quite your shade.

We hope that you’ve found these spring 2017 fashion trends tips helpful, but we can’t wait to see what wonderful outfit creations you come up with. If you’ve found a little inspiration from what we’ve shown you, make sure you come back and show us. We’d love to feature your outfits on the blog! Think of it as a challenge …

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