35 Best St Patrick’s Day Nails

It’s that day again, the 17th of March, St. Patrick’s Day. Well… It’s getting close anyway. The one day of the year it’s totally acceptable to dress up in as much green as you can find in your closet, drink lots of Guinness and generally act with the luck and frivolity of the Irish.

If you’re getting ready and picking the perfect Paddy’s Day get-up, you can’t forget about your nails. Check out these:

1 – Four-leaf clover St Patrick’s Day Nails

It’s actually the three-leaf clover that’s associated with St. Patrick’s Day but the four-leaf clover is said to indicate luck, changing the legends and myths ever-so-slightly over the years.

Four-Leaf Clover St Patrick'S Day Nails
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If you believe the old legends, the saint used the image of the three-leave clover or shamrock to tell the story of the Holy Trinity to Irish Pagans.

2 – Simple Green Clovers St Patrick’s Day Nails

We have loads of love for this adorable look – simple green over a white backdrop, but with clovers and Care Bears added in for extra ‘cute’ measure.

Simple Green Clovers St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @fireangel.120

We love checking out Etsy for these adorable nail details and transfers and if you’re looking for clover nail stickers, you can find them here. If you are looking for Care Bear ones, you can find those here.

3 – Leprechauns St Patrick’s Day Nails

For a true taste of the Irish, you can’t go wring with leprechauns and green glitter and these pointed nails are just perfect!

Leprechauns St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @customs_by_christy

If you didn’t fancy the leprechaun-look, leave them out and go for green glitter tips instead to keep things both simple and subtle.

4 – Marble St Patrick’s Day Nails

You don’t need to plaster your nails with everything Irish and shamrock related in order to have St Patricks Day nails. It is customary to wear green and we love these green stained glass nails. A great way of keeping the great, green party day an adult (ish) one.

Marble St Patrick'S Day Nails
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Although intricate, these nails are actually relatively simple to copy yourself. A black nail pen can be used to create the darker zig-zag lines, and you can dilute the nail colour to achieve that stained glass effect. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and we thought you might find this one helpful:

5 – Shimmering St Patrick’s Day Nails

We love spiky nails and we think these simple and shimmering St Patricks Day nails are spot on. It’s another classic example of how you can achieve themed nails without going too far. You’ve got green but not too much green.

Shimmering St Patrick'S Day Nails
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Layering up your glitter with give you this high-shine, three-dimensional effect, and you’ll just need to make sure you give it a couple of really good high-shine top coats to keep it super shiny for the entire partying weekend.


For when you don’t want spiky nails, opt for ‘squoval’ nails – they’re square but oval too, the perfect compromise. Also, check out the following post: 8 Nail Shapes You Should Know About

6 – Shamrock St Patrick’s Day Nails

Using simple shapes and different shades and hues of light and dark green, you could achieve these shamrock look, perfect for your Paddy’s Day festivities.

Shamrock St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @by_nail_impressions

7 – Bright St Patrick’s Day Nails

Sometimes you just need an excuse for a vivid, bright pop of colour and what better excuse than the greenery of St. Patrick’s Day? We’re definitely in love with these short and square green, white and gold nails, and we think the combination of the different styles works together just awesomely.

Bright St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @nailsbykellymf

The gold stops the green looking too garish, we think anyway. The gold stripes are also a sophisticated, glam St. Patrick’s Day look and one that we think would look great across all the nails rather than the one feature nail on each hand.

8 – Sweet and Simple St Patrick’s Day Nails

If you want something sweet, simple and shimmering, why not go for this look? A light to dark green ombre with some extra gold added to the tips for more bling-factor.

Sweet And Simple St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @sweetnshimmering

We also love that white featured nail but you could fake the ‘luck’ with a transfer or decal if you’re no good freehand (like most of us).

9 – Pastel Green St Patrick’s Day Nails

Spring is the perfect time to play around with pastel shades on your nails so why not mix spring time with your St Patricks Day nails for a look like this? These pastel green clover nails are easy!

Pastel Green St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @rikkis_nails

The clover is actually easier than it looks. It’s four blobs of nail polish (or three if you’re going for the traditional three-leaved shamrock), using a cocktail stick to get that ‘stalk’ look at the bottom. Add a few extra blobs of gold glitter to make the look pop and you’re good to go.

Just remember these ‘blobs’ of colour are thicker and will therefore take a bit longer to dry completely.

10 – Green on White St Patrick’s Day Nails

It is traditional to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland being the Emerald Isle and all. That doesn’t mean you need to go all-out green though. We love these St. Patrick’s day doodles, green on a white backdrop.

Green On White St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @nailexperiments

You can use green decals over the top of your white base colour, or just go free-hand with a green nail pen. Make it up as you go along. Who knows what you might come up with.

11 – Glitter St Patrick’s Day Nails

Just because your St Patricks Day nails need to be green, doesn’t mean they need to be all-green. We have so much love for these simple and sophisticated nails, black and green glitter short nails.

Glitter St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @laalaalauryn

As much as we’d love to have killer talons, not all of us are used to having long nail extensions so for those times when you don’t want to be clumsy like Edward Scissorhands, opt for something short and simple.

12 – Bright Green St Patrick’s Day Nails

We love the bright green used in this St Patricks Day nails look and although might be a tad too bright for some, we can’t help but think the shade works really well with that bright gold.

Bright Green St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @pinktangerinebeauty

Layering up different shapes, sizes and shades of glitter will help you get that three-dimensional effect, and you could even consider using holographic ‘shattered-glass’ plastic pieces to really catch the light.

And while you’re there, why not check this out: 30 Broken Glass Nail Designs

13 – Green Holographic St Patrick’s Day Nails

And while we’re on the topic of holographic nail designs, what about these for St Patricks Day nails? The nails have been left neutral and in the place of tips, green holographic pieces have been used.

Green Holographic St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @pinktangerinebeauty

Add some gold glitter flecks to the look and you have nails that could be worn for St Patrick’s Day, Christmas and other occasions. You could even try mixing up the colours to go with different outfits too.

When you don’t have time to faff about with a super-complicated nail design, keep things simple by opting for just the one featured nail. We like this design – dark green nails with the bright green and shamrock featured nail.

One Featured Shamrock St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @luvr_of_nails

They’re short, keeping things easy, and they’re simple. Creating the design on just one nail is going to be a lot easier than trying to recreate them to look exactly the same on all the other nails too.

15 – Classic St Patrick’s Day Nails

There’s some remarkably cute about these nails, another classic example of how to achieve St Patricks Day nails when yours are short.

Classic St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @sarahcoulson4

The white backdrop is always a great start – you can create hundreds of different looks by painting or layering over the top. The simple horseshoe is a symbol of luck, you know, with the whole ‘luck of the Irish’ thing going on. Those coloured gems added to the top help to liven things too.

Just because it’s the day of green doesn’t mean everything needs to be green…

16 – Light Green Rounded St Patrick’s Day Nails

We don’t think much for traditional and conventional thoughts on beauty (as you’d probably already guessed) and that’s why we love these light green rounded shimmer tips, not quite Leprechaun but green enough regardless.

Light Green Rounded St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @hheather_nails

Rounded nails are a much more grown up, conventional look to pointed or square ones, and the overlay of that shimmery top coat also helps to tone down the fluorescence of that bright pop of lime green. If you want brighter, happier, chirpier St Patricks Day nails, these aren’t a bad choice!

17 – St Patrick’s Day Coffin Nails

If you don’t want to be chirpy, on the other hand, you could always go for the gloomiest of nail shapes – coffin shaped nails. WE think these St Patricks Day nails are brilliant, using a lot of different designs.

St Patrick'S Day Coffin Nails
Spotted on Pinterest

If this is a little too much for you, let us draw your attention to the fabulous gold nail – it looks as if gold leaf has been applied to the natural nail bed. A very clever and simple way of dressing up your nails without covering it in layers of paint. Just some food for thought.

18 – Dotticure St Patrick’s Day Nails

We recently took a closer look at Dotticure nails and we’re predicting they’re going to be a big design to go for this year. To get one step ahead of the trend, opt for a green Dotticure look for St Patrick’s Day!

Dotticure St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @sarahcoulson4

We love how the one featured nail has been enhanced with a simple white backdrop and different shades of light and dark green spots used over the top. Of course, we absolutely love the gold to green glitter ombre too.

One Featured Nail St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @crownedbeautynails

According to statistics, over a million people head to Ireland to take part in the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day every year.

The celebration and parade held in the city has shows, concerts, parades, food, fireworks and other outdoor activities.

Bizarrely enough, the first St. Patrick’s Day parade wasn’t actually held in the emerald isle but instead in the United States.

20 – Simple St Patrick’s Day Nails

Simple St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @nailsbykellymf

Back in 1762, the Irish community within the English army paraded and marched through the city of New York. Wherever you’re marching or parading this year, make sure you’re doing it with your best St Patricks Day nails. We like these green and white spotty tips, simple, elegant and easy to wear.

21 – Simple St Patrick’s Day Nails

One of the simplest looks you could go for this St. Patrick’s Day is this one – light to dark green ombre glitter tips.

Simple St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @pinktangerinebeauty

The easiest way to achieve an ombre look with any shades of polish is to use a triangular makeup sponge. Paint a line of one colour, a line of the second colour slightly overlapping, and then a line of the third just below that again, overlapping.

When you press the makeup sponge onto your nail, you’ll be left without something that looks a little like this. It might look a bit of a mess at first but practice makes perfect and it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. If you’re ombre-ing up your hair, you may as well ombre-up your nails too.

22 – Textured St Patrick’s Day Nails

We do love a good textured nail so imagine our sighs of appreciation when we came across these stunning designs. To be more precise, that green-on-gold studded nail.

Textured St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @mzshanna_nails

It would be too high maintenance if you had those studs on every nail but on just one, or one on each hand, it adds something really modern and funky to the look. It’s also a very easy way to add a hint of colour. If you can’t bear the thought of green nails, add green rhinestones instead.

23 – Classy St Patricks Day Nails

Of course, one of the easiest things you could do for perfect St Patricks Day nails is to go with designs and decals and take all that hard work away.

Classy St Patricks Day Nails
Found on Etsy

We loved these clover-themed designs and if you click on the picture, you can find the designs for yourself on Etsy.

24 – Classy St Patricks Day Nails

Classy St Patricks Day Nails
Spotted on Pinterest

The saint himself was known for a few things although these are based on a book (apparently written by himself) and snippets of information that have been passed down as myths and fables over the years. It was said he was born in Roman Britain but was brought to Ireland as a slave at around the age of 16.

After escaping, he returned, bringing the religion of Christianity with him, something he is highly accredited for.

25 – Khaki St Patrick’s Day Nails

This is a really sophisticated and grown up way of wearing the green trend, perfect for those who don’t really want to go totally leprechaun-green.

Khaki St Patrick'S Day Nails
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Plus didn’t you know? Khaki greens are very much on-trend right now, especially with those beautiful gold embellishments.

The reason we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is because it was believed he died on 27th March back in the fifth century. The holiday itself has been celebrated by Irish nationals (and others from around the globe as the centuries have gone by), for over a thousand years.

26 – Unique St Patrick’s Day Nails

Unique St Patrick'S Day Nails
Spotted on Pinterest

If you’re going to celebrate, do it in style with St Patricks Day nails just like these. They’ve got everything you need – plenty of green with gold bling, shamrocks, swirls, glitter and more. Now all you need to do is make sure you have picked the perfect outfit.

27 – Celtic St Patrick’s Day Nails

Celtic designs go hand in hand with the infamous shamrock and leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day, another reason we love these celtic designed green nails.

Celtic St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @manicuredlife

This one would be relatively easy to handprint with a gold nail pen but for a more precise finish, with just the right amount of detailing, use a stencil.

28 – Rainbow Themed St Patrick’s Day Nails

It just wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without leprechauns and rainbows which is why we have a lot of love for these rainbow themed nail designs.

Rainbow Themed St Patrick'S Day Nails
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Also symbolic of feeling lucky, we love the simple addition to the dark green glitter tops.

There are plenty of traditional St. Patrick’s Day food and drinks you can make if you’re having a party this year. Traditional foods include Irish brown bread, Beef and Guinness pies, Irish coffees, Irish stew and more.

29 – Unique St Patrick’s Day Nails

Unique St Patrick'S Day Nails
Spotted on Pinterest

Make sure, whatever you do, eat, drink or make for the big Leprechaun-loving party day, your nails are on point and with these adorable and manageably short St Patricks Day nails, your nails will be the least of your problems.

30 – Pink St Patrick’s Day Nails

Who said St Patricks Day nails had to be green. We kind of love the fact that these go a little off-trend, going with a pastel and bright pink finish rather than the traditional grassy hues.

Pink St Patrick'S Day Nails
Spotted on Pinterest

The lucky four-leaf clover is there. That’s enough St. Patrick’s Day stuff, right?

31 – Textured St Patrick’s Day Nails

Textured nails are a relatively new trend but these ones are not only great to touch but pretty to look at too.

Textured St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @polish_my_nail

Four heart stencils have been used to create that four-leaf clover look but to be honest, we love the green and orange together alone just as much. It combines something spring-feeling with our St Patricks day nails and multi-tasking is always great!

32 – Stylish St Patty’s Day Nails

We love these nails, both simple and stylish all at the same time, combining gold and green flitter with black swirls, cleverly creating a three-leaf clover, or shamrock, for something conventionally Irish.

Stylish St Patty'S Day Nails

When you break a design like this into simple segments, it doesn’t seem so complicated. For those feature nails, first add the green and then the gold swirls on top. And once they’re dry, use a black nail pen to create that shamrock look, placing a yellow a rhinestone in the middle with the help of some nail glue. Add top coat and you’re done. Not so complicated after all!

33 – Green Tartan St Patty’s Day Nails

If you’re more a Scot then Irish but want to show some green love for the lucky day, why not look at these green tartan effect nails for St. Patrick’s Day?

Green Tartan St Patty'S Day Nails
Instagram: @krysnails

Although it looks tricky, it’s simple a matter of layering up different shades of lighter and darker green over that bright, shimmering green background. You could have the separation with that gold glitter, and include the shamrock design, or exclude them and just go with the main design. The choice is yours.

34 – Simple St Patrick’s Day Nails

This look is both clever and simple… Once you have the know-how. This look is actually created with the help of nail wraps but if you don’t have those to hand, you could recreate it yourself.

Simple St Patrick'S Day Nails

Add your black background before using green decals OR paint the backdrop green and paint the black over shamrock stencils. Once dry, peel away the stencil and the green will shine through. Once it’s dry, grab your dark green and mix with some glitter, and using a sponge, ombre-dab it over the top of the tip, focusing on the middle of the nail downwards.

Finish with a top coat and you’re done.

35 – Dotticure St Patrick’s Day Nails

We keep talking about this Dotticure trend and there’s a good reason behind that… It’s going to be a really big trend.

Dotticure St Patrick'S Day Nails
Instagram: @catnip_acidtrip

We love the way different shades of green have been used in this look and we can’t help but think they’d make for perfect St Patricks Day nails too. What do you think?

We hope you’ve been inspired by these St Patricks Day Nails but we’d love to see what beautiful creations you can come up with too! If you want to be featured here or on the social media accounts, tag us with #CherryCherryBeauty in your St Patricks Day nails, or DM us your favourite snaps. We get our inspiration from beautiful and talented people like you!

If you want some more inspiration, also check out our post with 21 more St Patrick’s Day nail designs!

Oh, and have a great St. Patrick’s Day! We hope the luck of the Irish is with you.