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Summer Sandals You Need

As if you need a reason to spend your hard earned cash, it’s been brought to our attention that there are some summer sandals you need for 2017. These delights are suitable for everyone, with flats, heels, straps and more than a few funky features thrown in for good measure. The hardest decision you’ll need to make today is which ones to buy. Of course, we would love to hear your thoughts, so if you’ve fallen in love with any of the stunning summer sandals you need for 2017 you have seen here, please shout them out and let us know in the comments box below this blog post. Keep your eyes peeled for a little popup from Minnie Mouse … Have you seen that Irregular Choice collection yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t, you’ll find the shoes and their links if you keep scrolling …

For now, however, we hope you’re sitting comfortable. It’s time to lock up your credit cards …

1 – Brightly Coloured Sandals

Bright colours help to bring a little something-something to any outfit, and when you’re rocking bright colours, we think it just makes perfect sense to match your shoes in with them. We are big fans of those brightly coloured beauties, and we loved the way that the stunning blue in these shoes have been used to match the wonderful blue and green shades in that skirt. Things have been left simple with a men’s style white shirt up top, something most of us have got hidden away in the back of our closets somewhere.

Summer Sandals You Need For 2017 17

Source: Style Charade

There are plenty of bright shades to pick from if blue isn’t really your colour, and whether you’re mixing and matching or clashing your outfit today, we think you should have lots of fun with the colour combinations. Here are a few that we fell in love with, and if you click on the image, you’ll be taken to where you can buy them from. As always, don’t forget to let us know if these ones tickle your fancy!

2 – Rose Gold Flats

Flats are perfect for running around town in, and if you’re going to be wearing flats, you might as well be doing it in style. Rose gold is such a big shade for this season, and we’re wearing it every wear – in our hair, on our nails, and we’re even decorating our homes with rose gold loveliness too. We love these easy-to-wear rose gold flats, and just in case flats weren’t your thing, there are a few other styles you could play around with too.

Summer Sandals You Need For 2017 8


Heels look great with skinny jeans and a slimline light camisole for summer evening occasions. Flats look great with jeans too, especially turned-up casually in the summer. You could also wear those lace-up beauties with a pretty summer skirt, or a denim one. They’re a versatile shoe, and being flat (rather than heeled), they’ll be the ones you find yourself turning to, time and time again.

3 – Extraordinary Espadrilles

Summer was made for espadrilles, and as you can see from these three looks, they’re a pretty versatile shoe too. This means that you should definitely look at investing if you don’t already own a pair. We own a few, but if we were to give you just one colour recommendation, we would go with black. As you can see, they basically go with everything, and they’re most definitely one of the easiest summer sandals for 2017 to wear and pair with stuff you already own.

4 – Ankle Tie Flats

Ankle-tie flats are one of this season’s hottest trends, and just like so many of the other summer sandals you need for 2017, they’re another of the most versatile footwear items you can own. They can made to look casual or more dressed-up, depending on what you rock them with, and below you will find a few ideas that we have come across on how you can wear them.

Summer Sandals You Need For 2017 6

Source: Dorothy Perkins

Did someone say #outfitinspiration? These three little delights definitely provide that, with casual and dressed-up ways to rock these ankle-tie flats. Mix with a boho skirt, cropped top, and sun-protecting hat for a free and easy daytime look, or take things sassier still with an off-the-shoulder, light denim top and white shorts. Throw a bit of a block heel on them and you’ve got a great finishing touch for a pretty skirt and top combo too.

5 – Barely-There Heels

Barely there heels are impossible to walk in, but they sure do look great. There are so many ways that you can wear them too, rocking them with heels and a little top for a flirty date outfit that’s bound to win any man over. Throw on an A-line skirt for a more sophisticated and grown up affair, or pair them with one of these season’s biggest trends – the shirt worn as a dress, complete with ruffles and a cut-out shoulder design.

Summer Sandals You Need For 2017 5

Source: Boohoo

There are so many ways you can wear these super cool, barely-there shoes, and here’s a few looks you might wish to take some inspiration from. We think they rock!

6 – Embroidered Block Wedges

They’re cute, innocent looking, and they take us way back to our childhood years. Those are just three reasons we love them, but these white embroidered wedges will literally go with everything this summer. You can wear them with jeans, particularly turn-ups, during the day. You can add them to tailored black trousers and a smart shirt for a look that’s office-suitable. You can also add romantic and flirty skirts and dresses too. If you want one shoe that will transform many other items in your wardrobe, this one is the one to pick. Those block heels will also be much easier to walk in than their thinner counterparts too.

Summer Sandals You Need For 2017 13

Source: Skechers

7 – Two-Part Flat Sandals

If heels aren’t your best friend, you’re not alone. We can’t walk in thin or high heels either, and that’s why we loved these flatter block heels. They add something, without adding too much, and they also go with everything too!


We’ve found just two ways of wearing these cool shoes, but we would love to see how you would wear them too. Don’t forget to send in your snaps if you’ve worn these flat sandals with an outfit that rocks!

8 – Buckled Up Beauties

While we’re on the subject of flats, buckles are a big thing right now. It would appear that we have rewound time right back to the 1980’s, with a lot of the decade’s big trends coming back with a vengeance. Bows are back, and so are buckles, and this is most definitely the case when it comes to your fancy footwear.

Summer Sandals You Need For 2017 11

Source: Topshop

The good news is that there are plenty of buckle style shoes on the market, so you can go for something with just one or two buckles if loads of them seems a bit too much in the punk-rock direction for your liking. We’ve spotted a few. Do you want to see them … ? Of course you do!

9 – Fancy Wedges

Wedges are brilliant shoes because they’re so much easier to walk in than other styles of heels, and they make your legs look damn fabulous too. If you need a little help in the height direction (much like most of us), wedges are a must-have. How many pairs do you have in your closet?

Summer Sandals You Need For 2017 43

Source: Miss Selfridge

10 – Bow Detailing

Didn’t we tell you all about buckles and bows? Yes, the eighties really are back, and we’re all loving bow-themed shoes right now. We found this adorable monochrome ones on Ted Baker, but there are plenty more to play around with right now. As we said, the trend is back, and it really is back … with a vengeance!

Summer Sandals You Need For 2017 12

Source: Ted Baker

Whether you’re looking for something colourful, nude or black, heels or flats, and even trainers too … There are bow themed and featured footwear everywhere right now. Shout out some that you’ve seen on your social media accounts and don’t forget to tag us in them!

11 – Lace It Up

Gladiator style sandals seem to come back in fashion every now and again, and they are on the list of summer sandals you need for 2017. We’ve found a few ways to wear these little beauties below, but you should know that there are so many styles on the market right now. These heels are great for an evening / going out occasion, but there are also lace-up flats that you could wear for more casual occasions … or for when you just can’t be bothered to run around in big heels in the baking heat of the Great British summer!

Summer Sandals You Need For 2017 14

Source: Pretty Little Thing

Wear with shorts, skirts or dresses, but whatever you do, make sure you wear them with style. As you can tell, they’re perfect for dressing up and down, and we guarantee that you’ll be pulling these back out your wardrobe again in a few years time too. These gladiator / scrappy style sandals always come back in fashion eventually!

12 – Flirty Flats

We want to pay more attention those flirty flats, and we want to shout some more about them. Do not be afraid to wear flats. We know that the best outfits seem to go better with heels, but that’s not to say you won’t find a pair of flats that works for your outfit. Shop around and look for cute features, things like the pom poms that you can see in this cute little outfit.

Summer Sandals You Need For 2017 50

Source: mykindofjoy

13 – Embroidered Heeled Sandals

If you want heels to really stand out, you need embroidered and feature designed ones. We love these stunning black and red delights, but if you were looking for something a little more colourful than that, just keep scrolling …

Summer Sandals You Need For 2017 10

Source: Topshop

We know! They’re fabulous, aren’t they? And there are those Minnie Mouse X Irregular Choice delights we told you about at the beginning of the post. Whether you’re looking for something sassy and sultry, or bright and bubbly, there is something out there for everyone. We found so many, it took us forever to whittle the numbers down to just these ones!

14 – Casually Comfortable Birkenstocks

We don’t know how you feel about Birkenstock sandals, but we must admit that we own a few pairs, and they’re super comfortable too. We love to wear ours casually – worn with turn-up jeans or denim shorts and a simple white tee. A pretty little ankle bracelet helps to keep things nice and feminine, and we like to add a toe-ring too. It’s the little touches that make an outfit complete, we feel!

These Gizeh Birkenstock flats were spotted on Shopaholics, and you’ll get them for £39, rather than £55!

Summer Sandals You Need For 2017 9


We’ve found that these comfortable and flat sandals work really well with casual jeans and t-shirt days, but we’ve also worn them pinafore style denim dresses, and denim skirts too. One thing is for sure, these beauties work well with denim. And you won’t get blisters from them either. Remember the sweaty foot problem in summer …

15 – Faux Fur Sliders

If you invest in one piece of footwear for summer, it’s gotta be faux fur sliders. Firstly, make sure they’re faux fur because no one really wants to be wearing the skin and fur of a dead animal on their feet. Secondly, make sure you rock them with style! These little fluffy beauties were found on ASOS, and even better news than that, they’re only £20!

Wear them with an off-the-shoulder denim top and white jeans for a cute, boho feel. Oversized sunnies are non-negotiable, of course.

Source: ambers_style

All of these items were found on ASOS, and we’d love for you to send us in your snaps if you recreate the look for yourself. Send us some slider inspiration!

And there you have them – 15 summer sandals you need for 2017, and a few ways to wear them too! Which ones are your favourite? Which ones have ticked all the right boxes for you? We want them all, we couldn’t pick just one favourite. We do know, however, that we’re super excited to see how you lot wear your summer sandals. Send them into us – we want to feature you on CherryCherryBeauty!

Thanks for reading and for supporting CherryCherryBeauty! We’d love to know your thoughts, and we’d also love to feature you on our site. Send in your snaps via our social media pages. Don’t forget to let us know if you have any post requests too – shout out what kind of thing you’re looking for.

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