21 Stunning Sunset Makeup Looks

Summer is so close that we can almost touch it, and that gets us more excited than ten brand new designer shoe boxes waiting by the front door when we get home from work. It seems as if the winter has been going on for an eternity, and that sunshine is most definitely overdue. We can’t wait to feel those beautiful rays on our face, wearing all the summer clothes that we’ve been hiding away in the back of the closet for too long.

If you’re just as excited for the summer as we are, you’ll be getting your makeup in check, ready for the occasion. It’s a good job that we’re super prepared, bringing only the very best sunset makeup looks to really set the scene.

Summer holidays might not be on the cards for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful sunset in your life. Check out some of these amazing makeup looks, just in case you need some inspiration!

1 – Slightly Spotty & Red-Toned Sunset Makeup Look

This look really did catch our attention immediately, a slightly more red-tinged look than the traditional orange and yellow sunsets you’re used to seeing. We also fell in love with the little black dotty additions, although you wouldn’t need to include that to make this look stand out from the rest. If it’s bright and eye-catching you’re after, this one ticks all the right boxes.

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Slightly Spotty &Amp; Red-Toned Sunset Makeup Look
Source: harbsy

2 – Metallic Leaf Sunset Makeup Looks

Add some metallic magic to your look, with silver leaf pieces added just to the inner corners fo your eyes. You can keep the rest of your look simple when you’re adding those bright and light-reflective pieces, a subtle pinky-red, orange blend that works beautifully across the top and bottom. Boosted lashes help to make the look flirty and fun, a definite winner for our next vacay face.

Metallic Leaf Sunset Makeup Looks
Source: makeuplooksli

3 – Shining Star Sunset Makeup

If glitz and glam is on the cards, this look might just be right up your street, a wonderful golden-bronze mix of metallic shades. Really pigmented shadows and eye products are going to be key to getting a look like this one as bold and bright as it should be, but you can help to add more color to those shadows that don’t work well, just by using a moist brush to apply it.

Using some of your makeup setting spray to make the eyeshadow brush moist can actually pack more of a punch when it comes to the colour itself. Try it — you’ll soon see what we mean. It’s a great trick and one that we learned from the pros.

4 – Simple Black-Lined Sunset Eye Makeup

Keep things super simple for a look that you can put together in a few minutes, after work. Sweep the eyelid from light gold to a slightly darker and brighter orange shade, add a slick of liner, and you’re sassy and sunsetty in no time at all.

It’s such a pretty look, and definitely perfect for when you want to keep things still at a muted and understated level, such as for work.

5 – Lightly Dusted Smokey Sunset Eye Makeup

It’s a little bit like a smokey eye, but rather than the darker shades of black, grey, blue, purple, and others that you would use to recreate the look, lighter and darker sunset shades have been used instead. The lighter peachy-orange hue right on the inner corners of the eye, working into a darker, more-brown tone on the outer corner and cut crease. It’s a classic one, and there’s a reason for that — it works on every skin tone and pretty much every eye colour too.

Lightly Dusted Smokey Sunset Eye Makeup
Source: denitslava

6 – Pinky-Orange Sunset Eye Makeup

A slightly different ombre look, working from the eye line to the outer eye, rather than the inner corner to the outer corner, the colors used as relatively similar to many of the others that you’ll seen in this list of sunset makeup looks.

It’s a little different because the direction of the blending has changed. It’s no longer working from inner to outer, left to right or right to left, but up and down instead. There’s no need for a slick of black liner when you have that gorgeous pinky-tone working the inner eye line. The rest of the eye look does the hard work for you!

7 – Shaped & Lined Sunset Makeup Look

Focus all of your attention on one shade, as opposed to using two or more blended together, and give it some black liner detailing for a look this cool. It’s a little more structured and artistic than some of the other well-blended looks you’ve seen, and it will definitely require a steady hand to get that liner as perfectly finished.

Of course, a teeny-tiny tipped brush with a bit of concealer will help to get rid of any minor damages. You know how eyeliner just LOVES to get all over the place … (It does that for us anyway. We can’t be the only ones, surely?)

8 – Happy Sunset Eye Makeup

Capture your very own picture-perfect slice of happiness, with sunset makeup looks just like this one. An absolutely brilliant work of art, it just goes to show that getting creative, and even a little shaped, can bring to life something entirely wonderful. And this look is definitely entirely wonderful. In fact, it might just be one of our very favorites!

Happy Sunset Eye Makeup
Source: robertavixen

9 – Bright Orange and Purple Sunset Makeup Looks

Well, if it was a colorful sunset makeup look that you were going for, this one definitely checks all the right boxes. A fabulous purple, yellow, and orange creation, it just goes to show that clashing colors CAN be used together to create a truly amazing piece of artistic eye makeup.

Clever blending, great, highly-pigmented shades, and some serious makeup setting spray is what you’ll need to create a look this awe-inspiring. We’re adding this one to the list of designs to try too.

Bright Orange And Purple Sunset Makeup Looks
Source: lizrenay

10 – Jewelled Sunset Makeup

Adding some sparkle to the occasion with a gem or two, a perfect sunset makeup look for a festival of similar social events. The look itself is wonderfully simple, and just perfect for blue eyes, as you can tell. Slightly more muted yellow-orange tones have been used to come up with this wonderful sunset, but it’s still a powerful look nevertheless. And a pretty one too, for that matter.

Jewelled Sunset Makeup
Source: markiemeghan

11 – Sultry Sunset Eye Makeup for Summer

This sunset makeup look has got summer holiday makeup written all over it, and we’re flicking through vacation brochures right now, just dying for an excuse to get some sun and rock some sun. In the form of sunset makeup, obviously. Are you going anywhere nice on your holidays this year? Will you be rocking beautiful makeup looks like this one when you fly off? We’re not jealous in the slightest. Okay, we admit, we totally are.

Sultry Sunset Eye Makeup For Summer
Spotted on Pinterest

12 – Sunny Blue-Eyed Sunset Makeup Look

Do you have brilliant blue eyes? Thus sunny look might just work for you then, but it’s not just blue eyes that these orange, golden-yellow tones are good for. With the right combination of shades, working either lighter or darker tones into the mix, you can make any of these makeup designs suitable for any skin tone or eye color. It’s all about working out the right shades for you and then going from there.

One thing is for sure; you’ll have a lot of fun playing around working out what works and what doesn’t!

Sunny Blue-Eyed Sunset Makeup Look
Source: elliehowell

13 – Fierce Sunset Makeup

If you don’t want the fierce blackness of liquid liner, leave it alone and use something else instead. You’ll often be able to get softer and more blended looks by using darker/black eyeshadows in the place of your regular liquid liner, and a thin-tipped brush made slightly moist can help to add some structure if you need it. You’d be amazed by how many different uses just one piece of makeup can have.

Fierce Sunset Makeup
Source: muacalista

14 – Gold & Glam Glitter Liner Sunset Makeup Look

Bored of black eyeliner? Switch it up with a different color instead, just like you can see in this gold and glam glitter liner look, which we also think doubles up as fab sunset makeup too. Don’t you agree? You could opt for any glittery shade you liked, mixing and matching things up depending on the theme you’re going for. The gold shade works so well with that sunset backdrop, a little like molten gold.

15 – Good as Gold Sunset Makeup Art

Speaking of gold, you could really go out with your luxurious, molten tones, fabulously displayed by this pretty sunset look. Tinges of red towards the outer edges and cut crease bring in the darker tones of those beautiful night skies, the gold covering the bulk of the lid to make the makeup design a really light one. You could darken things up, of course, but why would you want to? This fab sunset look is perfect, just as it is.

Good As Gold Sunset Makeup Art
Source: smithadbeauty

16 – Fabulous Rainbow Sunset Makeup Look for Brown Eyes

Fancy adding something slightly more colourful and unique, than the red, orange, yellow, and pink hues often thrown into a sunset makeup creation? Well, this rainbow look might just fit the bill, adding purples and other bright colours into the mix, really bringing it to life. What do you think? Are there rainbows in your sunset? If there aren’t, there should be.

Fabulous Rainbow Sunset Makeup Look For Brown Eyes
Source: velvet702

If you want to recreate the stunning look shown above, check out the video tutorial below!

17 – Glitter Lined Sunset Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Add some glitter to your black liquid liner to instantly jazz up any makeup look, elegantly displayed by this cute sunset design. You could use this tip for a number of other looks, for a number of other occasions, perhaps adding a touch of pink glitter for a Valentine’s Day event, or maybe even some green glitter if you wanted to make this look more St. Patrick’s Day ready.

One thing’s for sure; the glitter liner brings to the sparkle to this look, and it’ll certainly bring the sparkle to your day too.

If you are lucky enough to have blue eyes, check out our post about 21 pretty makeup ideas for blue eyes.

Glitter Lined Sunset Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes
Source: oribelface

18 – Bright & Tropical Sunset Makeup Looks

This is a look that you’ll definitely want to pack away in your makeup bag for a tropical vacation, complete with palm trees and ocean views too. Who said that you couldn’t turn your eye makeup into a work of art? At least you’ll stand out from the crowd, that’s for sure. You probably wouldn’t want to jump into the pool with makeup this cute, although the drips running down your face certainly would be colorful.

Bright &Amp; Tropical Sunset Makeup Looks
Source: makeupxlur

19 – Simple Sunset Makeup Tutorial

“Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight” is how the old saying goes, and it’s for your delight that we bring to you this simple sunset makeup tutorial, with all the steps you need to get this look just right.

Instagram is a really great place to learn the latest makeup fashions and looks, with many beauty bloggers and makeup artists breaking things down for you, step by step, just like you can see here. And, if you want to see more of what this beautiful babe has to offer, you can find her Instagram link beneath the image.

You can find all of the makeup artists links beneath each image. Don’t forget to show them some Insta-love if their sunset makeup looks have brightened up your day.

20 – Rose-Gold & Sunset Makeup Looks

Mix rose gold wonderfulness in with your sunset makeup theme for a look that is breathtakingly beautiful for blue eyes. In fact rose gold is perfect for just about any eye color, providing you find the right shade that works for you. We’re loving the matching lip look here, but what color lips would you pair with these lovely sunset eyes?

Rose-Gold &Amp; Sunset Makeup Looks
Source: lanagarcia.x

21 – Gold Leaf Sunset Makeup Art

Nothing screams luxury, than adding a touch of gold leaf to your sunset makeup. Don’t you think the sun sometimes look like a ball of brilliant gold in the sky? With quite muted orange-brown shades used over the rest of the lid, it’s one that packs a punch, without having to add too much in the way of detail and design.

They’re such beautiful looks, aren’t they? We certainly thought so, although we can’t wait to see what you lovely lot come up with once the summer comes and you start getting really creative.

If you’ve come up with sunset makeup looks that you feel deserve to be shown off, tell us about it. Share your Instagram links in the box below, and we’ll stop by and take a little look at what you’re offering. We can’t wait to see. We need all the inspiration we can get, most mornings, sunny or otherwise!

Thanks so much for reading today. We hope you have fun getting creative and artistic with your makeup! Don’t forget to show these amazing makeup artists some love. You’ll find the links to find them beneath each image. They’re amazing, aren’t they?