22 Unique Flame Nails

22 Flame Nails

Flame nail art has been catching our attention for some time. And it seems like it will stay in this summer as well. This hot nail art trend is perfect for those who want to try something bold and play with a bright color palette on their nails. So, not knowing how to do flames … Read more

21 Beautiful Pastel Purple Nails

21 Beautiful Pastel Purple Nails

Pastel purple is a beautiful color and one you can experiment with when designing or fixing your nails. I love pastel purple nail polish for many reasons, one being that it is cool and adaptable for different seasons. If you love pastel purple as much as I do and want ideas for your next look, consider these … Read more

21 Unique Black And Silver Nails

21 Black And Silver Nails

Can you guess a more classic look than black and silver nails? Trust me. You can’t. The dark abyss meets sparkling light. It’s a match that is made in heaven, and we are rightfully obsessed. Nothing screams confidence like a good set of nails, making them dark and brooding. You have the perfect recipe for … Read more

21 Elegant Burberry Nails

21 Elegant Burberry Nails

Imagine elegance goes out of style? Can’t handle that thought, right? Neither can I.  But who is the epitome of elegance? Obviously, it’s Burberry. Who disagrees with it? The nova check, Burberry’s iconic check pattern, somehow holds so much power and grace. Correct me if I’m wrong, but It boosts your self-confidence and grace to … Read more

39 Mermaid Nails To Fall In Love With

Everyone’s all about the mermaids right now with mermaid hair, mermaid scale leggings, and many other mermaid-themed fashion accessories hitting the high street. Something else that seems to be on trend for right now is mermaid nails. Brightly coloured and as shiny as you dare to make them, these shimmering, sparkling delights are perfect nails … Read more

31 Looks: Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration

Did you know that the colour pink wasn’t always used as a symbol for a baby girl? In fact, for many years, the colour pink was actually associated with emotion, rather than gender — happiness and joy. And, of course, thanks to Mean Girls, “on Wednesdays we wear pink”. Just in case you needed some … Read more

21 Christmas Mani Ideas

How’s your Christmas planning going? We’re not getting very much done at all in the way of Christmas gift-buying, outfit planning, or food-thinking. Despite saying each year that we’ll start things off earlier next year, we never do. Life just gets in the way. It’s such a pain! How are your nails looking? Have you … Read more

21 Spring Nail Looks

It really does feel like the cold winter weather has been hanging around forever. The warmer temperatures and sunnier days are most definitely long overdue, and we think it’s time to celebrate the impending spring season. Flowers will bloom, birds will chirp, baby animals are born, and life is just better in general. That’s what … Read more

31 Unique Peacock Nail Designs

31 Peacock Nail Designs

Scientists and experts are still learning about the stunning peacock, possibly one of the most beautiful creatures to grace planet Earth. With its long tail feathers and out-of-this-world colours, the bird has been the inspiration for many an artist over the centuries, but it seems there are a few secrets hidden beneath those wonderful plumes. … Read more