Unicorn Items We’re Obsessed With

Do you love unicorns as much as we love unicorns? If you do, you’re going to love these unicorn items we’re obsessed with. Whether you want to decorate yourself in make-believe love, or you want to decorate your home to the max, there’s something here to suit everyone. You might want to go and get your purse handy … and your credit card for that matter!

We know that unicorns aren’t real really, but that doesn’t stop us from imagining they’re real from time to time. If kids are allowed to believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, I think it’s perfectly okay to want to believe in unicorns. Who’s with me?

Unicorn Items 1
£41 / ASOS

Okay, coming back to the real world, and how amazing is this unicorn necklace from Dogeared at ASOS? It would make a perfect gift for your BFF … Valentine’s Day is coming too. Just saying … it might be worth your while to show your BAE this list if there’s anything you like on it. Subtle Facebook post-hints, for example? Thats if you love unicorn items, of course!

We fell a little bit in love with this unicorn tears bag from Attitude Clothing, and it reminds us a little bit of the Moschino milkshake-style bags that were in season last year.

Unicorn Items 4
£34.99 / Attitude Clothing

It’s definitely one that’ll get you noticed, and we think it will be for all the right reasons too. Would you rock this outrageous bag? One of the unicorn items you’re lusting after?

For special occasions, you need to rock champagne. And what better way to rock champagne than with these AMAZING unicorn champagne flutes that we happened to come across on Etsy … not that we spend hours trawling Etsy for unicorn items, of course. Not at all.

Unicorn Items 7
from £23.00 / Etsy

Anyway, if you’ve never taken a peek at Etsy before, you definitely should. It’s filled with custom, one-of-a-kind pieces just like this glassware, and you can even speak to the creators to have something made that’s more to your specifications if you can’t find something you like. For gifts, and gifts that really mean something, it’s the best way to go if you ask us. Definitely if you want custom-made unicorn items!

Who doesn’t need new socks? We always need new socks, and even if we didn’t, we’d pretend to need them just to get our hands on the unicorn beauties!

Unicorn Items 6
£2.50 / Dorothy Perkins

They’re pink, so they instantly win as far as we are concerned, and they have unicorns on. What more could you want? Oh, and they’re on sale for just a couple of quid from Dorothy Perkins too. Winning at life.

If we’re going to have a little mention for unicorn socks, we should probably bring unicorn shoes to your attention too! How damn fabulous are theese shiny wonders, complete with sparkling unicorns to make things even better.

Unicorn Items 2
£25 / ASOS

We found these wonderful delights for just £25 on ASOS, and if you click the image you’ll be taken to them. Not that we’re saying you should buy them, of course, but we’re definitely going to. We might have already bought them …

If you want a gift for a baby with a difference, you should consider this christening art, under £40 from Forever Bespoke. There’s a unicorn, you can have whatever words and dates that you like on it, and it’s a special little keepsake that would look great in the baby’s room, or the nursery.

Unicorn Items 12
£39.99 / Forever Bespoke

It’s a really delightful gift if you want something that’s personalised to the person you’re giving it to, and it’s not a gift that will break the bank either. Another winner.

It’s winter and it’s cold outside, which gives us the perfect opportunity (and excuse) to buy this fabulous grey unicorn snood. It’s one of the more practical unicorn items on the list to be fair.

Unicorn Items 17
£7.99 / New Look

At under £8 from New Look, it’s hardly going to break the bank, and grey is a colour that literally goes with everything. This will go with practically everything else you have in your closet … ish. That’s the excuse we’re sticking to anyway.

If you want a home filled with unicorn items, you definitely must have these unicorn coasters, beautiful shades of pastel pink and blue. You can buy them individually, or for £12.99 fora pack of four, and once again they’re one of our favourite unicorn Etsy finds.

Unicorn Items 9
£3.50 ( £12 for 4 coasters) / Etsy

Didn’t we tell you that Etsy was great? Seriously, if you love unicorn stuff it’s definitely a site you need to check out!

How about a unicorn clock for your walls? Who doesn’t want a unicorn clock for their walls? We definitely do, and we need one for the CherryCherryBeauty den too.

Unicorn Items 5
£12.99 / Attitude Clothing

This would easily go in a kids room, and even if you don’t have kids, we’re sure you can find an excuse to buy it. For under £13 from Attitude Clothing, it’s one of those unicorn bargains that you never thought you’d find! Don’t you just love those?

If you weren’t impressed by the idea of unicorn shoes, how do you feel about the idea of unicorn trainers? (Or sneakers if you’re visiting from the USA – hello if you are!)

Unicorn Items 3
£199.50 (was £285.00) / ASOS

They’re just under £200, which we know sounds like a lot of money, but they are damn fabulous, and they’re on sale too. (Yes, we know, they were MORE expensive beforehand.) We just loved them okay, and we felt they needed to be on the list.

For your kitchen, we definitely think you need to have a unicorn oven glove. If you don’t have a unicorn oven glove in your life, are you really life the right way? No, we didn’t think so either.

Unicorn Items 8
£18 / Etsy

This is another one of our fabulous Etsy unicorn items, and personally we’re totally loving it. What do you think? And how long do you think it would last before there are burn marks on it? Don’t you just HATE it when that happens?

Unicorn shoes. Yes, we’re going to say it again, unicorn shoes. These ones are by Irregular choice, and they make the same Cinderella shoes that we were falling all over ourselves for a few months back. You can find those here, just in case you want to get super excited about them too.

Unicorn Items 20
£74.99 (was £109) / Irregular Choice at Schuh

These unicorn shoes literally are just that – unicorn shoes. And we definitely love them, and must have them in our lives. That’s the only reason, and we think it’s a damn good one too. Don’t you?

Let’s get your cat in on the action. That’s if your cat will stand still for long enough to let you put this on him or her. Our cat would probably scratch our eyes out if we attempted to get anywhere close.

Unicorn Items 13
£6.99 / IWOOT

“Cats love it!” We love the tagline on the front of the box, but we really don’t think that’s the actual case. We’d probably advise some protective arm wear if you’re going to attempt this brave cat dress-up.

A unicorn beanbag is the perfect thing for those cold winter nights when you have menstrual cramps and you just want to sit and eat an entire tub of ice cream whilst wrapped in a blanket.

Unicorn Items 16
£10.99 / New Look

You can pop this in the microwave for a few seconds and it will keep warm for hours, giving you the perfect alternative to a hot water bottle. Those things can split, although they’re mostly safe. We definitely think it’s better to be safe than sorry though.

What do you think about a unicorn on your bed? This is something we definitely want, and we’ve actually struggled to find adult unicorn bedding anywhere else. This one is from, yes, you’ve probably guessed it, Etsy!

Unicorn Items 10
£83.28 / Etsy

If you were feeling particularly creative, you could make your own unicorn bedding with the help of some fabric paint. White bedding can be bought be fairly cheap, and you never know what kind of beautiful masterpiece you must just come up with. We’d give it a shot for ourselves, but we can’t draw for toffee.

A unicorn onesie sounds like the perfect thing to wrap up warm with during those cold winter nights, and when it looks as good as this one does, we can’t think of a single reason why we shouldn’t buy it.

Unicorn Items 26
£15.86 / Amazon

There are quite a few different colour variations of these, so if pink and white isn’t really your thing, there are others to pick from. And for under £16, you can’t really grumble, can you?

If a unicorn onesie isn’t quite your thing, what about a unicorn headband instead? We fell in love with this adorable delight, just £6 from Pretty Little Thing.

Unicorn Items 18
£6.00 / PLT

We’re going to be honest, we got really excited about the idea of putting this on our bulldog and making him pose for photos with it, but we think it would make for great profile picture opportunities with our pals too. What do you think? Should we get it?

Check out this adorable unicorn dress! We spotted this beauty on Rock My Vintage and it was on sale for £38. It’s another of the unicorn items we found ourselves purchasing, mostly because we don’t think there are enough unicorn items in the world.

Unicorn Items 19
£38 (was £52) / Rock My Vintage

Black and white is perfect for both daytime and nighttime wear, so there’s no excuse to buy it. With smart shoes it’s the perfect work outfit, and with scrappy heels and some bit accessories, it’s also the perfect clubbing outfit too. Winning all around, don’t you reckon?

And for all this rain and snow we keep getting, what about this amazing black and white unicorn umbrella, £12.99 from New Look.

Unicorn Items 15
£12.99 / New Look

We love it when something cute also turns out to be totally practical at the same time. That’s exactly why we need to buy it.

This is a candle, although we can’t quite imagine what “unicorn poop” would smell like. Clearly we’re going to need to buy it to smell it for ourselves.

Unicorn Items 11
£13.33 / Etsy

Another one that we think would make for perfect gifts, it’s amazing how much stuff you can find when you go looking for something that’s themed like an animal that didn’t even actually exist! Isn’t that crazy?!

Charm bracelets are such a big thing right now, and we really loved this beautiful Thomas Sabo design. There are plenty on the market, one to suit every style and size / brand of chain or bracelet, so have a good shop around.

Unicorn Items 14

There are stars in this unicorn, which obviously made us love it even more. Don’t you think this belongs on your charm bracelet?

Unicorns really do unite with this beautiful exclusive eyeshadow palette. We found this one on Superdrug for just £6, and after purchasing it ourselves we can let you in on the fact that it’s actually amazing.

Unicorn Items 21
£6 / Superdrug

The colours are really pretty, and we think they’re pretty long-lasting too. We actually quite like most of the Revolution range. We own most of it too.

In case people didn’t know that you were a unicorn, you could let them know with the help of this adorable t-shirt.

Unicorn Items 22
£12.99 / The Fashion Bible

We spotted this one on The Fashion Bible for £12.99, and it’s perfect for every day wear, gym wear, or even with cute sandals and some turned-up jeans for a shopping trip with the girls during summer.

These plush unicorn slippers will even give the floor a good dusting as go, and anything that helps with the housework has got to be a good thing … or a great thing, right?

Unicorn Items 27
from £12.99 / Amazon

These were under £13 from Amazon, and once again there are loads of different colours options to pick from. If you were hoping for a unicorn to come into your life, this might be the best and closest you’ll get!

This utterly beautiful table lamp was found at The Range, and it was only £14.99. We can’t help but think that this would look beautiful in a little girl’s room, but we kinda want this for our bedside cabinets too.

Unicorn Items 23
£14.99 / The Range

Where would you put this so it had pride of place?

This amazing unicorn body from Topshop really took our fancy, and we can’t help but think it would really cool with some jeans, and some chunky black boots too.

Unicorn Items 24
£30 / Topshop

When the weather gets warmer, change the boots up for some sandals. We can’t wait for the summer … sigh.

What bed would be complete without this unicorn cushion. We actually have on our beds, and it’s perfect to cozy up to when we don’t have a boyfriend to speak of. Not that we’re wallowing in self pity or anything.

Unicorn Items 25
£5.85 / Amazon

But if you’re going for unicorn everything else, it just makes sense to make sure you have this emoji beauty there too.

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go – yes! We love this motto, and that’s just half the reason we loved this unicorn t-shirt. The second reason was because it has a unicorn on it … obviously.

Unicorn Items 34
£19.99 / Truffle Shuffle

We found this adorable t-shirt from Truffle Shuffle, and it’s only £19.99 which makes it cheap enough to buy yourself, and also perfect to give to someone as a gift. Once again, don’t make us remind you that Valentine’s Day is soon to be on its way. Maybe you should show your BAE this too?

What about a unicorn USB drive to store all those unicorn-themed selfies you take throughout the day? It’s only £8.49, and even better than that, the proceeds of the sale go to charity – “50p from the sale of this product goes towards research to find better and kinder treatments for young people (Cancer Research UK, Kids & Teens)”

Unicorn Items 28
£8.49 / Amazon

There are actually lots of different designs if unicorn items weren’t quite your thing, and as well as things such as bumblebees, monkeys, and penguins, you’ll also find aliens, dragons, and fairies.

And for all those wonderful new unicorn items you’re going to want to buy, you’ll need to save your money. We’ve found this beautiful money box, slightly differently (and definitely more sparkly) than your average piggy-bank.

Unicorn Items 30
£17.95 / Amazon

The glass front allows you to see your riches building which, let’s face it, is always very nice to see. There’s no need to break it open, unlike other piggy banks you might come across, as there’s a sliding panel across the back which can be used to filter your own money right back out again!

And just in case this unicorn money box wasn’t quite your thing, we’ve found a few more that you should definitely take a peek at:

What about unicorn earrings? These little cuties are the perfect way to add some unicorn sparkle to your day, without everyone else knowing straight away.

Unicorn Items 29
£8.50 / Amazon

We love featured earrings, and we definitely think people don’t wear them enough. Are you unicorn enough to wear these fabulous unicorn accessories?

We hope that we’ve shown you plenty of beautiful unicorn items, but if you’ve found some cute stuff that you think we need to feature, shout it out to us! We want to know what cute stuff you’ve been buying, and where you bought it from so we can buy it for ourselves.

Don’t forget to tag us in your shots if you buy anything we’ve mentioned. We’d love to know that you’ve got your inspiration from us. You can even blame us for your shopping habit if you like?

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