51 Unique Engagement Rings to Say Yes To

It’s time to get serious, ladies. We want to talk about engagement rings ad, to be more precise, unique engagement rings. We know that you want something that really shows off your personality, so we’ve found a few little pieces that are lovely and unique, all in their won special little way. There’s some those gold stuff, and some diamonds, and maybe even a few surprises, such as black fire opals, moonstones, pink sapphires, and more.

We hope you enjoy the sparkly delights we’re about to bring your way. Make yourself comfortable, ladies, because things are about to get fabulously blinged-up.

1 – Unique Grey Diamond Ring

Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few different coloured types of diamond, but one that has definitely grown lately is the grey diamond. This stunning engagement ring uses just that — grey diamonds — and shows how they look super awesome on a rose gold backdrop. It’s perhaps not a combination that you would have thought about putting together, but as you can see, it totally works. (And we totally love it!)

Unique Engagement Rings 1

Source: alexisrusselljewelry

2 – Disney / Belle Inspired Unique Engagement Rings

Beauty and the Beast was such a great success, there has been an influx of people looking for Disney or Beauty and the Beast inspired EVERYTHING. We had a lot of love for this rose-inspired ring, complete with black diamonds. We love black diamonds because it reminds us of what Big gave to Carrie in Sex and the City. That’s not sad or lame at all, right?

Unique Engagement Rings 3

Source: izandco

3 – Modern + Minimal Rose Gold Capri Ring

So, we have a fun engagement ring fact to bring you, alongside the design for this stunning and minimal ring idea … Not all brides around the world wear their rings on their left hand. In certain countries, including India, Germany, Norway and Russia, the bride will wear engagement and wedding rings on their right hand instead.

Unique Engagement Rings 5

Source: trumpetandhorn

4 – Love Birds Diamond Engagement Ring

Are you a couple of love birds? How about love birds on your engagement ring? We were on the fence with this one, not sure whether or not it was just a little ‘too cute’ for our liking. It certainly is pretty, however, and one that we certainly wouldn’t be ashamed to wear. Would you be happy if your little love bird got down on one knee with these little love birds?

Unique Engagement Rings 11

Source: Etsy

5 – Diamond + Moonstone Bubble Cluster Ring

Moonstone rings are becoming very popular recently, and it’s not hard to see why. The name, aptly given because of it’s appearance, excellently describes the beautiful iridescent shine to the stone. This particular stone was adored by the Romans, and they actually believed the stone came directly from the moon. This isn’t the case, of course, and actually forms when two feldspar types come together — albite and orthoclase.

Unique Engagement Rings 15

Source: John Lewis

6 – Art Deco Hexagonal Diamond Ring

This dazzling inverted-set hexagonal diamond looks as though it was made for that 18t gold band, with matching diamond baguettes on either side and two smaller and more brilliant cuts on top of that for added sparkle. This is a ring that any bride would be proud to wear, combining a traditional look with a more modern one, all together.

Unique Engagement Rings 18

Source: sofiakaman

7 – Rose Inspired Engagement Ring

In certain countries, such as Argentina, both the groom and bride only wear engagement rings and exchange those rings at an official ceremony. No rings are exchanged during the wedding ceremony, and that’s a time you’d really want your engagement ring to stand out. If you’ve only got one ring, you want it to be a really good one, right? Just like this one …

Unique Engagement Rings 25

Source: francoisjewellers

8 – Birthstone Engagement Ring

What better way to personalise your engagement ring experience than with a birthstone engagement ring? It’s about as unique as you could get, without getting into the realms of actually designing your own ring … Which, as we all know, is mighty expensive. This stunning aquamarine engagement ring is perfect for those March babies. What is your birthstone? Would you have it in your engagement ring?

Unique Engagement Rings 26

Source: bellasfinejewelers

9 – Thin White Diamond Stackable Engagement Rings

Why have just the one ring when you’re faced with the prospect of many? Stackable rings are a great way for your man to show his love to you, over and over again. Start with the thin engagement ring, add a stacked wedding ring, and then demand a new ring for every year thereafter … Or not. You know, depending on how long you stay together, that ring set might get very heavy, and mighty expensive too! (Not that we mind that, of course.)

Unique Engagement Rings 8

Source: Etsy

10 – Bespoke Opal + Ice Diamond Engagement Ring

Don’t want a diamond? No worries! How about opals instead? Or, opals and diamonds if those blingy-babies have gotta be in there somewhere. There is actually some debate over how opals are apparently formed, but according to experts, rain is the root cause of these beautiful gemstones. It’s the birthstone for the month of October too. Any October babies fancy this ring? None of us are born in October and we still want this ring on our ring fingers!

Unique Engagement Rings 2

Source: alexisrusselljewelry

11 – Fashionable Designer Unique Engagement Rings

For when you’re not that worried about the size of the diamond, but you still want a ring to stand out, don’t be so quick to jump to the engagement rings for help. This Thomas Sabo ring isn’t the most conventional of engagement rings, but it’s still a stunning one that any bride-to-be would be proud to rock. We’re actually thinking of buying ourselves one … Just because we love it! (That’s totally cool, right?)

Unique Engagement Rings 16

Source: John Lewis

12 – Yellow, Black + Baguette Diamond Engagement + Wedding Rings

Didn’t we say those stackable unique engagement rings were the way forward? That theory is definitely reinforced with one of a kind pieces, just like this one. We like this one because we think it’s perfect for the bride-to-be who can’t make her mind up. There’s a little bit of everything and, together, that’s really something!

Unique Engagement Rings 27

Source: rubergjewellery

13 – Sunflower Style Unique Engagement Rings

The humble sunflower has many meanings, depending on where in the world you come from, but it’s a flower that is loved and adored by many. We imagine this sunflower engagement ring will be quite a popular one. The sunflower itself is said to signify a long life, being tall and towering towards the sun as it grows. It can also show love, adoration and admiration, and also great friendship. It can be used as a symbol of best-friendship as well as love. Shouldn’t you be marrying your best friend anyway?

Unique Engagement Rings 12

Source: Etsy

14 – 18 Carat Rose Gold Unique Engagement Rings

Did you know that French women aren’t the biggest fan of diamonds when it comes to their engagement rings? In fact, in France, it is common for women to choose brightly coloured and beautiful semi-precious stones, over their expensive diamond-based counterparts. What kind of ring is your perfect engagement ring? Semi-precious stones? Diamonds? A clever combination of the two? We happen to quite like diamonds when they come in the form of this stunning rose gold ring …

Unique Engagement Rings 7

Source: bertjewellery

15 – Skull, Diamonds & Yellow Gold

You’ll normally find engagement rings coming in the form of hearts and other romantic stuff, including flowers, but what about when you don’t want any of that romantic stuff? We found a beautiful collection of rings on the Iz & Co website, and we felt this one was a great one to show you. A simple gold ring with a small skull and a couple of tiny diamonds … There are different materials on offer, and different diamond colours too. We particularly like the black diamond delights …

Unique Engagement Rings 4

Source: izandco

16 – Natural Rough Diamond Engagement Rings

Once upon a time, Chinese women would be given money and other gifts in exchange for their unwavering love. It is only recently that they have started to wear engagement rings, which is actually a Western concept. It’s funny how other engagement traditions work in other cultures, don’t you think?

Unique Engagement Rings 13

Source: Etsy

17 – Edgy & Soft Unique Engagement Rings

We’re very much in love with this stunning ring, and we even have another fun engagement ring fact to bring to you! It was the Ancient Romans who were said to have introduced this concept of being engaged and giving a ring. The Ancient Egyptians first used a circle to unify love and an early concept of marriage, but the whole public pledge situation didn’t actually come about until the Roman times. Back then, the colours of the gems were almost symbolic. Red and pink were commonly used colours because it has always been used to signify love, passion and romance.

Unique Engagement Rings 19

Source: sofiakaman

18 – Pink Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Pink sapphires have been linked with love, romance and engagement rings for as long as engagement rings have been about. In fact, it was the ancient Romans who first gave beautiful rings to one another as a symbol of love and marriage. The earliest engagement rings contained rubies and pink or red sapphires, used because red and pink have commonly been associated with matters of the heart.

Unique Engagement Rings 17

Source: Very

19 – Black Diamond Engagement Ring

As the popularity of non-conventional engagement rings and wedding rings grow, so does the need for unique engagement rings with stones such as black diamonds. The thing you need to know about these black-shaded lovelies is that you can get both man made and naturally made versions, the latter obviously being more expensive than the former. They are generally ‘regular’ diamonds, but with more dirt inside them. The white, shiny diamonds are clean and with very few imperfections, whereas their black counterparts are considered rife with imperfections. Those imperfections are graphite — what all diamonds are made of.

Unique Engagement Rings 14

Source: Etsy

20 – Simple, Modern + Elegant Unique Engagement Rings

If you’re talking about diamonds, there are 4 C’s that you’ll need to take into consideration – cut, clarity, carat and colour. As you’ll have spotted if you’ve seen a few of the other rings on this list, there are actually many more colours of diamond than we ever thought existed. Diamond colours will be between D and Z usually, with D being the most whitest and brightest of diamonds, and Z being a yellow shade. Clarity is how clear the diamond is. Once again, a diamond with lots of imperfections could go as far as a black diamonds, whereas diamonds with very few imperfections will be white, or like looking at glass.

Unique Engagement Rings 6

Source: bertjewellery

21 – Bow + Diamond Encrusted Engagement Ring

With so many styles of ring out there, conventional and otherwise, it can be tough to know where to start. This is even more so the case when you’re a man, buying a ring to surprise your potential bride-to-be. If we can offer you any advice, we’d suggest you keep the receipt … and don’t be offended if she wants to change it. We’ve seen many cases of women being unhappy with the ring they have received, and sometimes we really do think that honesty is the best policy!

Unique Engagement Rings 10

Source: Etsy

22 – Ethically Sourced Engagement Rings

Do you know where the word ‘diamond’ actually comes from? It actually stems from a Greek word — adamas — and this means “the unconquerable.” When you bear in mind that diamonds are essentially just graphite that has been put under a lot of pressure for a very long time, the name is very apt. Marriage is meant to show the undeniable and unshakeable bond between two lovers, and that’s why diamonds are used in engagement rings. A strong and unbreakable stone for a strong and unbreakable relationship.

Unique Engagement Rings 20

Source: frannyejewelry

23 – Thin + Delicate Unique Engagement Rings

We were beyond delighted when we saw this little beauty on Instagram (Source: liesellovejewelry), and then even more delighted when we saw there was a beautiful little Etsy shop right behind it. It comes in handy really … One of the girls is talking all-things-marriage with her significant other, and she’s looking for a ring just like this one!

Unique Engagement Rings 28

Source: Etsy / LieselLove

24 – Graphite Rose Cut Diamond Two-Piece Engagement Set

Jennifer Aniston received a rose cut ring from Justin Theroux when they got engaged back in 2012, and the popularity of these engagement rings has grown tenfold since then. This is a style and cut of ring that dates as far back as the 16th century, and with increased technology in the earlier part of the 1900’s, started to fade out for a while. It would seem, however, that these cuts are back with a vengeance. Everyone’s about that rose-cut diamond right now, called as such because the diamond itself looks a bit rose-like.

Unique Engagement Rings 30

Source: franbarkerdesign

25 – Grey Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Not only are diamonds used to signify strength within a relationship, ancient Indian cultures believe that the stone offered some protection in life when worn. It would offer the bride-to-be protection from the forces of all evil, and this meant keeping them safe within a relationship and marriage.

Unique Engagement Rings 21

Source: roughluxejewelry

26 – Canary-Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings

Going back to the subject of men buying rings, and we would like to offer you another piece of advice, if you will let us? Take a peek at the rings your potential bride already has in her collection. In fact, if you can get away with it, take a photo of them and take them to the ring shop. You’ll be amazed at how much information you can get from the kind of jewellery she already owns. For example, what’s the point in buying her a yellow-gold ring when everything else in her jewellery collection is silver, platinum or white gold?

Unique Engagement Rings 50

Source: brulique_jewellery

27 – Wine Coloured Sapphire + Diamond Ring

A halo-style engagement ring is one where you have a larger, central diamond or stone, and then a band or circle of smaller stones or diamonds circling it, much like a halo would circle an angel’s head. This is a rather contemporary style of ring, but also a very indulgent one. You could go crazy with the diamonds and bling with a design like this one, and we can’t wait to see what beautiful styles you come up with when you go hunting. Don’t forget to show us! Tag us in those beautiful ring pics! (So that we can look on enviously … )

Unique Engagement Rings 51

Source: jewel.street

28 – Cute and Quirky Unique Engagement Rings

Ancient Greek cultures believe diamonds were the fallen splinters of stars, and when you hold these beauties up to the light, the star-light reference is well understood. The Egyptians, however, first started the tradition of wearing the star-splinter on the left hand ring-finger. They believed there was a vein that ran from the top of this finger to the heart — the vein of love. Wearing the ring on this finger meant that the person who gave that ring had a direct connection to the heart.

Unique Engagement Rings 29

Source: Etsy / LieselLove

29 – Heart of Diamonds Engagement Ring

There are a few traditional styles of ring that you can start looking at, before looking at more unique engagement rings. The solitaire ring, for example, is generally made up of a thin band with a simple diamond placed in the centre of it. It’s a style that is generally considered to never go out of fashion, and is one of those classically conventional style that you could also make more unique with a little bit of time and dedication to the cause.

Unique Engagement Rings 22

Source: roughluxejewelry

30 – Rose Cut Sapphire Unique Engagement Rings

If you head on over to North America and look towards the Native American tribes who live there, you wouldn’t be so quick to turn to diamond rings, and certainly not in gold. Those woman favour rings that are more silver based, and substitute the diamonds for really bright colours. These often include pieces of red coral, as well as turquoise. We personally love this beautiful (and very large) sapphire ring. How about you?

Unique Engagement Rings 31

Source: franbarkerdesign

31 – Opal Twig Style Nature Engagement Ring

For many years, the opal has been a gem that was considered a symbol of love, adoration and passion. The stone itself is thought of as a rather seductive one, thus making it perfect for those wedding night matters. Not only that, but wearing opal is meant to protect you from disloyalty, encouraging faithfulness and loyalty from friends, family and loved ones. We think it makes the perfect stone to accompany those diamonds in your engagement ring, don’t you?

Unique Engagement Rings 9

Source: Etsy

32 – Fine Diamond Stacking Engagement Rings

It was the 2013 catwalks that made stackable rings a big deal, and things have moved on even further to include stackable rings for your engagement rings, wedding rings, and both combined too. I mean, why wouldn’t you want more than one ring? It would give your husband the perfect excuse to surprise you with some new bling, year after year after year!

Unique Engagement Rings 40

Source: melaniecaseyjewelry

33 – Heirloom Diamonds Upcycled

If you wanted unique engagement rings with a real story behind them, you should definitely consider having your own created. This is even more so the case if you happen to have an old ring — a family heirloom — that it’s totally okay to melt down and recreate into something new and beautiful. You’re still keeping that beautiful item in the family, but you’re changing to meet your own style needs. We think it’s a wonderful idea, don’t you? Plus, you could create something totally one-of-a-kind and unique, like this stunning ring.

Unique Engagement Rings 41

Source: christynatsumi

34 – Green Sapphires Unique Engagement Rings

Do you have an affiliation with the colour green? How about green sapphires and diamonds, like this beautiful engagement ring? In fact, while we’re on the subject of green and unique engagement rings, you should definitely check out a gem called Tsavorite, which is found in the Tsavo National Park of Tanzania, also on the edges of bordering Kenya. It’s a very expensive stone, and a garnet if we’re breaking things down. If you’re opting for a stone like this in your engagement ring, you’re symbolising a life filled with adventures, and also a marriage filled with happiness.

Unique Engagement Rings 43

Source: metalurgesfinejewellery

35 – Black Fire Opal + Diamond Engagement Ring

The black fire opal is actually Nevada’s official gemstone, in case you weren’t already aware of that. A stone that is known very well or its iridescent colouration, there are some people who believe opal engagement rings will actually bring bad luck, unless the bride to be was born in the month of October. The stone is also the official birthstone of the month.

Unique Engagement Rings 45

Source: sarahnicolejewelry

36 – Romantic + Elegant Unique Engagement Rings

If you were to come from Sweden, you’d need to shell out just as much money as your fella would when it to engagement rings. You are meant to give one to the groom, just as the groom provides one for his bride-to-be. You’ll be slightly more relieved to learn that engagement rings are often very simple in Sweden, usually consisting of plain bands of silver or gold.

Unique Engagement Rings 46

Source: melaniecaseyjewelry

37 – Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

White diamonds are classically used in engagement rings, unique or otherwise. Yellow diamonds, on the other hand, have seemingly only becoming more prominent among brides-to-be in the last few years. Think of it like your average white diamond, but with a little bit of added sparkle. The colour yellow is said to symbolise the best of friends. Are you marrying your best friend?

Unique Engagement Rings 48

Source: diamondsbyraymondlee

38 – Honeycomb Inspired Engagement Ring

The setting of your unique engagement rings are just as important as the stones you choose to use in them. We’re a bit obsessed with this honeycomb design, very different from the usual ring styles you’d normally see in engagement ring ranges. The most common settings are prong, halo, bezel, invisible, channel, and pave. Which is your favourite?

Unique Engagement Rings 49

Source: jillvacarra

39 – Flower Inspired Engagement Ring

A cluster ring is another conventional engagement ring style, but one that can be made to look more unique with some simple styling. These cluster of gems often create larger and more striking rings, and ones that are definitely designed to make a statement. A little bit like this one, for example, which we’re utterly in love with.

Unique Engagement Rings 47

Source: michelledayheritage

40 – Rose Gold + Diamond Beautiful Engagement Ring

There are metal types to consider when shopping for unique engagement rings. There’s palladium, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and white gold too. With so many materials to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Rose gold is a very common look for right now, but you should look for a ring that suits you, not just suiting the last fashion trends.

Unique Engagement Rings 44

Source: sarahnicolejewelry

41 – Woodland Fairy Inspired Custom Engagement Ring

Of course, you’re going to want to rock a ring that matches your style, and also the style of the kind of wedding you want. Are you a nature-loving person, perhaps with a woodland themed wedding in your dreams? This beautiful woodland inspired engagement ring is a great choice to look at, but there are hundreds of ways you could look at fine jewellery designers to give you a hand designing the perfect ring for you.

Unique Engagement Rings 42

Source: christynatsumi

42 – Diamonds on Diamonds Unique Cluster Ring

If you’re going down the traditional route and asking the bride-to-be’s parents for her hand in marriage, you could always ask for their advice on the ring too. Obviously, this advice is steered towards the proposer, and not the proposee, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a hand finding the perfect ring. You do want it to be the perfect ring after all.

Unique Engagement Rings 39


43 – Rose Quartz Alternative Unique Engagement Rings

Rose quartz engagement rings are said to symbolise a number of things, specifically unconditional love and romance. Being pink, the classic colour of love and romance, it’s definitely one that offers a feminine appeal. If you’re a big fan of gemstones and their energies, rose quartz is a good choice for you because it has the most loving energy.

Unique Engagement Rings 38

Source: hudsonvalleygoldsmith

44 – Vintage Inspired Ruby Engagement Ring

Ruby, ruby, ruby … Believe it or not, a ruby isn’t actually a ruby at all, but more a sapphire. Although we commonly associate sapphires with the colour blue, a ruby is actually a red sapphire, and it is fast becoming a popular choice for brides hunting out unique engagement rings. Also, red is the colour of love, romance and passion, and those are definitely three traits you’ll want in the man you marry, right?

Unique Engagement Rings 37

Source: jmaxwelljewelry

45 – Fair Trade Unique Engagement Rings

There’s more call for world-friendly methods of everything these days, and if you’re a big fan of keeping things free, fair trade unique engagement rings are definitely a great choice. This beautiful ring, for example, contains a Fair Trade Sapphire from Malawi, with reclaimed diamonds too. The gold is 18t and the band itself is platinum … It’s a beautiful combination, don’t you think?

Unique Engagement Rings 36

Source: nodeform

46 – Hexagonal Art Deco Unique Engagement Rings

If you want a ring with some story behind it, look for vintage rings, rather than something brand new. There are plenty of beautiful vintage jewellery stores around, and you could get your hands on a one-of-a-kind piece with some history attached to it. Perhaps an epic love story? It would then be your something old for the wedding, killing two metaphorical birds with one stone.

Unique Engagement Rings 35

Source: Pinterest

47 – Round Diamond + Wide Band Engagement Ring

Thin and pretty, unique engagement rings aren’t for everyone. Big and chunky rings are definitely becoming more popular over recent years, and this chunky ring shows that you don’t need to go for something overbearing. Larger rings can still be very feminine, and this angled, thick-banded beauty proves just that. It’s also perfect for when you want a wedding ring and an engagement ring in one.

Unique Engagement Rings 34

Source: Amazon

48 – Floating Diamond Unique Engagement Rings

The floating diamond is a very clever, modern and beautiful trickery of engagement ring magic, but it’s not a look that everyone loves, according to the divided opinions of the CherryCherryBeauty den. What do you think about this innovative ring design? And is it something you’d be happy with when your man gets down on one knee?

Unique Engagement Rings 24

Source: baronsjewelers

49 – Sapphires + Diamonds Engagement Rings

There are actually two rings to gush over in this image, but it’s the sapphires and diamonds ring that we want to bring to your attention. There are diamonds and sapphires in this stunning piece, beautifully put together in a classic 18ct gold backdrop. The bottom ring, just in case you were interested, is a diamond wishbone ring. Hey, if we can get away with having two engagement rings we would totally rock them both!

Unique Engagement Rings 32

Source: franbarkerdesign

50 – Unique Art Deco Engagement Ring

If you’re the guy about to get down on one knee, why not actually take your significant other and let her pick her own ring? If you want to get things just right, there’s nothing wrong with taking the more modern route and letting her have her pick of the bling. At least then you won’t run the risk of getting things horribly wrong by mistake. That could make or break an engagement for some women, you know!

Unique Engagement Rings 23

Source: sparklinglotusvintage

51 – Textured Unique Engagement Rings

There seems to be a real big thing surrounding textures recently, in home design, hair, makeup, nails, and now even your engagement ring. During our hunt for the perfect unique engagement rings, we came across this absolute treat, featuring a textured band. It’s described as a “saw cut texture ring shank” which doesn’t sound that romantic at all, but we do love the way it looks, that’s for sure. It would certainly come in handy for those clumsy folk who are well known for ruining their jewellery … (Like me!)

Unique Engagement Rings 33

Source: nodeform

And there you have them – 51 stunning and unique engagement rings that we fell in love with. Which rings stood out for you? Which ones do you want to subtly leave lying around the house so that your significant other can see and hopefully take the hint? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts so, as always, feel free to leave your comments below.

If you’re getting engaged, or have recently gotten engaged, congratulations! Show us your ring! We want to feature your stunning bling-fingers in future pieces for CherryCherryBeauty!

As always, thanks for reading. What do you want to see next?

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