31 Looks: Valentines Day Makeup Look

You’ve got your date sorted. You’re pretty sure he’s picked the right restaurant, and you’ve bought yourself a killer dress, with even more killer shoes to go with it. The hair appointment is sorted, you’ve got glam curls on the mind. The only thing that is left to figure out is your makeup, and everyone knows how important your valentines day makeup look is on this big day.

Whether you’re looking for something simple and sweet or really out-there and bold, as bright as you like, we think there is something to suit you on this list. Brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes, simple, intricate, glam, romantic … We hope you’re sitting comfortably. You’re about to see some serious inspiration – Valentine’s Day makeup looks.

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1 – Mattes & Metallic Makeup for Valentine’s Day

When you mix matte and metallic makeup together, you have a look that stands out for all the right reasons and that’s just what you want for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re going out on a date or just celebrating your single self. And why shouldn’t you celebrate your single self? A highly pigmented gold tone has been used alongside those cranberry-pink vibes, and it’s the bright and boldness of this look that really makes it stand out. If you want to make your eyeshadows more pigmented, try making it moist with a quick squirt of your makeup setting spray. It’s a trick that we use all the time, and we learned that from the pros on YouTube.

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 1

Source: mirakitze

2 – Shimmering Pinks Valentine’s Day Makeup

Valentine’s Day calls for the cutest of cute pink shimmering looks if you ask us, and this makeup look ticks all of the boxes. Pink, tick. Shimmering, tick. Sultry and romantic, tick. We think it’s the long and feathery lashes that we love so much. No, wait, it might be the excellent use of highlighter. Nope, it’s the entire face. We just love the entire face.

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 2

Source: booboo_ncx

3 – Glam & Simple Romantic Pink Eyes

Speaking of pink and romantic looks, we’re a big fan of this one, using cleverly-placed lighter tones in the centre of the eyelid. This darker, slightly plum shade of pink works beautifully with those dark brown eyes, so this is definitely one to consider if you’re a “brown-eyed girl”. (And yes, we did sing it as we said it.)

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 3

Source: samanthajayyy_

4 – Dusky Pink & Gold for Valentine’s Day

If nothing else, Valentine’s Day gives you the perfect excuse to try a brand new makeup look for the day. We don’t know about you, but that makes us want to get super creative. This dusky pink and gold look for Valentine’s Day is awesome because it’s creative, without being overly showy. Something as simple as replacing the black liner that you use every day with a gold and shimmery one could transform the look entirely.

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 5

Source: biancanicole.mua

5 – Shimmering Pink & Gold Valentine’s Day Makeup

Keeping with the pink and gold theme, what are your thoughts on this romantic and shimmering makeup look? Darker at the outer corners and lighter towards the inner ones, it’s another cute Valentine’s Day look that works perfectly for big, beautiful brown eyes.

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 4

Source: anban20

6 – Glam & Glitter Pink & Gold

A slightly brighter and bolder shade of pink has been used in this glam Valentine’s makeup look, and a slightly brighter and more light-reflecting shade of gold too. It just goes to show that something as simple as changing the hue of the colours that you use could make a difference. If you’re more of a dusky pink fan, switch things up with a bolder tone instead. You might just find a brand new makeup look that you fall in love with. It happens to us all the time.

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 12

Source: _mariam.makeup

7 – Romantic Pink Eyes for Valentine’s Day

A clever makeup look for Valentine’s Day, this romantic idea has incorporated a negative space-style effect into the mix, making it artistic and fun. That’s exactly why we love it. Leave the black liquid liner alone for a change and leave things in the negative … But in all the best ways!

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 7

Source: alannagellingmakeup

8 – Pretty Pink Peepers

Pick the brightest and boldest pink in your palette and work from dark to light for a look that is every bit as pretty as this one. Just make sure you use the fluffiest blending brush you have at your disposal. You want clever blending, not block colours.

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 15

Source: harbsy

9 – Smokey Dusky Eyes

Are you on the hunt for something a bit darker? How about this smokey and dusky look? You’re working with the regular smokey eye trend, but you’re substituting the regular darker shades that you would usually in it, with lighter and duskier pink tones instead. It once again shows that just the smallest change can make a difference. The change from dark to pink in this look has made it one of the cutest makeup looks for Valentines Day 2018.

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 13

Source: annyt_k

10 – Romantic Dusky & Bright Pink Eyes for Valentine’s Day

There are actually quite a few ideas as to how the original Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine came about. It is widely believed that Saint Valentine himself was actually nothing more than a Bishop — Bishop Valentine. It was during the time of Emperor Claudius II’s reign, and the Emperor believed that it would be very bad luck for the men of his Roman Army to get married all the while there was a war going on. The Bishop went against these beliefs of the Emperor, performing weddings in secret. Of course, just like many people who go against their leader, Bishop Valentine was caught, thrown in jail, and later executed for his crimes. He reportedly scribbled out a little note for the daughter of his jailor, signing it “from your Valentine,” setting the traditions in motion. A story worthy of beautiful makeup for Valentine’s Day 2018 like this one, wouldn’t you say? A dramatic and romantic makeup look for an oh-so-dramatic and romantic story?

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 16

Source: instabeautybyjess

11 – Flirty Pink Makeup Look for Valentine’s

Did you know that over a billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent every year? That’s a pretty staggering number, right? It’s the second biggest event annually that encourages folk to send cards to their loved ones, the first and biggest event being Christmas, of course. You’re going to want to make your Valentine’s card stand out, that’s for sure. Alternatively, you could let your makeup do all the talking. And, with makeup like this, it’ll wow your special someone over in no time at all.

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 17

Source: elliehowell

12 – Glam White & Pink Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2018

White eyeliner rather than black eyeliner — a simple change to your regular makeup routine, but one that you change your makeup from something that you regularly wear to something that is really special. You know, for a special event, just like Valentine’s Day. We’re obsessed with this look. Have you ever tried the white eyeliner look? We want to see it!

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 18

Source: lizrenay

13 – Cute Blush Valentine’s Day Makeup for Green Eyes

“Wearing your heart on your sleeve” (which is kinda like wearing hearts on your eyes) originally came from Medieval times around the time of Valentine’s Day. It was reported that the guys and gals from that era would literally draw names out of a bowl or hat. Whoever they picked would become their Valentine, and they would need to pin that name on that piece of paper to their sleeve for a whole week to show it off. They literally wore their hearts on their sleeves. We think that’s an utterly adorable fact to share when you rock this beautiful makeup for Valentine’s Day 2018 inspiration.

Makeup For Valentines Day 20

Source: robertavixen

14 – Lovely, Lovely Lips

The tradition of not signing a Valentine’s Day card is actually meant to have come from Victorian times when it was considered to be very bad luck to sign your own name in them. Perhaps, in true romantic style, your Valentine’s Day card could be signed off with a kiss? Not when you’re wearing makeup looks for Valentine’s Day 2018 that look as good as this though. The last thing you’d want to do is smudge it all up, which kinda puts kissing out the window too …

Makeup For Valentine's Day 2018 20

Source: lxstv

15 – Elegant & Classic Red Lip Look

Not a hint of pink in sight, how do you feel about a classic and elegant Valentine’s Day look, rather than something cute or sassy? Red lips are always a winner when it comes to romance, and a shimmering eye plus kitten eyeliner flick go with the romantic red pop perfectly. Add on lashings of lashes, throw on your best eyebrows, and you’re romantic, elegant, and just the right amount of sultry. We love it!

Makeup For Valentine's Day 2018 27

Source: beautybybda

16 – Metallic Cut Crease

You’ve probably done the typical cut crease a hundred times or more, but about a more artistic design? We love the metallic pink hues used in this makeup design, tying in the Valentine’s Day theme cleverly, but we also love the simplicity of the look. It’s a very simple change from whatever you’d regularly do (albeit with a bit/a lot of practice), but it’s just the thing to turn a regular eye into a romantic eye for the big day.

Makeup For Valentine's Day 2018 29

Source: esantoinette

17 – Glitter-Filled Hearts

Are you feeling the love this Valentine’s Day? Why not tell the entire world with eye makeup looks as cute and Valentines-themed as this one? It’s actually very simple. Cut some tape into the shape of a heart, place that on the lid, and then do the rest of your makeup work around it. When you peel the heart-shaped sticker away, you’ll be left with a blank space that you can fill with whatever you like. In this case, a really pretty and shimmering glitter product has been used, but you could get super creative.

Makeup For Valentine's Day 2018 30

Source: anban20

18 – Edgy & Fun Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

Looking for something fun and edgy this Valentine’s Day? What are your thoughts on this pretty pink look, adding a touch of purple and gold to really bring it to life? Just because it’s the day of all things red, pink, and themed with love, doesn’t mean that you need to stick to the traditional colour schemes. Mix and match and see what works. Add some purple, throw in some gold, and maybe even add a few freckles too, just like this look features. We love freckles. They’re so cute!

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 8

Source: esantoinette

19 – Love in Her Eyes

Go crazy with the love hearts and you might just end up with a look that is as filled with love as this one. You’ll need a good adhesive to get those pink hearts to stick in place for the entire night, but it’ll be worth it if you want to really stand out from the crowd.

Makeup For Valentine's Day 2018 21

Source: lxstv

20 – Lovely Lips

If you want the focus to be all on your lips, how about a look like this one? Metallic lip shades are a really big deal right now, and this purple metallic shade is everything! Add a couple of love hearts to bring in that’s romantic theme, and you could recreate this with all manner of base metallic shades.

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 20

Source: robertavixen

21 – Bold & Bright Valentine’s Makeup

Fancy something that really stands out this Valentine’s Day? We thought you might and that’s why we want to show you this bold and bright makeup look, perfect for blue eyes. Mixing red and pink tones together may not seem like a great idea on paper, but when you put things into motion and just let your creativity burst, this stunning look is what you could come up with. Good blending is key here, as well as a really pigmented eyeshadow shade. Don’t forget the makeup setting spray to keep everything exactly where it should be too.

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 9

Source: lanagarcia.x

22 – Dusky Pink Valentine’s Day Makeup for Blue Eyes

This adorable Valentine’s look will take you from daytime chic to sultry, nighttime vixen, especially if you start the day with no eyeliner and then add it upon clocking out. Vamp things up a little further with a slick of lip colour. We love the nude-pink tones used in this look, but you could even take things a little vampier and darker, should the mood call for it.

Makeup For Valentine's Day 2018 24

Source: podobnopaulinamaluje

23 – Black & Pink Dramatic Look

Wearing pink may be a bit daunting to you at first, especially as you recall of those years of incorrectly applying pink eyeshadow (amongst other beauty products), but both products and techniques have come a long way since those awkward teen years. Pink eyeshadow, as well as many other brighter and bolder colours, are making a very big comeback. It’s definitely time to play around in your makeup box, and what better way than with beautiful Valentine’s Day makeup looks like this one? This dramatic black and pink eye look is the perfect thing for a sexy, sassy Valentine’s Day celebration.

Makeup For Valentine's Day 2018 25

Source: roxana_sadowska

24 – Shimmering Nude Romance

We were blown away by this shimmering, splendid look, leaving the eyeliner at home but paying serious attention to the eyelid. More on the nude side of things than pink, it just goes to show that you don’t need to go all-out shimmering pinks and pastels in order to bring the romantic theme into play. In fact, you could pick any theme or colour of makeup that you wanted. It’s all about that romantic state of mind … How romantic are you feeling?

Makeup For Valentine's Day 2018 26

Source: yasmin.impson

25 – Bright Pink & Glitter Pop

The easiest and quickest way to add a touch of glam and sparkle to any occasion is to add a pinch of glitter. This look, pretty in pink and with the classic black liquid liner flick, has been given a real sparkly edge with that glitter pop. Just make sure that you use a really good glitter base/glue to help things stick. You don’t want to lose your glitter halfway through the night, do you?

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 6

Source: samanthajayyy_

26 – Romantically Smokey Red Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2018

Don’t fancy yourself in pink this Valentine’s Day? How about red instead? They do say that it’s the colour of red, passion, and all things love-related, so it just makes sense to incorporate the colour into your makeup somewhat. We’re living the red lip and red-eye combo here, but you could always just choose the eyes if you’re scared of being a little too red. Not that there’s anything wrong with all the red in the world, of course, but your boss might not be overly happy with this kind of makeup in the office. That red smokey-eye look is certainly beautiful though. We’re dying for an excuse to try this one for ourselves.

Makeup For Valentine's Day 2018 22

Source: roxana_sadowska

27 – Lined with Love

We’re hoping for an excuse to recreate every makeup look this beautiful artist has to offer, but we happen to think that this one is just perfect for the most romantic days of the year. The clever outlining with the black eyeliner has given a frame, of sorts, around the eye look. This means that anyone who looks at you will have their eye line pulled to the very thing you’re trying to show off. In this case, the beautiful pink pop of colour and those wonderful little shiny love hearts.

Makeup For Valentine's Day 2018 23

Source: zoemexiamakeup

28 – Pink Mascara

How do you feel about pink mascara? It’s not a look that we’ve ever worn before, but there is something incredibly romantic about it, don’t you think? Different hues of purple and pink have really brought these eyes to life, and we can’t forget to have a little mention of the cute little love heart in the corner too. What do you think? Pink mascara? Would you?

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 10

Source: phoebles

29 – Vampy & Romantic

Fancy showing off your vampy and romantic side? How about this stunning makeup look, perfect for when you want to be sultry and seductive on the most romantic day of the year? Add a darker lip to your makeup and things already look a tad more vampy/gothic than they did with a pinker, lighter slick. Add a touch more of the ol’ black eyeliner too when you want to sass things up a bit. You can add that smudged-up eyeliner much easier when you heat the tip of your pencil eyeliner before you use it. It softens things up a bit, making it much easier to smudge and blend than a hard-tipped pencil. Just a tip we thought we should share with you.

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 14

Source: sensayshanal.makeup.artistry

30 – Sweet & Simple Makeup for Valentine’s Day

In Finland, Valentine’s Day is actually known as Ystävänpäivä, and it is more of a day for loving and honouring your friends, rather than your fella. It literally translates to “Friend’s Day” and we have so much love for that idea. We may not be able to pronounce the word, but we think that provides the perfect excuse to get all the gals together, copy some of these fabulous makeup for Valentine’s Day 2018 ideas, and hit the town!

Makeup For Valentine's Day 2018 28

Source: jadebeautty

31 – Sweetly Simple & Pretty in Pink

This makeup artist has got things oh so right with this sweetly simple and pretty in pink makeup look for Valentine’s Day. A slightly darker, purple-pink than some of the other more romantic looks we’ve shown you, this one has some edge about it. If you’re not about that pink life, but still want to incorporate some femininity into your romantic makeup, a darker and more smudged-up look like this one is a great one to take inspiration from.

Makeup For Valentines Day 2018 11

Source: phoebles

We had oodles of love for each and every one of the looks that we have featured today, and we would also love to give lots of thanks to these clever artists for letting us showcase their work. Are you a makeup artist? Would you like to show off your fabulous makeup works-of-art too? We would be honoured to show off your work. Get in touch!

We hope you’ve loved these 31 Looks: Makeup for Valentine’s Day 2018. Which one is your favourite? We have too many favourites to list but don’t forget to let us know in the space for comments below this post. You can also find us on social media.

Thanks for reading! We hope you have a fabulous day! ✨

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