18 The Walking Dead Nails

Can you believe that The Walking Dead has been on our TV’s since October 31st, 2010. And yes, that was Halloween, just to make things even spookier! As we’re now eagerly awaiting the seventh series of the show, we decided to pay homage to the one thing we’re desperately missing right now, with some amazing The Walking Dead nails.

1 – Blood-Sucking Walking Dead Nails

We really like these Walking Dead nails because they’re actually quite discreet and subtle when you consider they’re all about blood-sucking and flesh-eating zombies.

Instagram / @weloveglitterdesign

It just goes to show that you don’t need to make your designs complicated and stand-out, because even the most subtle of hints, just like these zombie silhouettes, can show exactly what you want them to. These are the kind of nails you could totally rock for a Halloween party and then still discreetly wear at work the next day, we reckon.

2 – Multi-Design Walking Dead Nails

Theres nothing we don’t like about these Walking Dead nails, each one a little different and more bold than the one before. There are a lot of ideas here but you don’t need to use them all. You could just pick your favourite design and make that one the basis for all your nails.

Instagram / @chellys_nails

The barbed wire ones are the most fantastic, we feel, and if you don’t want to run the risk of cutting everyone up at the party with REAL barbed wire, get creative and let your hand-painting skills free.

3 – Red Zombie Walking Dead Nails

Just the right amount of zombie to say Walking dead nails, still subtle and discreet enough to not be more bold than you dare to go. That’s what we love about these nail art designs, aside from the fact they’re damn fabulous.

Instagram / @urbanangelnailsliverpool

If you want to add a bit of shimmer to the mix, this is the right way to do it, that blood-red shimmer shade contrasting the grey tones perfectly. Nail stamping is the easiest way to recreate the ‘zombie’ slogan, although if you have a steady enough handy, we reckon you should just take a shot at it.

4 – Dead Inside Walking Dead Nails

Don’t open, dead inside. The same could be said for most of us on a Monday morning if we’re being honest, and maybe that’s why we’re in total lust with these Walking Dead nails?

Instagram / @copycatclaws

We love the square-tipped shape of these blood-thirsty nails, although we can’t help but feel coffins nails would be more apt?

5 – Orange-Tone Walking Dead Nails

Bolder and more colourful than some of the Walking Dead nails we’ve shown you, there’s something about the orange-pop background that really makes the silhouettes stand out.

Instagram / @shannasnailadventures

Here’s a great tip to really make your shade pop – use a base cost, and then apply a white coat before you start playing around with bright pops of colour. The white undercoat will make any shade on top seem instantly brighter and bolder, one tip that we feel has definitely been used well in these Walking Dead nail art designs.

6 – Zombie Brain Nails

Having brains on your nails isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but we really like the way the odd design has been used to create these stunning nails.

Instagram / @mrsluckyboy85

Again, nail stamps are the way forward for a background print or graphic on your nails such as these. They’re really not that difficult to get to grips with either. It’s really just a case of practice makes perfect.

Born Pretty Nail Art

7 – Pretty in Pink Walking Dead Nails

Pretty in pink and purple … They’re not two shades you would commonly associate with The Walking Dead, but when you think about it, the show sure does have its fair share of love stories, Maggie and Glenn being just one of them.

Instagram / @jessiedoesnails

Speaking of which, did you see how they left things at the end of season 6? We’re not going to give the game away or anything (for those who’ve yet to see it), but wow! What a cliffhanger!

8 – White, Red + Black Walking Dead Nails

Believe it or not, no one actually knows how the virus started in The Walking Dead, or even if it is a virus at all. There are some conspiracy theorists that believe everyone already has whatever is necessary to make you a zombie once you kick the bucket.

Instagram / @sophrainbownails

We don’t really care what the cause is though, and we won’t all the while these beautiful Walking Dead nail designs are wowing us.

9 – Walker Nails

There are actually lots of different names used for the ‘zombies’ in The Walking Dead, and among the most popular names include “roamers”, “lurkers”, “rotters”, “biters”, and, of course, “walkers”. At no point throughout the series has the word ‘zombie’ actually ever been used.

Instagram / @nancysfancynails1

This finger print design is a pretty cool one, don’t you think? Combined with the red to make it look more “bloody” (well, in effect at least), we think it’s brilliant. And actually, not that difficult to recreate when you consider its just a series of circular lines …

10 – Khaki Walking Dead Nails

The writers of The Walking Dead actually pay a little respect to Breaking Bad, not only by including Heisenberg’s / Walter White’s Blue Sky in season 1, with Merle holding up a bag of it, but the car that Walter White buys for his son, Walt Jr. is actually in The Walking Dead too – Glenn stole it in season 1!

Instagram / @3budderflykisses

Nothing to do with Walking Dead nails, but it’s some fun trivia for you to wow your nail-admirers with!

11 – Walker Brain Nails

The noises that you heard coming from the walkers aren’t actually from the walkers at all. During the filming of the show, they are told to move in silent, and it’s only after filming that the noises are added to make everything come together. It’s funny to think about The Walking Dead with silent walkers, right?

Instagram / @ohnoitsruthio

If you’re rubbish at hand-painting nails (like we are), fake it with decals because no one would ever know anyway. We’ve found loads on Etsy, and you’ll find a few of our top picks below:

12 – Purple + Silver Walking Dead Nails

Believe it or not, you can’t just walk onto the set and be a walker, you actually need to go to walker school, and get the green light from ‘examiners’ in order to be allowed into the filming areas.

Instagram / @honigschnutee

We reckon these Walking Dead nails would totally pass the grade, and we definitely could first thing in the morning. The CherryCherryBeauty den is basically the home to all zombies until about 11am … or a few cups of coffee.

13 – Barbed Wire Walking Dead Nails

We saw the idea of using barbed wire in our Walking Dead nails before, but this is a slightly different way of using it, less 3D and definitely more frightening. What do you think?

Instagram / @hit_the_bottle

A light grey shade has been used as the background, and the black silhouette zombies have been added over the top of that. Finish things of with darker grey barbed wire fencing at the forefront and, for now at least, the zombie problem appears to be contained.

14 – Layered Zombie Nails

We really love the way that different stamps and blood-red squiggles have been layered to create a 3D effect design for these Walking Dead nails. Three simple colours – red, black and white, but used in a way that they all stand out individually. It’s a clever idea, right?

Instagram / @justamom5

Nail stamps or decals can be used to create this layered effect if you’re no god at the hand-painting … like us. We want you lot to get creative – don’t forget to come back and show us what you come up with!

15 – Look at the Flowers Walking Dead Nails

A slightly different way of looking at The Walking Dead nails, and a very clever one at that,my pure tapping into the floral and feminine side – “Look at the flowers”.

Instagram / @jessiedoesnails

For the record, that scene, those scenes … Again, we won’t give the game away but let’s just say we needed to have a box of tissues handy. What a tear-jerker!

16 – Killer Spiked Walking Dead Nails

We loved these nails because we love black, sharp and pointed nails, but we also loved the grey Walking Dead design that’s been cleverly used on just a few of the nails to give away the theme.

Instagram / @sasshafras

The good things about nails like these, with no set pattern to them, is that it doesn’t matter if you mess a nail up. You can just get rid of the messed-up design with some nail polish remover, paint it black, and pretend it was always meant to be like that in the first place.

Theres a lot to be said for individuality.

17 – Character Portrait Walking Dead Nails

Robert Kirkman once said during an interview that the guy who plays Daryl, Norman Reedus, actually auditioned for the part of Merle but didn’t get it. After an amazing audition, the show-runners actually created the entire part of Daryl just for him. Amazing story, right? We so hope that rumour is true.

Instagram / @@andreitus_nails

There was a rumour doing the rounds that everyone’s favourite, Daryl Dixon, wasn’t meant to have been in the series at all. Gasp! We know – could you imagine The Walking Dead without Daryl in it? We sure can’t!

18 – Walking Dead Title Screen Nails

You could just go for the simplest design of all when it comes to your Walking Dead nails – these title screen ones are brilliant. Well, we think they are anyway. We love the blood-red splatters around the white / off-white writing. It just gives it a bloodier, gorier edge and honestly, what’s wrong with that?

Spotted on Pinterest

The easiest way to get these blood-red splatters is to use a cocktail stick and your red polish. Add a blob of polish to the nail, and then use the cocktail stick to carefully drag little bits out until it looks similar to the patterns you can see here. Finished everything off with a really good top-coat, and you’ll have The Walking Dead nails that everyone will be envious of.

And there you have them – 18 Walking Dead nails that we absolutely love. We can’t wait for the next series to start, and we also can’t wait to see your wonderful Walking Dead nail art creations. Remember to tag us on social media with #CherryCherryBeauty, and we’ll feature your work too!

It’s time to get creative!