12 Ways to Wear Houndstooth

Houndstooth is a pattern that always comes back around in fashion and it seems that every winter, there are more and more of this style adding to our closets. It was just the other I realised I didn’t know how to wear half the Houndstooth stuff I had in my wardrobe so I decided to do a little digging and investigate further.

Are you ready? Sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin…

Let’s get things kick-started with something nice and simple, shall we?

Ways To Wear Houndstooth
Source: Petite Panoply

Houndstooth shorts, check. Black tights, check. Studded black shoes, check. Super cute black tee, check. Black, leather, racer-style jacket, check.

If you have all of the above, you have the right components for the cutest of Houndstooth outfits! You can even leave out the tights for when the weather gets a little warmer and add black pointed pumps instead of the flat black studded beauties. You could even add black ankle booties with heels if you wanted a simple way to add some height. These are some versatile shorts. You need to have them in your closet.

Ways To Wear Houndstooth
Available at Everything 5 Pounds | Click for more details.

It’s winter so it makes perfect sense to have warm accessories to finish off your outfit. We think your outfit would be perfectly finished with these Houndstooth gloves, spotted on Everything5Pounds.com for just £5!

Wear these with a black jacket and black jeans for an easy outfit with a pop of pattern. You could always consider double-teaming it with that ASOS oversized scarf we list a few down…

Ways To Wear Houndstooth
Source: Mas – Just another lifestyle blog

We’re kinda, a little bit, maybe a lot in love with this old-season Mango Houndstooth skirt and as ways to wear the pattern go, this is one of the cutest.

Flat knee-higher boots make this the perfect outfit for a long day or serious shopping, and the little red bag helps to bring things to life with a pop of colour. We especially like the black cape – we’ve had one in our closet for ages and haven’t quite gotten around to wearing it. We might have to now we’ve seen this cute get-up.

We also like this super cute A-line Houndstooth skirt too:

Ways To Wear Houndstooth
Source: OTIANNA.pl
Ways To Wear Houndstooth
Source: Meagan’s Moda

For when you just want a pop of pattern, a Houndstooth scarf is a great idea especially when teamed with all-black everything else.

This fashion blogger has teamed her Houndstooth scarf with black jeans, black riding boots, and a black cape from H&M as well as Chanel sunglasses and a Saint Laurent bag.

We loved this ASOS Oversized Ultra Fluffy Scarf In Multi Scale Houndstooth which just so happens to look lovely and cosy for the cold, long winter nights ahead:

Ways To Wear Houndstooth
Scarf available at ASOS | Click for more details.
Ways To Wear Houndstooth

Black and white is always in-style so why not take the simple route and pair your all-black everything outfit with a Houndstooth coat and the cute quilted Chanel bag for added measure!

You don’t need to wear stiletto knee-high Louboutin’s if you don’t have them to hand. Pair your coat with black jeans, black riding boots and a black turtle neck jumper. One of the easiest ways to wear Houndstooth!

Ways To Wear Houndstooth
Available at River Island / Asos | Click for more details.

There’s something about tailored trousers that is just very seductive on a woman and when teamed with killer black stilettos and a plain black jumper / racer jacket combo, you have a look that means business.

We spotted these River Island beauties on ASOS and fell instantly in love with them. For £38, you’re getting that Houndstooth pattern but in a subtle way. A subtle statement, if you like? Either way, we likey, we wanty!

Ways To Wear Houndstooth
Source: Banana Shoes | Click for more details.

Women can never have enough shoes and we definitely need these Houndstooth beauties in our wardrobe, spotted at Banana Shoes.

Wear with a tight black wiggle skirt or dress (A-line style, nipped-in at the waist) and a simple top that shows off all your curves and you have a sassy sexy outfit for any time of day or night, and a little pinup / 50’s inspired too!

Alternatively, if it’s just too cold to get your legs out, team with black jeans and a corseted styled top for that 50’s Grease-style look.

Ways To Wear Houndstooth
Source: Lu zieht an.

Who said the Houndstooth pattern needed to be black and white at all times? Break away from the mould and go for the pattern in slightly different shades. We adore this look – a leather-effect A-line skirt with a black, brown and olive-green Houndstooth blouse from Anna Scholz for Sheego. The look is completed with those Chanel earrings of course.

Ways To Wear Houndstooth
Source: Laura Lily – Fashion Blog

These Wolford Houndstooth tights are definitely a winner in our eyes although before we saw them, we did raise our eyebrows a little at the concept.

When kept muted with all-black everything else, the tights really help to play up the legs while keeping everything covered, warm and toasty. It’s sexy without being too much.

Ways To Wear Houndstooth
Source: Laura Lily – Fashion Blog

We know we keep banging on about that Houndstooth skirt but honestly, we think there can never be enough of them in the world so we’ll keep sharing. It’s one of the easiest ways to wear Houndstooth!

We love the way this one has been worn, with muted beige and off-white / creamy tones in the Kate Spade bag, bare legs and little black booties. There’s nothing to stop you wearing tights of course, and a little black jacket too.

Ways To Wear Houndstooth
Available at ASOS | Click for more details.

It might be a little cold for bikinis right now but the weather will soon warm up and again and when it does, we hope we can class ourselves as beach-ready to wear this super cute Houndstooth-ruffle two-piece.

Cute and sassy, black is a very flattering colour and the ruffles around the bust can help to enhance should you want it to. At £18, it’s well worth being prepared in advance. Plus, it’ll make you think of warmer, sunnier times…

(You’re welcome!)

Ways To Wear Houndstooth
Available at Everything 5 Pounds | Click for more details.

At just £5, what’s not to love about this Houndstooth and owl backpack from Everything5Pounds.com?

Owls are everywhere right now so technically, you’re killing two trends with one stone.

Wear this with… Well, whatever you like. We think it would look its most adorable with black skinny or ripped jeans, white low-top Converse, a black turtle-neck jumper and a messy bun that always seems to take us hours to recreate. We’re bringing you tutorials soon. Don’t panic, we’ve got your back!

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So there you have them – 12 of the hottest ways to wear Houndstooth from fashion bloggers all over the world. And if they can wear it, so can you. You just need a little inspiration, that’s all! Hopefully some of these styles and designs will help you achieve just that.

If you have any Houndstooth-inspired looks that you want to share, tag them on social media with #CherryCherryBeauty for a chance to be featured. We’d love to see what we’ve inspired you to do!