20 Ways to Wear Ripped Jeans

If you’re stuck for ideas on ways to wear those ripped jeans you’ve been stashing away for months, we’ve found 20 beautiful looks that we think you definitely need to see. From the casual to the smart, dressy, going-put, and everything in between, there’s a look for every occasion and every event. Who knew your ripped jeans could be so damn versatile?!

Are you sitting comfortably? Are you ready to begin?

20 Ways to Wear Ripped Jeans

1 – Dressed Down

You can’t beat a good dress-down day. Those days are the perfect opportunity to look at ways to wear ripped jeans. Throw them on with a hoodie and loose hair, and maybe some light makeup too, and you have a ten minute get-ready that suits most daytime occasions. Running to the shops, no problem. Heading out for a quite bite to eat with a friend? You’ve got some jazzy new trainers to spice up the look for just that occasion. Don’t you see? Dress down days don’t need to mean total dress down. You can still feel pretty.

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans
Instagram / @saharnawaz

2 – Pretty in Pink

For those days when you want to be kinda grungy with your ripped jeans, but also super cute too, just team your distressed denims with a loose pink sweater and some romantic curls in your hair. A pair of sunnies completes the look, and you could wear the combo with nude killer heels for a more dressed up affair. You could even add cute little Converse pumps for something more casual and day-time easy. We must admit, we do love this look with those heels.

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 3
Source: Sasa Zoe – Click for more details

3 – Sassy + Sweet

For those days when you’re feeling both sassy and sweet, how do you feel about this outfit? It’s one of the ways to wear ripped jeans that convinced us to do further research into writing this post. It would be a great outfit for a mate’s date, a night out with the girls, or even a movie date with a potential new fella?

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 4
Instagram / @shedoesstyle

4 – Ripped Denim + Leather

Denim and leather go together so well, we’re surprised more people aren’t doing it more often. With a white tee or vest and white Converse trainers, this would be a perfect daytime look, the leather jacket thrown on for when the weather gets a little chilly. When the evening draws in and it’s time to get dressed up, change the vest / tee for a cropped top, and switch the sneakers for heels. Bob’s your uncle, you’re done!

For the record, we found these jeans on ASOS. If you click on the image below, you’ll be taken right to them. They’re only £32!

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 5
£32 / ASOS – Click for more details

5 – Ripped Denim + Fishnets

This is a big look for right now – fishnet tights worn underneath ripped denim jeans, but it’s not a new concept. People have been wearing funky leggings and tights under jeans for a long time, the fashion is just evolving a little. Give it a try and see what you think. You won’t ever know whether or not you can pull off the latest fashions unless you actually give it a try.

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 6
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6 – Ripped Jeans + Lace-Up

We actually predicted the lace-up trend to be one of the biggest for spring 2017 fashions, and here we see two trends working together. The ripped jeans trend, and the lace-up shirt trend. Together it makes quite the sassy and sexy little combination, don’t you think?

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 7
Instagram / @showpo

7 – Ripped Jeans + Tee

For when the warmer weather hits, simply throw your ripped jeans on with a simple tee and a trucker cap. You have a day time look that is perfect for kicking about town in. It’s totally cool and effortless too. High waisted jeans are a super great choice because they’re flattering on all body shapes and types. Get yourself a slogan tee if you feel like being cheeky, and you’re pretty much good to go. The trucker hat even covers though greasy roots you were using as an excuse not to leave the house …

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 2
Instagram / @saharnawaz

8 – Ripped Black Jeans + Tartan

We love tartan everything, and we actually think that black jeans and tartan were made for each other. That’s especially the case with punky ripped black denims and an oversized tartan jacket or shirt thrown on for good measure. You could consider wearing black ripped denims with a simple tee, a tartan shirt wrapped and tied around the waist. What do you think?

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 8
Source: Karolina N. – Click for more details

9 – Ripped Denims + Stripes

It’s a look that works perfect for spring – a black and white striped shirt, three-quarter sleeves for when it’s not quite warm enough for little capped sleeves – thrown together with black ripped denim jeans. We’d probably pair ours with a pair of Converse trainers, but we do love the way that nude heels have been throw in with this look to sass things up a little. For the record, nude heels instantly make your legs look longer. Did you know that?

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 9
£18 (was £24) / Dorothy Perkins – Click for more details

10 – Ripped Mum Jeans

Have you ever noticed that jeans with rips never stay jeans with rips for long? Before you know it, you’ve shoved your foot through the little rip and made it a bigger one, eventually making it so big you can basically see your whole half-leg through it … Every pair of jeans we’ve owned has gone down the same way, and we’ve decided to embrace the rips. If they get so big you could fit your leg through it, so be it. We’re still rocking it. For the record, Kim Kardashian loves those big rips in her denims, so if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us.

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 10
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11 – White Ripped Denim

If you’re looking for ways to wear ripped jeans in the white sense of the ripped jeans word, how about white and yellow? It’s a look that was made for spring, that’s for sure, and this little yellow leather number is the perfect amount of waterproof for April showers, without making you too warm as the sun starts to heat things up again. What do you think? White and yellow? Would you wear it?

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 11
£24.99 / New Look – Click for more details

12 – Smart + Sassy

Need smart and sassy ways to wear ripped jeans? No problem! Team yours with a simple crisp white shirt, and a nice tailored blazer, and you have a look that any smart woman would be proud of. Add your most expensive designer handbag and a set of killer heels, and no one will ever dare mess with you.

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 12
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13 – Lazy Ripped Denims

We know that some days you just need something easy and casual to throw on and kick around in, and we like this look for that. It’s one of the ways to wear ripped jeans that doesn’t take too much time or effort. It’s a sweater, some boots, a scarf, and a big jacket. Sunglasses will help to cover those eye bags you can’t yet be bothered to conceal with makeup, and a hat will also help cover up those greasy roots too. I think we might be on to a winner with this one, don’t you?

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 13
Source: Elena Klimashevskaya – Click for more details

14 – Autumn Shades + White Ripped Jeans

Would you ever have thought of putting these shades together with white ripped denim jeans? No, we hadn’t either, but we definitely kind of love it. Especially seeing as we have a khaki top in our closet that’s begging to be worn, and a pair of white denim jeans that we’ve never known what to pair with … It’s definitely a combination that works, and we even have a pair of brown boots that would go just perfect. It’s almost like this outfit was meant to be!

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 14
Source: Anja – Click for more details

15 – Punk Rockin’

One of the ways to wear ripped jeans that screams attitude, how about this punk rocking look? Add a hat and some sunnies, and finish it all off with a rock-band tee, and what do you have? A look that is effortlessly modern, fresh, punky and cool, no effort, time or dedication necessary. Who’d have thought being so cool could be so easy?

Just a little handy tip for you – if you have old jeans that you no longer wear, don’t throw them away. Take a cheese greater to them to muss them up a bit, and you’ll be left with jeans like these … which we’re sure you definitely wouldn’t want to throw away!

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 15
Instagram / @kay.omolara

16 – Ripped Jeans + Camo

Another easy every day look, this ripped jeans and camo jacket one is easy, breezy, and actually pretty stylish for something so thrown together. We really do love the way that this look has been worn with those blue heels. You could add high-top trainers if heels weren’t quite your thing, or even little cute ballet pumps if you didn’t want to be quite that casual.

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 16
Instagram / @frankvinyl

17 – Shirt + Jeans Combo

On those days when you mean business, and you need to look like you mean business too, how about this shirt and jeans combo? There are your ripped jeans in there, but worn with a structured shirt, slightly off-key from the regular man-style shirts that you may usually team with it. Smart, sassy, and just the right amount of business meets pleasure. That’s why we loved this look, how about you?

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 17
Source: Florencia R – Click for more details

18 – All-Black Ways to Wear Ripped Jeans

And on some days, you just need to wear all-black-everything, don’t you? This outfit is a perfect way to do just that, and one of the ways to wear ripped jeans that we loved, quite frankly. Add black boots, the punkier and edgier the better, and then throw on a plain black tee. If you have a ripped one, it’ll add even more of a punky and modern edge to the entire look. A pair of black sunglasses brings it all together perfectly.

Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans 18
Instagram / @prisgomez

19 – Khaki + Ripped Denim

This look combines a number of trend hits in one – those fishnet tights underneath the ripped jeans, and then the khaki sweater with the camo jacket over the top. It’s a look that you can easily throw together with pieces that you picked up on the high street, and doesn’t need to cost you a small fortune. It’s never been so easy to keep up to date with fashion.

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20 – White Tee Thing

Everyone has a plain white tee in their closet, so why not make use of yours by incorporating yours into the newest ways to wear ripped jeans. It’s simple, classic, and stylish too, sunglasses and heels stopping it from becoming too dressed-down. We can’t wait for the day we can wear our sandals out and about again. We think this warm weather get-up might be the perfect excuse to do just that.

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And there are our 20 ways to wear ripped jeans that we think you could easily rock for 2017. Whether it’s smart you’re looking for, or more of a casual look, there’s a little something for everyone, and we can’t wait to see how you wear yours. Remember to tag us in your photos – #CherryCherryBeauty on Instagram and Twitter. We can’t wait to feature your cool outfits.

You can also send your shots into us by DM on Instagram, and also via Facebook too. And if you loved what we’ve shown you, feel free to shout out your favourites at the bottom. We want to know which of these ways to wear ripped jeans gave you the most inspiration.

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