What Does It Mean to Dream About a Snake?

Are you a true believer in the idea that dreams mean something in REAL life and not just something in your sleeping mind? Have you had a dream about a snake and been left scratching your head wondering what it means?

One of the things it is wise to remember is that snakes doing different things in your dreams will often mean different things. One that is chasing you won’t necessarily symbolise the same kind of real-life event or situation as a snake that is slithering away from you. Different types of snake, such as venomous and non-venomous, can mean different things also, as can the size of the snake, the colour of the snake, whether or not you felt afraid of the snake in your dream or not …

That doesn’t make your life any easier when it comes to interpreting what it means when you dreamt about a snake, though, does it?

Let’s break things down and make them easier to understand and digest.

What Does It Mean to Dream About a Snake?

Snakes can represent something you are afraid of.

The humble snake is a common animal to be scared of. Ophidiophobia is a phobia for many. Consequently, they’re an obvious thing to pop up in dreams when you’re faced with something you’re afraid of in real life. To clarify, this doesn’t actually mean that you’re scared of a real snake in real life, but that you’re scared of a situation or event going on in your life, one that you have no choice but to face. The snake is merely a metaphor.

You’re coming up against whatever your real-life version of a snake is — your fear.

If you have exams coming up, for instance, dreaming of a snake could signify being afraid of them. Or, rather, not doing well in them.

Do you have a fear of failure? Dreaming of a snake would make sense if you had been or were going to be put into a situation where failure could be an option.

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Snakes can represent something that you’re concerned about.

It’s not just real fears in your waking life that could prompt visions of snakes in your dreams, the slithering serpent can actually be a sign that you’re worried about something in real life.

Is your period late? That might be what you’re concerned about. The snake could be a way of your subconscious mind processing that. Maybe you’re worried that you might be heading towards a disaster with a loved one? Or an argument with a friend? Or a big fallout with a relative? Maybe work isn’t going as well as you’d like and you’re worried you’re going to lose the job?

All of those things could be concerns you have in your waking life that prompt a snake in your dreams.

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Snakes can represent a snaky person.

It would make complete sense for a dream about a snake to be a sleeping representation of a snaky-person in real life. Is there someone in your life that you think isn’t genuine? Are they acting in a shady, snaky way? Are you questioning them a lot more?

If you come across a snake suddenly, startled by it, in your dream, it could mean that you have experienced that very same thing with a waking-life scenario. Have you been betrayed by a friend/significant other and didn’t see it coming? Perhaps you’re aware that one of your friends has been saying one thing to one person and something completely different to someone else?

Snakes don’t always come in the form of boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, or partners. Anyone can betray you or treat you poorly. You can be betrayed or treated poorly by anyone. Maybe your dream is warning you about that person? It could be that your gut instinct about someone

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Snakes can mean that you’re not dealing with something.

Have you dreamt about discovering a snake in a box? You’re not actually going to find a snake in real life (or, at least, we hope not!), but are boxing away an emotion or fear that you should probably deal with?

Have you been refusing to deal with the death of a loved one, preferring instead to “keep calm and carry on”? Your mind could be telling you that it’s time to acknowledge the grief, feel it, go through it.

Or are you trying to burrow away your feelings after a particularly nasty breakup? Again, the dream about a snake could be your subconscious mind telling you it’s time to face it.

Is it time to face it?

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Snakes can mean that you’re lusting after something or someone.

If you follow the Freudian way of thinking, the snake is an object to look at as a phallic one. The shape of it could indicate forbidden lust. This doesn’t always have to mean lusting after someone, it could mean that you have lusted after something. Whatever it is, it’s forbidden. That’s what the snake in your dream could indicate, anyway.

How do you feel about the snake in your dream? This could have some bearing on the meaning. Being afraid of and running away from the snake could mean that you are worried about something in the sex, dating or relationship department. If you go the other way, on the other hand, it could mean that you’re welcoming the new and potentially forbidden distraction.

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Snakes can mean that you are regenerating and healing yourself.

For many, many generations, snakes have been known to be a symbol of healing. The Staff of Asclepius, for instance, features a staff with a snake or serpent twisted around it, and it’s a sign that has become synonymous

Not only that, venomous snakes come into play in this scenario. You treat a venomous snake bite by using antivenom that comes from the same snake. In theory, the serpent heals and treat bites caused by itself.

Are you healing from something in your real life? A rift with a friend? A breakup? Losing someone that meant a lot to you?

Are you healing from something non-metaphorical, such as an illness?

The snake popping into your dreams could be a sign that you’re heading in the right healing direction.

It’s not all bad news! (Thankfully!)

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What Does It Mean to Dream About a Snake? Conclusion

The meaning of a dream about a snake is very much dependant on how REACTED to the snake in your dream, and also which of these likely scenarios are popping up in your real life. Dreaming about certain things, such as snakes, very rarely means that you’ll actually come up against the creature in real life. It is instead a metaphor or symbol for something else related or similar that is going on in your real life.

Can you think of something that matches?

If these dream meanings have been right for you, let us know! We’d love for you to leave your comments below. Were our dream meanings relevant?

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