Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

It’s that time of year again. You know what we’re talking about … Time to check out those winter 2017 fashion trends for the cold weather that already seems to be right on top of us. We thought we’d at least have a few more weeks of those autumn hues before the really cold weather set in. Sadly, we’ve already put the heating on, and got a blanket out for the cold leather couch. It might be time to snuggle up and get warm whole you still can. According to expert predictions, it’s going to be a really cold one!

If you need a hand updating your closet so that it’s more winter compatible, we’ve got a few looks and trends that you should definitely pay attention to. It even involves utilising some of the trends you’ve already been wearing over the course of the last year. With plenty of colours, fabrics, and luxurious textures, we would love for you to take a seat and enjoy …

1 – Sweaters + Scarves

Come on, it’s a trend that hits every year. It’s the reason why half the women (and men) around the globe look forward to the end of summer. When autumn hits and the temperatures start to drop, it’s the perfect time to grab those thick and cosy sweaters and team them with equally thick and cosy scarves. Of course, the look is absolutely perfected when you add some tights or jeans with boots to the occasion. Some looks just NEVER go out of style.

Winter 217 Fashion Trends 11

Source: thewillowitgirl

There are plenty of sweaters out there, in a wide range of colours, styles and designs. We’ve even featured a few winter sweater tips and tricks in an article that we posted last year > Finding the Right Winter Jumpers for Your Body Type

Source: taylorlainee ~ Source: millatawast ~ Source: volkova_marie

2 – Bags: The Bigger The Better

We were all prancing around with mini bags for spring and summer. These bags were nowhere near big enough to fit everything we needed in it. If you relate to this 100%, you’ll be happy to know about these particular winter 2017 fashion trends …

Are you ready?


I know, it’s amazing, right? Michael Kors was one of the stand-out designers on the catwalk for bigger, better bags. Again, there are are plenty of high street stores you should check out for budget pieces that you can try out. Big bags aren’t for everyone, but they sure are for us. The three that we have shown you here are all from ASOS, but we’ve seen so many just having a little look online. Remember to show us if you’ve found an amazing big bag! (We need all the big bags we can get our hands on!)

3 – Seeing Red

Red is the colour of passion and love, and it’s also the colour on everyone’s lips right now! Plenty of designers rocked these bright red tones on the winter 2017 catwalk. As far as we’re concerned, it’s one of the winter 2017 fashion trends you simply must follow.

Winter 2017 Fashion Trends 1

Source: anaoha

Of course, if all-red-everything is a little too red-flag-to-a-bull for your liking, tone things down a bit by adding a few red accessories. There are plenty of ways you could customise this look for you. We definitely recommend teaming the look with some red lips though, and we’ve got a few makeup looks you can take a peek at here > 21 Red Lip Makeup Ideas.

4 – Skirt + Sweater It

This has been a trend that’s been on the brink of hitting for a while now. It’s great though, because it gives you a chance to re-use all those cute and floaty skirts you bought in the summer … And didn’t quite get around to wearing because the weather just wasn’t nice enough. Either that, or you worked so much that you barely even recognised that summer was here, let alone that it was fast-passing. (Like most of us.)

Winter 2017 Fashion Trends 16

Source: dorademetria

Anyway, dig those summer skirts out and layer them up with cute and simple sweaters, much like Dior and Balenciaga did on the catwalk. If the skirt is super long and floaty at the bottom, give it some structure up-top with a fitted, tailored knitted sweater. You could also punk things up a little by adding a slogan sweater instead. You could kill two birds with one stone by doing that! (Slogans are so very ‘in’ right now!)

Source: briellerouge ~ Source: sensiblestylista ~ Source: xoxoHilamee

For when it gets really cold, don’t be afraid to throw some tights on under that cute, summer skirt. You could always add a smart, white, collared shirt under the sweater too, especially if it has a V-neck. Who knew there were so many ways to wear your summer clothes in winter. It’s all about layering it up, you see!

5 – Belted Beauties

Wide belts are back in again, and we couldn’t be happier about that fact. Michael Kors throw his over a nude trench coat, the belt in another of this winter’s hottest shades — nude. Prada teamed a boho belt with boho corduroy bell bottoms. Nina Ricci paired hers with two-piece top and skirt combos. In short, pretty much every outfit you could think of will more than likely benefit from a large, wide and chunky belt.

Source: huntercollector ~ Source: tripbytriplets ~ Source: theindiegirlblog

6 – Patterned Hosiery

There’s no better way to make a summer dress or skirt more autumn and winter wearable than by adding tights. The good news is that winter 2017 fashion trends dictate they shouldn’t be boring and black this year. Instead, they should brightly coloured and as patented as you dare to wear. It’s time to really make a stand with your tights and stockings. Let’s make them bright, bold and fabulous. And, if you have a look that you love featuring this funky footwear, send them in to us! We want to feature YOU!

Of course, the easiest place to start with patterned tights is to start with something black and patterned. When you feel braver with your patterns, you can then go ahead to brighter and bolder shades. There’s nothing wrong with starting off subtle and working your way up from there. With brand new fashion trends, we’d definitely recommend it. It works to help build your confidence up, and we guarantee it won’t be long before people are complimenting you for your cool outfit choices this winter. Just remember that the longer and more vertical the pattern, the longer the tights will make your leg look. If you opt for horizontal stripes, the tights will make your legs look wider.

7 – Cowgirl Style

Cowgirl boots are back in, ladies, and so are cowboy-inspired shirts. If you don’t believe us, just take a peek at the western pockets and collar on some of Calvin Klein’s Latest collection. Or the hide print dresses offered up by Balmain. Cowboy boots are easily worn with skinny jeans tucked in, and a simple black sweater if you didn’t want to take the cowgirl theme too far with the checked shirt too. In the summer, they can even be worn with pretty little summer dresses and denim skirts too. How rodeo are you feelin’ today?

Source: andysparkles ~ Source: Anna Puzova ~ Source: nachgestern

8 – Tip Your Hat

If you were following the likes of Marc Jacobs, Coach and Dior for winter 2017 fashion trends, you may have noticed that they all seemed to have a little something in common … Many of those looks on the catwalk contained hats. Everyone’s going cray-cray for them right now. That’s good news for the likes of me and you. If you “accidentally” forget to get out of bed on time in the morning and don’t have time to wash your hair, you can simply throw a hat on over the greasy roots and pretend they don’t exist!

Winter 2017 Fashion Trends 29

Source: thelittleblondie_

Even better, hats go with a variety of different outfits, and there are so many different hat styles that you are bound to find the perfect fit for you. Perhaps it’s time to do some hat shopping?

Winter 2017 Fashion Trends 30

Source: defishenci

9 – Big, Tall Boots

Thigh-highs are back in, ladies, but we’re talking classy thigh-highs, not Pretty Woman thigh-highs, although there’s nothing wrong if you like those ones too! Saint Laurent seemed to be a really big fan of this look, with boots ranging from just over the knee to … the sky’s the limit! Burberry seemed to dig this trend too, but not every designer was baring flesh.

Winter 2017 Fashion Trends 31

Source: Sasa Zoe / Lookbook

These tall boots don’t need to be all on show, and many of the designers were hiding theirs under those long and float, almost boho dresses that we told you about earlier on. Multitasking with trends again. We love it when that happens.

Winter 2017 Fashion Trends 32

Source: monicatworz

10 – Feathers & Fluff

Textures are EVERYWHERE right now, and we kinda love that. A lot. It was Prada who added those oversized fluffs and furs to coats and other garments, but there are plenty of high street stores to help you recreate the look for a fraction of the price.

Source: the_beauty_issue ~ Source: marinafashionista

The good news is that you can play around with basically any colour that you like, although there are certain shades that work really well in the autumn. Traditional tones, such as brown, grey, green, reds and orange shades reflect the nature colours of the season, but if you wanted something that you could wear right through into winter, and then maybe even next year too, darker shades — navy blue, deep brown, rich green, and even black — can work well. Neutral shades will work with more garments that you already own.

Here’s a few furs (faux) that we fell in love with:

11 – Ms. Grey

Move over, Christian Grey, Ms. Grey is in, and she’s wearing a suit that is oh-so-sharp and oh-so-snappy! Grey tailoring is very much one of the key winter 2017 fashion trends if you followed Calvin Klein, who did it with all the style you could imagine.

Victoria Beckham has been a big fan of tailoring in grey and other muted shades for a long time now too. Of course, we can’t all afford the same kind of closet that Victoria Beckham is rocking, but there are a few high street / cheaper alternatives you could look towards. Think about it this way – when you buy high street clothes, you can buy MORE of them!

12 – Big + Floaty Dresses

As well as big and floaty skirts, big and floaty dresses seemed to be very much on-trend as far as the winter 2017 fashion shows were concerned, and Valentino and Gucci both had adorable floating, almost boho wonders to display.

Think crazy prints, lots of fabric, and oodles of fuss and you’ll have about the right idea. There was no such thing as too much as far as winter 2017 fashion trends like this one are concerned.

13 – Slogans, Slogans, Slogans

If you have something to say, you might as well say it on your t-shirt! Everyone’s doing it these days, and it seems the slogan tee is now more in demand than ever before. Versace and Dolce & Gabbana were the biggest names following suit with these winter 2017 fashion trends, and there are so many different slogans tees and sweaters, bags and shoes, and much more besides on the market right now. We almost bought so much stuff, we wouldn’t be able to pay our rent just researching this piece.

Winter 2017 Fashion Trends 44

Source: jojochambord

A slogan tee is often the best place to start, and these can be tucked into jeans, skirts, and more. You know how easy it is to wear a t-shirt, and you can layer up thinner items for cool autumn and winter style that you can de-layer when you’ve been running around for too long.

Winter 2017 Fashion Trends 45

Source: Syla Radz / Lookbook

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about slogan bags and shoes too. There are plenty of those to take advantage of right now, and we’d love to personally recommend these little delights …

14 – Va-Va-Velvet

We saw quite a bit of luxury velvet materials on the winter catwalks, although the full-length and medieval-esque gowns that adorned the catwalks probably aren’t quite what you were going for. Adding velvet to your closet is definitely a good idea in winter, however, especially in the form of velvet jackets, scarves, gloves and hats. It’s a super warm and luxurious fabric that’ll feel like a warm hug on those cold winter trips home from work.

Winter 2017 Fashion Trends 46

Source: crsdreams

15 – Cinderella’s Glass Slipper

Okay, so we’re not actually talking about Cinderella’s glass slipper, although Jimmy Choo has recreated a very expensive version of this that we’ve been lusting after for some time. What we’re actually talking about is footwear that has a bit of bling on it. Remember the Manolo Blahniks that Carrie Bradshaw picked up from the closet in Sex and the City? *Those* shoes? That’s about the right idea. Footwear with beautiful and glammed-up designs on them. Although, we must admit that we have cheated as far as this inter trend is concerned. Who knew two matching brooches clipped on to a pair of plain black shoes would bling them up quite so much? We had masses of compliments on them, and many people didn’t believe it was, quite literally, just two brooches clipped on to a pair of shoes.

Dolce & Gabbana was a big fan of this glamorous look as far as winter 2017 fashion trends are concerned, and they aren’t the only designers either. We’re still a little blinded by the sight of all that bling! (You should have seen the ones that Saint Laurent delivered!)

And there you have them – a few winter 2017 fashion trends that we predict you’re going to be seeing everywhere. We would love to know if we have inspired you to go shopping, and we would also love to see what you’ve been buying too. If you think there’s a trend that we’re missing out on here, leave your comments and let us know. We want to know what you ‘ll be wearing this winter. (Apart from a big, warm coat, of course!)

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