21 Wire Nail Art Designs

Have you heard about them yet? These cool wire nail art designs? Well, if you haven’t, they’re the newest nail trend to hit the headlines, and they’re all courtesy of a nail salon found in South Korea, called Unistella. Twisting and turning bigger pieces of wire, or using smaller pieces in clever placements, it’s all about the wire – how it curves, the way it catches the light, the way it shines … Who’d have thought that wire would be the next hit trend? What next?

1 – Simply Wired

The good news about these wire nail art designs is they you can manipulate the wire to match any kind of design you wanted. Whether you wanted a little love heart to celebrate Valentine’s Day, for example, or maybe even a Christmas tree / triangle design for the end of the year festivities. It pays to get creative, and we can’t wait to see what creative wonders you come up with when you play around with wire too.

Wire Nail Art 20
Instagram / @nailed_it_kifisia

It’s the manicure of the future, but is it to your tastes? The 3D and sculpted designs look just as great on short nails as they do on long nails, but as you can imagine, the longer length gives you a little more room to play around. You can include cuticle accents, stiletto tips embellished with the wire delights, and you can even play around with abstract art too. There are no limits to the creativity!

Wire Nail Art 18
Instagram / @unistella_by_ek_lab

3 – Hearts of Wire

Not just totally beautiful, these wire nail art designs are actually a lot more practical than you may have given them credit for. With a quick placement of the wire, and a quick slick of clear top coat, you could be well on your way to partying the night away … or whatever special occasion you wanted your new nails for. They’re quick (once you get the hang of the wire), and they look good. Oh, and they’re not that difficult either. What’s not to love about them?

Wire Nail Art 19
Instagram / @12thhouse

4 – Intricately Designed

If you wanted a more intricate design for your wire nail art designs, the best thing you can do is use one longer piece of wire and bend it around until you have your desired look. You could use a silhouette or picture as an outline to give you something to work towards, or come up with something brand new entirely. It’s about getting creative and playful – what do you think you could come up with? Show us!

Wire Nail Art 21
Instagram / @getgelled

5 – Black + Wire Nail Art

You should use tweezers to manipulate your wire, and to start with you might find it easier if you opt for a really thin and small wire. The one thing you will need to remember is that this is wire – it will stand out from your nails, and it may catch on things too. Make sure the edges are smooth enough, either with gentle filing, or with a couple of coats of top coat. Your manicure (and your clothes) will thank you for it.

Wire Nail Art 17
Instagram / @unistella_by_ek_lab

6 – Simple Wire Cuticle Cuffs

If you’re looking for a beginner’s way to rock these wire nail art designs, this one might just be perfect for you. It’s a simple case of adding a small pieces of the wire nail art to the very base of your nails, just above the cuticles. It adds that wire design, without adding too much, and it’s super simple. You can easily recreate these at home, over neutral nails, brightly coloured nails, or any other backdrop you like.

Wire Nail Art 16
Instagram / @nyxinyxi

7 – Thin Wire + Love

How steady are your hands? Do you think you could create wire nail art designs like this? It spells love, and we love it. We also don’t think this look would be overly difficult to recreate with some time, patience, and the right tools. This is a great look for Valentine’s Day (which will be soon upon us), but you could also spell out other words for other occasions too – a name, for example, or “Xmas”. What would you have?

Wire Nail Art 7
Instagram / @it_is_all_me

8 – Wire Nail Framing

If you don’t want words but still want something a little more intricate, how about this beautiful framed wire nail art look? Carefully placed around the outside of the nail bed only, it literally looks as though you have a frame around your nail. Opt for a neutral nail like this look here, or spice things up with a really bright and contrasting pop underneath. There’s so many possibilities, we don’t even know where to start.

Wire Nail Art 5
Instagram / @nail_unistella

9 – Floral + Wire Nail Art

Isn’t that flower amazing? It just goes to show how clever and intricate these looks really could be, and how a million different looks are possible. Use different colours in your wire designs for maximum effect, and considering having contrasting wire colours to the background shade. Silver wire on top of a black backdrop, for example.

Wire Nail Art 8
Instagram / @nekojewels

10 – Thin Wire Nail Art

This wire is so thin, it’s super flexible, almost like fishing line wire. The good news with this is that it has a tendency to easily coil around into a circle, giving you a great and unique way of decorating your talons. Spiral the wire around and add embellishments, such as rhinestones, gems, pearls, etc. We love these wire nail art designs, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with too.

Wire Nail Art 9
Instagram / @xx.nailist

11 – Abstract Wire Nail Art

It’s a very abstract look, almost something that Picasso himself might have created, and that’s just why we love it so. Think of your nails as a blank canvas and let your inner artistic side flow free. Don’t do the same thing that everyone else has done. Think outside the box instead. How do you know you won’t come up with stunning and new nail creations if you don’t at least give it a try?

Wire Nail Art 4
Spotted on Pinterest

12 – Wire + Glitter Mani

Add some glitter to your wire nail art designs for maximum sparkle and impact, just like these pretty short talons. The hint of glitter on the tips has added an almost frosty appearance to this manicure, and it helps to catch the light along with those spiral nail designs. It’s definitely a look that’ll be in the running for one of our favourites. How about you?

Wire Nail Art 10
Instagram / @nailzcouture.sg

13 – Watercolour + Wire Nail Art

There are a few different features to these nails that we’re in love with, from the watercolour pink and blue on the thumb, to the wire nail designs featured not only cutting one of the nail looks in half, but also creating that beautiful heart design. Another really great idea for Valentine’s Day, it’s a great idea for more natural naturals if you’re not a big fan of long talons.

Wire Nail Art 11
Instagram / @maison_chikaoka

14 – Be Happy Wire Nail Art

When we saw these nails it made us want to sing, “Don’t worry, be happy”, and for that reason alone we think we need them in our lives. There’s something very fresh and fun about that smiley face look, and it’s definitely one we’ll be trying for ourselves this summer. Will you be joining us?

Wire Nail Art 12
Instagram / @_alohajojo_

15 – Simple Wire Outlines

The wire has been used to create a gel tip in this unique and innovative nail look, but you could fake that at home, just adding thin wire over the top of your neutral nail bed. Simple outlines are a really great way for trying this look for the first time. When you follow the natural shape of your nail, you can’t really go wrong.

Wire Nail Art 3
Spotted on Pinterest

16 – Rose + Wire Nail Art

For when you can’t work out what you want from your wire nail art designs, how about this cute little beauties? The rose on these very much reminded us of the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out, another reason why we want them of course, but it’s the seemingly randomly scattered wire pieces and gold balls that have intrigued us in this look. When you don’t know what you want, just go with the flow. Add a few bits here and there. You never know – you might just create a beautiful little masterpiece.

Wire Nail Art 15
Instagram / @asaminnchi

17 – Wire Nail Art + Embellishments

When you’re looking at keeping the base of your nail very neutral, such as these wire nail art designs, you need to make sure that your nails are in good condition. The look won’t be as striking when you have yellowing, chipped, or unkempt nails beneath. Your hands are usually the first thing you will hold out to someone when you meet them for the first time, meaning that your nails are part of that first impression they’ll create of you. Take care of your hands, and your nails, and they’ll look fabulous in return for you.

Wire Nail Art 13
Instagram / @koalla0443

18 – Abstract Wire Nail Art

Another very abstract art beauty, wire nails like these show you how easy it is to let your creative side out without needing to shout too much about it. If you want to look unique but can’t get away with dyeing your hair weird and wonderful colours (job, life, you know …), add some flavour by having nails that do the talking for you. These stunning creations are a prime example.

Wire Nail Art 2
Spotted on Pinterest

19 – Mix and Match

Why not mix and match your wire nail art designs, throwing other embellishments into the mix? Holographic pieces, for example, can help to catch the light and bring attention to your talons, just like the metallic nail pieces that have been used here. Throw everything you got on there, or keep things nice and natural. It’s down to you!

Wire Nail Art 14
Instagram / @____ka__oru

20 – Holographic + Wire Nail Art

Remember we said about adding holographic nail pieces to the mix? Well, here you go. Didn’t we say it would be a great idea? Sadly we can’t take the credit for it … Just because you don’t THINK two features on your nails go together, doesn’t mean they actually won’t. Sometimes it pays to be brave, and we’re urging you to be just that when choosing your next manicure.

Wire Nail Art 6
Instagram / @roxy_nails_gr

21 – Cuticle Cuffs

And finally, back to those adorable cuticle cuffs again. It’s like a bracelet for your nails, and these were a big trend recently too. Simple, effective, pretty, and super awesome. That’s what we think anyway, and we’d love to hear your opinion on these amazing wire nail art designs.

Wire Nail Art 1
Instagram / @nail_unistella

And there you have them – 21 wire nail art designs that we’re 100% obsessed with right now. Will you be rocking these artistic talons for 2017?

Let us know your favourites by commenting below, or get in touch via social media. We’d love to get the conversation started.

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