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21 Works of Lip Art You Won’t Believe!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all from the world of makeup, someone goes and creates something so stunning and so beautiful, you can’t quite believe it exists. We’ve been swooning about hair a lot recently but a makeup artist from Canada, Andrea Reed, also known as @girlgreybeauty, has been creating some pretty impressive works of lip art which are making us reach for our favourite lipsticks and lip brushes.

Admittedly not everyone has the skill or talent necessary to create such masterpieces, plus you’d definitely need a steady hand, but luckily the beauty guru has created some handy tutorials for you to follow along to on her Instagram and YouTube, the links of which you will find below.

For now, we feel it’s only fair that we share with you some of our personal favourites!

*All images by @girlgreybeauty | Andrea Reed*

A collection of red shades, plus dark and white lips liner and a very steady hand has created this stunning look, plaid or tartan depending on which side of the Atlantic you’re on.

Works of Lip Art

Tartan never goes out of style and let’s face it, with lips as amazing as these, we’d bring back the fashion trend just to rock them.

We love donuts. We also love pink. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like sprinkles? These lips are delectable, almost good enough to eat.

Works of Lip Art

You’ll be happy to know that this bright pink pop of colour was brought to you by Revlon and to be more precise, Kissable Balm Stain in ‘Cherish’.

This is definitely considered to be one of her best works of lip art, not only because we personally love bees but also because the clever detailing that has gone into this is incredible. We are literally in awe.

Works of Lip Art

We all want bee stung lips but we image this kind of bee look would take more time than we have to achieve and was apparently inspired by a Lana Del Ray photoshoot.

We’ve been completely obsessed with mermaids recently. First the mermaid hair and then mermaid nails. And now the look is complete with the addition of mermaid lips too.

Works of Lip Art

With just the right amount of glitter and the right green and blue hues, this look would be stunning enough without the addition of black scale detailing. For more information on the products she uses for this look (because the list is pretty long), check out her post and give her page a like on Instagram HERE.

She seems to be a big fan of this Henna / Mehndi inspired works of lip art but we’re not complaining. Adding colours to this look has made it stand out even more and although seemingly intricate, isn’t actually that difficult… If you know what you’re doing of course.

Works of Lip Art

In case you were wondering, she also did a matching eye look which can be found HERE.

In case you didn’t know, this crazy clever work of lip art is actually a colour swatch of the latest range of Anastasia Beverly Hills lip liquids smartly encased in a black outline. Perfect for those days when you can’t quite decide what colour lip you fancy rocking!

Works of Lip Art

For more information on the shades and brushes she used to create this crazy look, check out her post HERE.

Florals were everywhere last year and with spring fast approaching, we predict flowery patterns will be everywhere soon.

Works of Lip Art

Why not match your lips to your handbag with this brilliant work of lip art?

Well, it’s copper really but we just wanted to sing that old Sam Sparrow number. Remember? Black and gold? Just us then…

Works of Lip Art

Another stunning work of art with nails to match, dark lipstick colours are all the rage right now, giving you the perfectly opportunity to play around with different designs just like this one. Why not start with something simple like a black to gold ombre look?

There was ‘Kissing Cancer Goodbye’ Lipart contest to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research during the month of October and Andrea Grey presented this as her entry, beautiful charity inspired pink lips.

Works of Lip Art

She used quite a few of the pink Anastasia Beverly Hills range –

Sugar Plum, Bambi, Blush, Sweet Talker, Baby Pink, Party Pink, Lovely and Unicorn. For more information, check out the original post HERE.

For when it’s Friday and you’ve got that glitter feeling but still want to red lipstick…. Well, clearly this look is just perfect for just that.

Works of Lip Art

We think this looks a little comic-book inspired and we won’t lie, that black outlining on the lips and nails has definitely got us swooning. Definitely works of lip art… Nail too!

It’s not a look for everyone but if you want a bold lip, what better designs that this great defragmented bold blue look?

Works of Lip Art

Using Anastasia Beverly Hills lip liquid, it’s certainly thinking outside the box!

A beautiful look that combines browns with nudes, two colours that are very much in-trend right now, it almost looks a little Henna inspired, something we clearly love a lot.

Works of Lip Art

We wonder if Kylie Jenner will be rocking this look with her brand new range of brown lip kits? A collaboration perhaps?

A look just perfect for a princess, we’re a little bit in awe of this pink and purple look, with just the right amount of glitter to keep things nice and interesting.

Works of Lip Art

One hundred percent fit for a princess!

Check the product details HERE.

We’re green with envy over this stunning look, a green one that’s not exactly conventional but still stunning nevertheless.

Works of Lip Art

For more information on the products and tools she used to create this leafy look, check out the post on her @girlgreybeauty’s Instagram page HERE.

If you like pink, you’ll love this look, perfectly shimmering just in time for spring. It just goes to show that a little bit of glitter really can change the entire look although we must admit, we’re a little obsessed with that grey and pink combination and can’t help but think a grey / pink ombre look would be a great idea.

Works of Lip Art

Andrea, if you’re reading, please show us this! Please and thank you

Just in time for spring (and hopefully, the warmer weather), this colourful look is perfect and, unlike some of the other works of lip art we’ve featured, looks relatively easy to achieve with a little practice.

Works of Lip Art

You’ll need to practice getting your lines sharp and crisp but with the right lip brushes (and the right lip liquids) with a little bit of patience and determination… We probably still couldn’t get ours to look this good!

This look was inspired by the painting of ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ by Katsushika Hokusai and according to the makeup artist, she almost didn’t try this look at all.

Works of Lip Art

We’re awfully glad she did. This look is beyond fabulous and to see more details of the products she used, check out her post HERE.

Inspired by her favourite scripture, Andrea Reed used actual honey to recreate the ‘drip’ look for this word of lip art, but the detailing on that honeycomb is still beyond beautiful.

Works of Lip Art

“Pleasant sayings are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and a healing to the bones.”

What a great line!

Using Rezy, Montenegro, and Brooklyn from the Lapland Cosmetics Amrezy Collection collection, this look took over an hour to complete from start to finish, making it clearly no good for someone who doesn’t have five minutes to spare in the morning.

Works of Lip Art

If you did fancy taking a look at her (shortened) tutorial on how to achieve a look like this, check out @girlgreybeauty’s YouTube page HERE, or find the direct link to the video HERE.

Using just Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid, @girlgreybeauty achieved this look, one that very much reminds of us Autumn, all browns and dark reds.

Works of Lip Art

In case you needed to know which of the colours you’d need to replicate this look, here they are: Potion, Sad Girl, Vamp, Spicy, Sepia, Sarafine, Heathers, Trust Issues, Veronica.

A very clever design using nothing but black lip liquid and a nude base with a mix of concealer for good measure, you’ll need a steady hand. It almost looks like lace, the look is so intricate, and we actually think that a lace lipped look should definitely be on the cards.

Works of Lip Art

To check out more of @girlgreybeauty’s work, click on her beautiful face below to be taken to her Instagram page. You’ll also find her YouTube page HERE.

One thing is for sure, Andrea Grey or @girlgreybeauty is not done yet. We can’t wait to see the majestic works of lip art she comes up with next.

Works of Lip Art


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