Worst Dressed Celebs 2016

We all know how it is, we think we look okay when we look in the mirror but then we catch a glimpse of ourselves in a window reflection and realise we look a total fright. Don’t worry, we’ve all had our fair share of fashion faux pas’ but let’s be honest, when you’ve got as much money as some of these celebs, and have the luxury of a stylist on board, we really must ask what they were thinking.

Here are the 15 worst dressed celebs of 2016…

… So far.

We love the lace and if we’re a little honest, we kinda dig the hat too but when you pull things back a little and take the whole look in, that’s when things start to get a little crazy.

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

We’re not sure if Willy Wonka was the look she was going for when she pieced together this Jean Paul Gaultier look but that’s what we think could have been the inspiration for it. Black and white is always in style but not like this. We can’t help but think she looks a little bit like a perfume bottle… Which is ironic when you consider that’s why JPG himself is world famous for.

We’re not really sure what kind of look Lady Gaga was going for here but we know that it’s an odd one. It’s like a jumpsuit but with a cape. Perhaps the superhero look was inspiration behind this white and, to be frank, quite odd tailored number?

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

The crotch doesn’t fit right so we’re all staring right at what might be a ‘camel toe’ if she doesn’t stand right, and in general, we just don’t really know what kind of look she was going for.

We love Lady Gaga too but we definitely don’t love this bizarre red carpet outfit. At least she wasn’t wearing meat this time.

To be fair, we’re used to Sinitta rocking outfits we would never see anywhere else but at the Brit Awards 2016, she really did things wrong with a blue stole and matching blue aviator-style glasses that not only looked bad, but also appeared to be really awkward and difficult to wear, the ex-singer and TV personality seen shrugging it and tugging it uncomfortable for most of the night.

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

We expect our celebrities to go over-the-top at these red carpet events but this one flunked a little for us. Too blah to be over-the-top, and just not the right combo of trends. We just hope that’s faux-fur.

Oh Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. What were you thinking? Everyone knows you don’t wear an easily wrinkled dress to any red carpet event, let alone the Oscars. A classic example of worst dressed celebs of 2016 and why they’re on the list.

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

This dress, although beautiful and actually quite a nice fit, has disastrously wrinkled in all the wrong places, making it look like something she picked up in a high street store just before she rushed onto the red carpet.

Forward planning is key to any outfit choice. If you’re going to be up and down, taxi to table to bar stool all night, there’s a good chance you’ll have a wrinkle issue unless you opt for a better fabric that doesn’t easily crease.

Lesson learned Rachel, eh?

Better known as JES, Jess Brieden is an American singer, producer, composer, songwriter and DJ and she’s one of those girls who rocks anything she wears… Most of the time. This time however, we didn’t like what she was wearing to the 2016 Grammy Awards, a classic example of how too much really kill whatever cool vibe she was going for in the first place.

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

With the ruffles and feathers and structure, there was just so much going on, you’d think she was a couch rather than a person wearing a fabulous dress at a red carpet event.

Never mind Jess, we have faith that you’ll get it right next time.

Mindy usually always get it right so imagine our shock and horror when she got it so very, very wrong at the Oscars 2016. When everyone else (except for Lady Gaga) were getting it right, you’d have thought the stylist behind this look would at least have got their client’s size right. She’s not normally on a list like this but she’s one of the worst dressed celebs of 2016 in this number.

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

This dress looks as if it were the wrong kind of style for this beautiful actress, and the wrong size too, snug in all the wrong places and accentuating all the wrong types of curves.

We love Mindy but we don’t love this dress.

We love this dress but we can’t help but feeling like it’s jut a bad replica of that Angelina Jolie from back in 2012. The leg-out pose has already been done and we’re not being funny, Angelina’s dress was a much better fit than this Nicolas Jebran number.

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

It’s a sexy little black dress which technically ticks all the right boxes, but that leg-out with that fabric bustle just makes it look far too busy.

We kinda love the style of this dress, and the colours in the fabric too. What we didn’t like about it was the mix-match of style and colour together, a look too fussy for a red carpet event. What a clash.

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

It’s not that we don’t like the dress, we just think it would be better suited to a beachy vacay rather than an award ceremony.

We love these two as separates but together this outfit reminds of us something 70’s disco gone wrong. Combine that with the 80’s poodle short perm and you have something that just doesn’t work together, whatever the individual basis behind the outfit in the first place.

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

As well as being too glitzy and with too many different coloured sequins, the outfit was also too loose-fitting to be flattering, another fashion no-no on the red carpet for this year.

My how the celebs are getting it wrong. Someone should sack some of these stylists for these worst dressed celebs of 2016 fails!

The gothic trend is very much in but there wasn’t very much we loved about this Valentino number, a little too gothic for our liking. We think it’s just a little too much – either choose the dress or the cape, you probably shouldn’t have gone with both.

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

Wearing too many trends at once is just as bad, if not worse, than wearing none of the largest trends at all. Perhaps Emilia Clarke should have gone for something a bit simpler, or a little less Adams-familyesque?

The pretty fabric pattern we loved, the boudoir chic tie-front style of this dress, we definitely didn’t. This looks very much like an old dressing gown our grandma once owned, definitely not a first choice in red-carpet event wear, that’s for sure.

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

We think this dress would have looked better if it had been a little more fitted. Not that Lana Del Ray needs that at all, she’s beautiful and rocks whatever she wears, but this outfit swallowed her up whole and not in a good way.

Another Hollywood favourite who usually gets it spot on, Cate Blanchett looks a little like your Nan at a wedding on this red carpet, the pale colour really wiping her out. With a look this pale, she probably should have gone for a little more makeup, or at least a little more bronzer / blusher.

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

If Caspar the Friendly Ghost wasn’t the look Cate was going for, perhaps she should have opted for something a little more fitting. The Gatsby look is very much in but this dress just misses the mark. Did someone say worst dressed celebs of 2016?

This had the potential to be a beautiful dress but head to toe grey fabric made British singer, Birdy look a little like a washed-out nun. Perhaps that was the look she was going for in the first place.

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

It’s very gospel and if the dress had been simplified, we’re sure it would have worked but for this girl and at this awards ceremony, this was a dress that did not work or fit well.

Kate Hudson is beautiful and in our eyes, she can do no wrong. However, she did get things a little wrong here, more a look for a Friday night out at the local club than attending a high-profile red carpet event.

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

This is a beautiful outfit but the skirt with matching boob tube and choker combination is just a little too casual for us. She looks stunning but it’s hardly a red carpet outfit, especially in that naked / blush shade.

We loved the colour of this dress, and the beautiful soft fabrics too. We even liked the asymmetrical design and the way it framed her beautiful svelte body.

Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2016

What we didn’t like was the horrid flowers or the over-the-top arm design you can see in this Marchesa dress – another classic example of too many trends in one outfit. Even if she had taken that one arm off, it would have looked great but altogether like this, she looked a little bit like a fairytale nightmare than a fairytale dream come true.

Sorry Heidi – you normally look beautiful but this dress was a serious no-no.

Seeing as we’re only in April now, we have no doubt that there will be many more celebs to add to this list – the list of the worst dressed celebs of 2016. Didn’t you see some of those hideous outfits at Coachella? Definitely a few there that could be added to this one.

Have we missed anyone out? Have you seen a hideous celeb outfit? Let us know – we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest too!

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