Beauty and the Beast Nails

Beauty and the Beast – the real-life version of the movie – is set to come out in March 2017, and the entire world is already going bonkers for it. Teaser snippets of the movie have been released, including video footage of Emma Watson singing as Belle from the movie, and she sounds exactly like Belle did in the movie. One thing is for sure, we CANNOT wait to see it! We’re hopping up and down with excitement.

We decided to start thinking about getting ready for our movie date, because, let’s face it, it’s inevitable. To start with we’ve brought you 31 Beauty and the Beast nails that we think are totally beautiful.

1 – Simple Beauty and the Beast Nails

Did you know that the 1991 movie, Beauty and the Beast was the first animated movie ever to bag more than $100million at the box office, which isn’t bad when you consider that the budget for the movie was only $25million. In total, the original movie is said to have made over $425million at the box office.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Trailer

We’re going to celebrate an enormous movie milestone with these Beauty and the Beast nails, and now you have a fun fact to tell people while you’re waiting in the cinema line!

2 – Stained Glass Beauty and the Beast Nails

There’s something very clever about these nails, and at first glance the comparison to Beauty and the Beast is actually pretty minimal, meaning that you’ll get away with it for every day use as well as those special occasions … like a cinema date to go and see the new movie, for example.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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Stained glass features a lot in the movie, and you can see how it has been used here, creating a nail that is in colours you wouldn’t associate with Beauty and the Beast at all, but still works nevertheless. It’s a really clever way of doing your nails very simply, and it’s very easy to recreate at home after a few practice attempts. We’ve gotten pretty good at stained glass nails, and we’re not good at nails at all!

3 – Beauty and the Beast Nails

There is some serious design work in these stunning Beauty and the Beast nails, and we’re not complaining in the slightest. There is a lot of love in this design, and it’s one we’d love to recreate ourselves but definitely wouldn’t be able to! We can’t wait to show this to our nail artist however. We’ll let you know what stunning creations we’ve managed to come up with.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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There are ways that you can design your nail onto plastic before transferring it to your actual nail, and if you’re a dab hand at art or painting, that’s not a bad idea. We found a great tutorial for that on Nail Nerd.

4 – Belle-Inspired Beauty and the Beast Nails

Disney women are usually princesses, or at least come from royalty in one way shape or form, but Beauty / Belle was not a princess at all. She wasn’t in the slightest bit royalty.

Beauty And The Beast Nails @
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Cinderella was the only other Disney princess before Belle came long to not actually be a princess, but we think they both definitely deserved their titles once the films had come to an end!

5 – Character Beauty and the Beast Nails

Oh, and before Chip was a cup, he was originally going to be a small jewellery box that played music when it was wound up. We can’t picture Chip as a jewellery box either, especially once we’ve seen the on-screen relationship between him and Mrs. Potts.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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Another fun fact about Chip is that he was originally inspired by one of the characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Dopey. To begin with, the part only had one speaking role but the director’s of the movie loved his voice so much they decided to write him in more lines. Isn’t that an adorable story?

6 – Kissing Beauty and the Beast Nails

Keep your eyes open when you’re watching Beauty and the Beast. The gargoyles and other sculptures that decorate Beast’s castle are actually early drawings of what the Beast might have looked like.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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There were a lot of different ideas bounced around before they decided upon the one that we know and love – the same one that features in these Beauty and the Beast nails – and you can see them in the artwork and design in the castle. That’s impressive right?

7 – Long Beauty and the Beast Talons

There were actually scenes of the Beast killing and dragging animals back to his castle, but they were removed from the movie because they were believed to be a little too gruesome for the little audiences they were meant to have entertained.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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We watched Beauty and the Beast not that long ago, and most of the girls in the CherryCherryBeauty den agreed the same thing – Beast was actually quite hot as the Beast. We preferred him BEFORE he changed into the handsome Prince Charming.

8 – Old-School Beauty and the Beast Nails

Do you know what the Prince’s real name is in the Beauty and the Beast movie? No, we didn’t. Well, until we looked it up, of course.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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He does have a real first name, although it’s never actually mentioned in the movie itself. His name is Prince Adam. We didn’t quite picture him as an Adam, did you?

9 – Nude Backdrop Beauty and the Beast Nails

Belle was played by Paige O’Hara, or at least that’s who lent her voice to the role. Originally, however, it should have gone to the same girl who lent her voice to the part of Ariel in The Little Mermaid – Jodi Benson.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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We loved the way that Paige’s voice worked as Belle, and it’s been reported that she even cried actual tears while she was recording the voiceover for the part of Beast’s death / transition in Prince Adam.

10 – Blue Beauty and the Beast Nails

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in the village that Belle lives no one else wears blue. She’s the only wearing that colour, and the whole idea behind it was to make her stand out from the crowd.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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It definitely worked, and we think blue is definitely a great colour to think about when you want to rock Beauty and the Beast nails. What do you think? Would you rock these?

11 – Detailed Beauty and the Beast Nails

Lots of different things from lots of different animals went into the creation of the Beast, in case you were interested in that kind of thing. For example, the body was taken from that of a bear, but it was matched with the mane of a lion and the head of a buffalo.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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Gorilla’s eyebrows were thrown in for good measure, as were human eyes (because he was one to start with), wolf’s legs and tail, and also the tusks of a wild boar. Because, why not?

12 – Black Beauty and the Beast Nails

Here’s a fun Beauty and the Beast fact for you – the end scene featuring Beast (as Prince Adam) and Belle dancing was actually the exact same animation as the dancing scene between Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora, otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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All they did was change the dresses and the people, but all the rest is exactly the same. It even goes down to the checkered red flooring!

13 – Sparkly Beauty and the Beast Nails

In case you were wondering where inspiration for the character of Belle / Beauty came from in the movie, it was from the 1933 movie, Little Women. Katharine Hepburn played Jo March in the movie, and that was the basis for Belle’s entire character.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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We can’t think of anyone better than Emma Watson to play the part of Belle in the new movie, can you? Shout out who you think would have (maybe) been a better Beauty in the comments below.

14 – Blue Glitter Beauty and the Beast Nails

The 1991 animated movie wasn’t the first time that Walt Disney had tried to make it happen. He’d tried twice before – once in the thirties and again in the fifties. Both times he gave up, mostly because writers had told him it would much too difficult to recreate in a storyline.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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We guess he sure showed them! And you can too, with these Beauty and the Beast nails that are simply dazzling!

15 – Pink Beauty and the Beast Nails

The part of Belle went to Paige O’Hara, but she was said to have gone up against over fife hundred other acting hopefuls before she got the part. And then she was put through five different audition stages too.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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In the movie, she was meant to have worn pink because that’s the classic colour of girls. It was producers that decided to stick with their guns and go with the blue, a decision we’re sure they’ve never looked back on.

16 – Cute Beauty and the Beast Nails

If the real characters of the movie seem a little too difficult to handprint onto your nails, why not make things even simpler like these cute designs. They’re still Beauty and the Beast nails, but they’re done the easy way, and they’re a great place to start if you want to practice.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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Alternatively you could “cheat” a little by checking out nail details and transfers on places such as Etsy and Amazon. We’ve found loads, and they sure make decorating your talons a whole load easier!

17 – Silver Shimmer Beauty and the Beast Nails

These Beauty and the Beast nails just go to show how easy things really could be once you have those Beauty and the Beast nail transfers. A beautiful and simple silver shimmer shade on the bottom, a Beauty and the beast nail decal over the top, and then a coat of clear top coat to finish things off and you have a set of nails to be seriously proud of.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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Who wouldn’t want to show these shimmering beauties off? They’re on our lust-list. How about you?

18 – Simple + Short Beauty and the Beast Nails

We like to keep things simple, and we really do appreciate the cuteness of these simple Beauty and the Beast nails. You could leave all of the other nails a simple, basic, nude colour, or whatever shade you like in fact, but have one nail thats your “featured nail” – the nail that relates to the movie.

Beauty And The Beast Nails 1
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In this case, it’s a white backdrop with a red rose, and a black slimline nail pen has been used to give it that classic outlined stained-glass effect. What a great idea! We think so anyway.

19 – Gold Beauty and the Beast Nails

And this is another version of the same look, showing you how simple changes can completely alter the end result. The silver shimmer is a really beautiful addition to these Beauty and the Beast nails, making it look as if you’re actually wearing that classic yellow-gold dress on your hands.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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The rose nail is beautiful, a very simple way to remind anyone who looks at your hands that you’re a lover of the classic Disney movie. A simple rose. Such a stunningly simple idea that we have definitely fallen in love with.

20 – Mrs. Potts Nails

Chip was one of our favourite characters in the movie, but you could take any one of your favourite characters to create Beauty and the Beast nails. If you liked Mrs. Potts, you could achieve the same kind of thing, just with a little image of her rather than the Chip that you can see here.

Beauty And The Beast Nails 2
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This is a great idea for recreating any kind of themed nail, especially when it comes to Disney themes. The characters are often so brightly coloured that it instantly becomes obvious what you’re trying to depict, so the rest of your nails can be relatively nude and simple.

21 – Stiletto Beauty and the Beast Nails

Alternatively, you could take things up a notch, just like these stunning Beauty and the Beast stiletto nails. There’s a shimmery one, a sparkly one, a Belle one, a rose one … In fact, it’s got pretty much everything you could be looking for.

Beauty And The Beast Nails 3
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It also goes to show how easy it is to recreate these themed nails in different shapes too. As you can see, we’ve featured a whole range of them – short nails, long nails, pointed, square, round, oval … It’s all about being experimental. Perhaps you should start thinking outside the box?

22 – Yellow Dress Beauty and the Beast Nails

Here’s another classic spin-off – the classic yellow dress and rose combo that you’ve come to associate with the Beauty and the Beast tale. It’s done slightly differently from the ones we’ve shown you before however, and there have been even darker lines added to this cover design, giving the impression of a draped dress.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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We love the different design on each nail look here, a great way to show off your fun and experimental side. Why not let your nail technician get a little creative next time you go and see them? You never know what beautiful ideas they’ll have.

23 – Blue Quote Beauty and the Beast Nails

For a look as precise as these Beauty and the Beast nails, you’re going to need the right tools, and one tool you’ll definitely appreciate is a makeup brush. And no, you’re not going to be using it to put makeup on.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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You should have a couple of different sized makeup brushes to help you mop up and mistakes you make. Ideally you’ll want a thin one, an angled one, a slightly bigger angled one. Try the trick out with cheap ones to start with – the ones you can find in your local pound store, for example, and you’ll soon realise how handy they are, especially when you’re trying to leave things super-precise.

24 – Purple Beauty and the Beast Nails

If you have a hard time getting rid of nail polish once you’re done with your current manicure and need to change things up, you should use craft felt instead of cotton wool balls or pads. You know the stuff that your kids play with? Yeah, that stuff works great.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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You can often use much more pressure with the craft felt than you can with other materials, and the soft texture won’t damage your nails either. Instead, it’ll buff them to a nice shine, making you wonder why you hadn’t tried the clever trick sooner.

25 – Mrs. Potts + Chip Nails

In order to achieve the perfect at-home manicure, whether you’re trying to achieve these brilliant Beauty and the Beast nails or not, there are a few things you’ll need to have to hand to start with.

Beauty And The Beast Nails
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These things include – base coat, colour, contrasting colour (if you’re working with stuff), and top coat, moisturiser and cuticle oil, an orange wood stick to sort out those cuticles, some sort of sugar scrub so that you can exfoliate, a buffing block, a nail file, and some craft felt and acetone-free nail polish remover. The better your nails are, the more of a clean, blank canvas you have to work with. That means your at-home manicure will come out looking much better.

26 – Classic Beauty and the Beast Nails

We all know that Mrs. Potts was played by Angela Lansbury, the woman from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, but what you might not know is that she wasn’t actually the first woman to be considered for the part, despite being absolutely perfect for it.

Beauty And The Beast 6
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Once upon a time they actually thought about having Mary Poppins herself playing the voice – Julie Andrews. Either way, we’re sure we would have loved it, but we do have some serious love for Angela Lansbury, we must be honest.

27 – Lumiere Nails

You may wonder why Lumiere is French when none of the other characters are? Well, we’re about to reveal two fun facts for you. Firstly, Lumiere is played by Jerry Orbach, who also plays Baby’s Dad in Dirty Dancing. Secondly, he played a French character just because he wanted to. No other reason, he just fancied putting on the French accent. We think that’s a brilliant story, and definitely one that deserves to be shared more often!

Beauty And The Beast Nails 4
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We’re going to have a moment to appreciate Lumiere, and Jerry Orbach obviously, with these fabulous Beauty and the Beast nails. How much do you appreciate them too?

28 – Gold Rose Nails

What do you think about these nails? They’re just enough Beauty and the Beast to get away with being on the list, well, as far as we’re concerned they are anyway.

Beauty And The Beast Nails 5
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If you were looking for Beauty and the Beast nails that are nude, simple, effective, sophisticated and not too-much, these are the ones for you.

29 – White Stained Glass Beauty and the Beast Nails

If you wanted a way to wear rose nail decals that isn’t quite what you’d usually see, how about these Beauty and the Beast nails that are also delving into the actual stained glass window world also?

Beauty And The Beast Nails 7
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Start with your white backdrop. Once that’s dried, use a black nail pen, or a thin nail brush dipped in our black polish, to create that criss-cross of lines you can see. Once it’s dried, apply your rose decal over the top, and then finish everything off with a nice coat of clear varnish. Simple, effective, and it might take a bit of time, but it’s totally worth it.

30 – Beauty and the Beast Character Nails

Cogsworth, the hilarious clock from Beauty and the Beast, was played by David Ogden Stiers, but the role was actually written for someone else entirely, although we definitely can’t picture him as the part at all!

Beauty And The Beast Nails 8
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You’ll never guess who the role was actually written for – John Cleese from Fawlty Towers and Rat Race. Can you believe that?

31 – Cute Feature Beauty and the Beast Cartoon Nails

“Beauty and the Beast” is now classed as one of the most iconic Disney ballads, but Mrs. Potts, played by Angela Lansbury from Murder, She Wrote, almost didn’t feature in the movie singing at all. She didn’t like her voice in the song, so recorded it as a backup in case every other plan failed.

Beauty And The Beast Nails 9
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In the end, they loved her singing the song so much they ended up featuring it in the movie, and now look how famous it has become. We bet she’s happy they ended up using it, even if she wasn’t overly happy with it herself.