21 Awesome Bubblegum Pink Nails

Bubblegum pink is the most dazzling and compelling of all the shades of pink. I’m fond of bubblegum pink nails because it’s so hip and joyful from all other shades of pink. 

And who wouldn’t love some bubblegum pink on their nails, right? So if you are a bubblegum pink color lover, this is the right place because we have got an excellent fashion fiasco lined up for you. 

In this article, we’ll be sharing 21 gorgeous bubblegum pink nail designs that will leave you drooling over bubblegum colors. But, of course, this may also leave you with an urge to savor your taste buds with some bubblegum flavor. 

1 – Neon Pink Bubblegum Pink Nails

Simple yet elegant. This look is the showstopper.

The neon touch adds sassiness to your coffin acrylic nails. On the other hand, this set makes your nails look all trendy. 

We all know how simplicity can never go out of style. So that eye-catching bubblegum color is everything you need to feel all charming.

So if you are going to a party or just a night out with your friends, this look will go perfectly as it speaks volumes about your sense of style. So do try this look and see how it goes. 

Neon Pink Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @jasmine_nailssouthampton

2 – Stiletto Bubblegum Pink Nails

How about some caviar beads on stiletto nails?

What can be more perfect than this! I absolutely adore this set. Just see how attractive it looks.

Caviar beads look alluring no matter what, but with the bubblegum pink shade, it is a knockout.

The designer has a little dramatic effect with a slight ombré touch and a round bead design on index fingers. You will surely get a princessy feel with these nails. 

Stiletto Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @sandranailsit

3 – Short Bubblegum Pink Nails

This look is charming and adorable. The end set is achieved by simply painting the nails with bubblegum nail polish and designing small butterfly and flower motifs on the ring and index fingernail.

The motifs on the ring finger and index don’t necessarily need to be the ones shown in the picture. You can quickly draw whatever you feel like, and voilà it’s done. 

Short Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @arelynailed.it

4 – Short Sparkly Bubblegum Pink Nails

This overall look is quite elegant. This set is for you if you want your nails to look delicate.

It’s made by painting the nails in the pink bubblegum shade and designing the top with dots. The dots are of different shades of pink; they can be dark or light. If you want to sparkle simultaneously, add some tiny beads.

The more you add, the more vibrant you will look. 

Short Sparkly Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @thegingernails_

5 – Glossy Bubblegum Pink Nails

I love it when my nails and lips are glossy. There’s something so fresh in feeling all glowy.

Hence, this look, without any doubt, is my favorite.

This glossy shade of pink is so appealing to me, and I’m sure it’s the same for you guys. There’s nothing extra about this set, just elegance, and grace.

So guys, what are you waiting for? I’m booking my appointment to get this set done, and I hope you guys are too. 

Glossy Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @haysalto

6 – Chic Coffin Bubblegum Pink Nails

Are you looking for something to feel all girly and cute? Check out this set. This bubblegum pink nail design looks complex, but it’s effortless to do. 

The design is made by painting all nails in bubblegum pink shade. Two fingers in the middle are decorated with pink and gray glitter dots. You can quickly get stencils that will make the job easier for you. 

The design made with dots is charming and new—a must-try.

Chic Coffin Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @touchofglam_ni

7 – Short Bubblegum Pink Nails

How cute is this, right? 

Short nails? No problem. This one’s for you guys.

You can achieve this look at home with no hassle. Get bubblegum-tinted pink nail polish and paint it on your tiny, cute nails.

To get some nail art done, make a strawberry or cherry on your ring finger with a tool, and you’re done.

Short Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @beautybybethanyfleur

8 – Neon Ombré Bubblegum Pink Nails

A neon bubblegum pink shade is like an unreal pink shade; so attractive.

Do you want to shine in the darkness and have everyone stare at your nails?

Pick this fantastic neon ombré set.

Neon bubblegum pink painted nails with an ombré effect will make your nails look extraordinary. Do check this set if you want to try something new and eye-catching.

Neon Ombré Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @_islanailsrsz_

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9 – Punky Bubblegum Pink Nails

Here’s something cool. We all know almost every girl has that hidden gangster in her. Try this nail color design if you want to embrace that side of yourself. 

The look is achieved by painting two fingers with black paint and the other two in bubblegum pink. If you want to add that punky look to your nails, cool designs like black hearts and knocked-out smilies can be drawn on each finger. 

The look is funky and cool. Perfect for pink punk fans.

Punky Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @randideweesenails

Have a look at the video below for some more bubblegum pink nails inspiration!

10 – Glittery Bubblegum Pink Nails

This one is for girls wanting to feel pretty in pink. This set is hip and mod. Paint your nails in bubblegum nail paint and sprinkle sparkly crystals on top of each fingernail.

It’s so trendy and easy to make. So I recommend you girls to try this out. I will be waiting for feedback with pictures.

Glittery Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @gemma_thebeautylounge

11 – Coffin Bubblegum Pink Nails

You can never go wrong with any coffin nail design. The bubblegum pink shade on coffin nails is the little bonus in this set.

The designer artfully embellished the two-ring fingernails. Then, she sprinkled some silver glitter on ring fingers and made this look ravishing. 

Girls, book your appointment and get this set ASAP! 

Coffin Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @lastudioelgin

12 – Fun Acrylic Bubblegum Pink Nails

This look has something different in it. A new idea is attractive for everyone. It makes you want to try it as soon as possible.

The set is designed by painting all fingers except one on each hand with a fun bubblegum pink shade. The ring finger is designed with transparent acrylic nail paint. The glass nail has sparkly glitters embedded in it, making it look very chic and modish. 

Do try this new idea and have fun.

Fun Acrylic Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @fany.s_nails

13 – Elegant Bubblegum Pink Nails

This look made me drool over. How sleek and clean is this nail design? The choice of bubblegum pink shades is so appealing. 

The sleek finish and comparison of two delightful colors make this set special. 

I will try this out, and I know you girls want to do the same, right?

Elegant Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @gaby_polish

14 – Long Acrylic Bubblegum Pink Nails

This set will make you have that fuller bubblegum vibe. The touch of sky blue along with bubblegum pink looks very alluring. It’s different from usual nail color designs. 

Two beautiful, pleasing beads at the crust of each ring fingernail are the knockout of this set. 

The blend and contrast of colors in this look are beautiful. 

Long Acrylic Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @_designedbybella

15 – Short Bubblegum Pink Nails

The design is made especially for beginners. Easy to achieve and very classy. This joyful and soft bubblegum pink shade defines fun and perfect pop of color.

The hint of red zigzag design adds exuberance to this set. So do try this look and enjoy feeling all squiggly and girly.

Short Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @nailsbykayleigh16

16 – Exceptional Acrylic Bubblegum Pink Nails

Ready to feel over and beyond with this extravagant acrylic design? Check out this set. Being a little extra never hurt anybody, so girls, what are you waiting for? 

The set has everything in it. It’s embellished with gold flakes and nail piercing. Moreover, it’s embedded with rhinestones and 3D flowers.

The look is beautiful and unique. Have fun experimenting.

Exceptional Acrylic Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @nailzbysusann

17 – Stiletto Bubblegum Pink Nails

I need you all to book your appointments beforehand for this set. Stiletto nails with transparent bubblegum pink shade embellished with crystals look beyond perfection.

Each ring fingernail is painted with plain lavender shade paint to achieve that perfect contrast blend. 

Stiletto Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @nailsbysunnydeee

18 – French Bubblegum Pink Nails

This look is designed by simply painting all fingers with soft bubblegum pink. Then, the tips are painted with a slightly darker pink shade to achieve that french manicure look. 

The ring fingernail on each hand is painted with negative space hearts making your set look unique and attractive. 

French Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @mirandasnailsbristol

19 – Bubblegum Pink Nails With Leopard Design 

Leopard or cheetah design is a great way to express your love for wildlife. And the bubblegum pink nails are to savor your obsession with pink.

The overall set is perfect for pink and wildlife lovers.

Apply bubblegum pink nail paint on all fingernails except the ring fingernail. Then coat your ring fingernail with white nail polish. Now create dots with black nail polish. Finally, you can utilize a nail art tool to avoid any boo-boos.

Bubblegum Pink Nails With Leopard Design 
Instagram @_islanailsrsz_

20 – Glittery Bubblegum Pink Nails

We girls love to sparkle, so here’s a set to satisfy your sparkly dreams. 

Overdoing sparkles is not a thing. Trust us; you can use as much as you want. 

The look is made by simply polishing your nails with gel bubblegum pink nail paint. The tops are then sprinkled with mother of pearl powder, and we’re done.

Glittery Bubblegum Pink Nails
Instagram @antonellas_belle_mani_nails

21 – Glowing Bubblegum Pink Nails 

Having shiny nails makes your overall appearance more clean and refined. This set is very satisfying. However, the glassy, crystal-clear look is overwhelming. 

Polish your nails with glow bubblegum pink nail paint except for the ring fingernail. Paint your ring fingernail with a slightly darker bubblegum pink shade. To add some drama, embellish the ring fingernail with some mermaid dust, and it’s done.

Glowing Bubblegum Pink Nails 
Instagram @melissasnails83


So here, we’re at the end of our inspirational bubblegum pink nails design ideas for you. I hope we satisfied your drooling obsession with the bubblegum pink shade. 

After looking at all these designs, I’m immediately going to get my favorite design done, hoping you guys would do the same. Fingers-crossed.