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46 Purrfect Cat Nail Designs

We love cats. We also love nails. Can you guess what’s coming next? Yes, that’s right. We’re talking cat nail designs and to be more precise, 46 amazing examples of which we want to share with you. As avid cat lovers ourselves, we appreciate each and every one of these feline designs and we hope that you will too!

Here are 46 purrfect cat nail art designs we think you’re going to adore:

1. Clowder of Cat Nail Designs

In case you didn’t know, a group of cats hanging out together is called a clowder. We know this much, we’d love to come home to a clowder of cats every day. For now, we’ll settle with having a cat-gang on our nails, just like this super cute cat nail designs.

These cat nails are simply adorable – a baby pink background with the different cute cat designs and the chevron / pastel pink nails.

Clowder Of Cat Nail Designs
Source: Instagram / @oliviajadela

2. Glittery Blue Cat Nail Designs

We love this adorable cat nail designs – a beautiful shimmering blue with the cutest clowder of cuddly cats to set it all off. What do you think of these cat nails? Would you rock them?

Glittery Blue Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

3. Butterfly and Cat Nail Designs

Speaking of a clowder of cats, what about this wonderful cat nail designs? Cats and butterflies? Did you see the cute little butterflies? If you’ve got a steady hand, you could paint these with a black nail pen but we found it far too fiddly, gave up, and eventually ended up just ordering some decals to do the job instead.

Butterfly And Cat Nail Designs
Source: Instagram / @magnifiquenails

4. Natural Cat Nail Designs

You could use your cat silhouette to create any kind of cat nail designs. You could change the backdrop from the French style you can see here to any colour you liked. Just made sure you use a light coloured backdrop when the cat decals are a dark colour, and if the decals are a lighter colour, use a darker backdrop to make sure they stand out.

Natural Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

To help you girls more we have added a video tutorial below. If you want to try these looks at home, this video will help you achieve your desired look. Have fun experimenting!

5. Blue Cat Nail Designs

If you don’t want the natural look, what about blue?

A featured nail is often a really great way to add a little simple finishing touch to an otherwise boring look. These blue nails would be relatively uninteresting but with this ball of wool rolling between two nails you have a brand new look. One that completely shows your love of all things feline!

Blue Cat Nail Designs

6. French Tip Cat Nail Designs

These French-inspired cat nails are super cool! The cats themselves could either be decals added to the top of your design, or hand-painted with a black thin-tipped nail pen.

Here’s a fascinating fact about cats – in their ears alone they have no fewer than 20 different muscles to control it. That’s why you can’t ever sneak up on the little fur balls. Their sense of hearing is s much better than ours could ever be.

French Tip Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

7. Pink Shimmery Cat Nail Designs

A very simple design but a very effective look – beautiful shimmering pastel pinks on a square-tipped nail, using the design of the cat as the tip of just one of the nails. It would take some time to hand-paint those fur stripes you can see – the detail is amazing.

What’s not to love about a cats face? Those eyes and that super cute nose … That’s why we fell in love with this cat nail design – a simple addition of cat faces to a plain and white manicure.

You don’t need to go into quite as much detail if you didn’t want to of course, and you could also cheat by using a transfer or decal. We do that a lot – we’re not really good at the whole hand-painting thing, especially when we come to painting our left hands!

Pink Shimmery Cat Nail Designs
Source: @priciarose

8. Cartoon Cat Nail Designs

We love keeping things simple and what could be more simple than this? Cartoon cats are easier to draw (obviously) and this step by step guide has cleverly made the cat design stand out by having a black outline around the shape of the cat. 

It just helps to make it bolder and brighter, you know? Plus it looks cool. We love that. Obviously.

Cartoon Cat Nail Designs
Spotted on Pinterest

9. Rainbow Pastel Cat Nail Designs

If you ever thought about giving your cat a sweet treat, don’t bother, they can’t taste sweet foods anyway. Save the sweetness for your cat nails, like these delights.

We love that rainbow pastel effect in the background, and those geometric kitties can either be hand-painted, or ‘faked’ with decals. 

Rainbow Pastel Cat Nail Designs
Source: Instagram / @getbuffednails

10. Napping Cat Nail Designs

Just when you think you’re having a lazy day, remember this – cats sleep for up to seventy percent of their entire lifespan. That’s like being asleep for almost 17 hours out of every day. It makes us tired just to think about it. Perhaps it’s time for a cat nap?

For lazy day cat nail designs, go with a nude base and add your cat design with a bright pop of colour, just like you can see with purple here. You can use a stencil to get that cat outline, or you could even use stamping methods. Stamping, although relatively new, is a great way to create some pretty impressive designs on your hands. 

Napping Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

11. Yellow Cat Nail Designs

We love ourselves some yellow nails, and these cat nail designs yellow nails are simply purrfect for the summer. Are you going on holiday soon? Summer holidays are the perfect excuse to go for a bright and bold shade on your talons instead of the muted and dull tones you’re used to rocking.

You could go with any background colour you liked with these kitty nails, and although we love the colourful yellow pop here, we can’t help but thing that a bright blue would also make for a great cat-backdrop. What do you think?

Yellow Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

12. Mad Cat Nail Designs

There is a cat out there worth a staggering $13 million because his owner died and left the beloved pet their entire wealth. If you don’t have quite as much cash to splash, show your furry little friend you care by having him or her painted in your nails!

These cat nails are just purr-fect for displaying your #crazycatlady true colours. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Mad Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

13. Eyes Cat Nail Designs

Cats only meow for us humans. Kittens will meow for their mothers but studies have shown that cats use their meow to communicate with humans, not each other. We have literally trained them to talk to us over the last few thousands years. That’s quite an impressive fact, right?

Not quite as impressive as these cat inspired nails however. We can’t get enough of them! We’re putting this cat inspired nail design right on the top of our to-do list.

Eyes Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

14. Short Cat Nail Designs

The longest cat ever recorded was a whopping 48.5 inches long! On the other end of the spectrum, these cat nails show you don’t have killer cat claws or be really artistic.

You don’t need to have long nails at all to have a cool, simple design. You just need to use your imagination a little.

Short Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

15. Glitter Cat Nail Designs

Cats don’t usually like glitter but when you’re talking nails, glitter is the perfect addition. We love the way a simple cat paw print has been used over that pink glitter nail, a design we’ll definitely be looking at recreating on our own hands.

Glitter Cat Nail Designs
Source: @nailbees

16. Easy Paw Prints Cat Nail Designs

The best news is that these paw prints are super easy to paint with black polish, eliminating the need for decals and transfers. You just need one big black blob, and three or four smaller blobs around one side. You couldn’t ask for much simpler!

Easy Paw Prints Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

17. Paw Cat Nail Designs

If you’re going for cute kitty, you need to go with pastel pops of colour so this beautiful pastel pink pop provides the perfect undercoat for those adorable cat transfers affixed over the top.

Paw Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

18. Glossy Cat Nail Designs

For a look this polished and glossy, make sure you leave your talons enough time to dry in between coats, and ensure your top coat is given an extra layer for good measure. Gel polishes can often have a smoother finished too – just something for you to think about.

Glossy Cat Nail Designs

While we’re on the subject of cats, although these cat nail designs are important (obviously), cat adoption is an important matter we need to talk about. So many people take unwanted cats (usually after a surprise litter of kittens) to their local shelters and adoption centres, but sadly less than 25% of those kitties will be re-homed.

Now we’ve got the important bit out the way (adopt a rescue cat if you’re going to get a cat), what do you think about these cat nail designs?

19. History Cat Nail Designs

In the times of Ancient Egypt, it was illegal to kill cats because they helped to keep the rat population down. These days, our domesticated house cats are pretty useless at catching rodents (or at least mine are!) but they still look cute and make for pretty decent pets when they want to. Perhaps that’s why they’ve captivated the entire world.

First cats in houses, then cats in videos. Now cat nails! Whatever could be next!

History Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

20. Lots of Cuddly Cat Nail Designs

Here’s another fun cat fact – the largest litter of kittens ever recorded was 19. Yes, that’s right – 19 kittens in one go. That poor mother cat!

If you like cats, cats, and lots of cats, you need to take a peek at these cute cat nail designs. When we’re talking fur-balls, there is never such a thing as too many.

Lots Of Cuddly Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

21. Milky Cat Nail Designs

You might think giving your cat a little milky treat is the right thing to do but there’s a good chance you’re causing your furry friend more harm than good by the way. Here’s a little fact you might not know – cats are often lactose intolerant which means cows milk is not very good for them. You’ll give them stomach ache and a bad tummy, and they’ll feel generally under the weather for a few days.

Moving on from your cat’s diet and back to cat nails, what do you think about these white and milky beauties? We love the addition of simple spots, a great way to recreate cat nails without making it all too difficult.

Milky Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

22. Grey and Pink Cat Nail Designs

Grey and pink are two shades which go perfectly together, especially if you want pretty colours without being too bright, bold or in-your-face. Plus grey is a really in-trend shade for right now so of course we want to incorporate it into our cat nail designs.

According to Essie, the best way to get a look as perfect as this is to use one layer of your base coat, two layers of colour, and then an added layer of top coat over the top, perhaps with a second to really make it last. Just make sure you don’t plan on doing anything for a few hours. It takes longer for your manicure to dry than you thought!

Grey And Pink Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

23. Purmaid Cat Nail Designs

Who said your cat couldn’t be a mermaid too? We love this cat nail art look, one that’s been made all the more magical with the addition of that fishy tail. You can just use regular cats if you like. You don’t need to go on the hunt for cat mermaids, or purrmaids!

Another roughly-sketched design, it doesn’t matter if you go a little wrong because it’s meant to look as if it’s been drawn on. Go outside the lines, make the edges rougher than you usually would, go a little nuts and be more playful. Your cat wouldn’t be so careful …

Purmaid Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

24. Black Tips Cat Nail Designs

One of the girls in our office has a pair of shoes that looks exactly like these cat nails, so of course we were going to add them to the list!

A simple design that requires black tips (working better on oval or pointed nails than square ones), and making small triangles for ears before adding the facial features – mouth, nose, whiskers, etc. Nice and simple and user fun to play around with too. Why not let the kids get involved?

Black Tips Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

25. Shimmery Blue Cat Nail Designs

These nails look very Gatsby-inspired, very jazz-like some might say. Either way, we love them, especially n that beautiful shimmery blue backdrop.

These are definite grown-up cat nail art designs, showing that it doesn’t matter how sophisticated you want your outfit to look, there is a cat nail design to go with it. Now you have no excuse.

Here’s a little tip for getting rid of that stubborn glitter mani – soak cotton wool in nail polish remover, wrap around your nails and then wrap tin foil around that, over the top. Leave it for a few minutes and when you go to remove the foil and cotton wool, you should find that your freshly-soaked glitter will come off much easier.

Shimmery Blue Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

26. Simple Cat Nail Designs

It’s super simple yet super effective – a cat nail designs that won’t take you hours to perfect, and you won’t need a manicure appointment either. We’ve tried these and with a bit of practice, they’re actually not that difficult to get right.

Using a black nail pen and trying to keep as steady a hand as possible, the simple lines make creating a cat a lot easier than you’d think. Plus, over that white backdrop, these look pretty fabulous, don’t you think?

Simple Cat Nail Designs
Source: Instagram / @nailsbyjema

27. Meow Cat Nail Designs

If you don’t want a chowder of cats in your cat nail art, don’t have them. You can still have cat-themed nails and one look we found and kinda loved was the first ‘meow’ nail you can see here – black words over the white background. Simple yet effective.

A look that you could customise for any length and shape of nail, you can use decals if you don’t want to write the word ‘meow’ over and over again.

Meow Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

28. Short Cat Nail Designs

Nude bases are always in style so we love these nude pink cat inspired nails a lot. We love them even more because they’re short. As much as we love having long nails, they’re not really that practical so it’s nice to go a little shorter from time to time.

If your nails are in need of a good cut and some TLC, try treating yourself to some base coat specifically designed for your own nails? You can buy strengtheners for weak and brittle nails, and just that one coat before you play around with your cat nail design can make the world of difference. That base coat will also help to slow down discolouration that often leaves them looking orange / yellow.

Short Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

29. Cute Cat Nail Designs

We love this cat nail design – it looks a little like the cat might finally have got his paws on poor old Tweety Pie! Don’t worry, no birds were harmed in the making of these humorous cat inspired designs. Birds aren’t the sort of thing you’d normally put with a cat on your nails, but for some reason this design just works. We’re adding it to our lust-list. Will you be adding it to yours?

Feathers aren’t the sort of thing you’d normally put with a cat on your nails, but for some reason this design just works. We’re adding it to our lust-list. Will you be adding it to yours?

Cute Cat Nail Designs
Source: Instagram / @narmai

30. Sparkling Cat Nail Designs

French tip is a classic, so why not liven up your French manicure with a cute little kitty and a bit of sparkle? We love the emphasis of the design focusing on the one nail…….sometimes less is more!

Another great look for short nails, who said you needed long claws to have the best cat inspired talons?

Sparkling Cat Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

31. Jungle Cat Nail Designs

Just look at these talons! We love how ‘wild’ these nails are, the wild cat design incorporated with some jungle looking plants and on the bright pink base really roar exotic! We will definitely be rocking these pawsome claws!

Essentially what we’re saying is that a cat makes everything better. We wholeheartedly agree with that!

Jungle Cat Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

32. Aristocats Cat Nail Designs

Do you recognise the cute little kitty in these pink cat nail art designs? It’s the white kitty out of the Disney movie, Aristocats, of course! Her name was Marie, in case you weren’t aware, and she doesn’t start fights but she can finish them!

There’s no fighting over these nails – we all agree they’re simply adorable. In fact, these are the cuties we’re going to go for next. Which ones are your favourite so far?

Aristocats Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

33. Colourful Cat Nail Designs

If you can’t quite stomach trying to hand-paint an actual cat, why not focus on one part of the animal instead? The face, just like these cat inspired nails, or even paws. We’ve featured plenty of those on there! There are so many options to choose from. Or, just add a new feature on each nail like they did in this cute design.

Colourful Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

34. Pretty Pink Cat Nail Designs

We’ve already expressed our love for paw prints, and these pink paw prints with a pink bow are utterly beautiful. So much so in fact, we’ve definitely added this to the list. The list is pretty long now… We should probably get around to heading to the salon soon!

If you’re ever halfway through your at-home mani and you make a smudge on your nails, don’t rush to start all over again. We have a great tip for you! If you dab the tiniest bit of nail polish remover over the smudge and let it run off the nail, the polish will smooth out. Once the polish has dried, add a top, thinner coat (you should find it’s smoother), and finish with your top coat as you usually would.

Pretty Pink Cat Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

35. Cats and Fish Bones Cat Nail Designs

Cats do love fish so why wouldn’t you have cats AND fish on your cat nail designs? It’s a completely different look from the rest that we’ve seen, and it’s all down to those fish bones. We have some great news for you too! We’ve found some decals you can use if you don’t fancy the idea of painting tiny little fish skeletons over and over again all afternoon. Let’s face it, who has time for that?

Cats And Fish Bones Cat Nail Designs

36. Mystical Night Cat Nail Designs

A slightly different and darker look than some we’ve featured, this mystical night-time kitty look has us looking to the stars!

Add your white kitty shapes and what do you have? Cat nail art that anyone will love, and everyone will want!

Mystical Night Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

37. Paws and Claws Cat Nail Designs

Another great look, another different look form the ones we’ve seen so far. This time, paw prints, scratch marks. We love our kitties but we all know they have a wild side!

It’s a great way of adding multiple features to your nail without it being too-much. There’s nothing worse than nails that are so fussy, you can barely make out what they’re trying to be.

Paws And Claws Cat Nail Designs
Source: Instagram / @hipzysticky

38. White Tips Cat Nail Designs

Another white tip designed, but this time a shaped one – you can see the curved finish to them, giving you the purrfect playground to add your cat features. In this case, black silhouettes of cats handing with the moon. You could use whatever you like though.

We love those cat paw prints, but for time-saving, we’d only add them to one nail and make that one a featured one.

White Tips Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

39. Peeping Cat Nail Designs

Another simple design, this time we have blue nails with just the kitty-featured nails peering out from the edge. It’s a cute idea when you fancy dong something cute and feline to your claws!

Do you want to know a fun fact about cats? When they rub themselves up against you or other surfaces, they’re not actually being affectionate and loving like it seems. They’re marking their territory using scent glands on their cheeks and other places. Not so cute now, right?

Peeping Cat Nail Designs
Source: Instagram / @irena_pro_nail

40. Eyes Cat Nail Designs

It’s a simple idea, but if you’re going for cat nails, why not think about doing just cat’s eyes! These nails look amazing and transform plain black nails into something spectacular!

Cats are well known for having beautiful piercing eyes, so why not make a feature of them for your own cat nail art look? It’s a simple addition, but one that works well, especially if you look at light-reflecting rhinestones.

Eyes Cat Nail Designs
Source: Instagram / @ohmygoshpolish2016

41. Halloween Cat Nail Designs

Cat nail art goes hand in hand with Halloween so if you’re looking for a great design to copy, don’t be afraid to look at black cat and halloween nails. In fact, we found some super cute black cat decals for our nails in the ‘seasonal’ ( / halloween) section of the shop, and aside from being a black cat, there was nothing else that made them halloween-y.

We love the way the orange has been used with the black in this cat nail design, but if you’re looking for less halloween and more cute, change the orange for a different shade to create a completely different look.

Halloween Cat Nail Designs

42. Ombre Cat Nail Designs

We love these purple ombre nails. The single cat nail uses the ombre effect for the kitty cat over a sparkly plain nail……we think this is a really understated look that packs a punch!

You can use tape to create those lines, or just paint them in manually if you have a steady enough handy. Just remember to add those bright yellow eyes and those white nose and whiskers to complete the look. Or just cheat and opt for cat face decals which we found a lot easier. Just so you know!

Ombre Cat Nail Designs

43. Black Silhouette Cat Nail Designs

Black cats are actually classed as bad luck in most places of the world, but we think black cats rule. And that’s not just because we own a black cat ourselves! The simple black cat silhouette is all it takes to take your nails from boring to the most adorable cat nail designs, so why not practice your hand-painting skills? If you fail, just use transfers or decals instead.

It’s a great way of livening up the look and stopping everything from being so black and white. Or black and grey in this case.

Black Silhouette Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

44. Hello Kitty Cat Nail Designs

We love Hello Kitty and nothing goes better with the brand design than a pop of pink – just like these adorable cat nail designs. This one’s a simple transfer over a beautiful black to pink ombre which is actually a lot easier to do yourself than you first may have thought.

A sponge can help you get that graduated effect, or if you don’t have time for all that muss and fuss, use nail wraps.

Hello Kitty Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

45. True Blue Cat Nail Designs

As the creator of Essie said, “Fabulous colour is always in style” and as long as yours is bright and just that – fabulous – your cat nails will be just as pawsome. We love this pop of bright, almost Tiffany blue, and with the use of black and white these are the true blue of nails. These could suit long, short, square and other shaped nails just perfectly. It doesn’t matter what colour backdrop you choose for your cat nail design, just make sure it’s a good colour, and one that’s layered probably. Thick and gloopy polish won’t allow for a clean, smooth finish, and that’ll ruin your manicure entirely.

True Blue Cat Nail Designs
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

46. White Tips Cat Nail Designs

We’ve looked at plenty of black silhouettes and outlines of cute cats, but what about flipping things around and go for something a little lighter and brighter? How about these white outlines of cats.

We love white tips, we love cat, so what better way to incorporate some cat nail art than with cat nail tips? It’s a simple idea, but one that really works, and even better news is that you can customise your existing white tips quickly and easily with the help of some white nail polish. 

Round the edge of your white tips slightly, or skip that part altogether and just add two small white triangles for ears, then go nuts with the black nail pen, drawing the nose, eyes, mouth and whiskers to make it cat-like. See – we told you it was nice and simple.

White Tip Cat Nail Art
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

We hope you love the cat nail art we’ve brought you, but if you think you can do better, tell us about it! Tag us in your cat nail art designs with the hashtag #CherryCherryBeauty on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and we’ll find you. If we like your work, we’ll feature you on the website and our social pages. Get creative! We can’t wait to see what purrfect creations you come up with!