21 Unique E-Girl Nails

E-girls have an outgoing, lively style that they take very seriously, almost as much as they take their nails seriously. They have a reputation for being some of the most active personalities online and in games. As such, they ensure their nails fully express what they stand for, combining fashion and function, among other things.

1 – Witchy E-Girl Nails

If you’re an e-girl or would like to be one, one way to honor the name is by wearing your nails right. These witchy design e-girl nails respect the e-girl code better than any other we know, with the perfect length and artistic design. Cover the base of your nails with light and cool pink nail polish, and finish it off with some black-colored witchy designs.

The e-girl code is one that must be honored; therefore, you will want to ensure these are done by the best hands available.

Witchy E Girl Nails

2 – Pink Goth E-Girl Nails

If you are going to be an e-girl, be a unique e-girl – these pink and black goth e-girl nails will flawlessly achieve a unique and catchy look. The pinkies carry an all-black nail polish, while others carry pink with some black-colored e-girl designs. The gorgeousness of this set of nails is such that you’d fall in love with them at first sight.

This design is delicate; you have to get the paintings, edges, and artwork right. Therefore, we recommend visiting a professional nail artist to get this done perfectly.

Pink And Black Goth E Girl Nails

3 – Matte Black and Pink E-Girl Nails

The simplicity of this design makes the color blend pop, giving off an exotic and classy look. If you have never rocked e-girl nails, these nails will make it seem as though you have; they do all the work. Cover the pinky and thumb fingers with a black polish all through, firmly but gently pressing the makeup sponge to avoid blotches.

You can get creative with this design by adding embellishments, but don’t overdo it to avoid ruining the design. If you’re not sure you can pull this look off, you can always see a professional.

Matte Pink And Black E Girl Nails

4 – Neon Rainbow E-Girl Nails

So, black is not your color; well, that’s okay, but the thing with e-girls is that they can pull off any color comfortably and seamlessly. These rainbow-colored e-girl nails prove that point perfectly; the neon flames make the nails pop, and the color blend makes them gorgeous. Featuring neon pink, blue, lemon green, and red colors, these nails are a perfect inspiration for your next e-girl look.

Meanwhile, the short length of the nails is perfect for what e-girls stand for – you know, online games and stuff.

Multi-Colored Neon E Girl Nails

Do you love these neon nails as much as we do? Also check out our post with neon purple nails.

5 – Black and Neon Green E-Girl Nails

This beautiful work of art is another great inspiration if you’re thinking of experimenting with neon colors for your next e-girl look. We are a sucker for black, and we love how the color makes this neon green color pop brightly. Had we not seen this ourselves, we would have had a hard time believing that green could be this lovely.

The neon green flames sit on the black background as if that is where they are meant to be. Only an e-girl can rock these beauties, no doubt.

Black And Neon Green E Girl Nails

6 – Purple Lightning and Black Gothic E-Girl Nails

Black makes other colors pop, and it does nothing less with this purple lighting; these nails are some of our favorites. Cover the nails with the right black shade of nail polish, and carefully draw the lightning across. This design can only be pulled off by the most experienced nail artists; you can give this a try if that is you.

However, remember anything less perfect than this does not do well for the e-girl name. So, we recommend a professional nail artist for these ones.

Gothic Black And Purple Lightning E Girl Nails

7 – Kawaii E-girl Nails

These nails are called Kawaii nails in the e-girl circle, and they feature a beautiful set of meticulously-crafted works of art. This nail art is a complex one; we tried recreating this design, but we came up short. This design takes a lot of calculations, patience, and time to get the carvings and art right; only a professional can get it right.

This is a gorgeous set of nails that only an e-girl can pull off; that is why we have no doubt you can pull it off.

Pink And White Kawaii E Girls Nails

8 – Purple E-Girl Acrylic Nails

These long acrylic nails carry the e-girl essence in a way we have never seen before – simply exotic. This beautiful piece of artwork wows us, and we are sure they will wow you, too, once you see them. We love everything about these nails: the length, the design, the articulate drawing of the e-girl at the center.

Plus, adding glitter to the design is brilliant; it perfects the exquisiteness of this design. You can buy this set or visit a brilliant nail artist to recreate the design.

Purple E Girl Acrylic Nails With A Cool E-Girl Image

9 – Pink Jelly E-Girl Nails

This gorgeous set of nails is a perfect inspiration for e-girls who are pink lovers; you have got to love these. We love the transparency of the nails and how they carry the little pieces of artwork regally like they are meant to. This design features little heart shapes meticulously crafted on each nail and stars surrounding them to perfect the look.

This nail design is pretty easy to recreate if you’ve got some drawing skills. Meanwhile, you may need to learn how to place that love-shaped ring on the fourth finger without smearing the design.

Pink Jelly E Girl Nails

10 – Chain Design E-Girl Nails

Here’s another brilliant e-girl nail inspiration for you; these nails cryptically speak the e-girl language – and we love it! You will notice the glitters on the nails under the chains if you look closely. We love how the cool pink color contrasts nicely with the black and white chain designs and how these fingers rock them perfectly.

This nail art is for the typical exotic e-girl who knows what it means to be one. You can wear this nail art with any e-girl outfit and to any occasion.

Pink A-Shaped E Girl Nails With Chain Design

11 – Pink Piglet E-Girl Nails

This e-girl nail art is for pink lovers and baddie e-girls who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. These nails carry more designs than we can count, and that is one of the things that make them ‘daring.’ Featuring several designs from the iconic Louis Vuitton logo to piglets to lines, these nails tell the world you are real.

You have got to be some really talented nail artist to recreate this nail art without making mistakes or smudges.

Dark And Light Pink Piglet E Girl Nails

12 – Creepy Eye E-Girl Nails

Here is another inspiration for an e-girl nail that you can try out, featuring different neon colors from blue to green. The bases of the nails feature a nude pink color, with curvy tips featuring neon pink, blue, red, green, yellow, and orange colors. Finalize the design with bold eye designs drawn at the bases of the nails; it is creepy, but we love it.

Maintain a perfect grip on the makeup sponge to ensure the nail polishes are applied perfectly and avoid smirches.

Creepy Eyes E Girl Nails With Multi-Colored Tips

13 – Egg Shells Multi-Colored E-Girl Nails

This design is one of the ultimate e-girl nail styles, featuring different color shades and nails that look like eggshells. These nails are stronger and harder to pull off than they look, but the design is perfect for the e-girl look. The nails beautify any set of fingers perfectly, especially if the design is recreated in this exact manner.

If you will be recreating this nail art, don’t forget to apply the base and top coats so that the nails can last long.

Multi-Colored Eggshell E Girl Nails

14 – Black E-Girl Nails with Red Flames

If you prefer the grunge e-girl nail style, here’s an idea for your next look; these types are the easiest to pull off. This design is easy because you can recreate it on your natural nails, but you have to remember to apply a protective coat. You may also choose to buy these nails with this ready-made design; you can find them in online or offline makeup stores.

Or, better still, you can invest in a professional nail artist for a perfect pull-off of this beautiful creation.

Black E Girl Nails With Flame And Track Road Design

15 – Black and Silver Glittery E-Girl Coffin Nails

The combination of black and silver on these nails is one of the things that drew us to them. We love black and silver; therefore, we love how they complement each other in this simple but exotic design. With these nails on, being an e-girl has never been more satisfactory; you literally get the vibes for every e-girl activity.

This nail design is pretty easy to recreate; just be sure to get the color shades right and use original polish.

Black And Silvery Coffin E Girl Nails

16 – Short, Cute Christmas E-Girl Nails

Yes, Christmas is still a long way off, but these Christmas-design e-girl nails with red-nosed reindeer are a good nail inspiration. Besides, you don’t have to wait until Christmas to rock these nails; you’re an e-girl every day, so rock them every day. You can recreate this design on your natural nails or use artificial nails; both work perfectly.

The nails feature a blend of deep and light red alongside the reindeer and Christmas tree. Any badass e-girl will pull these nails off without stress.

Short Christmas E Girl Nails

17 – Simple Pointy-Edged E-Girl Nails

Here’s a great nail art inspiration for e-girls who want it simple, pinky, and exotic; these nails combine all three. There isn’t any nail artwork on these nails, but you can get creative and add some to yours. From experience, the nails that appear the simplest are often the hardest to pull off, so plan for surprises if you’re recreating this.

It is all pink gyaru nails inspiration for every baddie e-girl and pink lover who can pull this off effortlessly.

Simple Pink Pointy-Edged E Girl Nails

18 – Short Strawberry E-Girl Nails

If you love strawberries as much as we do, there is no way you will not fall in love with this design. It is simple but exotic, cute and glamorous, and an excellent nail inspiration for your next e-girl look. The second and middle fingers feature transparent pink nails with strawberry designs all over, and the other fingers feature a simple pink.

These nails are adaptable in that you can create your own designs on them. So, if you don’t want strawberries, you can draw whatever fruit you want – but who doesn’t love strawberries?

Short Strawberry E Girl Nails

19 – Short E-Girl Nails with Glitter

Cover the thumb, middle, and pinky fingers with a cool pink polish, and create black flames above them. Skip the second and fourth fingers; we have something else planned for them – something involving glitters to bring home the e-girl look. After all, what’s an e-girl without her flame-y pink-and-black nails? Cover the second and fourth nails with glitters all through to finish this look.

If you’re buying these nails ready-made, that is awesome. But, if you want to recreate the design, you may want a professional nail artist for perfection.

Short Pink E Girl Nails With Glitter And Flame Design

20 – Short and Lovely Green E-Girl Nails with Stones and Glitters

Much of the sauce e-girls have come from their nails; once you set your eyes on those nails, you cannot take them off. We totally adore this lovely shade of green already, but the glitter and stones make us love the design even more. The beauty of these nails is such that even someone who doesn’t love green will love these.

Cover your nails, excluding the thumbs and fourth fingers, with the lovely green nail polish, and apply some glitters. The thumb and fourth fingers carry transparent white nails with complimentary green designs.

Lovely Short Green E Girl Nails With Stones And Glitters

21 – Blue and Light Pink E-Girl Nails

This may sound cliché, but we can’t help it; we are so in love with these nails. We love how the light blue blends with the white and pink and how they glow nicely even in the light. This is an exotic design that only an e-girl can pull off and only a professional nail artist can recreate.

But, one thing is for sure, you will have so much fun recreating this – if you decide to do the design on your own.

Blue, White, And Light Pink E Girl Nails

The best e-girl nails can range from short to long, but they are always highly detailed. There are hundreds of e-girl nail designs to draw inspiration from, and we have given you some of them. Here’s a link to more e-girl nail inspiration and a tutorial on recreating any of these designs on YouTube.