22 Unique Flame Nails

Flame nail art has been catching our attention for some time. And it seems like it will stay in this summer as well. This hot nail art trend is perfect for those who want to try something bold and play with a bright color palette on their nails.

So, not knowing how to do flames on nails can be a beauty threat. 

Let’s get into the colorful flame nails inspo and then learn how to draw flames on nails. 

1. Pastel Flame Nails 

It is a blogger-influenced page with many nail art designs, including this pastel one with a glitter base and orange flames. It looks stunning even on the short nails, making it the catching flame nail art for your everyday look. 

Besides, it seems easy to design flame nail art with the correct nail paints. Always use a durable gel for best results.

Check out the Instagram account of the blogger for more nail art inspiration, and shop your favorite colors to paint on your nails right away. 

Pastel Flame Nails 
Instagram @ba_nailz

2. Red Nails With Flames 

Red flame nails may give a hot look, but red and black flame nails can be next-level fun and too new to be overrated. 

If you ever want to try red flames nails, check out this interesting post. It has some exciting visuals of red nails with black flames created with a precision. No one will want to take their eyes off your nails. 

It is simple, precise, created on one nail on each hand, so it wouldn’t consume much time and energy while painting. Besides, you can go bold with red flame acrylic nails. You can wear this design on farewell parties or movie nights, because this nail art color combo is so chic and funky. 

 Red Nails With Flames
Instagram @gemznailz2020

Fancy trying something a little daring? Have a look at these black nail designs.

3. Neon Green Flame Nails 

Would you dare to play with neon colors on your nails? Especially after a fresh manicure? Ever thought of trying neon flame nails?

If yes, this post will inspire you and make you use your neon nail paint to draw some fires. 

Well, it is worth it. Check out these lime green flame nails with hues of brown and black color for the finishing. It would definitely boost your overall look because these not-so-nude shades freshen up your existence with fire. 

The finishing involves a foundation of fire with this color. Thus keeping it clean and pure giving a refreshing look. Therefore, we recommend you to try this with a summery outfit. 

Don’t forget to walk through the artist’s Instagram profile for more ideas.

Neon Green Flame Nails
Instagram @despoina_koliniati.nails

4. Pink And Black Flame Nails 

These neon pink flame nails look has black fire with some funky vibes. Throw in some decent rings to get a cool look. You can notice the flame French tip nails that would go well with any outfit. 

Irrespective of your interest in nail art, this combination of black and pink flame nails will be the game-changer. And this will coordinate your overall look. Besides, these are simple enough to create in a hurry for any occasion. 

Yes, clear nails with flames, regardless of the base color, can be your go-to nail art. 

Check out the Instagram profile of the artist and gain some inspiration for your next nail art design. Also, never forget to catch the details of the topcoat, nail paints, and other accessories for your convenience. 

Pink And Black Flame Nails 
Instagram @aimeegracebeauty_

5. Pink Nails With Flames 

Look at the detailing. This design has such sensitive colors. I am telling you these are not acrylic flame nails, but the original ones with realistic flames made of white. 

The concept of white flame nails is something new. Since the flames are always hot, you can do hot pink flame nails with detailing of white for an unusual look. 

You can always use white flame acrylic nails to go beyond wild to create this look. However, if you have fresh nails, why not copy the look and try pink flame nails? 

Check out the Instagram profile of the artist to participate in the hottest trend of the new era. 

Pink Nails With Flames 
Instagram @lin___nguyen

6. Purple Flame Nails 

A little purple and black won’t hurt anybody.

It is not a funky, dark, or disturbing purple, but the soft one that goes perfectly with your everyday look. You can see the combination of different arts on different nails and black flames on some to give a subtle look. 

These cute nail ideas of flames may be tricky or time-consuming because they need so much concentration and detailing, but the results are worth the energy and resource consumption.

However, ensure you use reliable and durable gel polish, top coating, brush set, and cleaning liquor to achieve this challenging task. 

In addition, I can assure you these purple flames nails will boost your overall appearance, and no one will take their eyes off of you. If you want a closeup and check out the detailing of the classy nail art, check out the profile. 

Purple Flame Nails 
Instagram @ombrenails.coolsprings

7. Colorful Flame Nails Stickers 

Though painting flames on nails with the correct brush is like a dream come true, you also have the option of stickers to satisfy your youthful craving. 

Fortunately, you can find attractive holographic flame nail stickers that look exactly like the original painting. Also, they save time with its simple wearing or removing property.

In addition, you can also try different colors of stickers and get clear flame nails, checkered nails with flames, flame nails pink, etc. 

You can see orange flame nails, yellow flame nails, red flame nail designs, blue flame nail art, etc. Hence you have the option of many other soft and bold colors that you can try pasting on your nails effortlessly. 

You can use these holographic flame nail art designs on your nails, match them with a smooth, soft, or nude color base. Besides, it can be more apparent if you create black nails with green flames or go with a red and neon green combo. 

8. Blue Flame Nails 

Nothing a bold nail paint can’t fix! 

Go with the soft and bold color duo if you are ever confused about what to paint on nails. It gives a sophisticated look to your nails and will meet your needs for any occasion.

Blue flame nails or light blue flame nails look fresh on every skin color and nail type. This design is considered the best minimal nail trend. 

Blue Flame Nails 
Instagram @nail.lab.rabat

9. Fire Flame Acrylic Nails 

Baddie flame nails are a mood! 

I couldn’t resist adding this red and white flame nails design with “Fire” letters. You can try this design with acrylic ones if you don’t have such sharp nails, but red nails with black flames are worth drawing. 

It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience because pulling letters could be challenging, so save it for a momentous occasion. 

We can show you other black and red flame nails because these are the most trending color combos whether you want a casual or format style look. 

If you like this look as much as we do, also check out our post with 21 unique baddie nails!

Fire Flame Acrylic Nails
Instagram @jaz_does_nails

10. Bonus Trend: Coffin Nails with Flames 

Coffin nails have curve edges. They may look similar to oval or almond nail shapes, but the square-off tip steals the show. It looks elegant and lets you combine your favorite colors because they have enough room to host flames on it. 

These flame coffin nails will please you thus giving a sophisticated yet modern appearance. So, you’d better add coffin flame acrylic nails with nails black flames to stay in the booming trend.

These black flame nails will never go out of fashion because they are every season’s hue. 

Bonus Trend: Coffin Nails With Flames 
Instagram @sugeys_nails

11. Orange and Black Flame Nails Photo

Besides these coffin nails flames, you can try black nails with flames, using the flame color of your choice, and give fire to your creative skills. 

For your inspo, I have added this fascinating piece of black and orange flame nails that will blow your mind with extremely hot vibes. 

It is the season’s color showing fresh manicure with flame French tip nails. Besides, this orange fire color seems like a flame press on nails, leaving everyone wondering how you achieved this. 

Orange And Black Flame Nails Photo
Instagram @schadenfrauleins_nails

12. Opposites Attract with Black and Pink Color Combo 

Check out another incredible piece of black flame nail design. Black flame nails can never stop trending because it gives a matte yet glossy finishing to every nail type. Besides, these stiletto flame nails make your nails look like a piece of art, so it is worth trying. 

We have seen black and white flame nails texture for so long that we got bored, so we tried finding another nude color combo with black. You can use this feminine color combo of pink and black flame nails to channel the best of both worlds.

Also, flame stiletto nails with a bit of shiny glitter are absolute fire, even in hot, sunny summers. 

Opposites Attract With Black And Pink Color Combo
Instagram @nailsbyjezelle

13. Minimalist Trend of Clear Nails with Flames

What do you think about the flame nails being clear? I mean transparent gel nails with firing flames on them? Sounds exciting, right?

This minimalistic, decent, and monochrome take on the flame can put your Instagram picture on fire. But you will need tips and tricks because it seems challenging. The clear texture combo is far better than black nails with white flames because that’s old school now.

However, you can use a different, bold, or nude base color. And then draw cute mini flames on it. Check out the design inspiration of pink nails with black flames or black nails with red flames for a change. 

Minimalist Trend Of Clear Nails With Flames
Instagram @paisleyjanepitts

14. Black and Green Flame Nails – Hottest Fire Trend 

This is the nail design fusion you must try. Though summer is all about bold, bright, and vibrant colors, try wearing all of them as nail paints if you can’t decide on one. 

These black nails with red flames design are our new favorite as it gives a funky look, especially on long, freshly manicured nails. Besides, its color mixture of red, neon green, and lime shades are catching our attention. Thus making us think about how we can recreate this look and make these green flames nails.

Would you try it? 

Black And Green Flame Nails - Hottest Fire Trend 
Instagram @nailatude

15. The Classic Hot but Easy Flame Nails

Try this easy flame nail art with your favorite color combos and give your nails a reason to slay in the world of challenges, complexities, and tricky designs. 

Out of curiosity, these are not flame nails acrylic, and you can draw this design without mastering any special skills. If you are interested in knowing the tips on how to do flame nails using your existing color pallets, check out the video link I have uploaded in the beginning. 

The Classic Hot But Easy Flame Nails
Instagram @mbeauty__x

16. Cute Flame Nails to Slay Everyday Look 

If you have short nails and are a fan of flames, try this subtle and elegant nail art with the nude, silver, or simple white base. These short flame nails are perfect for informal dinners or get-togethers. You can create a statement with these nails. 

Also, black is a refreshing color that looks great even solo. But its flames in different colors enhance the overall texture, design, and look. You must have seen black and pink flame nails and black and red flame nails, but they all have a black color in the base.

Here you have an opportunity to try something subtle, decent, and elegant. 

Cute Flame Nails To Slay Everyday Look
Instagram @sofnailsnz

17. Go Bold with Blue and Pink and Try Blue Nails with Flames 

How about pink flame nails on one hand and baby blue flame nails on the other? 

We get that summer is all about bright and vibrant color hues, and a little blue flame won’t hurt anybody irrespective of your dress code. It may not be a minimalist take on the flame nail trend, but it is worth trying for a fun Cinderella effect.

These are literal fire flames with dark blue look that look astonishing on the French fingertips. Besides blue flame nails, pink flame nails are a sight for sore eyes. However, if you find it hard to design and can’t stop craving this look, you can try pink flame acrylic nails in the same shades or blue flame acrylic nails.

Go Bold With Blue And Pink And Try Blue Nails With Flames 
Instagram @ashlee.bee.nails

18. A Perfect Blend of Flames for Next-Level Hotness  

We have seen black nails with pink flames, but this color combination looks bomb even on Asian skin. This neon pink flame nails look is stealing the show with subtle pink flames, white outlines, and a nude base. 

The manicure also hints at flame nails coffin, but the detailing makes us think it results from flame nails pressing on. It is one of the hottest looks in nails as it shines and delivers a futuristic touch for youthful occasions. 

Also, you can create this flawless neon flame nails with different color hues or try flame nails acrylic for the quick make-over.

A Perfect Blend Of Flames For Next-Level Hotness  
Instagram @la.ramona.hairdress

19. Classic Glittery Tips with Flames 

Creating a flame is not about drawing a C on your nail. Detailing and nail paint selection matter. Look for these flame pink nails with a shiny touch of the top coating. Do try for yourself and spice up your look in no time. 

The artist has used a light pink base, but this look can go pretty well with white nails with flames of dark color and glittery tips. Or, if you think white flame nails are overrated, you can go dark and try silver flame nails. 

Classic Glittery Tips With Flames 
Instagram @torontonailbeautysupply

20. Flame Acrylic Nails- Hot Flame Reflections on your Nails 

Go crazy this summer and try these incredible, funky, neon color combos on your nails with some firing flames. Whether you draw it, get a professional nail artist’s assistant, or try flames acrylic nails, these neon orange flame nails, blue and nude, and pink with neon purple combos are worth trying. 

You can create your combos because you will never get tired of this flame nail art trend, especially this summer. Besides checkered flame nails, colorful nails, black flame acrylic nails, and solo nail paint arts, you should always try something unusual like green flames nails or silver flame nail art.

It will freshen up your mind and summer times by giving you firing vibes. 

Flame Acrylic Nails- Hot Flame Reflections On Your Nails 
Instagram @nailboxmiami

21. Lime Green Flame Nails – A Beautiful Sight in Summers 

Lime Green Flame Nails - A Beautiful Sight In Summers 
Instagram @aminails._

Are you also indecisive and can’t think about Halloween party nail art? Well, try these green flame nails that are different and far better than silver flame nail art. This can catch attention from a distance. 

This electric nail art gives goosebumps in neon colors, but these flame nails green are something different and never seem to slow down this summer. However, they are a little hard to adapt in long shape nails, yet you can try the exact design of flame nails short in size. 

22. When the French Manicure Meets Flames 

Calling all the fire nail art fanatics. These brown flame nails use subtle or neon colors in detail. This nail art with this color may seem extra, but it is better than traditional black nails with purple flames, right? 

Also, many famous artists are seen wearing dark-colored acrylic nails; like Kylie Jenner. So it can’t be denies that flame nails have been trending for the past several years.

When The French Manicure Meets Flames 
Instagram @nails__by__joselyn

How To Do Flame Nails – Step By Step Guide

Are you like me who sees her nails as a canvas is dying to try something different?

For instance, I’m all up for painting or drawing flames on my nails to make them look different yet unique. If you are just like me, keep reading to know how to draw flame on nails in easy steps. 

You can rock the movie nights with soft color flame nails or go wild with bold colors like pink nails with black flames or black nails with purple flames. Luckily, you can design the nail art yourself since it is as seamless as it sounds, especially if you are into painting.

You don’t need any extra special skills or professional assistance to waste time, get the art done, only to remove it for the next party. 

So, allow me to present you with some fantastic and catchy flame nails art design with a step-by-step process so that you can do that hassle-free. In addition, you can also get inspiration from flame nails tutorials, Instagram, or Pinterest posts that I will add in the this article for better understanding. 

Though trust me, it is a walk in the park if you love to play with your nails and colors. So, let’s rock the summer and spam your Instagram with new and stunning nails.

You can also give a particular shape to your nails and design the flame nail art accordingly to make it stand out in your overall summer look. 

What You Need

  • Nail paint foundation or basecoat 
  • Base color 
  • Gel 
  • Nail polish 
  • Topcoat 
  • Nail art brushes 

Step 1: Clean your nails

If you want to create any particular shape for your nails, do it before getting into the process of painting flaming nails. 

Step 2: Apply base coat

Gently apply the base coat or nail paint foundation to prepare the nail for flame art. 

Step 3: Apply color

Apply the gel that you like. It could be of any color. Here you can give life to your creative skills or imaginations by using bold colors as a base. 

You need the right kind of brush equipment to get the job done precisely. It doesn’t have to be professional, and there may be a lot of mess while you stripe nail polish on your nails.

But don’t worry, you can clean it afterward. 

Step 4: Create flames

Now you can create flames with a thin brush. If you make mistakes, which is completely fine, you can use the cleaning brush. You also have the option of using a little more gel to get a sticky touch and get a more permanent art design. 

Moreover, you can follow the video link I will add later in the article for a realistic flame nail art info. The Youtuber is trying neon or white nails with red flames. 

Step 5: Apply topcoat

After creating a flame art design, apply the finish or topcoat by the end and let it dry. It’s better to get the shiny topcoat to make the design more prominent, exciting, and unique. 

And, with the topcoat application, your baby blue flame nail with a subtle art design is ready to bring the party.

Similarly, you can play with different color combinations like black nails with white flames on them or make it a one-color creative design like yellow flame nails or pink flame nails. 

Flame Nails Tutorial

For a more precise and better understanding of this exciting skill, here are some YouTube links of famous nail artists. Its perfect for people who love to make flames on their nails with distinctive color palettes. 

Luckily, you can do the deed with your existing nail polish. But you will have to invest in a brush set, cleaning mist, a basecoat, and topcoat. 

Now, let’s explore some flame nails tutorials on YouTube with acclaimed nail artists. 

1. Imarni

A famous nail artist from London, creates hot flames on her nails with professionalism and precision. This will make you wonder what nail art can achieve.

Her video explains the step-by-step process of red flame nail designs with her red nail polish, easy-to-find brush set, gel, and shiny topcoat. Besides, you can check other designs on her Youtube channel. Remember, no matter how often you watch the video, unless you don’t practice it, you can’t learn it. 

2. Natali Carmona

If you are interested in trying acrylic nails with flames, check out the video of Natali Carmona. She is a famous nail artist who designs nails with confidence.

In addition, you can find flame nails art learning on original nails. But painting on the acrylic ones with different shapes and silhouettes is another level of fun. 

In the following video, the artist tries glitter flame nails while keeping the base white and orange. She’s trying to get wild with one orange flame nail and others with flame and checkered nails.

This look will be stunning for a party look, especially the summer pool parties. Hence, glitter, flame, and checkered nails on hand will be outstanding and worth trying. 


Putting on a lovely dress, wearing smokey makeup, and a funky heel may scream confidence. But giving other people something different to look at, which they can’t stop staring, will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and excitement.

I am giving you a hint to draw flames on your nails with different color combos, and the most deliberate inspirations are attached in this article. 

Happy painting!