15 Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Nails

15 Mischievous Harley Quinn Nails

We are more excited than you could believe about the up and coming Suicide Squad movie, and if you can’t wait just like we can’t wait, you’re going to love these Suicide Squad Harley Quinn nails.

Featuring Harley Quinn, the Joker and a few others along the way, we can’t think of a better way to show our love for the soon-to-be released movie, and the amazing characters in it!

1. Red and Black Harley Quinn Nails

Here’s the classic black and red colouring that we’re used to seeing with the classic Harley Quinn look. Combining squares and diamond shapes, it encapsulates the classic HQ perfectly.

These nails are easily recreated using red and black polish and nail tape – use the tape to mark off the sections, waiting for each coat to dry before adding the tape to make sure you don’t make any boo-boos!

Red And Black Harley Quinn Nails

2. Dark Pink and Blue Gradient Harley Quinn Nails

These looks mix the two Harley Quinn colours perfectly – pink and blue. And why not try different shades of pink and blue? We must admit, we love these Suicide Squad nails an awful lot.

The gradient in these nails is a lot easier to achieve than you’d first think and you just need to use those triangular shaped makeup sponges you have lying around … a clean one obviously. Paint a white stripe, a relatively large one, and overlapping it just slightly, add your blue or pink stripe. When you press the sponge onto your nails, the gradient will appear quite nicely.

Dark Pink And Blue Gradient Harley Quinn Nails
Source: steffels.blogspot.com

3. Light Pink and Blue Harley Quinn Nails

You don’t need to go to a nail salon to get these gel finishes either – you can buy little kits at home and in our experience, as long as you follow the instructions properly and don’t touch them before they’re dry and properly finished, they do actually work quite well and last a while. Perhaps not as long as the ones you would have had in the salon, but not bad regardless.

Light Pink And Blue Harley Quinn Nails
Source: Instagram / @naglargoteborg

4. Diamond Suicide Squad Nails

With the actual Harley Quinn characters on these, they’re pretty detailed and will therefore need to be done by someone with a super steady hand, but as far as Suicide Squad nails go, these have got to be one of the best.

These Suicide Squad nails have a little bit more detail, and these ones are likely to be more personalised due to their hand-painted nature. The good news about nails like these is that you can customise them and change them as much as you like to suit you – everything to the characters you use and the colours you mix together.

We tried our hands at this once but found them too difficult and gave up. This is a design best left to the professionals we think.

Diamond Suicide Squad Nails
Source: Pinterest

What do you think? Would you be brave enough to rock these super villain beauties?

4. Bright Red and Blue Suicide Squad Nails

Another great idea although it doesn’t use the classic Harley Quinn colours. These are instead using a beautiful bright red and blue mix, almost making them look a little ‘Captain America’ inspired.

Bright Red And Blue Suicide Squad Nails
Source: Pinterest

5. Diamond Red and Black Suicide Squad Nails

The diamond patterns on these keep them Suicide Squad nails, and we especially like the gold detail that has been added behind them.

Diamond Red And Black Suicide Squad Nails
Source: Instgram / @nailartist_natali

Oh btw, we came across this awesome video for some more Harley Quinn nails inspiration!

6. Black and Red Harley Quinn Nails

Anther black and white classic Harley Quinn look, there’s a combination of designs here, keeping them fun and fresh.

You’ve got the red background with black diamond formation, black and red checkers, and those diamond interlinked formations over a white backdrop. Square tips round it all off, and we think they’re pretty damn fabulous. How about you?

Black And Red Harley Quinn Nails
Source: Instagram / @nailsbymercedes

Do you like the old-school style of Harley Quinn? The red and black ones? Well these cartoon Suicide Squad nails are perfect for you, complete with ‘Bang’ speech bubble.

You can buy Harley Quinn themed nail transfers for these beautiful designs, and we’d recommend starting by looking at Etsy and Amazon.

7. Villain Talons Joker and Harley Quinn Nails

There’s the pink and blue, the diamonds, the villain and the beauty – these Suicide Squad nails have everything you could possibly want on your talons.

If these are a little too much for you, tone things down a bit by just picking one or two of the designs and going with those. Maybe all pink and blue gradient with the exception of just the one featured nail with the black diamond shape? Customise them how you like – you could have them all black and white ha-ha’s if you liked!

(That’s what we’re currently thinking about getting … )

Villain Talons Joker And Harley Quinn Nails
Source: Instagram / @nailworxx

8. Black Nails Red Stripe

Another red and black design but these ones are much more grownup and much less cartoony. If you wanted a sophisticated way to rock Harley Quinn nails, these are definitely the ones we’d recommend.

You have a vertical line separating the red and black here, more black than red. Nice and simple, only takes a few minutes, and looks the part. Perfect if you ask us.

Black Nails Red Stripe
Source: Pinterest

9. Batman and The Joker Nail Designs

We’ve added Batman to the Suicide Squad in these super awesome nails, and we love those Batman decals used over this simple white background.

Featuring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Jared Leto, we can’t wait for the movie and to keep us going until we can go and see it a hundred times, these nails are the perfect answer.

Batman And The Joker Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

10. Glitter Joker Nails

A slightly different way to look at Suicide Squad nails, or rather, the Joker nails. It’s a purple glitter backdrop and over the top, pale green and pastel yellows have been used to create a lined zig-zag shape.

It’s a look we probably wouldn’t have thought about using if we were dressing up, but definitely one that works nevertheless. It feels as if we should dress up as the Joker soon just to rock these glitter-tastic delights.

Glitter Joker Nails
Source: Pinterest

11. Joker and Harley Quinn Nails

Another look incorporating both the Joker and Harley Quinn, we’ve got those purple and greens, and those blacks and reds mixed together again. Diamond and ha-ha’s are the perfect way to create Suicide Squad nails if you’re not great at people or faces.

You’d know instantly what these nails were for without having to put too much time and dedication into it. Perfect answer.

Joker And Harley Quinn Nails
Source: Pinterest

12. Red and Black vs Green and Purple

For when you can’t decide whether you’re in the mood for the Joker or Harley Quinn, why not dedicate one hand to each? There’s one hand of nails dedicate to the black and red classic HQ design, and in keeping with the Suicide Squad nails theme, the Joker and the purple and green classic design has been used on the other hand.

Pointed nails just complete the look, but you could have these designs on shorter nails, and coffin nails also.

Red And Black Vs Green And Purple
Source: Nails by Kalee

13. Black and Red Short Harley Quinn Nails

If you have short nails, you can still rock Suicide Squad nails, or rather, Harley Quinn nails, another one keeping that classic red and black look.

This time, a grey backdrop has been used for the HQ face, and we actually think the black and red shades really pop out against that paler color.

Black And Red Short Harley Quinn Nails

14. One side pink and one side blue Harley Quinn Nails

Featuring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, these pink and blue nails are more like the Harley Quinn we’re seeing in the movie. Although classically red and black, she seems to have undergone a makeover, which has left fans divided.

We love these pink and blue Harley Quinn nails, and we’re adding these the first on our list of nails-to-do.

One Side Pink And One Side Blue Harley Quinn Nails

15. Joker Nail Designs

Another classic black and red look, but this time featuring the joker. We really like the high shined red glitter tips, a clever little feature that brings the entire hand of nails together.

For when you want a bit more detail, there’s nothing wrong with spreading the intricate designs over the entire hand and not just on a few fingers.

Joker Nail Designs
Source: Michela Innocent

What do you think? Which of these Suicide Squad nails have caught your eye? Have we given you a little inspiration to come up with your own designs? Show us – tag us on social media with #CherryCherryBeauty. We’d love to feature your amazing nail designs!

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