31 Peacock Nail Designs

31 Unique Peacock Nail Designs

Scientists and experts are still learning about the stunning peacock, possibly one of the most beautiful creatures to grace planet Earth. With its long tail feathers and out-of-this-world colours, the bird has been the inspiration for many an artist over the centuries, but it seems there are a few secrets hidden beneath those wonderful plumes.

For example, did you know that when the peacocks shake their tail feathers, they also make a very low-frequency humming noise that other peacocks can hear, but humans can’t hear? We didn’t know that either, and neither did scientists until just a few years back. It’s wonderful how many new things we still have to learn about the animals we kinda take for granted, don’t you think?

Anyway, fun peacock facts aside, we’ve decided to pay the elegant animal some love. Some nail love, to be exact. We hope you’re sitting comfortably because you are about to see some serious #nailinspo!

1 – Beautiful & Elegant Peacock Nail Designs

Let’s get straight to the point, these animals are absolutely blooming beautiful. A great way of using those metallic shade s that you never seem to reach for, the beautiful peacock design has been hand-painted with a dark, black background. If you wanted your peacocks to stand out a bit more, there’s nothing wrong with substituting that black background for a lighter shade — silver, perhaps? Or maybe even a gold or bronze tone? We loved the way the black has been used in this design though, we must admit.

Beautiful &Amp; Elegant Peacock Nail Designs
Source: hermitwerds

2 – Beautiful Metallic Peacock Nail Designs

We have another fun fact to go with your beautiful peacock nails. Are you ready for it? The term ‘peacock’ actually only refers to the male bird. If you’re talking collective terms, you should use ‘peafowl’. The female is referred to as a ‘peachick’. Who knew there were so many peas?

Anyway, now you know your beautiful peacock nails are all male …

Peacock Nail Designs
Source: 19delphin86

3 – Realistic Peacock Nail Designs

Of course, nobody cares whether they’re male or female when they look as good as this. If you’re feeling super creative, this is a great nail art look to take some inspiration from, using the idea of a realistic peacock design.

Here’s a great trick for you too — you could practice these designs on cheap, false nails. If they turn out exactly as you want them too, you can just stick them on. If they don’t, you can just start again. The design isn’t on your own nails so you won’t get to go through all the hassle of wiping all the polish off when it’s not dry yet and still thick and gloopy. Also: you can keep the falsies you practiced on for future reference.

Great idea, right? We’re full of them!

4 – Artistic & Colourful Peacock Nail Designs

Don’t fancy going for the traditional peacock colours of blues, greens, and purples? Don’t. Opt for different colours entirely and just add the peacock feather design to bring it all together. This is a great way of showing how you can adapt these peacock nails do that a match a totally different colour scheme than the traditional ones. Plus, they’re so pretty, don’t you think?

Artistic &Amp; Colourful Peacock Nail Designs
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5 – Pretty Peacock Nail Designs

Fancy a pretty peacock manicure? How bout these, perfect for nail extensions and natural nails alike. You could easily adapt these so that they better suit shorter or longe nails, and you could even just add the peacock nail design to one featured nail only. In fact, while we’re on the subject of making these nails a lot easier to do at home, why not check out peacock nail decals and transfers? We won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

Pretty Peacock Nail Designs
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6 – Pretty Ombre Peacock Nail Art

Mix your colours together for ombré effect nails like these ones. You don’t need to add the peacock design to all of the nails when you’re looking at fabulous and colourful designs like peacock colours of purple, blue, and green are often enough to bring the theme to life.

Do you want to create a peacock nail art at home? Check out the video below!

7 – Black Peacock Nail Art

Or, for when you don’t have time to play around with beautiful peacock colours, how about a black peacock silhouette nail design instead. Over that light shade, this look is blooming stunning. That’s what we think, anyway, but what are your views?

Black Peacock Nail Art
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8 – Intricate Peacock Nail Designs

Did you know that male peacocks don’t actually start out with that beautiful plumage that they have become well-known for? It’s only when the beautiful bird hits about two to three years of age that the stunning feathers start to grow through. Before that point, they are almost identical to the females — brown in colour and not very peacock-like at all. We love these peacock nails though, complete with colourful greens and blues, rather that not-so-colourful brown tones.

Intricate Peacock Nail Designs

Source: nails.and.fails

9 – Cute & Stamped Peacock Nail Designs

These cute nails are something else, aren’t they? You can achieve a similar look using nail stamps in the shape of peacock feathers, and those could be applied over whatever base shade you liked too. We have a lot of love for that ombré effect on the majority of these talons, but the gold one is pretty cute too, don’t you think?

Cute &Amp; Stamped Peacock Nail Designs
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10 – Pretty Pop of Colour Peacock Nail Art

For when you don’t want an actual peacock on your talons, what about these pretty pop of colour peacock nails instead? This look uses just a basic idea of the peacock feather design over a white backdrop, and we absolutely love it. In fact, all of this Instagrammers designs are beautiful and we definitely think you should check them out.

Pretty Pop Of Colour Peacock Nail Art
Source: linalarousse

11 – Green, Gold & Peacock Color Nail Designs

While you’re checking out these fabulous peacock nail art designs, here’s another fun and surprising peacock fact for you — the bird CAN fly. Even with those long tail feathers, the peacock doesn’t seem to have too many problems in the air, although it is recognised that they can’t fly for massive distances.

12 – Pink, Gold & Peacock Color Nails

You wouldn’t normally see peacock nails with a pink theme. This fab look shows you how to do it just right though, a peacock feather adorning one pointed nail, the rest decorated however the hell you want. You could mix and match a wide range of colours in with a look like this one. We can’t wait to see what you lovelies come up with!

13 – Pretty & Short Peacock Nail Designs

Need to keep things short n’ sweet? How does this fun peacock manicure idea take your fancy? We’re loving that summery turquoise shade, and it works really well with that black and gold peacock feather design.

Pretty &Amp; Short Peacock Nail Designs
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14 – Elegant Blue, Green & Gold Peacock Nail Designs

An elegant look for any occasion, there’s something really wonderful about that dark Essie shade. Along with the peacock feather design, this manicure ticks all the right boxes for us.

Elegant Blue, Green &Amp; Gold Peacock Nail Designs
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15 – Elegant Over Nude Peacock Nail Designs

Elegant and nude, these peacock nails use a simple process of painting the peacock feathers over simple French manicure nails. If you don’t have time for a brand new manicure, just add the design over the top of your existing solo colour or natural tip. Fabulous nails in minutes, what a genius idea?

Elegant Over Nude Peacock Nail Designs
Source: nailsbygilda

16 – Long & Green Peacock Nail Designs

Keep things simply green with this beautiful peacock nail look, long and lovely. Just as with all of these peacock nail ideas, you could opt for all nails the same design, or just pick or two nails to be your ‘featured’ nails. These would be the nails to bring your peacock look to life.

Long &Amp; Green Peacock Nail Designs
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17 – Blue Peacock Color Nails With Feather Detail

If not green, then how about blue? The good news about many of these peacock designs is that they can easily be tweaked to suit a wide and diverse mix of shades and tone. From mattes to metallics, bright to dark, there really is a peacock mani for everyone.

Blue Peacock Color Nails With Feather Detail
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18 – Elegant Grey & Turquoise Peacock Nail Designs

See – didn’t we say they’d work with a mix of shades and tones? These grey and turquoise delights are so well done, it looks as if actual feathers have been used on them. Plus, that colour combo is so pretty. We can’t get enough of it.

Elegant Grey &Amp; Turquoise Peacock Nail Designs
Source: princess_leya

19 – Diwali Peacock Nail Art

These peacock nails would be perfect for Diwali. In fact, we don’t think we’d need any reason at all to rock these fabulous and feathery designs. You could make these ones as neutral or as bright as you wanted to make them, and that’s the best thing about most of these designs. You can mix and match features from different nail looks, or make up your own entirely. There are so many ways to play around with them, and so many different tools and embellishments you could use too.

Diwali Peacock Nail Art
Source: my_nailroom

20 – Feature Peacock Nail Art

Pick one nail to paint and then get creative with a peacock feather. Why? Because when you do, you might end up with something totally cute and adorable, just like these.

Feature Peacock Nail Art
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21 – Short & Hand-Painted Peacock Nail Designs

Even when you don’t think you’re any good at hand-painting your nails, you can still be surprised at what you come up with when you have a few minutes spare to pamper yourself. These peacock feathers have been added with a few flicks of different shades – greens, blues, and golds. And that’s all you really need to create peacock feathers – a few flicks!

Short &Amp; Hand-Painted Peacock Nail Designs
Source: gingers_nails

22 – Long & Glamorous Peacock Nail Designs

These long and glamorous peacock-inspired nails are really pretty. We love the way they have been embellished with a range of features, such as those tiny little golden balls, and the glitter too. You have the option to play around with much more complicated and intricate designs when you have longer talons, but there’s nothing to stop you getting creative with shorter ones if this looks a bit unmanageble to you … (as much as it does to us!)

Long &Amp; Glamorous Peacock Nail Designs
Source: vincentnails

23 – Gel Manicure Peacock Color Nails

We’re 100% obsessed with this glitz and glam peacock gel manicure, cute and colourful all at once. Have you noticed the tiny patches f glitter used on the base of the nails? You’d probably put the glitter on the tips usually, so why not mix things up and try something new, just like a new glitter placement?

24 – Bright & Fun Peacock Nail Designs

Keep your nails bright, fun, and colourful, with these cute peacock nails. You could easily use nail wraps when you don’t have the time to paint on complicated and intricate designs. They’re so easy to use and have the ability to change your manicure in almost no time at all. Just remember to give everything a once-over with a really good top coat to keep everything in place.

Bright &Amp; Fun Peacock Nail Designs
Source: nailsby3sixty

25 – Neon Bright Coffin Peacock Nail Designs

These peacock coffin nails are something else entirely, aren’t they? In fact, we might just call these ones our favourite and be done with it. They certainly are in the running to be the right combination of features to really bring your peacock nails to life.

If you like popping neon nails, check out our post with 21 stunning neon purple nails!

Neon Bright Coffin Peacock Nail Designs
Source: vincentnails

26 – Purple Peacock Nail Designs

If you already have a pretty fabulous mani going on and you’d rather not change too much of it, just take off the nail polish on one of the nails (on each hand, if you like) and paint it a different shade, in this case, white. When that secondary shade has completely dried, add nail decals and transfers with peacock feathers on them to leave you with something that looks pretty cool … Just like this one!

Purple Peacock Nail Designs
Spotted on Pinterest

27 – Glam Green n’ Gold Peacock Nail Designs

The peacock has been associated with many different meansings over the years, especially as far as tatto designs are concerned. You could also use those meanings to your advange on your nails too, creating wonderful peacock nail designs that look good and mean something. Peacocks are usually used to symoblise awakening, immortaility, royalty, and glory. All words we rather like, we won’t lie.

Glam Green N’ Gold Peacock Nail Designs
Source: nails_koala

28 – Sparkly Blue Peacock Nail Art

We’ve seen a lot of green and green-blue peacock feather nails, but this one uses a bit of pink and blue for some extra super-awesomeness. While we’re on the subject of all things super awesome, did you know that there were many species of the peacock? For example, the green peacock is more green and gold, and the Indian peacock has more black with a metallic blue shine to them. You can even find white peacocks, usually in peafowl — female — variety.

Sparkly Blue Peacock Nail Art
Source: clan464

29 – Cascading Peacock Nail Designs

For something a little different, how about creating a peacock tail that cascades across all of your nails, allowing you to really get imaginative with your nail art ideas? Have the actual body of the bird on one of the nails, and stretch the tail out with a number of feathers and loop all over the rest. It’s very simple and lots of fun. We loved this look!

Cascading Peacock Nail Designs
Source: nailsbygilda

30 – Glam n’ Gold Peacock Nail Art

Mix all of the glamorous, luxury shades you own for something that sparkles beautifully, just like this amazing peacock nail art design. That mix of rich purples and greens beneath that golden feather … It’s too beautiful for words. That’s our opinion, anyway. What’s yours?

Glam N’ Gold Peacock Nail Art
Source: damselnails

31 – Simple Peacock Nail Art

For when you want just the smallest peacock feather touch on the tips of your nails, how about using decals, just like you can see here. If you fancied your hand at hand-painting, you could even give that a go. It’s all about those little details. Sometimes, those little details are everything.

Simple Peacock Nail Art
Spotted on Pinterest

What did you think? Did you have a favourite or do all of these peacock nails tick all the right boxes for you? We fell in love with each and every design on this page, and we think you should head on over to the artists’ individual pages to go and show them some love. You’ll find the links beneath each picture. They deserve some love, don’t you think?

Thank you so much for reading today. We hope you’ve managed to find the inspiration you’ve been looking for. We also can’t wait to see what YOU create, so if you’d like us to feature your nail design on CherryCherryBeauty, you know what to do – get in touch!

Have a wonderful day!