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21 Scary But Beautiful Scream Nails

It’s a small town with good people, not many, but friendly and outgoing. Everyone knew everyone, and no one knew anyone – if you know what we mean. But, this small town has been thrown into disarray; the worst kind of evil disgruntled the once-peaceful village.

There’s a killer among them, and it could be anybody; but how did that happen? Bodies keep dropping like flies, having been ripped into bloody sheds – it looks like the work of someone who’s been planning for years. Suddenly, the little town of Woodsboro is no longer asleep; it has been awoken, screaming.

If you’ve not seen the horror film, Scream, we’ll bet my little narration just piqued your interest. But, if you do watch it, you’ll love it – maybe as much as we do. We love Scream so much that we don’t know a better way of showing our love than with these 21 fabulous Scream nails.

1 – All Shades of Bloody Scream Nails

Featuring different designs and color shades, these scream nails are simply exquisite. What’s more? You are free to create your designs with these nails. They are bloody and spooky nails, bringing you dangerously close to the disrupted little town of Woodsboro.

More so, if you need creepy nails for Halloween, these bloody scream nails will fit perfectly with your Scream outfit. However, while we cannot outrightly say you can’t create the style on your own, we suggest you see a professional. These look like something only a professional can do!

All Shades Of Bloody Scream Nails
Instagram @thenailconnection

2 – Pointy Scream Nails

If the people of Woodsboro don’t know who’s killing their people, that means he’s wearing some mask, right? He is – and we know exactly where the mask is: it’s on these nails! These Scream nails feature a mask design in black and pink colors, pointy ends, and embellishments to bring home the scary but cute look.

The beauty of these is that they are entirely adaptable; you can create whatever designs you want on them. Also, they make a perfect set of Valentine’s gifts; pink, beautiful, and exotic.

Pointy Scream Nails
Instagram @spellboundxnails

3 – Lovely Pinky Scream Nails

These are some of our favorites, not that they’re not all our favorites – but, you know. They feature a creative design that only the most talented manicurist can procreate. You put these on, and you’ll be slaying for different events, including birthday parties, valentine, prom, and wherever.

The gelous acrylic surface of the nails makes them perfect for creating any design, and your drawing won’t wear off. If you’ve got your hands on these, you’ve got your hands on power – who knows; you could help Woodsboro catch the killer.

Lovely Pinky Scream Nails
Instagram @thelastnail

Do you want to recreate these stunning scream nails? We have found this awesome video tutorial that walks you through the whole process!

4 – Just Chilling Killing Scream Nails

These Scream nails feature a killer matte topcoat with jelly polish, perfect for Halloween. They are light pink with different drawings of a killer’s instrument. The creepy mask, bloody knife, and red-eyed scary look – all that’s needed to make the little town of Woodsboro tremble with fear.

These nails look simple to design, and anyone can do it – but we know better. Nevertheless, if you’ve got excellent drawing skills, maybe you’ve got a shot. However, those edges and carvings look like they’ll need the touch of experienced hands.

Just Chilling Killing Scream Nails
Instagram @cattsclaws

5 – Spooky Nude Scream Nails

Nude in color, classy in style, and absolutely spooky – just the way we like it. These are matte nails every nail enthusiast should have on their fingers; they perfectly encapsulate and redefine the term “class.” The nails feature different designs, including a mask in black and white and a knife that looks ready to wreak havoc.

If you need spooky nails for Halloween, these make a perfect set; they’ll perfectly complement any outfit you’ve got picked out. These are fearsome but gorgeous, spooky but cute nails meant for the bravest of them all.

Spooky Nude Scream Nails
Instagram @ng_nailss

6 – Red and Black Spooky Scream Nails

We all know that the perfect red and black make an ideal combination for danger – or something scary like the killer in Woodsboro. These red and black spooky scream nails are the perfect representation of awesome; yes, scary, but awesome. They are truly magnificent and will look beautiful on any finger that wears them.

The nails are customizable; you can put on your creative cap and create something spookier than these. Otherwise, or better still, seek a professional to do it for you – especially if you want it as good as these!

Red And Black Spooky Scream Nails
Instagram @jaz_does_nails

7 – Pearly-Scary Scream Nails

How nail art can be so beautiful and yet so scary is beyond us, but these nails are gorgeous, period! They are also some of our favorites; I mean, who wouldn’t love these? Featuring the killer’s mask with pearls surrounding it, a bow, and a little cross hanging: they are true beauty.

What do you think, is this something you can do by yourself? These nails are a classic; they’ll bring out the color of your fingers, making them glow. Of course, those nails in any gathering will be the talk of the moment.

Pearly-Scary Scream Nails
Instagram @glamgoth

8 – 3D Hand-Sculpted Scream Nails

If you appreciate or find scary movies interesting, you will love these nails with their scary inscriptions and drawings. These 3D scream nails feature different colors, including silver, pink, black, and white. The best part of it is that they are hand-painted – meaning you can do this yourself if you’ve got some drawing skills.

On them, you can draw a mask, which you’ll need to stay anonymous, and a knife, the killer’s instrument. These nails are practically saying, “you can scream, but only if you do it cutely.”

3D Hand-Sculpted Scream Nails
Instagram @naileditbychelsey

9 – Black, Red, Nude Scream Nails

These multicolor scream nails have a unique aura about them; they look complicated and straightforward at the same time. They have a white mask sculpted on a black gel surface, and the nude color is tainted with some drops of blood. These gorgeous nails bring you straight into the mind of Woodsboro’s serial killer.

Meanwhile, these nails look simple enough to recreate in the comfort of your home. But, if you want those edges perfectly sculpted with no shade of imperfection, you may want to see a professional.

Black, Red, Nude Scream Nails
Instagram @stashhouseaz

10 – Pinky Chillin Killin Scream Nails

This gives us a little bit of nostalgia; would we be wrong to want this? These scream nails look too good to be true, but they are too good, and they are true. With the right nail artist, good-quality cuticle oil, and a maximum level of consistency, this could be your nails.

Meanwhile, we thought this would be simple to do, so we tried it. But, it is more complicated than we thought; we gave up after many tries. So, believe us when we say only the best nail artist can get it right.

Pinky Chillin Killin Scream Nails
Instagram @abigailsviewofbeauty

11 – Glittering Lovey Scream Nails

Created with holographic and flash gel, these scream nails give a more intimate meaning to valentine. Every girl wants to be special, to turn heads when she walks into a room – well, these nails may just make that dream come true. With its scream logo, the mask, and the little heart shapes scattered all over, these scream nails will make the crowd scream.

This is perfection only the most talented nail artist can pull off – and it’s a good thing we’ve got many of them around. With the right nail artist, this could be your nails.

Glittering Lovey Scream Nails
Instagram @daily_charme

12 – Black and White Bomb Scream Nails

These scream nails are the bomb; they are medium, but you can also have them long. They are exquisite, wouldn’t you agree? The crest, the star, the mask, and the black drops of blood – a combination that makes one tremble with chilly cuteness.

These nails help us understand that something can be beautiful and scary simultaneously. No offense to Woodsboro’s killer’s victims, but creepy can be cool, too. So get yourself a creative nail artist and be free and confident to show your claws in public!

Black And White Bomb Scream Nails
Instagram @vividbeauty.bydess

13 – “Scream” Scream Nails

These nails are all shades of creepy; they’re saying, “stay indoors if you’re not bold enough to face the killer.” The nails feature nude pink, black, and white colors, with different scary drawings and magnificent works of art. You can see the killer’s face, his mask, his knife, the blood of his most recent victim – oh and there’s a telephone, call the police!

 This is a complete work of art, showcasing beautiful and raw talent. Only the most talented nail artist can do something this spectacular.

“Scream” Scream Nails

14 – Short Devil Scream Nails

These feature a simple but deadly look, with the heart and face of the devil to make them creepier but lovely. In addition, these have leaf gel pots that make it easy to draw different works of art on them. These colors are suitable for any season and time of the year, especially the festive seasons and holidays.

The nails have a cool color shade, making them a perfect complement for any skin color. So, pale, dark, or brown, these nails will glow brightly, giving you the desired creepy look. “Incredibly magnificent” is the only phrase we can think of to use for these nails.

Short Devil Scream Nails
Instagram @realhotgurlnails

 15 – Scream Nails Halloween

We love all scream nails, but these have got to be one of our favorites – after all, what’s there not to like? The perfect night-black color with tiny stripes of pink, the shiny surface of the gelous nails, and the cryptic drawings on the nails – we love them. Plus, a scream nail without an accompanying scream mask wouldn’t be right.

We’ve tried our hands on these, too, but they’re more complicated than they look. It’ll take an experienced and talented nail artist to recreate this gorgeous look perfectly.

Scream Nails Halloween

 16 – Hang Up Scream Nails

These scream nails feature everything magpie paint gels in black, white, and pink colors with a top-it-off top coat. These nails are so beautiful you could get obsessed, but it’s too late for us because we are already obsessed. Featuring magnificent artwork, these nails are impressively lovely and all gorgeous shades.

Recreating these designs isn’t hard; you just need the right nail polish, get the colors right, and have a creative nail artist. You may do it yourself, but an artist will get the carvings and drawings perfectly, you know.

Hang Up Scream Nails
Instagram @indiglownails

17 – Long Orange Scream Nails Halloween

This is a classic for lovers of orange, creepy, and gorgeous – all in one set of nails. This set of scream nails will make those who see you, well, scream out in excitement and awe. Why shouldn’t they, since the nails are worth the hype and more.

Most people love these scream nails, and that includes us – we have no doubt you’ll soon be on this train. Meanwhile, if you want to get the design perfectly, you could do it yourself, or you can get a good nail artist.

Long Orange Scream Nails Halloween
Instagram @candy_nails_by_candice

18 – Blood Drops Scream Nails

If you need spooky nails for your next outing, whatever outing, these nails will do great. The white stained with drops of blood tell of brilliant craftsmanship many of us can only imagine. The curved edges of the nails make them hug your fingers cutely, giving them an even more magnificent look.

These acrylic nails will look good on any finger and will make a fine addition to your collection of scream nails – or any other. However, carving and designing of this sort are more than we can wrap our head around, but that a professional will find easy.

Blood Drops Scream Nails
Instagram @iscreamnails

19 – Valentine’s Day Scream Nails

We can’t get over how cute these scream nails look; their bright colors and funky shape make them a novelty item. These scream nails give off a Halloweeny and rocky vibe, and they are pretty easy to apply. You will find yourself getting obsessed with these if you’re not careful – with their adorableness and all.

These nails have such classic colors that anyone must have in their nail collection; you will fall in love with the color. The super-soft pinky and more hardcore black colors make them a formidable sight.

Valentine’s Day Scream Nails
Instagram @naildreamzstudio

20 – Beautiful Nude Pink Scream Nails

This beautiful combination of nude, pink, and black colors is just magnificent; we can see ourselves wearing these anytime of the year. Moreover, these are designed with the perfect nail polish color shade, perfect in nail art. All scram polishes are perfect for nail art, anyway.

We especially love how these nails manage to be pale and bright simultaneously. Whether this makes sense or not, we are in love with these.

 21 – Valentine Heart Scream Nail Art

These are adorable nail art made with perfect colors and flawless formulas. We love how the deep red shade blends so perfectly with the pink, creating a beautiful combination of colors. With the right artist, consistency, and, of course, some cash, this could be your nails!

A design this perfect would require a skilled and experienced nail artist. But, if you think you can do it, be our guest; you will love the color combination, no doubt.

Valentine Heart Scream Nail Art


We believe scream nails have their unique beauty any other nail doesn’t have, and we think you do, too. These represent that horror film we so love; the suspense, the thrill, and the Scream! But, let’s hear what you think: which of these scream nails do you think tells the story better? Which one caught your fancy the most?

Below is a YouTube video link carefully explaining how to make beautiful nail art designs. It has a compilation of nail art designs to give you inspiration for what designs you want to recreate with scream nail polish. You can watch the nail art tutorials as many times as possible until you can confidently create your own beautiful nail artwork.


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