21 Ombre Grey Hair Looks

It was a trend that first hit in the early part of 2016, but these ombre grey hair looks are here to stay. The trend has grown from strength to strength, with more and more celebrities hopping on the grey-haired bandwagon. There are now so many products on the market that achieving the perfect grey tone is now easier than ever.

That’s not to say these ombre grey hair looks will be easy to achieve, of course. This is a shade that is definitely difficult to get the hang of. With some patience, the right tools, and a little bit of knowledge, however, you’ll get there. We’ll be sharing the tricks of the trade that we’ve learned over the last few years of being grey-haired ourselves, as well as some of the most beautiful ombre grey hair looks we’ve come across.

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1 – Natural to Silver-Grey Ombre Lob

Summer is coming to an end, and we’re all finding it mighty hard to come to terms with, especially as many of us didn’t complete any of our to-do lists. You know – the things you’re “definitely” going to do this summer, such as getting the perfect beach body, and hitting three different places on the map like you always told your Dad you’d be able to do. (Don’t you hate it when he’s right?)

If you’re having a hard time saying goodbye to the sun, these ombre grey hair looks might make life a little easier. It’s a cooler look than the blondes and brondes that you’ll have been rocking for the summer, and when ombre’d in with those natural, darker and more brown tones, is a much easier look to achieve than you first may have thought.

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 3

Source: hairbyhollycrawford

2 – Layered + Curled Grey Ombre

Curls are a great way to show off all the colours you’re rocking in your ‘do. You should look at no-heat methods of getting curls if you want to give your hair a break, however. We’re all so quick to jump to curling irons and straighteners but these can often do the greatest amount of damage to your hair. Scrunching can work, with a seal salt hair spray, but this gives loose and boho waves, rather than glamorous Hollywood waves. There’s also pin curls, braiding, velcro rollers, bantu knots, paper towels, socks, and even headbands. It is well worth looking at these other methods if you want to leave your hair in tip-top condition, and also if you want to make your ombre grey hair looks last as long as possible.

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 7

Source: cat_baxta

3 – Dreamy Grey Ombre

The one thing you’ll need to remember with these ombre grey hair looks is that the lighter you’ll want to go, the more lightening and bleaching treatments you will need beforehand. This means that you’ll need to make sure your hair is in tip top condition. Of course, if you’re growing out an older, bleached or lighter look, allowing your darker and more natural roots to come through, you could consider going over those blonde/bleached segments with a beautiful grey wash. You’ll end up with something that looks a little like if you play your cards right.

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 14

Source: hairbysamhostad

4 – Super Dark to Gunmetal Grey Hair

The more damaged and brittle your hair is, the harder it will be to get an all-over tone that is dyed to perfection. Dry hair means that coloured hair will often come out patchy, and the only way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to ensure that you are taking as much care of your hair as you can before the big hair salon appointment day.

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 2

Source: Pinterest

5 – Purple-Tinge Grey Ends

With an otherworldly charm, it’s easy to understand why ombre grey hair looks like these are becoming so popular, and with almost metallic hues, they can add a shine to your hair that you might not have seen in a while. This is providing you take care of your locks, giving them a good few conditioning treatments before you go through all that lightening activity.

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 1

Source: bangseattle

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6 – Dark to Light Silver Locks

This look shows you how bright you can go when looking at these blended grey numbers, and that’s what makes it a perfect look for everyone to try. There is a tone or shade out there to suit every eye colour, skin tone, and even hair style, length and type. It’s just a case of working out which of the shades would better suit you, and this is something that a professional stylist or colourist will be able to help you with.

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 4

Source: broadwayhaircenter


7 – Ash Brown + Silver Ombre

From brightly-does-it to barely-there and natural, but this look shows you how versatile these ombre grey hair looks can be. This ash brown to silver ombre is a beautiful mix of colours, hand-painted so well that you can’t really tell where one colour ends and the other begins. You’ll need a good balayage artist to achieve a beautiful and natural look like this one. Pin the pic to your Pinterest board and show your hair colourist!

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 6

Source: americansalon__mayu

8 – Pastel Lilacs + Silver Ombre

With so many shades of silver, grey and gunmetal to pick from, you’d be forgiven for not knowing where to start. We have had particular success with one particular brand of silver and grey tones, although we did mix a wide range of tones together to get to the desired effect. Out of all the grey dyes we’ve tried (over bleach blonde, and then toner’d hair), these ones have had the best success:

Colour Freedom (we mixed Silver Grey, Graphite Grey, Silver Blonde and Silver Violet to get the look that you can see here.)

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 20

Source: chxryl

9 – Ice Queen Silver

Adding a new and modern twist to the traditional brown and blonde balayage and ombre mixes, these ombre grey hair looks are almost natural enough to wear to work without upsetting your boss too much. At the same time, they’re still out-there enough to know that you’ve dyed your hair a shade that is truly out of this world. This look, for example, is so beautiful no one would ever dare argue with it. A little bit Ice Queen, we think. How about you?

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 21

Source: hairbyraquelr

10 – Naturally Brown to Icy Silver

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Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 13

Source: dearmiju

11 – Frosted Grey Waves

When you’re trying to go really grey, you will often find that you end up going another shade too, in patches. One of the CherryCherryBeauty den found that her hair went very lilac when she attempted those ombre grey hair looks, whereas another girl we know who attempted silvery-grey found herself with a blue tinge all-over. If this happens, go with it. You’ll end up with something stunning, either way, even if it wasn’t quite the shade you’d hoped for.

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 16

Source: lushhairsaddleworth

12 – Lovely Light Silver Locks

Always listen to your hair stylist. If they’re saying to you that you’re trying to go too light, too quick, there’s a good chance you’re probably trying to go too light, too quick. This will usually result in quite heavy breakage and damage, and this will take weeks, and maybe even months to repair. Once again, dyed hair doesn’t quite take the same when it’s damaged, so it doesn’t matter what colour or shade you’re trying to achieve, grey or otherwise, it’ll still come out patchy. Long story short, take care of your hair, and the colour will take great care of you!

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 17

Source: mikilanii


13 – Natural Roots + Ombre Grey Hair Looks

With these ombre grey hair looks, you may even find that one salon appointment isn’t quite enough. You may need more than one lightening treatment, and in our experience, it can take a couple of attempts to get quite the richness of grey steel you’re looking for. It’s best to go in with realistic expectations, otherwise, you will find yourself disappointed.

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 18

Source: wakeupandmakeup

14 – Dark to Light Ombre Grey Looks for Shoulder-Length Hair

Dark to light is a combination that works really well, on all mixes of tones and colour, not just these ombre grey hair looks. It also allows for you to save some money in hair salon appointments, because you’ll be able to go longer between touch-ups. It’ll save you time, and it gives your hair a bit of a break. Winning all round, we’d say.

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 19

Source: funk.mad.hair

15 – Lovely Grey + Lilac Locks

Lilac is one of those sometimes unwanted side effects of trying to get the perfect ombre grey hair looks, but rather than trying to cover it over, we think you should rock the pastel shade instead. We used a lavender-style grey in with ours when did the whole all-over grey look, and those lilac shades blended in with the grey and picked up the light beautifully. It’s definitely a look that we would rock again too.

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 15

Source: hairbysamhostad



16 – Light Grey Ombre Hair Looks with Neutral Tones

The greatest thing about these stunning ombre grey hair looks is that they can look as natural or as out-there as you want them to look. That’s just why we love them so. This long and glamorous look is perfect for a really romantic and high-class affai. It could easily be created from large curling irons or rollers. It’s a stunner, right?

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 12

Source: imogenfoxylocks

17 – Silvery Grey + Lilac Streaks

Another lovely lilac look, purple and grey tones are two that work together absolutely brilliantly, just one reason why we think you should give these ombre grey hair looks a shot. You could go for amore of a streaky look, if you wanted something that really stood out when you added those curls, or you could opt for a more natural and hand-painted / blended balayage or ombre effect. Either way, the end result is usually quite stunning.

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 11

Source: dearmiju

18 – Dark Roots + Light Grey Ombre Ends

Dark to light is a great contrast, and when we’re talking about ombre grey hair looks, you can understand why. The two are really worlds apart when you’re adding to top and bottom of your hair. Just make sure everything in the middle is nicely blended. You don’t want a harsh straight line here, especially if you want more of an easy-to-wear and natural result.

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 10

Source: Pinterest


19 – Blonde + Grey Balayage Blends

And for when you really can’t leave your blonde bombshell side behind, how about blonde and grey ombre hair looks? These balayage blends have been mixed together beautifully, and overall, it actually looks like a much more natural shade than ever some of the blondes we’ve sported recently. But what do you think? Is this one your favourite? We think it might just be one of ours …

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 9

Source: hairthrone

20 – Silvery-Grey Messy Bun

Of course, the messy half-up, half-down bun is one of the cutest and easiest ways to rock your hair right now, especially if you can’t be bothered to wash it in the morning. A touch of dry shampoo added to the roots will soak up any grease if that’s your problem. The powder texture will also help the hair to bind together, making it stay exactly where you want it to. All you need to do is wrap it around and secure in place, and you’ve got the cutest hairstyle that will last. Yes, it’ll even last all day if you add a touch of hairspray when it’s all done.

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 8

Source: Pinterest

21 – Dark to Light Contrast Silver Locks

And, finally, for the days when you don’t want a complete hair transformation but still want to rock a brand new look, there’s always extensions and wigs. These new hair accessories give you plenty of ways to transform your locks and plenty of ways to play around with colour if you don’t want to put your own hair through all that.

Adding a few lighter-grey toned hair extensions to the underneath of your locks, you too could have a look that screams modern and cool, just like this one.

Ombre Grey Hair Ideas 5

Source: candyabuse


And there they are – the 21 most stunning ombre grey hair looks we could find. And aren’t they truly stunning too? Don’t forget to give the artist a cheeky little follow if you loved their work as much as we did. If you’ve got any recommendations, feel free to shout them out. We would love to hear what you’d like to see next.

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