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18 Exciting Harley Quinn Hair Ideas

We’ve watched Suicide Squad about a million times, and now we’re totally obsessed with Harley Quinn, played in the movie by Margot Robbie.

A couple of the girls in our team have recreated the Harley Quinn hair ideas for themselves and received nothing but compliments on them, and if you’re looking to create your very own version of Harley Quinn hair, how about you take a look at some of these for inspiration? We’re sure her Puddin’ would love them!

1 – Classic Harley Quinn Hair

The classic Harley Quinn hair look is black and red, mimicking that jester-look that she traditionally has in the comic books and stories. We love this classic look – a simple case of half red and half black, super striking and definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Classic Harley Quinn Hair
Instagram / @voodoobarbiedoll

It was actually in 2009 that the red and black harlequin look was abandoned for the super villain in a nurse’s outfit in the game ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum.’

2 – Blue and Pink Harley Quinn Hair

If you don’t know the story of Harley Quinn, here it is in a nutshell – she’s a psychiatrist and she started to analyse the Joker. In typical fairytale fashion, boy and girl falls in love, and the boy sends the girl crazy. (Don’t they all?) She loses her Harleen Quinzel persona and becomes Harley Quinn – the Clown Princess of Crime.

Blue And Pink Harley Quinn Hair
Instagram / @hair.by.ashmichelle

Margot Robbie has brought the feisty babe to life in the blue and pink fashion we’re accustomed to seeing her these days.

3 – Blue and Pink Harley Quinn Hair

Harley Quinn is BFF’s with Poison Ivy and when she once saved her life, also injected her with something that makes HQ immune to toxins and poisons.

Blue And Pink Harley Quinn Hair
Instagram / @bestecig

We’re sure Poison Ivy would definitely have approved of this Harley Quinn hair choice – had and half pink and blue, very much like the blue and pink we saw before but with the entire head of hair and not just the ends.

If you’re looking for more ways to wear pink hair, try combining it with purple like in these Brave Pink and Purple Hair Looks.

4 – Pastel Harley Quinn Hair

There are so many options when it comes to Harley Quinn hair that there’s bound to be one that suits you. If you wanted more pastel colours than the brighter and bold colours we’ve already revealed, how about this pink and blue pastels Harley Quinn hair look instead?

Pastel Harley Quinn Hair
Instagram / @imagewesthair

Of course, we’re 100% living the braided look here too – it’s so on-trend right now. If Harley Quinn wore braids, this is definitely how we think she’d rock them.

Do you want to recreate this stunning Harley Quinn hair look? Check out the video below. Have fun!

5 – Easy Harley Quinn Hair

This Harley Quinn hair is super easy to do yourself at home, and a number of the guys in our team have actually tried this look for themselves. Simple separate your hair into ponytails, making sure you have a straight line right down the back of your head, and dye one half blue and one half pink.

Easy Harley Quinn Hair
Instagram / @hairby_brittni

There’s a number of hair dyes we’d love to recommend to you (that we’ve used here at CherryCherryBeauty), and if you carry on reading, you’ll find our particular favourites to use and play with.

6 – Faded Harley Quinn Hair

Believe it or not, Harley Quinn should have made her screen debut already but because the 1997 movie, ‘Batman and Robin’ flopped, the sequel to the movie was flopped and so was HQ’s character.

13 18 Harley Quinn Hair Ideas At Cherrycherrybeauty.com Harleyquinn Suicidesquad
Instagram / @vividlovehairdesign

This hair is definitely not a flop though, and the two sides show you two different ways of wearing it – the right is freshly dyed and looks amazing, but the left side has been washed-out and faded a lot, but still looks perfectly Harley-Quinn-able.


7 – Half-Half Harley Quinn Hair

Separating your hair into that 50/50 split is actually impossible. When we had this hair, our pink was always in our blue and vice versa. Re-dyeing your hair these same colours can sometimes be a nightmare.

15 18 Harley Quinn Hair Ideas At Cherrycherrybeauty.com Harleyquinn Suicidesquad
Instagram / @kimblebee666

You may need to wash your hair separately, depending on the dye, for the first few washes. This is to make sure the colours don’t bleed together – this will create a purple instead of the distinct blue and pink.

8 – Blonde Harley Quinn Hair

The relationship that Harley Quinn has with love interest Joker is up and down. At some points in their history, he’s even tried to kill her. Aren’t all relationships a very fine line between love and hate though…

12 18 Harley Quinn Hair Ideas At Cherrycherrybeauty.com Harleyquinn Suicidesquad
Instagram / @nayyfirens

I can tell you one thing we definitely don’t hate though – this hair. We’re sure that the Joker would have loved it! How about you?

Oh and here’s a final tip for easy Harley Quinn hair – when you’re fading this look out, use a silver shampoo and conditioner set. It’ll make your brassy bleach-blonde hair go a beautiful silvery / white-blonde look, and as your pink and blue fades, they’ll do so in a powdery, pastel nature, keeping your hair looking amazing for longer.

9 – Cosplay Harley Quinn Hair

If you want a look that’ll really stand out, you could do a lot worse than this red and black Harley Quinn hair. The good thing about these Harley Quinn hair ideas is that they can be completely customized to suit you.

Spotted on Pinterest

10 – Short Harley Quinn Hair

And just when you thought you’d need to buy hair extensions online to get the kind of Harley Quinn hair look you really want, here’s a super cute look to prove you don’t need long locks at all.

Short Harley Quinn Hair
Instagram / @audreyb182

The pink and blue dip-dye has been cleverly created on this short hair, laying the colours a little whilst still allowing for enough of the blonde to show through at the top. For those days when you just can’t be bothered wither extensions, rock your hair short and colourful!

11 – Straight Harley Quinn Hair

We know that Harley Quinn wears her hair curly in the movie (because we’ve seen every trailer a million times over), but there’s something about this super straight Harley Quinn that we kind of love. One thing we learned when we attempted this look ourselves at home was that you have two choices when it comes to the blue and pink …

Straight Harley Quinn Hair
Instagram / @melsmithhairstylist

You either need to make sure you have exactly the same amount of pink and blue on each side, or layer it up so in sections, the colour rises higher than in other sections. A little uneven, just like you can see here. We attempted to go for super-straight and even on both sides the first time we did, and it proved to be really difficult at home. There were a smudges and colour in places there shouldn’t have been, and the colour ran a little the first few times we washed it.

I’d recommend going for the uneven look! It’s much easier! (Plus it looks better!)

12 – Brunette Harley Quinn Hair

There’s something very pretty about this look, a way to rock the Harley Quinn hair trend without making things too obvious … or permanent for that matter. If you have darker or brunette hair and don’t fancy going white blonde and punky pink and blue, leave your natural hair as the backdrop and go for hair chalks in pastel shades mixed together instead.

Brunette Harley Quinn Hair
Spotted on Pinterest

Hair chalks are a great way of switching your hair up temporarily, and you can wash them out when you’re done too. Perfect for when you want to be the super villain, Harley Quinn, at the weekends before getting back into Harleen Quinzel mode in time for work on Monday morning!


13 – Harley Quinn Hair Pigtail

The pigtail look is so very Harley Quinn, once again made super cute by the delectable Margot Robbie. We love the way that these pink and blue locks have been added to more of a silvery-blonde than a white blonde, and purple shampoo can help you to get that icy-silver shade.

Harley Quinn Hair Pigtail
Instagram / @guy_tang

If you weren’t born with luscious long locks like this (because most of us definitely weren’t), don’t worry too much – you can easily fake it with hair extensions, and you can even use adorable ribbons to cover your hair bands too – another trick we like to use on a regular basis. There’s something super cute about hair ribbons, don’t you think?

14 – Beautiful Harley Quinn Hair

This is a look that really does stand out, and it’s certainly not one for the faint-hearted. With Harley Quinn hair looks like this one, you need to be aware of the maintenance required. If you want to keep your hair this bright and bold for as long as possible, you’ll need to learn to wash your hair less frequently. You can try to top up your colour by adding some of the hair dye into your shampoo and conditioner, but on half and half hair like this, it can be a lot of hard work. Trust us on this one … we’ve tried.

Beautiful Harley Quinn Hair
Spotted on Pinterest

With a full head of hair colour like this one, you’ll be looking at re-dyeing your do every couple of weeks, and in some cases (depending on the dye that you use) perhaps even more often than that. It will fade to a more powdery, pastel version of itself, especially if you use purple shampoo (like we do), but if you want more bright than pastel, regular re-dyeing is inevitable.

15 – Black and Red Harley Quinn Hair

We’ve done a lot of blue and pink but for those of you who still love the black and red version of HQ, we’d recommend this Harley Quinn hair look – still blonde but instead of the blue and pink dip-dye ends, black and red has been used instead.

1 18 Harley Quinn Hair Ideas At Cherrycherrybeauty.com Harleyquinn Suicidesquad
Spotted on Pinterest

Black is quite a sharp contrast to blonde, so you’ll need to be prepared for this style. If you’re going permanent or even semi-permanant, going from black to blonde / a lighter colour is really hard work. The red will also go a brassy orange colour as it fades. It’s a look that requires a decent amount of maintenance, that’s all we’re saying.

16 – Subtle Harley Quinn Hair

And for a look that’s definitely more subtle than most Harley Quinn hair ideas we’ve shown you, this lilac, pink and blue beauty is perfect – subtle, pastel shades, and so pretty, we can’t wait to get it ourselves.

Subtle Harley Quinn Hair
Spotted on Pinterest

It’s not as obvious as the rest of the looks we’ve shown you, and it’s easily recreated with both hair chalks and temporary hair spray dyes, as well as those wash-in and wash-out / semi-perm dyes you can buy off the shelves. We think it’s super pretty!

17 – Natural Harley Quinn Hair

Another look that keeps things a little natural, or as natural as you can get when you’re mimicking a super-villain, is this natural and dip-dyed Harley Quinn hair look. The bulk of the hair has been left natural, and the ends can be coloured in a variety of ways.

Natural Harley Quinn Hair
Spotted on Pinterest

You can either bleach the ends before colouring them with the contrasting pinky-red and blue shades. This is the harshest method, but the most permanent. The bleached ends also means that you can play around with colour a little – changing it up for something else when you get bored of the Harley Quinn hair look.

You could alternatively use hair chalks and hair spray colours to achieve this look, which works perfectly if you only want it for one night – perhaps a fancy dress party?

18 – Bleach Blonde Harley Quinn Hair

And another beautiful look using the red and black Harley Quinn design, the bleach blonde pigtails with the dip-dyed black and red ends. It’s a simple look but one that really stands out, and again, you’re going to want to think about this before you opt for it on a permanent basis. It’ll take it’s fair share of maintenance.

Bleach Blonde Harley Quinn Hair
Spotted on Pinterest

You can easily achieve this look yourself, with a variety of colours too if red and black or Harley Quinn hair isn’t quite your thing. Simply separate your hair in two, making sure the line down the back is relatively straight, or as straight as you can get it. Use a mirror held behind you to check the reflection in the mirror in front of you. That’s what we do anyway.

Plait / braid your hair until you have as much loose at the ends that you want to colour. Use a band to tie the ends together and the hair that is loose and hanging down will be the section you colour.

You can use a hair-painting brush if you like, but we like to use our fingers to get right into the hair, especially when you close to the hair elastic – a brush doesn’t get to the middle sections of the top of the loose hair.

There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube – we’d definitely recommend you take a peek! That’s how we learned how to achieve this look ourselves, and we’ve done it with a wide range of colours and shades too!


So there you have them – 18 amazing Harley Quinn hair ideas if you fancy being a little super-villainous for a little while. It’s fun to dress up and it’s even more fun when you can colour your hair too! Which one of these looks is your favourite? And, if you copy them, make sure you come back and let us know – tag us on social media with #CherryCherryBeauty.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!