30 Bold Hair Colour Ideas You Should Try

Are you thinking about making a change for 2016? Sick of the same tired, old hair style and want something new, more vibrant, more modern?

You’ve definitely come to the right place. Hair isn’t just hair these days – it’s a style statement. so make a real style statement with yours by switching it up and changing the colour.

Here are 30 bold hair colour ideas you should try for 2016!

If you have shorter hair, why not play around with colour a little more to make a bigger statement? You can start off with something neutral and muted but work your way up to bigger and brighter colours later on. There’s nothing to say you need to start off with bright and bolshy is there?

30 Bold Hair Colour Ideas You Should Try For 2016
Instagram / katiezimbalisalon

The underside of this hair has been left relatively neutral with the darker brown shade, but the highlights and throughout the top length has been turned this beautiful dusky, shadow blonde. It’s a really great look and one that we predict will be huge for 2016!

We’ve had mermaid hair, sunset hair and unicorn hair. It would appear the next ‘in’ style to rock is orchid hair and why not? It’s a simply beautiful mix of blush and pastel pinks and purples. Think more duskier colours than brighter colours and you have about the right idea.

30 Bold Hair Colour Ideas You Should Try For 2016
Instagram / altinhairartist

If you’ve always thought about dying your hair pink but haven’t ever been brave enough, this is a great place to start. You can build on the brighter colours from this point and you can always switch shades. It would be easy enough to go from this dusky pink to a lilac and purple shade without too much lightning or bleaching in between.

Hair extensions are a great cheat for girls with shorter hair who want to recreate this style. If you’ve been blessed with long and luscious locks on the other hand, make sure you give them a break from time to time.

30 Bold Hair Colour Ideas You Should Try For 2016
Instagram / fredyhair

If you enjoy having light or icy blonde hair, for example, this ombre is a great way to keep the desired blonde whilst still avoiding bleaching and lightening the hair for a while. Again, it doesn’t matter if you can’t get to the salon. The darker roots growing through will just look as if they are meant to be there!


Dip dyes and bright streaks of colour have been in-trend for a while now and the good news is that the trend is set to stay for a little while longer. With the likes of Miranda Lambert sporting beautiful pink dip-dyed and block-dyed locks, the urge to go a little crazy has never been so strong.

30 Bold Hair Colour Ideas You Should Try For 2016
Instagram / karyssadoeshair

If you have short hair, why not start with a couple of bright coloured streaks poking through? You don’t need to dye your whole head of hair to make a style statement and there are plenty of contrasting colours you can pop through! Think pink, blue, red, purple, green and more and let your imagination run away with you…

Red hair was big a while back but the trend seemed to disappear for a while. For 2016 the colour is set to make a come back but it won’t be the right pillar-box reds you’ve seen the likes of Rihanna sporting.

30 Bold Hair Colour Ideas You Should Try For 2016
Instagram / lindahallbergs

Instead you’ll want to go for a softer, more romantic red. Think more dark cherry than postbox and you’ll have about the right idea.

It’s like mermaid hair but it’s glacial hair! Combining beautiful shades of green, silver, grey, turquoise, purple and more, its an arctic look with a difference. The good news about looks like this is because of the mix and blend of shades, it doesn’t matter if you go a little wrong.

30 Bold Hair Colour Ideas You Should Try For 2016
Instagram / bw_artistry

Be bold and don’t be afraid to experiment. If the colour you’re using seems a little strong, a great tip to use is to mix it with a little conditioner before applying to the hair. You’ll have a more pastel, understated hue than the brighter ones the packet may promise.

Long hair is always going to be in fashion and if your hair just isn’t growing as fast as you’d like it to, don’t be afraid to experiment with hair extensions. Just make sure you go and see someone who knows what they’re doing and knows what kind of look you want to achieve.

30 Bold Hair Colour Ideas You Should Try For 2016
Instagram / jadamson90

This is easily recreated with the right blend of coloured extensions but if attached incorrectly, will look super tacky real quick.

It’s a very different look and still relatively new but fragmented ‘chunks’ of colour are becoming all the rage these days, especially when you go bold and beautiful like these gorgeous pinks, purples and blues.

30 Bold Hair Colour Ideas You Should Try For 2016
Instagram / vividartistichairdesign

The colours may look random but they are systemically placed for maximum exposure, working well with different layers as you can see here. The added curls really help to twist the look too!

You’ll need to opt for ash-blonde hues in order to combat the brassiness of bleach yellow blonde if you want to achieve these icy tones of blonde. You’ll need to look at a good toner too but be careful with these otherwise you might accidentally dye your hair purple / lilac! (We’ve all accidentally been there sadly…)

30 Bold Hair Colour Ideas You Should Try For 2016
Instagram / conniecouture

For a look like this, it’s always advisable to visit a hair salon. The beautiful high and low lights will be much harder to replicate at home especially if you don’t have the right tools and equipment. As much as you want to save a few pennies, you don’t want to run the risk of messing up your ‘do!

Balayage hair has been around for a while but it has only been recently that people seem to have started to pay attention to it. Easier than a lot of other styles because of the lack of structure, balayage hair is generally hand-painted, letting the hair flow naturally before colouring only the sections that would naturally show through as the hair moves.

30 Bold Hair Colour Ideas You Should Try For 2016
Instagram / vividartistichairdesign / keithlandgraff

Helping to give the hair a more 3D effect, it’s a look that is going to stay around for a long time yet and in fact, many people have been going for this almost-highlighted effect without even realising it. Remember all those times you went into the hair salon and asked for a natural effect to your high and lowlights?


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