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21 Graceful Dark Red Hair Ideas

Believe it or not, red is actually much more a versatile colour than you first may have given it credit for. Although it is renowned for being quite high maintenance, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to make your dark red hair ideas last a little longer. We’ll share those with you, along with these stunning 21 dark red hair ideas.

Are you ready?

1 – Bright + Burgundy Dark Red Hair

Your skin tone is important when it comes to picking the right shades of red, and although you know you want dark red hair ideas, do you know what kind of shade of red you’re looking for?

There are so many to pick from, and it can seem a bit overwhelming when you first start. It’s always a wise choice to work out your skin tone, and then work out what shades of red will work better with your skin tone, and then make your choice from there. Dark skin, for example, can rock more orange tones within their red shades, but pale skins look great with really deep and dark red hair color, and even burgundy shades.

Bright + Burgundy Dark Red Hair
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2 – Straight Dark Red Hair

Bangs are quite difficult for a lot of women to wear, and this is definitely the case when you’re rocking a bright and bold shade too, just like these dark red hair colour ideas.

Bangs / a fringe / whatever you want to call them can be still be worn with these deep and dark red shades, but you do ned to work out the right kind of bang-snap for your face. Certain looks suit certain face shapes, and a blunt, short fringe is a lot harder to wear than wispy, loose locks, you know?

Straight Dark Red Hair
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3 – Ombre Dark Red Hair

An ombre look is easier when making a bold change, such as switching from blondes or brunettes to these beautiful dark red hair ideas. They’re easier to grow out, because it allows for darker anymore natural roots. Pairing dark brown hair with red highlights works really well here.

It also gives you an easier and faster way to grow / fade out the look for when you’re bored of it. (Or if you don’t like it, change it up again … although we can’t think why!)

Ombre Dark Red Hair
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4 – Lob Dark Red Hair

The deep red hair lob is a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion, and whether you’re going for the chop to make a style statement, or just because you need to give your hair a good cut anyway, this dark red lob is perfect. Well, we think so anyway.

Lob Dark Red Hair
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The deep and rich red hues are slightly darker working towards the roots, which again makes the shade an easier one to wear. You can even consider a slightly asymmetrical blog, longer at the front than it is at the back. This means that you won’t miss quite as much as your luscious length.

5 – Bright Red over Dark Red Hair

The one thing you will definitely need to remember when it comes to look for inspiration from these dark red hair ideas, is that red is a colour that fades very quickly. It will only take a couple of washes for you to start noticing that dimming shine, and unless you’re prepared to put the effort in to keep the colour fresh and updated, it’ll look dull and orange before long.

Bright Red Over Dark Red Hair
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You may need to look at allowing for one to two touch-ups per month, and if you’re not doing these at home, they’ll cost you a fortune at the hair salon.

Do you want to recreate this stunning look? Check out the video below!

6 – Dark Red Hair to Light Red Ombre

The one thing it definitely makes sense to remember is that once you’re gone with your red pops of colour, you’re going to have a hard time trying to get rid of it again. It’s one of those shades that just loves to stick around, considering how fast it fades, and if you have blonde hair underneath, it’ll soon fade to a pink / peach tone … but probably not a very good one.

Dyeing over red hair very rarely works. Again, if you go blonde, you’ll have an orange or pink tone to your hair. Even if you opt for a dark brunette shade, you’ll still have orange / coppery highlights. This is a colour that you’re definitely going to want to make sure you want before you go for it. Going back easily won’t be an option.

Dark Red Hair To Light Red Ombre
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7 – Dark Red Hair Long Waves

When you have red hair, you want it to last, and the only way to ensure that happens is by avoiding washing it. NOT washing your hair every now and again is definitely good for it. When you wash your hair regularly, you’re stripping it of all the natural oils it needs to be healthy.

Dark Red Hair Long Waves

Instead, opt for a few extra minutes in bed and just throw your hair into a ponytail or something instead. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to rock the pony in a more interesting way, how about you check out some of these:

8 – Cherry Medium Length Dark Red Hair

One of the easiest ways to show off every tone in your hair is to add waves. You don’t even need a curling iron to add waves like these, and if you have the time to wash your hair the night before, add curlers, and then leave to dry overnight, you have an easy option that won’t take ages to sort out in the morning.

Alternatively, if you have a pair of hair straighteners to hand, you can also add those to create loose waves. We’ve found them especially useful for creating the waves and curls at the ends of the hair, just as you can see here. The top / crown has been left relatively straight, although a some volume-adding product will help it form looking flat.

Cherry Medium Length Dark Red Hair
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9 – Red Highlights over Dark Red Hair

If you want to really make a statement but have short hair, these red highlights over darker hair is a great way to stand out. It’s definitely body and bright, and if you want to make a really drastic change, this is one you should definitely look at.

The best way to grow out these dark red hair ideas is to first go with an ombre or highlighted look. Darken the roots and leave them to grow out more naturally, and then lighten the ends. Eventually, the ombre will be light enough, and towards the ends enough, for you to make a drastic change, or go for the chop.

Red Highlights Over Dark Red Hair
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10 – Shiny Red Locks Over Dark Red Hair

If you want to achieve beautiful shiny red locks like this wavy wonder, you’re going to need to take some serious care of your hair, and this is definitely the case if you’ve gone from a darker colour. Using bleaches and other lightening treatments not only dries your hair out, but strips it of nourishment and the oils it needs to stay fit and healthy. The one tool you’re going to need to have in abundance is conditioner.

We like to put conditioner on our hair and then leave it on overnight, putting a towel over our pillow cases to stop them gettin’ messy. You can buy large bottles of conditioner for quite cheap, and for a low-budget way to bring your hair back to life, you can’t beat it. Just remember to end your wash and rinse-out stage with a quick burst of cold water to give your locks that super shiny finish.

Shiny Red Locks Over Dark Red Hair

11 – Dark Red Hair With Auburn Waves

When you go to a salon and they dye your hair these deep, rich red tones, make sure you listen to EVERY word they have to say to you about keeping up with the maintenance of it all.

They know what they’re doing – they know the products they’ve used, and there’s a good chance they will know how hair like yours will take to it. If they suggest that you do something to keep the colour fresh, do it.

Dark Red Hair With Auburn Waves
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12 – Orange Toned Dark Red Hair

If you have a relatively neutral skin tone, without any yellowing or pinky shades in it, you are free to experiment with a number of dark red hair ideas, from the warmest to the coolest of hues, and everything in between!

If you do have more of a yellow tone to your skin, warmer and more neutral shades of red are better if you want it be flattering. Think alone the lines of warmer burgundies, coppers, and orangey shades. Shades to avoid are aubergine, magenta and more pinky tones of red. These will bring out that yellow, and you may need to change up your entire makeup routine in order to make it work.

Orange Toned Dark Red Hair
Instagram / @hairandharlow

13 – Cherry Pink + Dark Red Hair Ideas

When you’re shopping around for new shampoos, make sure you take a good look at the ingredients list. These dark hair ideas look beautiful when you walk out of the salon, but a few days later they won’t be so fresh, and that’s when the real maintenance starts.

If you see sulfates in the ingredients list of your shampoo and conditioner, you should probably avoid it and look for something a little more natural. Your hair needs natural oils in order to be healthy, and the sulfates in your products not only strip the hair of these, but also the dye on the strands too. This means your hair colour will fade much quicker.

Cherry Pink + Dark Red Hair Ideas
Instagram / @hairandharlow

14 – Crushed Velvet Dark Red Hair

It looks so soft, it could almost be a beautiful red velvet, but it’s not. But you won’t get hair that looks this great without a bit of prep work, and some heavy duty maintenance from time to time.

In order to repair the damage done to your hair with all the bleaching, lightening, dyeing, styling, and heat-styling, you should look at boosting it’s health every couples of weeks with a really good, nourishing mask.

Crushed Velvet Dark Red Hair
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You can find hair masks that help to boost the colour in dyed locks, and it’ll also help to add hydration, nourishment, and lots of conditioning, meaning that your hair will be super soft at the end of it too.

15 – Dark Red Hair + Purple Blend

When you’re looking at dark red hair ideas, don’t be afraid to pair it with other shades, such as plum, purple, and even blue-toned hues. You’d be surprised at what kind of shades you can bring together for a beautiful mix.

Adding different shades into the mix really helps to make it more three-dimensional. If you’re going for a more natural look over a bright and bold, in your face one, subtle changes in tone and hue is important.

Dark Red Hair + Purple Blend
Instagram / @renaissance_nj

16 – Dark Red Hair With Bright Red Highlights

When you add different shades into the mix, you have a look that is easier to maintain afterwards because it’s not so structured. You’re going to have an easier time touching-up this look at home, especially if you can employ the help of a friend, and by having the multiple dimensions, it doesn’t matter if a little bit of something goes where it shouldn’t.

You get the opportunity to play around with a lot of tones, and that makes your hair look completely entirely to you. If it’s totally hand-painted, no one else can have the same colour-strokes as you!

Dark Red Hair With Bright Red Highlights
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17 – Dark Red Hair + Darker Roots

Another thing you’ll need to take into account when you try to recreate these dark red hair ideas is that the colour of your roots will make a big difference. If you have really light blonde / brown roots, you may find that they really don’t go well against the rest of the deep red hues you have.

Darker roots often work better when trying to grow out the dark red hair ideas, and if you don’t have time for an all-over touch-up, look at getting some sort of root touch-up product to make them appear darker in emergency situations.

Dark Red Hair + Darker Roots
Instagram / @Filamhairartist

18 – Dip Dye Dark Red Hair

If you want to play around with cooler colours, but you’re not sure that your skin tone would allow for it, you can still have those colours. You just need to learn how to incorporate them with other shades to make it work for you.

The hair that frames your face should be the darker shade – the warmer ones that best suit your skin tone. Over the rest of the hair however, the ends, for example, or as highlights or lowlights, or even a balayage blend, you could work in those cooler shades. You still get the colours you want, and it suits your skin tone too. It’s the perfect compromise if you ask us.

Dip Dye Dark Red Hair
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19 – Dark Red Hair With Light Red Highlights

If you have really pale, cool-toned skin, you have the perfect complexion for really bright and deep dark red hair ideas. Think about the typical redheaded look – Irish girls, for example, with their pale skins, green eyes, and beautiful manes of red hair. Pale skin and bright red, and deep red, tones go really well together.

If you want to make your look really pop, bluer-toned reds are a really great option, and you could also look for more burgundy tones, or auburn / mahogany shades.

Dark Red Hair With Light Red Highlights
Instagram / @kellymassiashair

20 – Dark Red Hair

If you have dark hair already, but really fancy adding a touch of colour, how about this dark red addition? If you’re not brave enough to dye your own hair, you could easily add hair extensions, and the good thing about hair extensions is that you can dye them any colour you like. When you think about it, you could opt for a totally different colour look every day.

Using extensions in this manner is a great way to see whether or not a shade will work for your skin tone. You’ll need to do a strand test before you dye your hair anyway, so while you’re doing it, dye some leftover / spare hair extensions you have. You can hold these up against your face, and add them into your ‘do, and you can see how the tone and shade will work with your face.

Dark Red Hair
Instagram / @layladesamakeup

21 – Ombre Dark Red Hair

Above anything else, the one thing you should always do before attempting to recreate these dark red hair ideas is to speak with a professional, fully-trained hair stylist. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a look as bold and bright as this one, and the pre-lightening treatments that you’ll probably need to do to achieve them are likely to take their toll on your hair.

If you have dark hair, you will still need some lightening treatments to achieve these dark red hair ideas. They won’t easily stand out when just applied to darker neutral tones, and may also find that they barely last one wash too.

Ombre Dark Red Hair
Instagram / @samihairmagic

There are a few extra things you should remember when rocking these dark red hair ideas. For example, are you going to need to change up your makeup bag if your hair colour shade is a drastic one? The shades you wear as a blonde might not work when you have deeper, darker, and richer shades like the beautiful red ones we’ve shown you here. That’s before you even start to think of what colour you’re going to do your eyebrows now!

Clothing is another thing you may need to take into account – the shades you have in your closet might clash considerably with your red hair. A green sweater, for example, could make you look like you’re feeling festive even when it’s only June. Not that we’re saying you can’t wear red and green together, but you know what we mean.

We hope that we’ve given you plenty of inspiration to come up with dark red hair ideas that work for you and what you’re looking for. Don’t forget to come back and let us know which look you went for, and why not check out some of these hair looks if you’re not yet entirely sold on red …