32 Denim Hair Color Looks

35 Gorgeous Denim Hair Color Looks To ‘Dye’ For

Let’s be honest about this, we didn’t even know we wanted denim hair until we saw it on Instagram and got carried away with the idea of it. Now it’s all we can think about, the clever blends of blues and greys creating a fabulous blue hair design that looks exactly like denim…

Just as the name suggests, funnily enough!

Finally, a look that is just as comfortable as our favorite 501’s, this denim hair look is not only easy, simple and stunning, but relatively easy to maintain too.

1 – Long Fading Denim Hair Color

As this look fades, the brighter hues will turn into more pastel, baby blues which will look equally as stunning. When you use these loose curls to show off every aspect of your hair, you can see all the clever shades blended together.

Long Fading Denim Hair Color
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2 – Denim Hair Color Look With Fishtail Braid

Just as brilliant as curls are for showing off every colour in your denim hair spectrum, using a fishtail braid, dutch braids, or just braids in general, takes just five minutes once you’ve got the hang of it.

When you’ve got this many colours and this much work in your ‘do, it only makes sense to totally show it off.

Denim Hair Color Look With Fishtail Braid
Instagram: @shadyondeck

3 – Denim Hair Color Mermaid Locks

We’ve been obsessed with mermaid locks for a while but it’s time for those colorful tresses to move over.

Denim Hair Color Mermaid Locks
Instagram: @snowkee

4 – Lilac And Lavender Denim Hair Color

If you want a look that’s denim blue but not too blue, consider adding some lilac or lavender touches to the mix to make it softer and easier to wear than an in-your-face bright blue.

Adding different shades like you can see is a great way of adding depth to the hair, making it appear thicker especially when used with those clever curls again.

Lilac And Lavender Denim Hair Color
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5 – Bright Blue And Black Bob Denim Hair Color

You don’t need to go super light to enjoy denim hair either, as this bright blue and black bob shows you.

A few cleverly placed bright shades of blue can make the look bright and subtle all at the same time. The best way to achieve this is of course with a great hair stylist who knows what they’re doing…

(Because trust us, trying to achieve a look this beautiful and cleverly hand-painted at home on your own is not an easy task!)

Bright Blue And Black Bob Denim Hair Color
Instagram: @blondiesaurusrex

6 – Bleached Denim Hair Color

If you have a warm skin tone, a bleached denim hair look like this will be great for you because you can get away with cooler, icier tones than those with a cool skin tone.

Anything ‘cool’, ‘ash’, or ‘icy’ will suit you so think about your blues in the lightest way possible and you’ll have about the right idea.

Bleached Denim Hair Color
Instagram: @texturstudio

7 – Icy Cool Long Denim Hair Color

Not only are we totally obsessed with @norvina on Instagram, but we’re also totally obsessed with this icy cool long denim hair look, just the right amount of icy pastel blue shades intertwined with white / silver length.

Of course, if you don’t have the length to play around with, you can always fake it with a few icy cool hair extensions beforehand, a trick we like to utilize more often than we admit to…

Oh, and do you also want such stunning full hair? Check out our post about KeraHealth reviews and complete guide!

Icy Cool Long Denim Hair Color
Instagram: @norvina

8 – Lilac And Denim Hair Color Blend

Using a hand-painted or ‘balayage’ style, you can achieve a lilac and denim color blend just like this one, using the hair’s natural wave to encourage where those different shades of bright and light go.

It’s cool, modern and effortlessly beautiful. What more could you ask for?

Lilac And Denim Hair Color Blend
Spotted on Pinterest

Do you love this look as much as we do? Check out the video below!

9 – Combine Natural Hair With Denim Hair Color

Lily Allen is always a fan of coloring up her hair, and we fell a little bit in love with this look – a great way of combining color with your natural hair all at the same time.

Not everyone is brave enough to rock bangs like this, but if you want to liven them up a little, add some denim flashes of color for a simple and effective look, all rolled into one.

Combine Natural Hair With Denim Hair Color
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10 – Bright Denim Hair Color Beneath Grey Tones

We kinda love this look a little, hiding a bright denim blue pop beneath grey tones.

Easy to cover over, if you’re playing with colour for the first time, considering dying the underneath of your hair first. You can get a good feel for how the shade will look against your skin tone and as well as that, you can build up as you go, adding more colour and even shades if you wanted to later on.

Bright Denim Hair Color Beneath Grey Tones
Instagram: @thisshitisbunanas

11 – Light And Dark Denim Blue Hair

Combining subtle shades of light and dark denim, this is a NOT a double denim faux pas. We repeated, this is NOT a double denim faux pas…

Light And Dark Denim Blue Hair
Instagram: @hairloungenyc

12 – Dark To Denim Blue Hair

If you don’t want something subtle and discreet, opt for a really blue flash of colour like this stunning dark to blue balayage bob.

Dark To Denim Blue Hair
Instagram: @anglette

We love the way a sightly more turquoise-y hue has been added to the wispy layers at the ends to add more definition.

13 – Funky Dark Denim Blue Hair

Sick of having root problems? Love your root problems locks but hate the root re-growth? This look helps to combat that with slightly frosted denim roots on a beautiful short cut.

You could even play around with this look on a temporary basis, adding hair chalk or wash-in, wash-out colour for a big night out or event. Simply wash it out on Sunday night and you’re office-smart again in time for Monday.

Funky Dark Denim Blue Hair

14 – Many Shades Of Denim Blue Hair

There are many reasons why you should want this many shades of denim blue in your hair. Firstly, it adds definition. Second, it adds depth. Thirdly, it helps to make thin hair look thicker.

Fourthly, because it looks AMAZING.

How many reasons do you need?

Many Shades Of Denim Blue Hair
Instagram: @glamiris

15 – Subtle Denim Hair Color

There’s something about this subtle blue pop that blends in and stands out all at the same time.

It’s simple and effective, a wash of colour blended over your natural hair to give it that denim shade without going all over denim. Definitely on our lust-list, that’s for sure.

Subtle Denim Hair Color
Instagram: @mateoitis

16 – Long Denim Hair

If you have length on your side, use it to your advantage with a look like this bright to light denim balayage blend.

Using that hand-painted style again, the fade between shades of blue is so cleverly done, you can’t see where one begins and the other ends, just the way it should be.

Long Denim Hair
Spotted on Pinterest

17 – Double Dip Dye Denim Hair

You can almost blame the denim hair trend on this one Instagram photo, a double denim dip dye with a brighter blue running through the ends of the darker blue, almost black up top.

If you want to recreate the denim hair look at home, the dip-dye look is the easiest to achieve, and you can add as much or as little as you like.

Little tip – if you’re planning a haircut soon and want to trim a few inches off the end, go for a dip-dye first… Once you’re bored, you can snip those colored haircut ends right off.

Double Dip Dye Denim Hair
Instagram: @zoelondondj

18 – Light Wash Denim Hair Color

The perfect light wash denim hair, keep things nice and sleek but make sure you take care of the look too. A great deal of bleaching will be required before you can achieve a look this icy, and that will cause no end of damage to your hair.

Light Wash Denim Hair Color
Instagram: @vividhaircreations

Try to avoid washing your hair quite so frequently to stop the look from fading fast (dry shampoo is our best friend), and make sure you use plenty of conditioner to protect and prevent from further damage.

19 – Magnificent Denim Hair Look

We’ve seen pop princess, Rita Ora, rock some seriously cool hairstyles over the years but none of them have come close to the way we lusted after this magnificent denim hair look.

To make things easier for you, you could dye blonde hair extensions this colour before affixing them to your pony tail, just as Rita has done here. It’s a hundred times easier than trying to replicate this look on your own hair!

Magnificent Denim Hair Look
Spotted on Pinterest

20 – Super Short Denim Hair

Super short is a brave move, especially if you’re playing around with color too. This side-shaved denim combover is a great way to recreate if you’re thinking of going for the chop, especially if you have an oval or heart-shaped face with delicate facial features.

Bold and beautiful, we can’t help but think this look would be great with short Gatsby-style curls too.

Super Short Denim Hair
Instagram: @essjaycreations

21 – Dark And Faded Denim Hair Color

Just like our favorite old jeans, dark and faded denim hair like this blonde and dirty, dark blue dip-dye combo are easy, comfortable, and versatile.

Just the right amount of blue shading to give you denim hair without having to go the whole hog and having bright blue locks, this is a perfect look for a beginner. And one we’re definitely adding to the list.

Dark And Faded Denim Hair Color
Instagram: @essjaycreations

22 – Faded Indigo And Denim Hair Color

These remind us of our comfy faded indigo jeans, and because of that, we instantly want this denim hair look… Right now!

Fading the lookout from dark blues to lighter blues is a clever way of adding different dimensions to your look, and as you play around with different updos and ways of wearing this colorful look, you’ll start to see those cleverly placed shades popping through.

Faded Indigo And Denim Hair Color
Spotted on Pinterest

23 – Super-Sleek Bob Denim Hair

We love a good super-sleek bob and this denim one is no exception. Another great shade to opt for if you’re growing or fading our a brighter one.

In order to achieve these powdery pastel hues, there’s a clever trick you can use… Mix conditioner with the dye before you pop it on your head. It’ll fade it down and add that powdery appearance. The more you add, the more powdery it will be. Experiment with this one a little, using brighter shades at first perhaps before adding more conditioner to add more shades into the mix.

Super-Sleek Bob Denim Hair
Instagram: @spectraltones

24 – Pastel Denim Hair Color

We’re in love with this pastel denim hair look, one that combines differing shades and tones like powdery blue, sky blue, ice blue and even silvery-touches too.

Funnily enough, we’re eying up a pair of jeans in our closet wondering if it’s ‘spring’ enough to wear them yet… Maybe this hair is the perfect excuse?

Pastel Denim Hair Color
Instagram: @melerinaa

25 – Bright Blue Denim Hair Color

For a really fun and bold look, think more brighter blues than pastel, powdery shades. This one combines royal blue with more oceanic tones together to create a fun and bright look we can’t wait to try for ourselves.

If you want to go bold and can, why wouldn’t you?

Bright Blue Denim Hair Color
Instagram: @hairbyfranco

26 – Brunette Dark Denim Blue Hair

This gunmetal grey/brunette/denim and long lilac hair combine many shades brilliantly, using length and those spiral curls to show off every aspect of the coloring used to create it.

Towards the end you have that acid-washed denim hair look, pastel and powdery, almost white blues, with highlights and lowlights of other blue variations, and even with a hint of lilac and lavender throughout her natural brunette hair. Clever handiwork!

Brunette Dark Denim Blue Hair
Spotted on Pinterest

27 – Beautiful Denim Hair

You’ve got darker greys and blues towards the top, more lilac shades towards the middle, and a rich, almost greeny-blue towards the end, another clever way of rocking the denim hair trend.

Hand-painting and blending is the only way you’re going to get a colour melt like this, so think less about foils and more about creative handiwork.

Beautiful Denim Hair
Instagram: @guy_tang

28 – Brunette Denim Hair Dip Dye

It’s simple and to the point, you want a hint of denim hair but not too much. The perfect answer to your problem – denim hair dip dye on a brunette backdrop, that’s what.

Brunette Denim Hair Dip Dye
Instagram: @blondiesaurusrex

You’ll only be bleaching the ends which minimises damage, and keeping the top half au natural stops everything being so ‘blue in the face’. We love this look. So very, very much!


29 – Ombre Denim Hair Color

The waves in this hair look shows you the many shades necessary to create a balayage blend this brilliant. Following the usual ombre trend, you’ve got the darker and brighter shades towards the top and the lighter, muted ones towards the ends.

… Although there’s nothing to stop you from switching this and going for the denim hair look the other way around.

Ombre Denim Hair Color
Instagram: @kisskissbangbangsalonoc

30 – Dark Denim Blue Hair

Dark denim is flattering and go figure, so is dark denim hair!

If you’re a natural brunette, or just aren’t blessed with white blonde hair and don’t want to go through the lightening treatments to achieve it, opt for a dark denim look instead – a slightly blue wash over your natural brunette hair.

Dark Denim Blue Hair
Instagram: @bkhair_arcs

31 – Short Hair With Light Denim Blue Color

We love this look, not just a beautiful colour of denim hair but also a brilliant cut too. A shoulder-skimming cut is a great one to go for if you want to give your hair a new lease of life. Short hair, spring, easier to manage, carefree… Just saying.

The thought of cutting those dead ends off may fill you with dread but it’ll lose bulk thats draining your hair of the precious nutrients it needs. That one good cut in spring will get rid of all of your split ends and make it grow a little faster, healthier and better looking too.

Short Hair With Light Denim Blue Color
Instagram: @kenziecakes

32 – Ice White And Denim Blue Color

This look is so perfect, almost pearlescent to look at, cleverly hiding baby blue flashes of colour beneath ice white blonde hair.

We have so much love for this adorable short denim hair look.

Ice White And Denim Blue Color
Instagram: @anssinat

33 – Subtle Denim Blue Hair

You can barely make the barely-there blues in this long and natural look, a classic way of showing how blue hair doesn’t need to be quite so in-your-face.

There are blues running through highlighted streaks of this long look, and the ends have been randomly and lightly dusted with a pastel blue, powdery shade too.

Subtle Denim Blue Hair
Instagram: @haileymalonehair

34 – Lilac Denim Blue Hair

Ireland Baldwin is a model well known for her love of pastel pops of colour. Recently she was seen sporting a beautiful lilac shade but this time she’s switched things up (and keeping on top of the trends brilliantly) with this denim hair look.

We think this is a perfect look for spring! What do you think?

Lilac Denim Blue Hair
Spotted on Pinterest

35 – Stone Washed Blue Denim Hair

Are you trying to grow out or fade out blue hair already? Perhaps you had a beautiful bright pop of colour and now you want to fade it out to change it or go for something more muted and subtle?

This stone washed denim hair is a great way of doing it, mixing brighter blues with almost silvery shades in an ombre that runs from dark to light.

Stone Washed Blue Denim Hair
Instagram: @hairloungenyc

So… What do you think? Totally inspired by these denim hair looks? Thinking of a brand new creation of your own?

Is today a denim day for you?

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