15 Insane Harley Quinn Nail Designs

Harley Quinn, also known as Harleen Frances Quinzel, is the Joker’s girlfriend … most of the time. Although many of us think we know all there is to know about Harley herself, she’s had a varied and interested back-story, moving from various comic-books, and even changing her look a few times in the process. We decided to take a closer look at the infamous super villain in all her glory, whilst at the same time honouring her with these amazing Harley Quinn nail designs.

Are you stayin’ evil?

1 – Glitter Diamond Harley Quinn Nail Designs

When Harley Quinn isn’t being totally, insanely in love with the Joker, and just insane full stop, she’s Harleen Frances Quinzel, and the first time we ever saw her was in an animated series called Batman: The Animated Series. Funnily enough, the episode was called “Joker’s Favor”.

These Harley Quinn nail designs show off the HQ diamonds perfectly, but instead of using the pink that we’re used to seeing in the pink and blue Harley Quinn hair looks, red is there instead. It almost looks a little Captain America-esque, don’t you think?

Harley Quinn Nail Designs Diamond
Source: Pinterest

2 – Pink + Blue Short Harley Quinn Nail Designs

Although we are used to seeing Harley Quinn as the pink and blue style as depicted in Suicide Squad, there was the red and black version of her, which many of her fans still adore. We love the fact that these nails pay homage to both sides – the baby pink and blue as well as the blue and black. And, of course, that infamous diamond pattern too. It encapsulates everything about her perfectly, don’t you think?

The good thing about these Harley Quinn nail designs is that they can be easily ‘amended’ to suit different styles and shapes of nails, not just these short and square-tipped beauties. You could easily transform long and pointed nails into that blue / pink to white ombre mix.

Pink And Blue Harley Quinn Nail Designs
Source: @stylistkaitmanfreda

3 – Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Nail Designs

It’s the cover art from the newest version of Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad movie, and we kinda love the skull-like silhouette version of her, the right amount of pink and blue used in the pigtail design so you know exactly who it’s meant to be.

These black skulls are actually easier than they look to achieve once you’ve had a couple of attempts to practice, and because of the design of the nail art, it doesn’t *really* matter if you fluff it up a little. In fact, a little fluffing-up is probably okay. When it comes to creating that rainbow flecked background to the skull, the easiest way to achieve this is to blog the main green colour you’re using onto a triangular makeup sponge, and then add smaller blobs of the contrasting shades you’re using.

Press the sponge onto your nails, allow to dry, and then remove the bits you accidentally got on the skin around your nails, and you’ll have a great base to place your black skull over. You see – not as difficult as you thought, right?

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Nail Designs
Source: @ohmygoshpolish

4 – Diamond Daddy’s Lil Monster Nails

The diamond-shaped pattern has been very closely associated with Harley Quinn now, and we love the diamond-shapes used in these Harley Quinn nail designs, teamed with the blue and pink background of her modern-day character.

Here’s a fun fact about HQ herself to go hand-in-hand with your new Harley Quinn nail designs – she’s an Olympic-grade athlete, and her ninja fighting skills could easily outweigh that of Catwoman, and many other kicks superheroes / villains for that matter. Did we mention how kickass she was?

Daddys Lil Monster Harley Quinn Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

5 – Rounded + Long Harley Quinn Nail Designs

We all know that Harley Quinn’s trademark weapon is that mallet, the baseball bat, and the gun, but those are just the weapons she’s been shown with in the Suicide Squad movie. She’s quite deft at using many weapons, handguns included, but her greatest tool, despite her being totally insane, is her mind. Even Amanda Waller admitted she was somewhat of a genius.

We love these Harley Quinn nail designs, paying homage to the beautie’s pink and blue look, and we could think of so many ways you could make these unique to just you too. Use the idea and make it your own. And then show us, obviously. Tag us on social media with #CherryCherryBeauty and we’d be thrilled to show your wonderful Harley Quinn nail art too.

Round And Long Harley Quinn Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

6 – Puddin’ Harley Quinn Nail Designs

It’s said that Harley Quinn is immune to a number of toxins and poisons, and this was because of a little run-in she had with her Puddin’ back in the day. Poison Ivy came to the rescue after the Joker attempted to blow HQ up, and she saved her with a potion of sorts. This potion lead to Harley being immune to various things, only making her stronger. Not only that, she’s also said to be able to heal herself a little, and have enhanced speed and agility, explaining the Olympic-grade athletics skills.

She still loves her Puddin’ though … Like many of us to be fair. There’s always that one you can’t get away from. Who’s your Joker?

Puddin Harley Quinn Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

7 – Black, Red + White Classic Harley Quinn Nail Designs

What do you think about these classic Harley Quinn nail designs, a play on the black, white and red version of her, rather than the newer pink and blue?

More intricate designs are easier to perform on a larger space, therefore a longer a nail, but you can still recreate these in a shorter style, or even in a different-shaped nail, if this long and square-tipped ones aren’t quite to your liking. They are to ours though … can you tell?

Black Red And White Harley Quinn Nail Designs
Source: Lucy’sStash.com

8 – Glittertastic Harley Quinn Nail Designs

We love Harley Quinn. We also love glitter. So guess what else we love … That’s right – these beautiful and glittery Harley Quinn nail designs. Let’s face it, what’s not to love?

These designs have been beautifully created on short nails, but if you have long nails, or have these Harley Quinn nail designs on longer nails, you could really go a little crazy. It just depends on how creative you want to get. All of the shapes used to create the Harley Quinn nail designs are relatively simple when you break them down. It’s just a case of working them all together into a wonderful design. Pick one, or recreate them all. We can’t wait to see what you wonderful lot come up with.

Glitter Harley Quinn Nail Designs
Source: @selinarookell

9 – Short + Square Contrasting Harley Quinn Nail Designs

How stunning are these Harley Quinn nail designs? They don’t feature the beauty in any way, but the pink and blue design still gives the game away, as does that diamond-shaped embellishment, which has been perfectly placed close to the cuticle end of the nail.

We love the glitter and shimmer that has been used in this look, but if you wanted to make it a little more obvious, you could consider an ombre look – white to the pink and blue, in a light gradient. Either way, and whatever kind of design you choose to go with, they’re fabulous.

Short And Square Harley Quinn Nail Designs
Source: thenailasaurus.com

Do you love the red-and-black nails in this look? Have a look at the video below if you want to recreate them yourself!

10 – Crazy Harley Quinn Nail Designs

There are plenty of stories circulating surrounding Harley Quinn’s past, and in Gotham City Sirens #7 in February 2010, we got a bigger glimpse into the background of whatever made this psychiatrist crazy.

Her father was a con-man, her brother was a lazy faux rock star, and her mother was incredibly disappointed with what Harley Quinn had decided to do with her life. When you think about it, her travels into the criminal world are hardly a surprise. Instead, it makes her a little chip off the old block … right?

Crazy Harley Quinn Nail Designs

11 – Daddy’s Lil Monster Tee Nails

One thing Harley Quinn has become very famous for is that classic red and white t-shirt, with the words “Daddy’s Lil Monster” emblazoned across the front. We loved the shirt so much we bought one for ourselves. Imagine our surprise when we came across these stunning Harley Quinn nail designs…

These designs have been painted on a beautiful naturally-shaped nail, and the nails themselves have been left relatively bare and neutral, with the exception of the red and white one obviously. It would have been very difficult to have written the slogan on the white and red nail, so instead it has been moved to the one next to it. It gives you another nail design, and it completely encapsulates everything you want from the one and only Harley Quinn.

Lil Monster Harley Quinn Nail Designs
Source: @nailartjunkie24

12 – Mix-Matched Harley Quinn Nail Designs

As with many of the comic-book heroes and villains, the background of Harley Quinn is a little sketchy. There are so many stories as to how and why Harley Quinn became crazy, and so obsessed with her Crown Prince lover.

One version comes from the 2001-2003 comic book, Harley Quinn, in which her partner at the time committed suicide. This caused poor Harley to become lost and sad, and that’s where her love-affair with the Joker started. It just so happened that her partner killing himself coincided with the start of her attempt to treat the crazy one.

Whatever you want to believe about her back-story, we think these Harley Quinn nail designs help to recreate the complicated character … with a design that isn’t so complicated to recreate.

Mix And Match Harley Quinn Nail Designs
Source: @vanessabasilio

13 – Harley Quinn + Joker Nails

Harley Quinn hasn’t just been the lover of the Joker! In Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day Special from 2015, she went on a date with Bruce Wayne – Batman, and they smooched too. We bet the Joker wasn’t happy about that. Do you think he even knows?

If you wanted to, you could combine other superheroes and villains on your Harley Quinn nail designs – Batman, for example, or you could run with the theme from the Suicide Squad depiction of the Harley hottie – Deadshot, Enchantress, Killer Croc, whatever and whoever you liked, in fact. Just remember – stay evil, doll-face.

Joker And Harley Quinn Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

14 – Short + Square Mixed Harley Quinn Nail Designs

Even short nails can be Harley-Quinn’ed-up, as shown by these fabulous black and red delights. If you have a steady hand, simply paint half the nail red and half the nail black. If you don’t have a steady hand, use masking or nail tape to create the line, wait for the first colour to dry completely, and then repeat with the other side and the contrasting colour.

If your hands aren’t steady enough to paint those black diamonds you can see, you could always take a peek online for some black diamond-shaped nail embellishments instead. No one would ever need to know!

Mixed Harley Quinn Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

15 – Stiletto Harley Quinn Nail Designs

These stiletto Harley Quinn nail designs are too dreamy for words, a beautiful combination of glittery red (which you know HQ would LOVE), black, a touch of white, and just the right amount of red rhinestones to really bring the look to life.

We really like the black and white nails within this look – the white background, plus the red criss-cross markings to depict that famous diamond pattern that Harley Quinn is associated with. The red gems give it a more 3D effect, plus it adds that sparkly touch. These are definite winners if you love the old red and black version of her.

Stiletto Harley Quinn Nail Designs
Source: @smidgenails

So … What did you think? Which ones of these Harley Quinn nail designs do you think you’d want to recreate the most? Or have you had a burst of inspiration and decided to come up with something differently entirely? Either way, we can’t wait to see what you come up with. Just remember to tag us on Instagram and Twitter with #CherryCherryBeauty, and you can always send your creations into us via any of the social channels. Let’s get crazy creative!

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