21 Stunning Nezuko Nails

To all the beautiful women out there, we present you with a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish nails i.e. Nezuko Nails.

An artwork that can be done on fingernails and toenails as well. It gives your nails a perfect look for all occasions.

1. Glossy And Vintage Pink Nezuko Nails

Hey ladies! These beautiful shades of pink will look lovely with any of your light-colored outfits.

Paint the nails with light pink and add a glossy touch to any one of your nails, followed by an exquisite pattern over the glossy layer.

These are slightly pointed and perfectly shaped. They will make your hands look prettier. We cannot wait for you to check these out!

Glossy And Vintage Pink Nezuko Nails
Instagram @nezukonails

2. Glamorous Light Coloured Stiletto Nezuko Nails

To enhance your party looks, we have the perfect set of these shiny light-colored stiletto nezuko nails. These will give your outfit a shimmery touch and make you look more confident and beautiful.

This set has perfectly blended colors and looks how graceful it appears. It is achieved by painting your nails with light pink color, adding the mixture of darker tones.

To make them more attractive, paint them further with a layer of shimmer on them.

Looks perfect, right?

Glamorous Light Coloured Stiletto Nezuko Nails
Instagram @houseofbeautydayspa.llc

3. Light Pink Flower Nezuko Nails

For all my sweet women, here is a set of light-colored butterfly nezuko nails. They will make you look more elegant and decent.

This look is easier to achieve as you can paint all your nails with a baby pink color. The flower pattern  will be on your ring finger with its beautiful petals.

The flower look eye-catching so you can flaunt them. I mean, who wouldn’t want to?

The combination of golden and light pink looks super cute. Don’t forget the layer of shimmer.

Light Pink Flower Nezuko Nails
Instagram @amykinsnailart

4. Turquoise Beads Nezuko Nails

Woah! What a unique set of nezuko nail art.

Ready to go to a party? Well, we have something sparkling for you.

These turquoise nails that glitter or shimmer in the light are playful, fun, and offer the perfect summer beauty fix.

Most often, these types of nail polish include flecks of glitter suspended in a clear gloss polish. These glossy beads appear to be the magical ingredient followed by the mermaid pattern.

Perfect for you, right?

Turquoise Beads Nezuko Nails
Instagram @pinkboutiqueuk

5. Smokey Black Nezuko Nails With A Touch Of Pink

Indeed, black is the most liked color and women love it. Keeping that in mind, we have these smoky nezuko nails with a shade of pink.

This can be layered endlessly. It flatters every skin tone. It can make anyone look mature. Adding glitter to your nails enhances the look and makes it prettier so that is what we have done for you.

This will give you an authoritative and powerful look. This can also be your go-to look for formal dinners as black is an elegant, and prestigious color.

Smokey Black Nezuko Nails With A Touch Of Pink
Instagram @nezukonails

6. White Nezuko Nails With Pinkish Shade

What’s up ladies, we have a style for your summer looks. Wearing white makes you naturally optimistic.

People enjoy having you around. What is this? Because of your bright aura of course!

It’s quite easy to achieve this look.

Paint your nails white neatly. Add pinkish shade at the top of your nails and you’re ready to go.

White symbolizes purity and simplicity. So what are you waiting for? Get it now.

White Nezuko Nails With Pinkish Shade
Instagram @laura_kirwin_lkbeautyhouse

7. Multi-Colored Rainbow Nezuko Nails

Once spring starts, we can finally shed the various layers of sweaters, and jackets, and turn our attention to bright makeup, trying fresh new hairstyles, and painting our nails with the season’s trendiest shades.

They involve painting each nail a slightly different shade of a similar color.

You could paint the nail pink, blue, purple , and so on until you’re wearing the rainbow on your fingertips. Sounds cute, right?

Multi-Colored Rainbow Nezuko Nails
Instagram @nails.paradiso

8. Peach and Purple Nezuko Nails

With 10 fingers, you can channel every color of the spectrum. Whatever you choose, you can expect the end look to be surprisingly chic and colorful.

If you didn’t believe us before, this picture will change your mind.

We love how the shades of peach are accented with a surprising pop of bright purple color  on all the fingers.

If you love this look, also check out our post with 21 beautiful pastel purple nails!

Peach And Purple Nezuko Nails
Instagram @nailkraftsalon

9. Glossy Nezuko Nails With Reddish Tones

If you want to experiment with colors, but you don’t want to dive in whole-heartedly just yet, play with different designs.

 Well, we still haven’t figured out how these shades of mismatched colors compliment one another so well.

Painting one half of your nail with a light color and the other half with a darker shade makes it look extraordinarily cute.

Also, the darker reddish tone gives you a unique and classy look. So why not give it a try?

Glossy Nezuko Nails With Reddish Tones
Instagram @glammedbykm

10. Long And Sharpened Pink Nezuko Nails

Hey girls! We have the perfect set of nails for you to show off your love of the color palette transition.

These nails are very easy to achieve and make your hands look beautiful.

Paint half of your nails with light pink and the other half with a darker shade. To give it a unique look, create a pattern on the ring fingernail.

Top it off with a coat of shimmer and you’re ready to go!

Long And Sharpened Pink Nezuko Nails
Instagram @pressedintoronto

11. Mismatched Pink Nezuko Nails

It only makes sense to pair one of the most popular nail shapes with the season’s hottest nail design. Some nails are glossy, while some are matte.

 These nails, however, manage to look super dewy. We’re loving the coffin shape and how each nail is mismatched, giving your hands a unique and elegant look.

Mismatched Pink Nezuko Nails
Instagram @nailsbydaisyle

12. Glittery Nezuko Nails

We have this unique set of nails that is much more eye-catching with their square shape, though they look equally as pretty on the ballerina and shorter nails as well.

The sparkling patterns drawn on the second and  ring finger which makes it more attractive. Despite the longer pop of color, the nail design still looks supernatural.

So let’s go for it!

Glittery Nezuko Nails
Instagram @nailsbyemmypham

13. Pink And Golden Glittery Beads Nezuko Nails

We have this beautiful set of nails for our beautiful ladies. It looks like a romantic mauve effect.

That’s the beauty of this nail trend—you can vary the pink base shade for unique beads and glittery set that enhances the overall look and makes it prettier and unique.

A combination of dark shades with lighter colors has always been our women’s favorite and we love how black gives this one an elegant look.

If this hasn’t convinced you to hop on to this nail trend, who knows what will?

Pink And Golden Glittery Beads Nezuko Nails
Instagram @rosinaldonailsdesigner

14. Shimmery Flower Nezuko Nails

Valentine’s Day might be known as a holiday full of chocolate, greeting cards, and loads of love, but it’s also the perfect excuse to pop into a nail salon.

Whether you’re a fan of minimalist masterpieces or bold pops of color, this design will look great in any color of your choice.

White and pink have always been a cute combination and these little flowers make the overall look extra cute and chic. With the shade of white along each nail‘s end, this manicure is both simple and artistic.

Shimmery Flower Nezuko Nails
Instagram @rosinaldonailsdesigner

15. Starry Blue Nezuko Nails

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re suckers for well-placed unique designs on nails. Here, the stars and the beads design make the whole look so exquisite, we’re in love.

The size of the nails seems to be perfect for this art.

And, we don’t know about you, but we think this one might just be it. Try it yourself and we’re sure you’ll agree with us.

Starry Blue Nezuko Nails
Instagram @rosinaldonailsdesigner

16. Nezuko Colorful Nezuko Nail Art

We don’t know about you, but when our nails are pleasing and painted we just feel more put together. This smooth colorful look  is great for anyone who favors a perfectly imperfect design.

 With your favorite colors painted on your nails in different gradients, you have yourself a snap-worthy set.

Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to recreate as it only requires choosing five pink polishes and painting them on.

Nezuko Colorful Nezuko Nail Art
Instagram @jillsummerbeauty

17. Matte Nezuko Nails Look

Hey ladies! We have something to make your party look perfectly fine. These bold  pink nails create a fun illusion with squiggles of nude throughout.

 Paint a few nails with baby pink and others with light gray to give it a unique look. Although  there’s no rhyme between the two colors, the end look appears purposeful and put-together.

Who wouldn’t want to try this marvelous set!

Matte Nezuko Nails Look
Instagram @gelovenechtyaurora

18. Glittery Pink Nezuko Nails

This simple manicure is eye-catching, thanks to the glitter on the top of each nail.

 The trick to creating a nail look like this is to paint your nails with any one color of your own choice and add glitter across the top of each nail.

This shape adds even more allure to the glittery nail look. Plus, it is a great option for our birthday girls as well.

Glittery Pink Nezuko Nails
Instagram @ladycristinnails

19. Silver And Black Nezuko Nails

Take a look at all the coolest girls you know and chances are they have something in common: They’re rocking silver and black nails.

These simple beauties are perfect for everyday, wedding, or any occasion you’d like. They’re simple, demure, and totally Pinterest-worthy.

Paint some of your nails black and a few with transparent shade. Then apply the blackish tone on the tip of the nails. If you want them to look fancy, make a v shape pattern with glitter. Very easy, right? Especially when done in black, it looks clean and classic.

Silver And Black Nezuko Nails
Instagram @tammienails502

20. Bright Yellow Nezuko Nails

Here we have something special for you. While this nail design will definitely take longer to bring to life, the end look is simple and refined.

 Using a bare nail as the base, the eye-catching allure of the nail design centers around the tones of yellow.

Paint the  fingers with a lighter shade of peach. Add some yellowish touch on the second layer. And finally embellish your nails with the brightest tone of yellow. Here’s hoping they’ll give you confidence while you wear them.

Bright Yellow Nezuko Nails
Instagram @hope.dgh

21. Exquisite Green And White Nezuko Nails Set

An elevated nail look can be as simple as picking a gorgeous subtle hue. Take one look at these green nezuko nails, and you’ll know what we mean.

 This look includes painting all your nails with green, leaving the upper part of the nails for white as green and white are always a great combination of colors.

 To make it more beautiful, you can create a pattern with the beads on some of the nails even without a professional nail artist by your side. Talk about simple things.

Exquisite Green And White Nails Set
Instagram @vancejacksonregalnails

Final Words

Stepping out of the nail salon with a set of freshly painted nails can make you feel like a new person. There is nothing like a little pampering and a fresh mani to make you feel like your best self.

But it can get expensive fast, especially if you opt for some nail art.

That’s why we rounded up 21 of our favorite simple and easy nail designs that you can do at home (and probably with the nail colors you already own).