21 Beautiful Pastel Purple Nails

21 Beautiful Pastel Purple Nails

Pastel purple is a beautiful color and one you can experiment with when designing or fixing your nails. I love pastel purple nail polish for many reasons, one being that it is cool and adaptable for different seasons. If you love pastel purple as much as I do and want ideas for your next look, consider these twenty-one looks.

1 – Pastel Purple and Neon Pink Girly Nails

You can wear pastel purple nails in different ways: alone or combined with other colors. This design features a cool combination of neon pink and pastel purple, two bright, beautiful colors. These long glam girly nails gracing your fingers will cause them to be the envy of everyone at the party – or wherever.

It doesn’t matter which set of fingers takes the purple and which takes the pink, as long as there are no boo-boos. These nails are classy and exquisite, loud and clear.

 Pastel Purple And Neon Pink Girly Nails

2 – Nude Pink, Pastel Purple, Glitters, and Rhinestones

If you want the nail design plain, you can have it plain; if you want glamor, add glitter and rhinestones. This is a classy nail design that you would be proud to carry; it will make a fine addition to your collection.

Fill your middle finger with nude pink entirely and put the stones; then, start filling the second and ring fingers with nude pink. Hold off on the filling at the tip, let the pastel purple grace the tips of your second and ring fingers. Finally, crown the design with glitters on your pinky fingers.

Nude Pink, Pastel Purple, Glitters, And Rhinestones

3 – Pastel Purple Nails with Different Shades of Pastel

If you are tired of using only pastel purple all the time, consider doing a mix of other pastel colors. Like in this design, you can combine pastel purple with pastel blue and yellow. This design features three different pastel color shades, including green, blue, purple, and yellow, leading to this gorgeousness.

These pastel purple acrylic nails require a certain level of expertise to get them right and perfectly. So, you may want a highly-skilled manicurist for this one.

Pastel Purple Nails With Different Shades Of Pastel

4 – Beautiful Transparent Pastel Purple Nails

This is a simple nail design and easy to replicate, even if you are a beginner at fixing nails. Fill all your fingernails with pastel purple nail polish, excluding the ring fingers on both hands. Don’t fill the nail on the ring finger; let its transparency embrace your nails snugly – create simple artwork on it.

I love this shade of pastel purple; it contrasts nicely with the skin tone – it will contrast excellently with any skin tone.

Beautiful Transparent Pastel Purple Nails

5 – Stunning Butterfly Pastel Purple and White Nails

Here’s another way you can experiment with pastel purple on nails; I love these nails’ icy and classy appearance. These acrylic nails feature the white nail polish on the second and pinky fingers and glassy see-through nails on the middle and ring fingers. Complement the transparent nails with cool butterfly art in different shades of purple.

I love this design and wouldn’t take anything away from it, but I’m thinking adding some rhinestones, just a little, would be nice.

Stunning Butterfly Pastel Purple And White Nails

6 – Short Dreamy Nails of Pastel Purple

Here’s an idea of a pastel nail purple color you can try on your natural nails and a good way to have fun. I love the light and cool shade of purple; it’s a color that can cause you to dream even during the day. The best part of this nail design is you can replicate it on your natural nails or fix artificial nails; both methods work.

Everyone who has ever set eyes on this color has loved it, and that includes me – and maybe you?

 Short Dreamy Nails Of Pastel Purple

7 – Long Glitter Pastel Purple Nails

These long nails feature a gorgeous combination of pink and pastel purple; it’s a pastel beauty. Had I not seen this combination myself, I’d never have believed how beautiful it can be. Let your thumbs and middle fingers carry the pastel purple shade and your second finger the pink shade.

Then, get creative mixing purple and pink on your ring finger; be careful around the edges – it can get tricky. Now, finish the design with glitters on your pinky fingers; watch the edges again.

Long Glitter Pastel Purple Nails

Check out the video below if you want to learn how to apply glitter on your nails.

8 – Pastel Purple Nails Coffin With Glitter

I haven’t been able to get my eyes off these nails since I sent them on them; they stir up some really deep feelings. I love everything from the shape to the brilliant combination of nude and pastel purple and glitter. You’ve got to have an effortless way around applying glitters on nails to get this glitter to fill perfectly.

If you want this done perfectly, the glitter, nude, and all, I recommend a nail artist or manicurist. The nail edges, tips, and bases need the touch of a professional.

Pastel Purple Nails Coffin With Glitter

9 – Long Pastel Purple Sugar Nails with Stones

This is the ultimate nail design with pastel purple – that is until we see the next awesome one. Not to sound cliché or anything, but I love these nails; the magnificent alignment of rhinestones on the ring finger. Carefully apply the pastel purple nail polish on your thumbs, second, middle, and ring fingers; do it gently to get it right.

The glitter in this design is a vital part of it; it perfectly brings out the beauty. So, finish up this nail design with glitters on your pinky fingers.

Long Pastel Purple Sugar Nails With Stones

If you want to learn how to secure rhinestone on nails, check out the video below!

10 – Vibe-y Long Coffin Pastel Purple Nails with Flower

This is a great pastel purple nail design idea for everyday use during summer, featuring 3D flower nail art with glitter and stone. I have how my nails pop when glitter and stones are combined, which is one reason we love this design. The ring fingers carry beautiful white-colored 3D flowers, and the middle fingers carry the glitters.

You probably don’t see it, but there are cute little gems at the bases of the second and pinky fingers. The stones are inconspicuous, but they increase the glamor on the nails.

Vibe-Y Long Coffin Pastel Purple Nails With Flowery Design

11 – Valentine Pastel Purple Nails Coffin

This is a beautiful nail design to accentuate your beauty, bring out your eyes, and complement that dress perfectly. Featuring different shades of pastel purple, including a silvery purple color on the pinky fingers, these are the ideal nail inspiration. The middle fingers carry a deeper shade of pastel purple, while the second fingers carry little star arts and rhinestones.

If you can rock any nail, you can rock these purple jelly nails; they are perfect for everyday use and special occasions.

Valentine Pastel Purple Nails Coffin With Stars

12 – Inspiring Stiletto + French Tips Pastel Purple Nails

These nails are simply gorgeous; the combination of stiletto and French nails is brilliant, and the colors contrast nicely with each other. These nails feature different color shades, including pastel purple, light pink, and nude pink colors, with the infamous Louis Vuitton logo. Grace your ring fingers with the logo, your middle fingers with the rhinestones, and your second finger with crystals.

The pinky fingers carry the pastel purple polish with one colorful rhinestone at the base, which is small but highly significant.

Inspiring Stiletto + French Tips Pastel Purple Nails

13 – Beautiful Pastel Purple Nails with Purple Butterflies

It is okay if you’re out of inspiration for nail designs because we’ve got you covered – especially with this simply adorable design. These light pastel purple nails feature Ombre designs and butterfly artworks in different shades of purple, dark, and light. Apply the light purple pastel nail polish on all your fingers, excluding the ring fingers; the ring finger carries the butterfly design.

Carefully draw butterflies diagonally across your ring fingers, using a deeper shade at the tip and light at the base.

If you love these butterflies as much as we do, also check out our post with 21 cute pink butterfly nails.

Beautiful Pastel Purple Nails With Purple Butterflies

14 – Long Coffin Nails in Pastel Purple with Rhinestones

These long coffin purple pastel nails are admirable and exquisite, featuring pastel purple and a nude pink shade. Fill the bases of all your fingers with the nude pink nail polish and stop halfway; we want to get creative here. Create a stiletto shape on your ring fingers – that is, let the tip of the nude be pointed and fill the edges with purple.

The rest of the fingers carry the pastel purple from where your fingers end to the tip of the long coffin nails. Crown the design with rhinestones carefully arranged along the second, middle, and pinky fingers.

Long Coffin Nails In Pastel Purple With Rhinestones

15 – Pastel Purple Nails with Sparkle

If you don’t know what design to give your nails, you can always go sparkly – like this gorgeous nail set. This design features the cool pastel purple color filling the second and pinky fingers and creating swirls around the middle and ring fingers. Create a swirl with pastel purple and white nail polishes, and compliment it with glitter and sparkles.

If you believe you can get that swirl right, then maybe you can replicate this design as perfectly as this.

Pastel Purple Nails With Sparkle And Wavy Design

16 – Nude and Pastel Purple Nails with Butterfly Art

I can’t get enough of the butterfly art on nails; it is always pretty, as it is on these nails. These are long nails with flattened French tips, featuring nude pink at the bases of the middle and ring fingers. The pinky and second fingers only feature pastel purple nail polish, with some gems evenly arranged at the base of the second finger.

Creatively draw butterflies in different colors on your middle and ring fingers; this design features blue, black, orange, and yellow colors.

 Pastel Purple Nails With Butterfly Art

17 – Gorgeous Tapered Coffin Nails in Pastel Purple

Here is another nail inspiration for your next look that you can wear to any occasion, casual or formal. These are glitter nails created with the beautiful pastel purple shade and decorated with rhinestones and crystals.

To achieve this, create a swirl design with rhinestones on your second finger with a 3D butterfly art in the middle.

The pinky finger should have only one small stone at the base with silver glitters at the tip. Finally, arrange crystals vertically along your ring fingers and gems in a semi-circle along the base of the middle finger.

Gorgeous Tapered Coffin Nails In Pastel Purple

18 – Glossy Pastel Purple Nails with Butterfly

If you love your nails short, you will love these; these are short garland nails that’ll make a pleasant addition to your nail collection. It’s not a complicated design, so you can easily recreate this with a little tutorial; there’ll be one at the end of this article. This beautiful design will contrast beautifully with any skin tone, but don’t forget the butterfly art.

If you’re not confident in your nail designing skills, you can always meet a manicurist.

Glossy Pastel Purple Nails With Butterfly

19 – Long Pointy-Tip Pastel Purple Nails

This is a classy, exotic nail design anyone would be proud to get their hands (or nails) on. Featuring pointed tips, these are the perfect nails for summer, but you can confidently rock them in winter also. The ring finger features glitter at the base giving the nails a silvery tone – like I said: classy.

You may want a professional manicurist to help if you want to recreate this perfectly. Besides, the nails will last longer with a professional touch.

 Long Pointy-Tip Pastel Purple Nails

20 – Long Pastel Purple Nails with Rhinestones and Crystal

This is an amazing combination of rhinestones and crystals on long pastel ombre nails. Use light pastel purple nail polish on your nails and fix rhinestones along the bases of your second and ring fingers. Put large crystals on the middle finger with little rhinestones surrounding it; be sure they hold firmly in place.

Finally, the pinky fingers feature an oval-shaped crystal at the base and the tip. You can wear this to any event, and the shine is perfect for any season.

Long Pastel Purple Nails With Rhinestones And Crystal

21 – Pastel Purple Nails with Rainbow Design

These nails feature different designs with pastel purple, from plain to glittery to rainbow designs; they are a sight for sore eyes. You can wear this casually, to a dinner date, or some big-shot ball in New York City; they will turn heads. The pinky fingers carry an incredible richness of glitters; these may very well be the ultimate summer nails.

The ring fingers carry a rainbow design amidst purple glitters, while the second and middle fingers carry a simple pastel purple shade.

Pastel Purple Nails With Rainbow Design

There are one-hundred-and-one ways you can experiment with purple pastel nails; you can start with these 21 ideas. You can have them done professionally by a nail technician or yourself if you feel like testing the waters.