21 purple marble nails

21 Gorgeous Purple Marble Nails

I’m drooling over the recent trend of tie and dye nails. It’s all over my Instagram, and I can’t help the obsession. Another name for tie and dye nails is purple marble nails.

Now you must be wondering why it is that?

Tie and dye give your nails a textured marble design.

In this article, we’ll be sharing 21 purple marble nails’ dreamy inspirations for you. Purple because everything looks 10x better in purple, right girls?

So let’s get started.

1. Coffin Purple Marble Nails With Gold Flakes

Here’s something extra for your sassier days. This look is a complete knockout for parties and special occasions.

The end look is achieved by painting your nails in a white base.

The technique used to get the marble effect in this design is:

  • Step 1: Get a cup and fill it with room temperature water.
  • Step 2: Put a few drops of different shades of purple in the water.
  • Step 3: Swirl the nail paints with a toothpick and put your finger in the cup.
  • Step 4: Wipe off the edges with a nail remover, and voilà, you’re done.

The designer embedded a channel sticker on each middle fingernail to add drama. And then she drew a few zig-zag patterns with gold flakes on some nail fingers.

Coffin Purple Marble Nails With Gold Flakes
Instagram @nailsbycelestee_

2. Artsy Purple Marble Nails

Want to challenge your inner artist? Try this look out. Paint all your finger nails with dark purple nail polish. 

Next comes the complicated part. The nail tech has drawn different designs on each nail. You can copy the exacts or draw some of your own. 

But don’t forget the marble effect. The designer has only painted one index finger with a marble design to avoid overdoing it. The middle finger is polished with some sparkly mermaid dust.

The overall set is quite attractive and different.

So do try it out and show us how it goes.

Artsy Purple Marble Nails
Instagram @ssaen_nails

3. Purple Marble Nails With Silver Glitter

A transparent base with a marble effect on top? Can it get trendier than this?

Yes, it can.

The cherry on top in this set is the little touch of silver glitter.

Personally, this has to be my favorite set.

So chic and trendy. You need to book your appointments with your nail tech soon to get this design done, as unfortunately, it can’t be achieved at home.

The combination of a transparent acrylic base and the drooling purple marble design adorned with silver glitter is definitely a knockout.

So have you made your call yet?

Purple Marble Nails With Silver Glitter
Instagram @nailsbyhayles_

4. Elegance Purple And Pink Marble Nails

This look is relatively more straightforward than the ones described before. This set will give you a clean and sleek look. So if you’re planning to head out with a tidy ponytail and purple top. This nail set is your go-to.

I love this look as it can quickly be done at home without much hassle.

Simply paint half of your nails purple and the other half with pink nail paint. Then swirl them both with a toothpick to achieve that marble design. Make sure you do it quickly before the nail paints dry out. 

And ta-daa, we’re done!

Elegance Purple And Pink Marble Nails
Instagram @nailedbyyei

5. Long Acrylic Purple Marble Nails

Long nails always make you feel more girly and mod. This combination of long acrylic nails with the hint of purple marble effect is a game-changer.

Perfect for summers as pastels make you feel fresh. Simply paint your nails in a white base and add some drops of light purple all over your fingernails. Then swirl them around with a toothpick.

To slightly dramatize the look, sprinkle some purple and pink glitter at the edges, and it’s done. 

Oh, and if you like pastel as much as we do, also check out our post with 21 beautiful pastel purple nails!

Long Acrylic Purple Marble Nails
Instagram @portobellobeautysalon

6. Coffin Purple Marble Nails

This look has a fuller marble effect to it. The technique used in this one is exactly the same as described in design number one.

Paint your nails in white nail polish. Then drop pastel purple drops in room temperature water. After that, put your nail tips in it. Lastly, clean off the edges with nail remover.

You may or may not add one or two silver crystals to one of your fingernails. It’s totally your choice! 

Coffin Purple Marble Nails
Instagram @rosebnails

7. Light Purple Coffin Marble Nails

I love to paint my nails in light colors, especially in summer. When I took a look at this set, it instantly attracted me because of its perfect blend of colors and a slight 3D effect.

Paint all your nails in light purple nail paint and put a few drops of bright purple nail polish on some fingers of your choice. Swirl the dots around with a toothpick. And voilà, we have that perfect marble design. 

To add a slight 3D effect, grab a silver glitter paint. And draw lines aligning with your marble design, that’s all. The result is adorable and stylish. 

 Light Purple Coffin Marble Nails
Instagram @nailexpertsandspa

8. Short White And Purple Marble Nails

This one is for the shorties. Short nails are no longer an excuse to not get nail art done. I have a design for you which you can easily make at home. 

Paint your fingernails in bubblegum purple nail paint except for your ring and middle fingernails. Paint them in the white base, then put one or two drops of purple paint on your nails and swirl them!

Bingo! You’ve got yourself the perfect marble effect.

Short White And Purple Marble Nails
Instagram @lionanails

9. Dark Purple And White Marble Nails

Everyone has their preference. Some may like dark colors on their nails, and some like light ones. Here’s a combo of dark purple and white. 

Paint your thumb, index, and little fingernails in dark purple nail paint. Coat the rest of the fingernails with a white base and design a marble effect like I’ve taught you before.

If you want to add some sparkle, paste a few gold flakes wherever you like on your nail tips.

This design is perfect for beginners.

Do try this out!

Dark Purple And White Marble Nails
Instagram @srinailsalon

10. Purple Marble Nails With Transparent Crystals 

This look is slightly extra but very attractive and unique. The designer has added a black touch to make the design look more distinct.

Paint all four fingernails in white nail polish except the index fingernail. Paint it in bright purple nail paint and sprinkle transparent crystals all over it.

Now add a few drops of purple nail paint and drop them over your white-coated nails. Swirl it around to achieve the marble effect. Paste some gold flakes to add some spark. To make your marble design more prominent, add a touch of black lines along. 

This look is perfect for weddings or birthday parties.

Purple Marble Nails With Transparent Crystals
Instagram @rosies_nails

11. Super Dreamy Purple Marble Nails

Well, this look has everything in it. From transparent acrylics to marble effects and solid diamond-shaped beads, you will get everything.

The designer has made this look keeping everything in mind some voguish and cute looks. 

Ring and little fingernail have transparent acrylics with colorful glitters embedded in them. Middle and thumb fingernail has the oh-so-perfect marble effect, made with great care and effort.

The index fingernail is painted in plain light purple nail polish. To add some design to it, the maker has embedded a solid diamond-shaped bead at the crust of each index fingernail.

This look is perfect for your everyday routine. It will surely make you feel all girly and chic.

Super Dreamy Purple Marble Nails
Instagram @wowbaonails

12. Short Dark Purple Marble Nails

Simplicity can never go out of style. I believe simplicity is pure grace. This nail look is for those who want to appear cute yet straightforward. Additionally, it is advantageous that you don’t necessarily need to have long nails to achieve this design. 

Paint your nails in glossy purple nail paint. Add one drop of shiny white nail paint to your ring fingernail. Swirl it with a toothpick, and there you have it.

Easy to make and very cute design.

Must try at home! 

Short Dark Purple Marble Nails
Instagram @_beauty_bymeg

13. Long Acrylic Purple marble Nails

This look is very decent yet super stylish. Long nails, as we all know, are every girl’s favorite.

The choice of purple shade in this look is the eye-catcher. To achieve this, paint all your fingernails in this exquisite shade of purple. Put a few drops of shiny purple nail paint on your middle and ring fingernails. The next step is my favorite! Swirl and swirl.

And there you have it, a complete knockout set.

This set goes perfectly with your cute western outfits. Especially if they have a purple touch in them.

Long Acrylic Purple Marble Nails
Instagram @nailartbyang

Check the video below to help you achieve the perfect purple marble nails. This video will assist you quickly understanding all the skills. 

14. Pastel Purple and White Marble Nails

Who doesn’t love their nails to look clean and sleek? This set is on fleek!

Carefully painted nails with cautiously achieved marble effect. This set has my heart. 

Paint your nails in pastel purple nail paint on all fingernails except the index fingernail. Paint it in white nail polish.

Add a few drops of purple nail paint on your white base and carefully swirl it with the assistance of a toothpick or nail art tool.

This look is perfect for an everyday look. It will add the perfect blend of colors and style to your mundane routine.

Pastel Purple And White Marble Nails
Instagram @gabynailsnyc

15. Acrylic White and purple Marble Nails

This look is somehow similar to the ones described before. But it also holds attention and attractiveness to it because of its beautiful marble design.

Just go to your nail tech and show them this design and get it done to feel all-girly and fresh.

The combination of purple and white automatically lifts your mood, so what are you guys waiting for?

 Acrylic White And Purple Marble Nails
Instagram @nailzbyliz_

16. Purple Marble Nails with White crystals

Looking for a set for a daytime event or an engagement function? 

Take a look at this set. So unique and eye-catching!

Paint all your fingers in white nail polish. Fully embellish your ring fingernail with transparent shiny crystals. 

The other four fingers are designed with a marble effect. So you can either use the water technique or a few drops. It’s your call. 

Have fun experimenting!

Purple Marble Nails With White Crystals
Instagram @nailsonpoiint

17. Bright Purple and White Marble Nails

Bright purple is the color of confidence. It’s attractive and graceful. But, by contrasting it with white, it becomes a game-changer!

This set is very simple to make. Paint all your nails in bright purple nail paint.

Leave your ring fingernails and coat them with white nail polish. Add one or two drops of purple on your white base. Swirl it around with the help of a tool.

If you really want to brighten your day, try this lookout. I assure you this will lift your mood to another level.

Bright Purple And White Marble Nails
Instagram @polishedandcompany

18. Deep Smile French With Purple Marble Nails

Where are my stylish girls? Do you want to feel voguish and try something very trendy with your nails?

Here’s a set for you. 

Glossy purple acrylic nails with a hint of marble effect. A complete knockout!

The designer has made this set unique by adding a touch of french manicure on the ring fingernail.

He has outlined the french manicure with a golden glitter nail paint to add some sparkle. 

Moreover, he has also added a slant golden line on top of the marble design to dramatize the look.

Deep Smile French With Purple Marble Nails
Instagram @princessnailspavabeach757

19. Cute Short Purple Marble Nails

This one is for the starters. Are you looking to channel your inner artist? But afraid to do so? I have got something very easy for you guys.

Check out this look and see how cute it looks!

Ready to try it? 

Don’t worry, I’ll help you with the instructions.

Paint all your nails in shiny beige nail color. Next, paint your nails in purple nail polish in an uneven zig-zag pattern, as shown in the picture. Just freestyle and don’t worry about any mistakes.

Now get a slightly lighter shade of purple and drop it on the already painted part. Get a toothpick to swirl them both. And ta-da, you’ve got yourself a cute marble design.

Grab a golden glitter nail color to make them look more distinct and outline your wavy line. 

Hope you guys will enjoy making it.

 Cute Short Purple Marble Nails
Instagram @nails4lifebybeth

20. Light Purple and Pink Marble Nails

Light colors go well along with the marble effect as marbles are usually in pastel colors. 

The artist chose a very pastel shade of purple and painted it on all fingernails except the ring finger.

Next, he coated the ring fingernail with a white base and put a few bright purple nail paint drops on top. Swirl the drops together, and it’s done!

This set fits perfectly for daytime events and the spring season. As it has a breath of fresh air in it. Don’t you feel the same?

Light Purple And Pink Marble Nails
Instagram @fortessa_beauty

21. Purple Marble Nails with Gold Designs

Being a little extra never hurt anybody!

Sometimes we girls need to pamper ourselves and feel like a princes from head to toe because we deserve it!

If you are one of them, check this set out. So exquisite and royal. Follow these steps to achieve this look.

Paint all your nails with a light purple shade. Now add drops of pink nail paint on your ring fingernail and swirl with a tool to get that marble effect. Next, you need to have a nail art machine.

Use it to get these beautiful, carefully drawn golden designs on your nails. You don’t need any assistance if you’re an excellent nail artist. 

Have fun, ladies!

Purple Marble Nails With Gold Designs
Instagram @hannas.nails.la


Here we conclude our trendy and chic purple marble nail designs inspirations for you. Hope you found the best to your liking. All of these looks can be achieved with a bit of effort and, of course, patience and experience.

So take your time, and I’m sure you guys will become pros in no time.

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