21 Adorable Pink Butterfly Nails

Butterfly lovers, behold, we are here with some sassy content for you. If you’re obsessed with pink glam and butterflies just like me and want some inspiration to add that little pink sparkle, then this is the right spot for you! 

In this article, we will be sharing 21 super cute and chic butterfly nail designs you need to take a look at. 

1 – Ombre Pink Butterfly Nails

This subtle yet elegant combination of pink and sky blue is all you need to look stylish and cute.

The ombré puts on a very sleek look to your nails. Moreover, the idea of designing the wings on two different nails is relatively stylish and unique.

The tiny bead-like white paint adds that girly sparkle we all need. Thus making your nails look more fashionable.

To avoid overdoing the nails, the two fingers, on the other hand, can be designed with flowers that look like butterfly wings. 

Ombre Pink Butterfly Nails
Instagram @jemimah_beautyandnails

2 – Baby Pink Butterfly Nails With White Tips

This is one of my favorite designs. This adorable and simple look is a go-to for an everyday outfit. All four fingers are polished with baby pink nail paint with white tips.

The ring fingers on both hands have butterfly motifs. The design is outlined with black paint to make it more distinct and prominent. Some blue-ish touch to have that chic look, and voila, we’re done!

I love this look and will try it out soon. Tell me if you guys try it too!

Baby Pink Butterfly Nails With White Tips
Instagram @_melissadixonnailtech

3 – Long Acrylic Baby Pink Butterfly Nails

This look is a little tricky yet very voguish and sassy. The designer added some glamor and 3D effect to this look, making it stand out. 

Some of the tips are painted in baby pink paint, whereas some with glittery pink. The butterfly design is added with a 3D butterfly sticker. And a zig-zag pattern made with tape is the “look” of this design.

The idea is very modern and new. So I recommend you try it and show me how it goes.

Long Acrylic Baby Pink Butterfly Nails
Instagram @naailssbysteph

4 – Combination Of Bright And Baby Pink Butterfly Nails

Wanna try something new and play with colors simultaneously? Then, this is the design for you! The mixture of light and dark colors makes this look very classy. 

The beautifully drawn butterfly on two fingers is undoubtedly eye-catching. The addition of some white color and shades of pink in wings makes the look vibrant and fresh.

If you’re good at drawing, try this out. Experiment and have fun.

Combination Of Bright And Baby Pink Butterfly Nails
Instagram @juliannanailart

To help you girls I have added a video below. If you want to try these looks at home, this video will help you achieve your desired look. Have fun experimenting!

5 – Short Colorful Pink Butterfly Nails

Having short nails is no issue. I have personally observed people with short nails thinking nail art is not for them. That is in no way correct. This one is for the shorties. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. 

These cute baby short, pink nails with colorful butterflies are all you need in life to feel more lively.

The design is made simply by pasting butterfly stickers to your already painted nails. Next, a three-colored rainbow is drawn on each pinkie to add a little more design. 

Short Colorful Pink Butterfly Nails
Source @gemmapopenailartist

6 – Sparkly, Long Acrylic Pink Butterfly Nails

Glamor girls! Where are you? This is the design for you. I am absolutely obsessed with this look.

These long nails are on fleek with the right amount of sparkle and class. Two 3D butterfly stickers are pasted on each ring fingernail. Thus fulfilling your daily dose of butterfly obsession. In addition to this, pinkie fingers are covered with sparkly polish because a bit of sparkle never hurt anyone, right? 

There’s also a hint of transparency on two index fingers, making them look very modern.

Sparkly, Long Acrylic Pink Butterfly Nails
Instagram @nunu_nailss

7 – Long Pink Butterfly Nails With Embedded Pearls

As a child, I was obsessed with beads and wanted to add them everywhere, i.e., my hair, nails, and clothes. 

This look reminded me of the bead obsessors. Are you in love with them as much as I am? Then do try this lookout. 

Two fingers are carefully embedded with beads in a zig-zag pattern. Ring fingernails like other looks are embedded with beautiful life-like butterfly stickers. The other fingers are painted in acrylic nail paint, having an ombré effect.

The look is very sleek and elegant. A must-try! 

Long Pink Butterfly Nails With Embedded Pearls
Instagram @nailbaabe

8 – Long Light Pink Nails With Butterflies

Sometimes being a little extra is all you need. For example, to have a fuller butterfly look on your nails, you need to look at this design.

You don’t need to go to a nail salon for this look as it can be made quickly. Simply paint your nails with light pink nail polish and buy some nail accessories like bead strings and butterfly stickers, and you’re good to go.

Just add the stickers wherever you feel like on your nails. You can also add beads and strings to achieve that striking look, and we’re done.

Though this look doesn’t require much time and effort yet, it makes you feel hip and cool. Doesn’t this make you want to try it immediately? 

Long Light Pink Nails With Butterflies
Instagram @sarah_nailsj

9 – Glamorous Pink Coffin Nails With Butterflies

We all have that point where we want to keep things simple yet trendy. The look was designed keeping this in mind. This design has that perfect blend of sparkle and simplicity.

The end look is achieved by simply painting nails with plain pink nail polish. You can make the tips glittery with a tape or french nails tool. 

The big sparkly, glamorous butterfly sticker is the knockout for this look. Perfect for butterfly lovers who want to try something different and stylish.

Glamorous Pink Coffin Nails With Butterflies
Instagram @dkdk__wkwk

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10 – Skin Ombré and Baby Pink Butterfly Nails

Take a look at this design. This look is clean and sleek. The combo of skin and baby pink is next-level adorable. The touch of butterflies in black paint multiplies the attractiveness of this look.

I think this is the most elegant look if you’re looking to stay neutral and lively with your butterfly obsession. 

The transparent effect on butterfly engrafted fingers adds more grace and class to the overlook. So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment at your nearest acrylic nail salon and go get this design done.

Skin Ombré And Baby Pink Butterfly Nails
Instagram @nailsbymk13

11 – Glittery Hot Pink Butterfly Nails

This striking, eye-catching look is perfect for birthday parties, events, and get-togethers.

The design is made simply by painting your little finger, forefinger, and thumb in glitzy pink glitter paint. The other two fingers are polished in a baby pink shade. And beautiful butterflies are drawn with black color on each finger. 

Coffin nails are in-vogue now, so I guess keeping in mind the latest trends, this look is your resort. 

Glittery Hot Pink Butterfly Nails
Instagram @_get_polished_

12 – Acrylic Long Barbie Light Pink Nails With Butterflies

Girlies! If you want to feel like Barbie and have some butterfly cheerfulness simultaneously, this is the set for you. 

The vibrant and bright colors in this look feel like a breath of fresh air. The look is decorated with beautiful beads and pearls. It also has a barbie sketch, making you feel all girly and beautiful.

The transparent butterfly motif on classy light pink polished nails is the cherry on top.

Acrylic Long Barbie Light Pink Nails With Butterflies
Instagram @waucenails

13 – Short Pastel Pink Butterfly Nails with French Tips

Here’s another set for the ones with short nails. 

This look is very simple yet elegant. If you want to add some slight flavor to your little nails, I recommend this look.

It can be made quickly with just a little effort. Simply paint your nails in pastel pink while making the tips white. Then design the ring fingernail with any butterfly of your choice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the one given in this look. And we’re done. 

Short Pastel Pink Butterfly Nails With French Tips
Instagram @__witchnails

14 – Taffy Pink Coffin Nails With Butterflies 

Even though I am not very fond of this shade of pink, this look still made me stop and stare.

It’s never too late to try something new because, who knows, it may turn out oh-so-amazing. However, this one is for the risk-takers. Just give this look a try, and I am sure it will be the best one you’ve tried so far.

Taffy Pink Coffin Nails With Butterflies
Instagram @ognailsuk

15 – Beautiful Glass Pink Butterfly Nails

Here’s something new for you guys. We all know how trendy and classy glass nails are nowadays, so take a look at this set. 

So chic and classy! Glass nails coated with shiny transparent paint and lovely butterfly stickers in different shades of pink.

This acrylic set is hands down the most voguish and chic of all the sets we’ve mentioned before. I assure you this design will make you look like a complete babe!

Beautiful Glass Pink Butterfly Nails
Instagram @slayedby.emvee

16 – Ombré Pink Coffin Nails With Butterflies

Coffin nails can never go out of style, and the ombré effect is the cream of the crop.

This elegant and clean look is so dreamy. The attractive combination of pastel and bright pink is luring. The little butterfly stickers make this design look even more lovely. Do try this out and show us how it goes.

Ombré Pink Coffin Nails With Butterflies
Instagram @nailbar.hedgeend

17 – French Pink Coffin Nails With Butterflies

Well, this look has everything in it, from french tips to coffin nails and beautifully hand-drawn butterflies. 

The two beads in each butterfly wing make the butterfly motif more distinct and stand out. In addition, the tips are painted with a brighter shade of pink to make the difference more prominent.

I really love this look. It’s unique and has everything a butterfly lover needs in it.

French Pink Coffin Nails With Butterflies
Instagram @frannyxbeauty

18 – Classic Baby Pink Butterfly Nails

This set is classic and graceful. The look is made by simply painting french nails on all fingers except the ring fingernail. 

The ring fingernail is sketched with a brighter pink shaded butterfly making the french standout!

Very cute and adorable, I must say.

Classic Baby Pink Butterfly Nails
Instagram @mbeauty__x

19 – Pink Butterfly Nails with Mermaid Dust

I adore this shade of pink. It’s so catchy and different from other shades. The design of this look makes this color even more pretty.

Some mermaid dust with little butterflies embedded in it makes the set look so adorable.

The dust is painted on each next finger to balance out the sparkle.

Indeed this set is a lovely inspiration for your next acrylic design. 

Pink Butterfly Nails With Mermaid Dust
Instagram @nailsbynicole____

20 – Beige and Pink Butterfly Nails

Do you want that extra glow on your fingers? I’ve got something for you.

This set is made with pinkish beige nail paint on all fingers. In addition, it has different small butterfly stickers on top of them. The look is completed by coating the nails with a glowy and crystal clear transparent nail shiner. 

A bead implanted at the beginning of each nail makes it look like a complete game-changer.

Beige And Pink Butterfly Nails
Instagram @nailsbydani_axz

21 – Long Acrylic White and Pink Butterfly Nails

The last but the most vibrant and stylish of all the designs is this look. The end look is achieved by painting the thumbnail and little fingernail with bright pink paint. The rest of the fingers with white nail polish.

A white base gives you a clear and bright area to design on. The designer drew the butterfly wings with hot pink nail paint on two fingers. They then added a beady outline to look very distinct and glamorous.

Long Acrylic White And Pink Butterfly Nails
Instagram @starnailz_by_sonia


So here we end our thoughtful and trendsetting butterfly nails inspirations for you. I hope you liked each design and found the best fit for your personality and taste.

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