21 Gorgeous Silver Nail Designs

21 Gorgeous Silver Nail Designs

Are you on the hunt for silver nail designs that everyone will be envious of? Perhaps silver is the perfect sparkly shade to go with that designer dress you’ve just spent a month’s rent on, or those shoes that you bagged a few weeks ago that were in the sale? If you want something that’ll make you stand out from the crowd, we’ve found a few beauties that you should definitely take a peek at. Long, short, spiked, square, rounded, matte, shiny … We’ve found something for everyone, and we have a feeling that you’re going to love some of these.

Grab yourself a cuppa, make yourself comfortable, and don’t forget to let us know your favourites in the comments below!

1 – Glossy Swirls Silver Nail Designs

Here’s a great tip when you’re working with grey and silver nails, like these shimmering beauties … Get a pot of lotion, or something like petroleum jelly, to place around the nails beforehand.

When you then go on to dunk your nails into the marbled water, or whatever way you’ve decided to marbleise them, you won’t have a nightmare trying to get the remnants off your skin. PVA glue can also help – the mess-up’s outside the lines will just peel right off.

Glossy Swirls Silver Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

2 – Simple Sparkle Silver Nail Designs

If you don’t have the exact shade of silver shimmer / glitter that you need, which is always a right pain, you can make your own at home. If you have craft glitter, or even cosmetic glitter, you can mix it in with a clear nail varnish to make your own unique shade. You can do the same with busted eye shadows, highlighters and powdered contour products too.

That’s such a great tip, right? If it’s powder, it can be mixed with clear polish / base coat. How many more possibilities are there now?!

Simple Sparkle Silver Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

3 – Holographic Silver Nail Designs

We love the fact that there is one holographic nail amongst some fierce black and glitter nails. It just goes to show that with a little bit of creativity, and some patience, you really could come up with something beautiful.

Holographic Silver Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

These chrome nails are a really big deal right now. If you love the look of them too, you should take a peek at this:

4 – Glitter, Pink and Silver Nail Designs

What about silver and pink nails? It’s a combination you may not have immediately put together, but there’s something very pretty about it. This look is actually really easy to achieve too, especially if you have nail foils, or nail tape.

You can easily create an ombré effect with the use of a triangular makeup sponge, and you simply tape off the areas you don’t want to cover. When the polish is basically dry, tear away the tape carefully, and you should be left with something that looks a little bit like this.

Glitter, Pink And Silver Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

5 – Nude and Silver Nail Designs

How about nudes and silver? Normally you’d associate nude shades with gold, but as you can see here, nude and silver work just a splendidly. This elegant and subtle silver sparkle makes it a diverse look for many occasions.

If you don’t own a matte nail polish, you really should invest in one. You can turn any shade that you already own into a matte one, simply by adding this top coat. You can thank us for that later.

Nude And Silver Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

6 – Holographic Square Silver Nail Designs

Holographic silver nails are a big deal right now, and one thing we would suggest is to make sure your nails are clean, polish-free, and freshly buffed.

Shimmering and glittery polishes like this have a tendency to show off every single little flaw, and that’s not something you want. Take a few moments on the prep work beforehand, and your manicure will definitely thank you for it.

Holographic Square Silver Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

7 – Silver Nail Designs With Rhinestones

The good thing about silver is that you can put it together with any look. We loved that this one had been adorned with sparkly rhinestones.

There’s something verge elegant and glam about this look, those mirrored gems adding to the sparkle. Just remember to keep a little tube of nail glue handy in your bag so that you can fix any stones that fall off along the way.

Silver Nail Designs With Rhinestones
Source: Pinterest

Do you love the chrome nails on this look? Then you can check out this video!

8 – Feature Sparkle Silver Nail Designs

One featured nail makes bright and bold metallic shades much easier to wear, and that’s one reason why we loved this simple light coloured nail design. When your silver nails are restricted to just the one, they’re easier and more discreet to wear. Your boss might just let you get away with it!

One thing that will make your glitter mani even easier – use a layer of PVA glue OVER your base coat, but UNDER your glitter coat. When it comes to getting rid of that shimmery shade, it’ll just peel right off. Again, you can just thank us later.

Feature Sparkle Silver Nail Designs
Source: Instagram / @bajstruk

9 – Geometric Silver Nail Designs

Geometric designs are a great way to modernise any nail, and we really did appreciate these stiletto beauties. They’re not easy to wear, these pointed nails, especially every day, but for a special occasion they look damn fine. That’s why we’ve added these to the list.

Do you have a steady handy? You can recreate these freehand if you do. But if, like us, you’re about as steady as jelly, tape can help to keep those straight lines straight. That’ll help to add to the geometric look.

Geometric Silver Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

10 – Silver Nail Designs with White Henna

White henna pattern tattoo nails are really elegant, and also make for really great bridal nails. When you add a touch of silver, and a little sprinkling of sparkle to the mix, and you have a wonderful set of silver nails that anyone would be envious of.

To achieve this look add a light, pale, light-reflecting silver shimmer polish, and when that’s dried, add a slick of silver glitter polish. You could mix it up with a number of colours, we feel it’s important to add before we go any further. When those layers have dried, get creative with a white or silver nail pen, or use nail decals or stamps if you don’t trust your hand-painting technique. When it’s finish, you could add another coat of glitter if you wanted to, but don’t forget the top coat. You’d be upset if these nails chipped after just a couple of hours.

Once again, you have that super cool feature nail, and a clever dusting of ombré to boot. What’s not to love about them?

Silver Nail Designs With White Henna
Source: Instagram / @acquacolorspa

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11 – Rainbow Holographic Silver Nail Designs

If you don’t want to mess around with the super pigmented glitters and powders necessary to achieve this high-shine holographic look, nail wraps work just as well. We fake it regularly, and we won’t tell if you don’t?

Once those wraps are on, you are free to customise them as you wish, and we think the new year clock decor on these works wonderfully. You could even mute it down (not that we’d understand why) by replacing those clocks with more subtle designs like stars instead.

Rainbow Holographic Silver Nail Designs
Source: Instagram / @naq57

12 – Really Dark Silver Nail Designs

If light and bright silvers aren’t quite your thing, why not darken things up a tad? More gunmetal grey with a slightly metallic look, they’re almost not silvery at all.

One great tip that you can use here is to layer a darker glitter over a lighter shade, and then add another coat over the top of that. Mix it all up with a beautiful bronze toned shimmer too, and you’ll have a look that’s similar to this, without the need to go out and actually buy this. We have silver polish, and gold, bronze, and dark silver glitter, in our nail polish boxes right now. Aren’t they they essential shades?

Really Dark Silver Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

13 – Swirly Silver Nail Designs

We can’t help but think these would make great bridal nails, a stunning combination of white and silver together. As far as silver nails go, these could be one of the best.

To achieve these nails, start by removing old polish from your nails, and giving them a good clean too. The smoother and cleaner your base, the better this will look. In fact, the better all manicures will look.

Swirly Silver Nail Designs
Source: Instagram / @elina.nails.art

14 – Gold and Silver Nail Designs

Who said silver and gold don’t go together? We love these gold and silver nails, a clever blend of the two metallics to bring you a two-tone mani that everyone’s going to want!

We think these look wonderfully sophisticated gold and silver designs look great on the short square tips, and you could recreate the entire look, or just pick one of those stunning designs and go for that on all of your talons instead. We personally love the gold tipped look ourselves. Which bit is your favourite?

Gold And Silver Nail Designs
Source: Instagram / @mydaintynails

15 – Square Tipped Silver Nail Designs

These nails look like they should be really difficult, but they’re definitely not. We know this because we recreated the look ourselves, and they came out much better than we had anticipated. Start with the silver chrome nail look, and if you don’t have the highly-pigmented silver powder, opt for a nail wrap instead (which we found much easier).

Use tape to create that chevron space, painting that black, and once it’s dried, do the same with the darker silver, almost gunmetal-grey shade used for the tip. You could add rhinestones, or leave them out, that’s entirely up to you, but we’re definitely dazzled by these silver nail designs.

Square Tipped Silver Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

16 – Matte + Glitter Silver Nail Designs

Another really great idea for a manicure you can do at home, these silver nail designs use different finishes – a few nails with a matte finish combined with a glitter feature nail and add in some gems for some extra sparkle.

Matte + Glitter Silver Nail Designs

17 – Yellow And Silver Nail Designs

How do you feel about silver and yellow nails? Probably not one you would have automatically thought of, but we bet you feel different now … especially as these nails reminded us so much of the up and coming Beauty and the Beast movie. You too? Or just us?

We would probably start with the main frame of the nail first – add your silver lines, and then using a glossy clear coat over the top to give it that finish.

They’re certainly eye-catching, and high-shine too. What do you think? Are you a silver and yellow fan now?

Yellow And Silver Nail Designs
Source: Instagram / @kangannynails

18 – Silver Nail Designs With Black Cats

We love silver nails. We love black cats. These nails could practically have been created for us – silver and black cat nails! They’ve got everything we love about nail designs – pink, silver, glitter and wonderfully shimmery featured black cats. You can’t really ask for much more.

Of course, if you’re not a cat fan, you could always just leave those out. We can’t think of any reason why you’d want to, obviously. You could even replace the black cat with any number of things – something festive to make it Christmassy, perhaps? Or maybe even a love heart to celebrate Valentine’s Day? So many possibilities!

Silver Nail Designs With Black Cats

19 – Floral, Black and Silver Nail Designs

Firstly, we’ve never thought of using dot work with floral designs before and we think that’s a marvellous idea. Secondly, we’re so in love with these nails – high shine silver, with black matte nails.

The flower has been created using a silver nail art pen, but you may find that hand-painting detailed flower, designs tricky especially when you have such crisp lines like these. If you’re not that great at it (like us), you can buy transfers, decals, and even stencils and stamps to get the same effect. Airbrushing is another technique that you may want to try.

Floral, Black And Silver Nail Designs
Source: Instagram / @nailsandtowel

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20 – High Sparkle Silver Nail Designs

They’re grey, with a hint of silver, just the right amount of glitter, and a beautiful design thrown in for good measure. these are simply stunning silver nail designs, and definitely ones we’d consider for a sparkle-tastic wedding day too!

A silver nail pen, or a thin brush dipped in your high-shine silver polish, will help to recreate that pattern over the glossy grey base.

One of the nails has been layered up with different sized silver glitter, and you could add more of these nails, or even take them out entirely if you wanted to. They’re completely customisable, and you could even considering swapping the sparkling silver for a glorious gold, perfect in time for the festive season!

High Sparkle Silver Nail Designs
Source: Pinterest

21 – Marble Silver Nail Designs

Another look that is both beautiful and on-trend, marble nails are easily recreate by dipping your brush in water and using that to engineer the polish on your nail so that it blends. We love the way the black and white marble has been used alongside that shiny dark silver polish, and the small silver embellishments at the base of the nails help to give it a really sophisticated and glamorous look.

You could easily switch up the shape of these nails and still get the same effect – imagine them on square-tipped or coffin nails! If the marble designs are a little daunting for you, and these designs often are for a beginner, just focus on ONE marble nail, rather than more than that, and keep the rest of them simple with that silver shade

Marble Silver Nail Designs
Spotted on Pinterest

Silver nails are perfect for any occasion, if you ask us, and we hope that we’ve given you plenty of inspiration with these silver nail designs. We’d can’t wait to see what kind of creations you’ll come up with, so make sure you tag us in any designs that we’ve inspired you to make – #CherryCherryBeauty.

If we love your work, we’ll feature you on the site!

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