21 Unique Black And Silver Nails

Can you guess a more classic look than black and silver nails? Trust me. You can’t.

The dark abyss meets sparkling light. It’s a match that is made in heaven, and we are rightfully obsessed.

Nothing screams confidence like a good set of nails, making them dark and brooding. You have the perfect recipe for becoming the most mysterious person in the room. On top of being the most elegant, obviously.

We have compiled 21 of the finest black and silver nails on the internet. You can easily replicate yourself to feel as powerful on the outside as you are inside.

1. Festive Black and Silver Nails

Got a New Year’s party to attend? Well, look no further. This unique yet straightforward set is for you.

The shiny black nails are complimented perfectly by the silver accent. The set ties together seamlessly with the soft gradient from glittery silver to endless black.

You can conveniently make these at home by painting every nail except the ring finger with shiny black nail polish. While the polish is still slightly wet, add silver polish to the index finger’s top. Then blend it down into the rest of the nail, making sure to leave black space. Paint your ring fingernail with silver, seal it with a shiny topcoat, and you’re done!

Festive Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @li_nailsbyli

Do you want to recreate this stunning look? Check out the video below for a video on acrylic fill and gel polish glitter ombre.

2. Inverse Striped Black and Silver Nails

These nails have us feeling some sort of way. They scream seductive vibes!

The shiny black polish should be stark against the dull silver, but somehow it works. Both colors introduce themselves to each other through minimal stripes that elevate the elegance of the nails.

Want to recreate them? Here’s how.

File your nails oval for the elegant look before painting every nail except the middle one black. Paint the middle nail silver and wait for the polish to dry.

Once the polish is dry, place down thin striping tape. The stripes have to be where you want the stripes to be before painting over the entire nail with the opposite color. Remove the stripes, let the nails dry and top them off with a shiny topcoat.

You’re all done!

Inverse Striped Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @misia_nails

3. Patterned Black and Silver Nails

Short almond, black and silver, and patterned. Is there any reason not to love these nails?

The accent silver nail reappears in this one, along with beautiful illusion style patterns on the rest.

This is a simple rippling technique done by merging wet polish. If these aren’t your go-to for a girl’s night out, we don’t know what will be.

Patterned Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @primliz

4. Minimal Black and Silver Nails

Korean beauty has been a big part of the community for a long time now. These minimal black and silver Korean-inspired nails are so simple you can wear them every day.

The silver is so subtle that it stops the entire set from being too flashy. However, that does not mean these nails are anything short of glamorous.

The long oval nails are painted with stars to further impose the sparkly feel they resonate. These nails are such a go-to if you want something different but also want to keep it simple.

Minimal Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @nyxsnailbar

5. Short Black and Silver Nails

Another look for a party. These nails are a definite conversation starter, whether it be a simple dinner with friends or a night out at the disco.

These are our first picks where silver dominates, and we love to see it! The stones add another dimension to the nails without being too much. And the stripes just tie the black into the set seamlessly.

We love to see a classic square nail. Short and neat so that they aren’t just pretty but functional.

Short Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @mrandmrsnailbar_szgd

6. Almond Black and Silver Nails

Now, this is powerful! This marriage of black and silver creates the perfect balance. The long almond reminds us of a black widow in the best way possible.

Reverse french tips have been in for a while now. Styling them in this way adds so much character to these nails. The plain white nails are the cherry on top of this set.

Got a black-tie wedding to attend? These nails are calling you.

6. Almond Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @nails_by.dania

7. Short Square Black and Silver Nails

Finally! Something matte without compromising the glamour. These nails are sparkly, dark, and just luscious.

Simple to do and wear. Use a matte polish to paint your index and pinky nail. A shiny black on the middle pin and finally a big sparkly silver on the ring finger. Use striping tape to mark where you want silver polish on the middle nail and fill it in.

Not to forget, you have to seal it all with a top coat, and you are set!

Try these out! They give us perfect Christmas vibes.

Short Square Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @kozmeticnistudioin

8. Black and Silver French Tip Nails

So you work in an office and are worried about being too forward with your nails? Look no further. This set is for all our business ladies out there.

Another French tip but this is a timeless chunky. The neutral base gives room for the black and silver to shine through.

Looking to paint your nails like this? It’s easy.

Simply paint your nails a nude color and use a thin brush to carefully draw on crests on the tips of your nails.

Topcoat and done!

Black And Silver French Tip Nails
Instagram @naxnailsluxury

9. Half and Half Black and Silver Nails

These are by far the most elegant glittery nails we have ever seen. This is the set for any age group. It is timeless and clean.

There’s just something about half and half that has us feeling somehow. Try this for yourself and see how powerful you feel.

The process is pretty self-explanatory and effortless. A simple and easy way to spice up your outfit for a Saturday night out.

We don’t know about you, but this is our favorite pick on the list.

Half And Half Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @sodinkynails

10. Spider-Man Black and Silver Nails

You would surely love this pick if you loved ‘Spider-Man No Way Home’ as much as us.

These are a bit artsier than the rest, so you may need help making them. The design itself is simple, and if you’re a fan of the Spider-Man franchise, what better way to show your support for the recent release.

The best part about these nails? You can quickly wear them during the week.

They tie together with any outfit.

Spider-Man Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @nails_by_lisa_wood

11. Cracked Black and Silver Nails

We teared up a little at the sheer perfection of these nails. How can something be so simple yet so bold? Try out these nails if you’re not afraid to experiment with textures.

Other than the middle and ring finger, the rest of the nails are pure black. The absence of color anywhere else in the entire set makes the silver all the more dominant even though it has been used less.

We know they look complex, but honestly, they’re straightforward to do. And the best part is that if you make a mistake, no one will ever know.

Simply draw cracks along with the nail with a thin brush in black. Then fill a few cracks in with silver polish and create a very soft gradient with black in the rest.

Plain and simple.

Cracked Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @blue_lamp_nails_

12. Accent Siler and Black Nails

Imagine this: you’re late for a party, and you just have to have your nails done. Well, look no further. Throw on a black dress and have a seat.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. You will never get backfired with an accent nail.

Just paint your nails matte black, throw on a shiny silver on the ring finger, and you’re good to go.

Go and give these nails a try. You will fall in love, we promise.

Accent Siler And Black Nails
Instagram @blue_lamp_nails_

13. Glittery Black and Silver Nails

If glamour was a person, they would have these nails. Try and stop yourself from being the center of attention with these nails.

The classic long square is already a banger, and paired with the classic glittery black and silver just elevates the elegance. Try these out for a night out dancing. Your nails will dazzle with you!

Don’t be afraid to let your inner glimmer out for a while. Say it all with these statement nails.

Glittery Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @gloss_im

14. Sparkly Black and Silver Nails

So far, we’ve seen sets with silver accent nails, and trust us when we say it is so refreshing to see it done the other way around.

Thai short oval style with a matte accent nail will be all the rave at any party. The nails remain functional without being boring. Use these as an icebreaker and step out of your comfort zone.

The perfect nails for a wedding or party.

Sparkly Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @ranicure

15. Wavey Black and Silver Nails

Probably the best statements are made using negative space. These nails do that perfectly.

Bust out your brushes, and let’s get started. All you need is a simple nude, black, and silver polish. Paint your nails nude and let them dry.

Now start crafting! Paint squiggles as you wish, fill them in and line them with silver. Does not get simpler them this.

And just like our 11th pick, the best part is even if you mess up, it’s okay.

Wavey Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @blushnailandbeautystudio

16. Diagonal Tips Black and Silver Nails

Need we say anything about these?

These nails are like the supermodels of the modeling world. So simple yet so so beautiful. Its another set of nails can be worn out daily and with any outfit.

The small sparkly touch from the silver stop makes the set from being too plain and boring, and the black works to make it less flashy. The perfect harmony of colors.

Try these out on an anniversary or birthday. You won’t regret it.

Diagonal Tips Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @beaute_d_effel

17. Super Nova Black and Silver Nails

The galaxy will be in your hands with these nails.

The silver flecks swim in the black, mimicking stars in the sky. The accent nail has silver swirled into the black, making it look like a galaxy far, far away.

Tired of this dull world, take yourself to outer space with these nails.

Super Nova Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @anna.mroz_

18. Stars and Dots Black and Silver Nails

These nails give us a major throwback to Disney channel days. Want to feel like a pop star ready to take on a vast crowd? Paint these on your nails.

The rhinestones are such a perfect addition to these nails. You may have to take your time with these, however. As simple as they look, making them might just take all day. It will be worth it, though.

Stars And Dots Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @cocoleharicot34

19. Fancy Black and Silver Nails

Our first pick with a chrome polish! Yes, we are just as excited as you about these.

Don’t worry. These nails aren’t as hard to recreate as they look. Use a steady hand to paint on the swirls and striping tape to get clean lines on the middle nail. You can either use a chrome polish or pigment for the index and pinky finger, and you’re done.

Do these nails not scream dangerous woman? They are giving us serious Ariana Grande vibes.

Fancy Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @bromleynailstudio

20. Geometric Pattern Black and Silver Nails

Feeling whimsical? Try out these nails at home.

Paint your nails a shiny black and use striping tape to recreate the patterns. The playful lines are sure to make you feel young and free.

Pair these nails with a denim outfit and hit the town for a day of fun!

Geometric Pattern Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @bnails122

21. Henna Style Black and Silver Nails

Our final look had to be these classic short almonds. The white silver is the perfect fit for a Queen like yourself, and the henna pattern is ideal for adding a bit of culture to the nails.

What’s better than one accent nail? Two accent nails, obviously! This set makes a bold statement by having two different accent nails, so we are here for it.

Do these at home and use a stamping tool to apply the henna pattern to your nail or get them done by a nail tech. Either way, walk out of your home knowing you can conquer the world with these nails.

Henna Style Black And Silver Nails
Instagram @patriciasousa_nailart

Nailed it!

That does it for our top 21 picks for black and silver nails. We hope you found the ones that you were looking for. Give us your feedback, so we know what you like.

Have fun with these timeless designs!

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