21 Summer Coffin Nails

Summer Coffin Nails

The Kardashian’s are wearing coffin nails so, of course, we all want to wear coffin nails. But what designs are the right kind of designs for summer coffin nails? For talons so perfect you’ll want to rock them at every pool party, wedding and BBQ you get invited to, this hot new nail trend is bound to get everyone talking … for all the right reasons.

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21 Summer Coffin Nails

1 – Negative Space Coffin Nails

These negative space summer coffin nails are amazing, and we just can’t get enough of them. They’re actually easier than you’d thought too, but in our experience, these are ones best performed by someone who knows what they are doing. AKA a professional nail technician.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram: @chaunpnails

The tips of the nails are left transparent, which means the structure of the nail needs to be spot-on. If you have flaws in the nail, these will easily show through.

Using tape, mark off that chevron-edging to paint the black base of the nail, add some shimmer to the tips to really make them stand out, and if you have a steady enough hand, draw that white lining around the edge of the tips to really make it pop.

2 – Pastel Pop Mint + Nude

We love everything about these summer coffin nails, from the pastel pops of mint and nude to the negative spaces, and when you throw that featured glitter nail in too … They’re just dreamy, don’t you think?

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram: @missnicolemaria

You could recreate these nails with a number of different shades for different looks, and with darker colours, could even take you right through to the festive season. Imagine these with dark reds, greens, and bright gold glitters for the wintery and festive season, for example.

3 – Lacy Summer Coffin Nails

Why would you want lacy summer coffin nails? These are pretty fabulous, but if you don’t have a steady hand (like many of us), you can cheat the lacy bit by using sheets of nail lace. Keep scrolling, we’ll even tell you where you can find them …

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram: @rosielybeauty

Don’t worry, we won’t make you work for it. We’ve found loads of nail lace wraps and sheets, and here are some of our favourites on Etsy. You can also find them on Amazon. We would imagine, if you had a little look around, you could probably find these beauties in a few places. Stock up – we guarantee you’re going to love them.

4 – Bright White Coffin Nails

White and very pale shades can be difficult to wear because they have a habit of either being too thick and gloopy, or too thin and streaky. One thing we’ve learned over the years that it really doesn’t matter how much you spend on your nail polish, you need to check the consistency.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram: @missnicolemaria

If the polish is too thin, it’ll go on your nail really thin, and you’ll need a whole bunch of coats just to get it smooth and non-streaky. If your polish is too thick, it’ll take an age to dry, and it’ll also more likely result in lumps, bumps and ridges as it dries, especially if you have a habit of layering it on quite thick.

5 – Sharp White Tips

If you can’t stay within the lines (who can?), don’t worry, there’s a very simple way in which you can clean up those edges. Before you start painting your nails, use a thin coat of Vaseline or lip gloss around the edges so that any paint that does spill over the lines can be easily and quickly peeled off once it’s dry.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram: @nailsbymztina

Following on from that, a thin nail brush, or even an old lip brush, can be used dipped in nail varnish remover to mop up any lines, smudges or spills.

6 – Mermaid Coffin Nails

We love mermaid nails so much, there’s a whole post dedicated to them, and in case you were looking for a little more inspiration, you can find it here: 39 Mermaid Nails To Fall In Love With

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram: @vikkik04

These look quite intricate but once again, we have another sneaky little trip. You can easily cheat these fabulous mermaid-tactic designs with the help of nail wraps. Click on the red link to find some we fell in love with on Etsy.

7 – Blue + Sparkle Coffin Nails

Quick-dry nail polish sounds like a great idea and in theory, it is. When you only have 15 minutes to do your hair and nails, every little helps, and at times like this, of course we would recommend it.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram: @margaritasnailz

The downside to using these quick-dry nail polish formulas is that they can often dry out your nails, leaving them thin, dry, broken and brittle.

8 – Shattered Glass Coffin Nails

Another nail design we loved so much, we did a post to feature the look – 30 Broken Glass Nail Designs, it’s a brand new LAZY way to jazz up your nails. You simply use tweezers to position those broken glass holographic pieces, and use a glitter top coat to give it a little more sparkle.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram: @jessysnaglar

Whenever we mess up a nail, we always use this technique to make it better. If we have time, we re-paint the nail and then cover the lumps and ridges or scuffs with the broken glass nail pieces before coating with top coat. If we don’t have time, we take the entire nail of polish off, leave it nude and neutral, and then apply the broken glass pieces of the neutral backdrop, just like you can see here. It’s nice and simple.

9 – Glitter-tastic Coffin Nails

Glitter can be an absolute nightmare to get off when you’re finished with it, but there are a couple of tricks you can try to make life a little easier for yourself.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram: @margaritasnailz

Firstly, for a one-night only mani, once you’ve applied your colour, use a layer of PVA glue, and then apply a layer of glitter on top of that. When it comes to the morning after, you can peel off the glue layer and no one will be any the wiser.

Another great tip for when that’s not an option is to get yourself some cotton wool, soak it in nail varnish remover, wrap it around your nails, and then add another layer of foil wrapped around on top of that. The glitter polish will come off much easier after it’s soaked in that for five or ten minutes.

10 – Summer Styles Coffin Nails

I know you don’t have time for a base coat, but it really is important. Forgetting the base coat will result in no end of problems, including that nasty yellow staining you’ll often get from using bright and bold colours on your nails for a long time.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram: @mindyhardy

By using a base coat, your nails are less likely to stain, especially with bright and bold shades like this one, and it will also leave you with a more even finish. Remember to add a good top coat too!

11 – All That Glitters

If you ask us, there just isn’t enough glitter in the world. However, you can change all that with these amazing glittery summer coffin nails. Imagine the sparkle these beauties would give off in the beautiful basking rays of the sun!

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram: @chaunpnails

To make your summer nails as sparkly as possible, use a base coat and then a really pale nude, neutral shade. On top of this, use a layer of glitter, add a layer of a different, bigger-sized glitter on top of that, and then another layer on whatever is your favourite on top of that. Those different glitter-effect nails are what will give you the sparkly three-dimensional finish.

12 – Matte Pink Coffin Nails

When you don’t have time for your fabulous new summer coffin nails to dry, don’t panic, they won’t chip or smudge if you give it a few minutes and then try this very clever little tip…

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram: @chaunpnails

When your nails are just past tacky (so they won’t smudge under the force of water), either run them under a slowly running cold tap, or submerge them in icy cold water for a couple of minutes. The cool water will dry the nail polish quicker and you’ll be ready to go about your day.

13 – Floral Summer Coffin Nails

We love these floral summer coffin nails, quite quaint and cute and sophisticated all rolled into one. They’re super simple and easy to achieve too – you have the basic pink and white nails with just the one feature nail painted in that decorative floral design.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram / @couturenailsrosarito

Again, there’s nothing wrong with ‘cheating’ and using nail wraps if you can’t be bothered to hand-paint that floral design, and we love a different technique too – nail stamping. It’s a great tool for creating stunning designs.

14 – Tropical Summer Coffin Nails

When you’re painting your nails, especially with that base coat, three strokes are all you need. You should get a decent amount of polish on the brush, paint one stroke down the centre of your nail, and one stroke either side to get to the edges, and you’re done. A couple more ‘clean’ brush strokes to perhaps even things out a little, but that’s it.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram / @nailsbykatrins

Ideally, to get a super smooth base like these summer coffin nails, thinner coats are preferable. Two thinner coats are going to set quicker and more evenly than one thicker coat.

15 – Baby Blue Gradient

We love a good gradient, and we can’t get enough of these baby blue gradient nails – the perfect summer coffin nails if you ask me. We want to be on a beach right now staring into crystal clear blue waters that are exactly that colour.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram / @deenailspa

Getting the gradient is actually very simple. Apply some Vaseline around the edges and grab yourself a triangle makeup sponge. You’ll want to add a line of blue and beneath it, a line of white, slightly overlapping. When you push the sponge onto your nail, a gradient pattern should be left behind, and you can finish it all off by adding top coat and cleaning up around the edges. What did we tell you? Simple!

16 – Dried Flower Nails

There’s something about floral nails and summer that just go hand in hand, and these dried flower nails really are something else! The nails themselves are completely neutral, tips added and left without anything other than a glossy top coat.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram / @nailsgracielaheras

It’s the tiny dried flowers which have been used to make these floral designs super special, added in the gel process. There are a few ways of achieving these, and we’ve come across quite a few tutorials online too. We’ve not given these ones a shot yet, but as soon as we do, we’ll be sure to let you know how great (or how much of a disaster) it was!

17 – Pretty In Pink Summer Coffin Nails

If you want to go for a really bright shade on your summer coffin nails, you’ll want to use a base coat, and then a white coat, before you throw on your solid pop of colour.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram / @envynailsaustin

The reason for this? Well, all colours show up brighter when they’re up against a white or very light backdrop. If you want your pretty in pink nails to pop, take a few minutes and add that white base coat first. You’ll thank us for it!

18 – Lady In Red Coffin Nails

Red nails are always classy nails, and for those times when you want a little something extra from your manicure, throw on a glitter tip finish.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram / @glambymeli

We love to go for silver for those summer months, switching to gold and bronze shades for the colder months. You could eve pick one feature nail and paint the entire one with the glitter top coat too, rather than just the tip.

19 – Mint + Matte

If you don’t have a range of matte shades in your nail polish collection, there’s no need to panic. You just need to buy a matte top coat and it’ll turn any polish you have into a magnificent matte finish.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram / @glambymeli

These mint matte nails are totally on point for this summer, and the Kardashians are a big fan of these bright shades without the glossy finish right now.

20 – Monochrome Madness

If you’re finding that your nails are dry and brittle, don’t rush to the nail salon to get a set of falsies thrown on – this can actually do more harm than good. We know you want beautiful summer coffin nails like these to rock on those big occasions, but you could be doing more damage than good.

Summer Coffin Nails
Spotted on Pinterest

You need to care for your nails – make sure you’re cleaning them, trimming them, cutting back those cuticles if you need to, and using a good hand / nail / cuticle cream. Your nails will thank you for it!

21 – Pastel Blue Glitter Triangle Tips

What’s not to love about these amazing pastel blue beauties, complete with geometric, triangular shapes and glitter just to round things off quite nicely. These triangle shapes help to make the nails look longer if you can’t get away with the real talons you want, and they’re easily achieved using tape too – simple tape off the areas you don’t want to paint, paint the area you do want to paint, wait for it to dry, and then tear it off.

Summer Coffin Nails
Instagram / @thenailboss

There are quite a few designs on this nail so, to start with, pick just one and work on that one – paint all of your nails that beautiful nude shade, pick one featured nail, and then practice your baby blue triangle shapes. That glitter addition really helps to make them as eye-catching as possible too, which obviously we love.

And there they are – 21 summer coffin nails we’ll be racing go the nail salon to get ourselves. Do you have a favourite? Too tough to pick? Let us know which one you love, and if you want to be featured on CherryCherryBeauty.com with your designs, get in touch – DM us, tag us, hashtag us – we want to hear from you!

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