21 Beautiful Matte Baby Blue Nails

Several factors matter when it comes to choosing a good nail color, including the color’s contrast with your skin tone. Baby blue is a color we know to contrast with any skin color – and beautifully. So, if you have chosen the matte baby blue path, here are twenty-one ideas for your next look.

This post is a follow-up to our posts on matte blue nails and matte navy blue nails.

1 – Cute Snowflakes Matte Baby Blue Nails

I love the feeling looking at these nails stir in me; they give me a vibe I can totally get used to. The length of the nails is perfect, and the coolness of the baby blue color is soothing. This design features several designs in white polish, some stars, snowflakes, and a sweater pattern.

I love the simplicity of this nail design, but, hey, we are not here to talk about me. That said, you can always come up with your own design, get creative – or go with this.

Cute Snowflakes Matte Baby Blue Nails

2 – Chic Matte Baby Blue Nails

If you don’t feel like fixing artificial nails but don’t want your natural nails looking bland, you can try this. This is a chic baby blue nail polish like the blue sky that you can use on your natural nails. Just be sure to remove the dirt and oils before you begin applying the polish – you know, to ensure the polish sticks and protects your nails.

Meanwhile, you can also fix artificial nails with this design; it will come out very nicely.

Chic Matte Baby Blue Nails

3 – Cool Matte Baby Blue Coffin Nails

I love coffin nails, and I love baby blue, so you can understand why I love this design. Yes, I know what you’re thinking; but there isn’t any design – it’s just baby blue nail polish and some purple. Coffin nails have their own regality with or without rhinestones and nail art; you can see that classiness in these nails.

I love how there isn’t any design, but you can always put some designs on it if that’s how you want yours.

Cool Matte Baby Blue Coffin Nails

4 – Glittery Matte Baby Blue Sugar Nails

This nail set has got to be one of the most gorgeous sets of nails I have ever seen – and I have seen many. I especially love how the glitters only appear at the tips; it adds glitter without appearing to be too much. I also love the V-cut shape of the nails; these will definitely bring out a cute shape to your nails.

If you have ever had to hide your nails from public view, you should consider trying this. These matte blue sugar nails will surely turn heads wherever they enter.

Glittery Matte Baby Blue Sugar Nails

5 – Bling Matte Blue Baby Nails with Blue Hearts

Looking at this design, I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t love blue; I love how the colors pop against the skin tone. With the little blue heart designs in these nails, you could spend all day just staring at them, devouring their gorgeousness. Meanwhile, I have always loved French tips, and these nails only reinforce my resolution.

If you’re replicating this by yourself, be sure to apply a gentle but firm hold on the makeup sponge. Also, getting the right shade of blue nail polish is important.

Bling Matte Blue Baby Nails With Blue Hearts

6 – Bling Matte Baby Blue Nails with Rhinestones

This is nothing short of a talented work of art; the designs on the blue polish and the perfect arrangement of rhinestones are excellent. If you like your nails to have a little touch of bling, you can try this design. This design takes time to accomplish, especially if you want a perfect replica.

I tried replicating this design, but I could never get the art perfectly. Even if you get the arrangement of rhinestones right, there’s still the art; if you’re not an artist, it’ll be hard to do.

 Bling Matte Baby Blue Nails With Rhinestones

7 – Short Matte Baby Blue Coffin Nails

These nails are perfect for any event and place; you can wear them on a Saturday night out or to work on Thursday. These short coffin nails featuring the beautiful baby blue nail polish and matte finishing will contrast nicely with any skin color. This is a graceful color, and you need to have the grace to carry it – which I have no doubt you do.

This design is pretty easy to recreate; if you’ve been applying polish to your nails yourself, you can do this.

Short Matte Baby Blue Coffin Nails

8 – Long Matte Baby Blue Baddie Nails with Rhinestones

These are baddie nails that only a baddie (like you and me) can wear; I love the cool blue. While it is possible to fix these yourself, I recommend visiting a professional manicurist – especially if you want it to last. There isn’t any loud design, just a few rhinestones arranged along the edge of the middle finger.

You’ve got to be a baddie to wear these baddie nails – or it’ll be an awkward day out. You can wear these nails anywhere and any day.

Long Matte Baby Blue Baddie Nails With Rhinestones

Recreating these designs on your own can be tricky, and that’s why we’re giving you the YouTube nail design tutorial video below.

9 – Sweater Accent Matte Baby Blue Nails with Glitter

Here is another idea for a matte baby blue nail design you can try out if you’ve got time – well, time and patience. To get that sweater accent and the snowflakes art right, you will need a lot of patience. Of course, you can always visit a professional manicurist and nail artist to replicate this perfectly.

For a perfect look, you’d need to apply the various layers of nail polish carefully. Then after applying all the layers of nail polish, carefully carve out the sweater accent on your ring finger. Put the glitter on the middle finger and let the others carry the snowflakes.

Sweater Accent Matte Baby Blue Nails With Glitter

10 – Long Nipsey Matte Baby Blue Nails

You can use baby blue entirely or get creative with different shades of blue; that works, too. This beautiful nail design features different shades of blue, including baby blue and deep blue. When you’re done applying the polish, perfect the creation with some glitters on your ring finger.

This design is easy to recreate; the only hard part may be applying the glitter. But that’s not something you cannot learn with a trip to YouTube – or the manicurist.

Long Nipsey Matte Baby Blue Nails

11 – Cool Matte Blue Baby Nails

This is a simple and cool design to recreate with coffin nails and baby blue nail polish. Nails don’t have to carry loud designs to be beautiful, and these nails are perfect proof of that. But if you want designs, you can always put some twist on the design – perhaps some gems or an inscription.

You can purchase these nails ready-made, or you can have them custom-made. Remember to apply a gentle but firm touch on the makeup sponge if you’re doing this yourself.

Cool Matte Blue Baby Nails

12 – Matte Baby Blue Nails and Crystal

This is a great idea for an everyday look since you can perfectly recreate this on your natural nails. Have your nail polish kit ready, with the right blue shade and the crystal; then get set to make this beautiful design. These are natural nails, so you can do this on yours – but you can also fix artificial nails and replicate the design.

The simplicity of this design is such that you can wear it anywhere, to a casual outing or sophisticated get-together.

Matte Baby Blue Nails And Crystal

13 – Short and Simple Matte Baby Blue Nails

You will be surprised how many shades of baby blue are available and that you can use to create beautiful nail designs. Here is another shade to try out; I love how close to grey this baby blue shade is – it gives it more class. If you love short and simple as I do, you will love this; and if you don’t want simple, feel free to add some designs.

You can recreate this design yourself, as long as you have the right color shade.

Short And Simple Matte Baby Blue Nails

14 – Natural Matte Baby Blue Nails

Here’s another baby blue shade you can use on your natural nails and wear for the next few weeks. There isn’t any complicated nail art featured in this one, so you can easily recreate this yourself. Unless, of course, you have no experience applying nail polish; I recommend a professional manicurist in that case.

Meanwhile, as I like to say, you don’t have to do this design exactly; you can get creative and add your flair. You can add rhinestones, glitter, or anything that’ll accentuate the beauty.

Natural Matte Baby Blue Nails

15 – Light Matte Baby Blue Nails for Autumn

The coolness of this baby blue shade reminds me of one of my favorite times in the year: autumn. You can wear these nails in autumn, summer, and at any time; you can wear them to functions or at home. The matte finishing may need the intervention of an experienced, professional manicurist so you can enjoy the nails longer.

This design is simple, featuring a cool baby blue shade all through. You can add stones or crystals if you want a louder design.

Light Matte Baby Blue Nails For Autumn

16 – Summer Matte Baby Blue Nails

Here is an idea for summer nails, featuring a plain but beautiful design with a cool baby blue shade. This shade complements nicely with any skin tone, as long as you apply it evenly; be gentle at the edges. This design features short gel nails, but you can get longer ones if you want – or you can go with your natural nails.

Don’t let the simplicity of this design fool you; we have come to understand that the simple ones are the easiest to mess up.

Summer Matte Baby Blue Nails

17 – Pointy-Shaped Matte Baby Blue with Gold Flakes

I fell in love with this nail design at first sight; I mean, can you blame me? I love everything about the design, from the even bases to the pointy edges and gold flakes gracing the ring and pinky fingers. You can have these fixed by a professional manicurist or nail artist at a nail salon, or you can do it yourself.

If you need a good nail design idea to wear to your best friend’s wedding or a date with your long-time crush, here’s one.

Pointy-Shaped Matte Baby Blue With Gold Flakes

18 – Pretty Matte Baby Blue and White Nails with Glitter

These nails feature different shades of baby blue, including light and deeper shades with white and glitters. Let your second and pinky fingers carry the light baby blue shade and the ring finger, the deeper shade. Then embellish your middle fingers with the white nails and some glitter at the base; be careful with the glitters.

Let’s go back to the ring finger; perfect the deeper blue shade with some nail art. You can use this art or, if this has inspired any design, you can use that.

Pretty Matte Baby Blue And White Nails With Glitter

19 – Long Coffin-Shape Matte Baby Blue Nails

I know this nail design doesn’t carry glitters, stones, or nail art, but for many reasons, I love it. For one, the coffin nails stand royally like they own the world; they make me feel good already. Also, I love this shade of baby blue; it has a royalty status of its own that perfectly complements the coffin nails’.

If you are fixing these nails yourself, be careful not to create smirches and blots. Otherwise, an experienced manicurist won’t have difficulty recreating this on you.

Long Coffin-Shape Matte Baby Blue Nails

20 – Ritzy and Summer Matte Baby Blue Nails

You can do so much with your natural nails; in different ways you can adorn them without fixing artificial nails. This nail design is a good inspiration source for your next natural nail look; my best part is the flower. This is a cool baby blue shade; eyes will be drawn to and fixated on your nails because of the beauty.

I suggest leaving the design as simple as this because, well, simple is the new gorgeous; plus, louder designs can ruin this.

Ritzy And Summer Matte Baby Blue Nails

21 – Cozy and Wintery Matte Baby Blue Nails

White and silver have always been a cute color combination and one of my favorites – I know, I have too many “favorites.” But, seriously, you have got to love these designs; I love the barcode design on the middle finger and snowflakes on the ring. Adding the nude pink on the second and pinky fingers is a brilliant idea, especially with the gem gracing the second finger.

This is a delicate nail design that you have to get right; emphasis on “have to.” I suggest letting a professional nail artist work their magic and do this for you.

Cozy And Wintery Matte Baby Blue Nails

So, I have given you twenty-one ways you can experiment with the matte baby blue color. You can no longer use lack of nail ideas as an excuse not to go to that party.