21 Incredible Matte Navy Blue Nails

Everyone loves a good nail look, and navy blue nails are incredibly fashionable right now. So if you love matte navy blue nails, here are 21 looks that showcase this popular nail trend in all its glory!

From simple navy blue matte nails to more complex designs, each look has something unique to offer. So whether you’re feeling bold with bright colors or craving for soft and subtle, there’s some navy blue nail ideas in this list that will work for you and your specific style. Enjoy!

This post is a follow-up to our post about matte blue nails and matte baby blue nails. There were just too many blue nails that we had to share!

1 – Matte Navy Blue Nails with Blue Glitter 

This look starts with a layer of matte navy blue polish on all nails. You’ll then apply matte blue glitter to your nails with more concentration on tips for a classic manicure that’s subtle enough for everyday wear. It will keep your nails looking dark and clean, with just a touch of sparkle to add some interest. 

Best of all, it’s great for beginners because it doesn’t require any special tools or skills. Moreover, the combination of matte and glitter makes for an eye-catching design that everyone will be admiring!

Matte Navy Blue Nails With Blue Glitter 
Instagram @bohochicmode

2 – Matte Navy Blue Coffin Nails with Jewels Pattern

If you want to go bold with your matte navy blue nails, then consider using a beautiful jewel pattern for that extra edge. This one is pretty yet edgy and sure to get you noticed. 

You could even try making a similar jewel design on alternate fingers. It will create depth and look even more interesting than having just one nail painted differently. 

These easy-to-wear matte navy blue coffin nails are perfect for a night out, paired with jeans and a fitted blacktop. Keep your makeup minimal to show off your killer nails. The jewels will sparkle in any light!

Matte Navy Blue Coffin Nails With Jewels Pattern
Instagram @sarasartspace

3 – Cool Matte Navy Blue Nails with White and Gold Marbled Design  

This look has a slightly sophisticated vibe, thanks to its marbled design. It’s easy to recreate, too. If you prefer a more subdued approach to your nails, look no further than these super simple matte navy blue nails with white and gold marbled designs on alternate fingers. 

Navy blue and white make a classic matte look, while gold adds shine. These nails are super-simple to do and require no special tools. Pair them with an all-black outfit for a daring look, or add gold accents for more sophistication. Either way, you’ll love these fashionable nails!

Cool Matte Navy Blue Nails With White And Gold Marbled Design  
Instagram @laurajanes_nails

If you love a simple marble look to go with your matte navy blue nails, watch this video. Master this simple marbling technique, and you can also apply it to any other color combinations with stunning results!

4 – Simple Rounded Matte Navy Blue Nails 

This nail look is perfect for anyone who wants a simple, classic look without adding extra bells and whistles. Wear it to work on casual Fridays or on an important first date. Either way, you’ll feel confident and comfortable.

A classic style that has never gone out of fashion, short matte navy blue nails are one of those styles that anyone can wear. Also, this shade of dark blue matte nail polish looks good on pretty much everyone, which is another reason it’s a smart choice if you don’t have much time to fuss with different color schemes.

Simple Rounded Matte Navy Blue Nails 
Instagram @gossipandgloss

5 – Matte Navy Blue Velvet Nails With Silver Polish 

If you want to be an up-to-date fashionista who is always on top of their game, then take a look at these gorgeous matte navy blue nails with silver polish. 

This velvet matte finish in a more relaxed tone of blue looks good with every outfit, especially denim. These nails look smooth and soft. Also, the pearly silver nail polish on the ring finger with some sparkle looks very chic.

It’s unique without being too edgy. The color alone is enough to make any girl fall in love with them. Moreover, this nail art is perfect for any event that needs some polish, such as work events, weddings, or even prom!

Matte Navy Blue Velvet Nails With Silver Polish 
Instagram @miracle_nails_ak

6 – Matte Navy Blue Matte Nails With Constellation Design

The night sky is one of my favorite things to stare at. Constellations and other celestial bodies transport me and put my mind at ease. And if you’re with me, take your creative side out for a spin with navy blue matte nails, like these! 

Transform your simple matte navy blue nails to cosmic galaxy manicures with this cute design that you can do yourself at home. If you want a chic look that screams, I love fashion; then these super-cute matte navy blue nails will surely do it!

Matte Navy Blue Matte Nails With Constellation Design
Instagram @kingdom-claws

7 – Gorgeous Nude And Matte Navy Blue Nails 

For those who aren’t afraid to experiment with bold colors but want something a little more subtle than a deep blue hue, why not try navy nail polish with a nude or light pink accent nail?!

It’s on-trend, chic, and a much easier color combination to pull off. It’s a gorgeous color that suits every skin tone and creates a timeless feel. And I love how the plain nude and shimmery pink polish tones down the dark navy blue matte nails. 

This on-trend but still classically feminine nail look is sure to inspire your next manicure!

Gorgeous Nude And Matte Navy Blue Nails 
Instagram @airbrushbeauties

8 – Colorful Graffiti On Matte Navy Blue Nails 

Colored nail flakes can take any navy blue nail polish to another level! 

To get a subtle yet charming finish, use one coat of navy blue matte color and then apply green, bright blue, and some purple-colored flakes on your nails. Finally, apply two coats for a long-lasting manicure.

I genuinely love this style as it is a refreshing change from traditional nail polish colors and designs. The simple midnight blue nail designs allows you to wear it every day without anyone knowing it’s not your average manicure. It’s almost hidden among all your other manicures because it looks so plain and subtle.

Colorful Graffiti On Matte Navy Blue Nails
Instagram @nailsbyemmatodd

9 – Bamboo Leaves On Yellow And Matte Navy Blue Nails

Looking for a simple way to add some flare to your nails? Try out these navy blue and yellow nails with leaf art! 

The bamboo shoots have an oriental air about them, but anyone with a sense of style can pull off this beautiful art. The designs are intricate and detailed, which means they will be somewhat time-consuming to create but well worth it in the end. You’ll also need a steady hand and lots of practice to execute it. For a simpler design, try painting little black polka dots instead of the more complex bamboo motif.

 From days at work to nights out, you’ll be sure to turn heads with these nails!

Bamboo Leaves On Matte Navy Blue And Yellow Nails
Instagram @inganails_tlv

10 – Winter Wonderland Matte Navy Blue Coffin Nails

The winter season is my favorite time because it seems like a fresh start. And nothing sets off a brand new season quite like a fresh manicure! 

These winter wonderland coffin nails are all about matte navy blue and silver. This seasonal look is super chic and looks great with a navy or white sweater. So you can sport trendy nails during the winter holidays while shopping with your girl gang. 

I love this look because it is easy to achieve if you have even a little know-how about nail art. Otherwise, you can go to a professional to get this manicure!

Winter Wonderland Matte Navy Blue Coffin Nails
Instagram @_myas_masterpieces_

11 – Matte Navy Blue Acrylic Nails Glossy Combo 

It is a simple yet sexy combination of matte and glossy navy blue nail polish. Use a matte navy blue shade on all but two fingers on each hand, and use a glossy shine on those two fingers for an exceptional style. Then, draw two shiny horizontal lines on the tips of the matte nails, and you are all done! 

You can achieve this decent look if you are not into too much glitter and glamour. Plus, it’s a fabulous quick look that you can get when time is short!

Matte Navy Blue Acrylic Nails Glossy Combo 
Instagram @katysnails2020

12 – White Almond & Matte Navy Blue Nails with Rhinestones

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your nail look, try almond-shaped matte navy blue nails with white nails on ring fingers. These white nails are delicately decorated with rhinestones which create a stylish contrast against the sea of blue. 

This style looks beautiful, but be warned that adding rhinestones in a smooth pattern takes a little time to master. So, ask a friend who has had some nail art experience to help you with the application.

White Almond &Amp; Matte Navy Blue Nails With Rhinestones
Instagram @nailstina9

13 – Matte Navy Blue Nails with Golden Stamping Nail Art 

Navy blue matte nails are great for a more natural look, and gold details can add an elegant touch. And if you are not good at drawing, don’t worry! A gold stamping nail art design is perfect for special occasions and adds charisma to your daily looks. 

Using nail stamping art doesn’t require any professional artistic abilities, and you get flawlessly detailed nails in no time. So, if you don’t have a steady hand for drawing, then the nail stamping technique is definitely for you!

Matte Navy Blue Nails With Golden Stamping Nail Art 
Instagram @tiptoenaistudio1

14 – Matte Navy Stiletto Nails With Blue And White Rhinestones

Make a style statement with sharp stiletto-shaped nails in matte navy polish, sparkly blue, and shiny white rhinestones design. 

Apply matte blue nail polish on your fingernails to achieve this look, leaving a nude arch on ring fingers. Next, stick blue and white rhinestones on the bare angle to form a beautiful pattern. 

You will be ready for date night in no time. Just make sure you don’t forget to apply some moisturizer to your hands so they won’t dry out!

Matte Navy Stiletto Nails With Blue And White Rhinestones
Instagram @thenailcrib.nicky

Do you love this look as much as we do? Check out our post with 21 classy white nails with rhinestones!

15 – Pastel Pink And Navy Blue Matte Nails With Gold Leaf 

Just like a serene ocean, pastel pink and blue hues can remind one of endless fun. With these nails, you will get to be in charge of how you want your nails to look. So, do not be afraid of being adventurous!

Anyone can pull off a navy and pink manicure with its bold, contrasting colors. The pastel pink of your nails complements your skin’s natural tone without being too loud or flashy. In contrast, navy compliments your feminine side. 

A final touch of gold leaf gives a glamorous vibe to any outfit without being over-the-top. It’s amazing what a little creativity can do!

Pastel Pink And Navy Blue Matte Nails With Gold Leaf 
Instagram @ql.beauty_nails

16 – Matte Navy Blue Coffin Nails

If you’re looking for a classier style, consider matte navy blue coffin nails. The coffin look is popular among many women because it’s simple yet elegant and suits just about any outfit. 

These nails are great for those who want to flaunt their matte navy coffin nails without showing off too much. This classic style looks best without any jewels, glitter, or accent. Plus, it is one of the simple yet stunning looks that you can sport easily in everyday life.

Matte Navy Blue Coffin Nails
Instagram @ceeceesnails

17 – Abstract Female Figures on Matte Navy Blue Nails 

When you’re going for a classic look or just something sophisticated and understated, try painting your nails navy blue with abstract female figures on them. This art helps to soften out your appearance and shows that you don’t need any crazy decoration to look beautiful. If you wanted a more subtle look opt for black and blue nails instead of the white.

If you have time and patience, it can create an elegant look that everyone will adore. If you are good at drawing, you might consider trying to replicate this easy on your nails for awestruck admiration from your friends!

Abstract Female Figures On Matte Navy Blue Nails 
Instagram @g_nails615

18 – Chic Matte Navy Blue and Glitter Accent Stiletto Nails

If you’re looking for an elegant look that’s different from your average polish, then these nails are just what you need. This chic but edgy manicure looks perfect on stiletto-shaped nails. 

Use matte navy blue polish and paint alternate fingers. Then add glitter on the tips of your naked nails, covering almost half of the nails. This look is entirely appropriate for everyday wear and perfect for any occasion you want your nails to shine!

Chic Matte Navy Blue And Glitter Accent Stiletto Nails
Instagram @dxnailz

19 – Matte Navy Blue Nails With Silver Hearts and Glitter 

For a lovey-dovey manicure, look no further than matte navy blue nails with silver hearts and glitter!

This manicure works well on medium-length nails, as it keeps everything sophisticated while also adding some fun to your look. You can use silver hearts and glitter as a shimmery accent

 to play up that navy blue. It is one of my favorite of these fabulous navy blue matte manicures. The matte finish adds so much to any design, and it’s hard to get bored with such a versatile shade of blue! 

Matte Navy Blue Nails With Silver Hearts And Glitter 
Instagram @bohochicmode

20 – Classic Marbled Matte Navy Blue Nails 

This classic style would be great for various outfits, whether casual or professional. 

To get started on these beautiful nails, use a dark matte navy blue nail polish and apply two coats to each nail for maximum coverage. Next, paint two nails white on each hand and create blue marbled designs on each nail. 

You don’t have to be an expert nail artist to pull off these gorgeous matte navy blue nails. Dark matte navy color is all you need for an easy at-home manicure. And the result looks so high-end!

Classic Marbled Matte Navy Blue Nails 
Instagram @ladyacrylics_nailsbykyndra

21 – Autumn Themed Short Matte Navy Blue Nails

What’s fall without an autumn-themed manicure?! 

Give your nails a warm welcome to autumn with these matte navy blue nails with leaves drawn in autumnal shades. The orange leaves on navy nails make it look like autumn is in full swing, and they are not difficult to achieve with basic drawing skills. 

This look is simple yet perfect and doesn’t require glitter or shine to stand out. You can’t go wrong with these nails as they’re just what you need to celebrate autumn!

Autumn Themed Short Matte Navy Blue Nails
Instagram @smartdigits


The navy blue nail trend has been around for a while now, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Dark blue matte nails are in style right now, and they look great with so many different outfits. 

If you’re ever in doubt about using matte or glossy nail polish, opt for matte. It flatters every skin tone, and it’s one less thing to worry about when creating your makeup look for a night out!

Whether you’re heading to an important meeting or just out to have fun, these 21 matte blue nail designs 2022 will be sure to get you noticed wherever you go. I hope you enjoyed these looks and that you feel inspired to try some of them out!