21 Glamorous Birthday Nails

Searching for some nail ideas to flaunt this birthday? Hold on, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now, are you looking for something chic, something too out there, or even something minimal? You’re in the right place. In this article, we have managed to list down some of the best unique glamorous birthday nails you’ll ever come across. So keep scrolling to find something for you. 

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1 – Spring Dip Glamorous Birthday Nails

Adding colors to your nails instead of always getting neutral will make your nails look so much more exciting, so if you are deciding to paint your nails but don’t want to go heavy on them then must consider coloring your nails using light-colored nail paints. This can give you clean yet glamorous nail feels. We managed to try this simple art called “Spring Dips” because it makes us excited about spring as well for the birthday.

Spring Dip Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram @obsessedwithdip

2 – Ice-Green French Glamorous Birthday Nails

Are you someone who is struggling to decide which shade to choose for your nails, consider ice-green this time as ice-green is super trendy these days? If so, you are gonna love this pink and green french combo if you want to go minimal yet want your nails to do the talking. Try these nude acrylics with green tips and don’t forget to try these hand-drawn cute butterflies with white paint. Plus it will look super cute to wear.

Ice-Green French Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: @lovelyglamour

3 – Orange-Bomb Glamorous Birthday Nails

Thinkin’ of trying something unique on your nails this year? Or do you want to complete your birthday look by trying something fun with your nails? Look at these multi-colored glitter orange nails. Go all crazy with colorful glitters on orange nails and be proud choosing bright orange paint for your look. The fun part is, add your zodiac sign to get them birthday feels. These nails are Bomb AF! 

Orange-Bomb Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: @touchedbyamelia

4 – Purple Zodiac Coffin-Stiletto Glamorous Birthday Nails

As mentioned previously, birthdays and zodiac signs go side by side. Shake your zodiac sign with the help of putting stiletto and coffin nails using purple nail paint on and finish the look after putting chunky glitter of your choice. Purple never fails to look ravishing on nails and the glitter is making the whole idea look glamorous. Also, don’t forget to opt for the right color for your zodiac sign stud, speaking of which, our choice is definitely gold.

Purple Zodiac Coffin-Stiletto Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: @monicasculpts

5 – Funky Pink Glamorous Birthday Nails

When we hear the word “birthday”, pink is the color that pops up in our minds. We decided to list down these funky pink nails for the birthday, and if you want to do detailed art, you must add some shocking pink cute hearts to enhance the feel of this design. Go for some glitters along with elegant pearls to compliment the design. We recommend these glamorous birthday nails because you are surely going to love it.

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Funky Pink Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: @nailz_by_ty

6 – Red-Fire Glamorous Birthday Nails

Who says red is only for Valentine’s day? Well, this set seems to state otherwise. If it were me, I’d always go all RED on my birthday. 

These red fiery unique glamorous birthday nails are a perfect fit for your red-themed birthday. Not too less, nor too much this nail set has everything that makes it birthday appropriate. Hire yourself a professional to carry this piece of art cuz these little hearts on fire ain’t no game. 

Red-Fire Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: @beaunailss

 7 – Sparkly Lilac Glamorous Birthday Nails

Birthdays mean cool vibes, well so does lilac. Allow yourself some fresh and calm vibes by wearing these lilac nails on your sweet 16 if you are a fan of long nails. Go for these Lilac hued and feel free to add some white flowers motifs all over it in freestyle.

This nail set has everything that I would want in my manicure to flaunt on my sweet 16. From the lilac hue to the glittery pinky, from rhinestones to the flower motifs, everything is so on point on these glamorous birthday nails.

Sparkly Lilac Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: @nails.bymatrix

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7 – Chocolate Colored Glamorous Nails For Birthday

Feelin’ like you’re in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Me toooo. Nude and browns are undoubtedly classic colors and are wearable anyway. If you are anything like me who doesn’t feel comfortable and pretty in heavy glamor nails, then this cute yet simple art is the one. If you are one, you must wear your favorite nude shade and make it look even more pretty by creating simple designs with a tiny nail art brush. Don’t forget to add some hearts and this teddy to make it more chocolaty. 

Chocolate Colored Glamorous Nails For Birthday
Instagram: @acrylicsby.alyssa

9 –  “Mamacita” Glamorous Birthday Nail Designs

All the hot mommies out there, this one is for you! Ditch the boring routine and opt for these spicy nails that scream hot mamma. These nails are specially for you if you’re looking forward to your baby’s birthday. These Pisces baby blue and pink suit mommies of Pisces a lot according to our recent research.  Make sure to add these little chunks and butterflies over the blue nails along with this Mamacita detailing. This trick is going to give this art a whole new look. 

&Quot;Mamacita&Quot; Glamorous Birthday Nail Designs
Instagram: @mrs.barrios.nails

10 – Nude Glitter Glamorous Birthday Nails

Gotta slay the nail game this year but ain’t got no time? Nude can never go out of style and satisfaction. If you are addicted to nude nails but are sick of doing it in the same regular way, simply add some glitter to it and feel the glamor around you. Nude glitter over nude paints does look gorgeous to wear and looks blended on long as well as short-length nails. Nude glitter nails make you feel pretty without doing much effort and look stunning on every skin tone perfectly. Is this your favorite out of these glamorous birthday nail designs?

Nude Glitter Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: @oo.nailz

11 – Green and Gold Glamorous Birthday Nails

Needless to say, GREEN is so in these days, and tbh I cannot get enough of it. Join the crew by changing the whole nail game while combining gold and green. Gold itself is a glamor color and is fit for combination with any color, green helps to help it look more stunning. Save this art for your future events like birthdays and never miss a chance to be an inspiration to others by creating gorgeous unique nails every time.  

The best part is, you can achieve this classy yet glamorous nail art at home. Start by painting your index and pinky green, allowing the middle finger to be nude. Just take out some gold studs and glamify the whole look. 

Green And Gold Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: nailsbykaryna

12 – Glow-in-the-Dark Glamorous Birthday Nails

Birthdays are always a top tier for me and if the same goes for you too, go with the dull glittering this year to rock your nails in the dark. Be the lucky one to make the most of it by choosing the right hue to slay your nails at night as well as in the daytime. These nails can go with most events, not just on birthdays. And if you are fond of doing it heavily every time add your favorite studs and nice stones on it. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

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Glow-In-The-Dark Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: @itsslilyynails

13 – Colorful Polka-Dotted Unique Glamorous Birthday Nails

Are you tired of living like a fashionista every year on your day and wanna go for something fun and cute this time instead? We got you.

Here is the fun art you can create on your nails that will bring a bundle of joy on your big day. These polka dots on colorful paints will rock the idea of creating something fun and are able to look cute. Perfect to wear on cozy birthday parties as well as even picnics. The fun part is, you can do these glamorous birthday nails all by yourself at home while making it fun for yourself.

Colorful Polka-Dotted Unique Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: @nailsbykims

14 – Unique Glamorous Birthday Nails With Balloons

Long-shaped nails are hard to carry for you? If you want to bring out the artists in you and double your excitement for your day? Sit back and take white paint and brush. Just start by drawing anything which pops up in your mind when you think “birthday”. This nail artist decided to go with sky blue by drawing the first thing that came to her mind. Who knew she’ll end up having this piece of art as if she’d put so much thought into this.  

Unique Glamorous Birthday Nails With Balloons
Instagram: @blessed_granmama

15 – Mermaid Glamorous Birthday Nails

Can’t decide between different colors? But why should you when you can have it-all? Try out these mermaid-style glamorous birthday nails on your day while going overboard with these soothing blossoms. Design these nails as shown in the picture and avoid opting for bold shades. Go for pastel pigments instead to achieve the calming vibes. The great part is, you can get this nail art even if you DIY. Just needs a little practice and a lot of patience. 

Mermaid Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: @dawn.marie_nails

Check out the video below if you want to recreate this stunning look. Have fun!

 16 – Glittery Sunny Glamorous Birthday Nails

Wanna go a little too crazy like she did? Check out these super long glittery sunny and very glamorous birthday nails. This set has everything you would want for a summer birthday. From glitter to the sunnies, from yellow chunks to that flower, these nails are a piece of art. Needless to say, hire yourself a professional to achieve this beauty. Trust us, you won’t wanna ruin this set by attempting to DIY them. The nail studs add magic to them.

Glittery Sunny Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: 2cutenailsupply

17 – Dim Clear French Glamorous Nails For Birthday

“There’s light at the end of the tunnel” is what came to my mind while looking at this art. How? Let me explain. Do you see these dim yet clear nails sparkling their way out? Exactly! Everything gets better when you give yourself time and patience. All the girls out there who have had a rough year, this set is for you. Flaunt these dim sparkly nails with a hint of french tips to celebrate yourselves. 

Dim Clear French Glamorous Nails For Birthday
Instagram: @nails_browsbydyan

18 – Red-Bottoms Glamorous Birthday Nail Designs

Being nail art lovers, we are sick of wearing Versace’s nails and want something different, something fun. While in search of the same, we came across this art of red bottoms with some glossy french tips on Instagram and we knew it’s gonna be one of the favs!. Look how gorgeous they turned out and looked mesmerizing on the day. Red is meant to speak bold-yet-beautiful without having to put much effort. So are you gonna try these glamorous birthday nails? 

Red-Bottoms Glamorous Birthday Nail Designs
Instagram: @diamonddripnails

19 – Frozen Themed Glamorous Birthday Nails

Gotta find something for your Frozen-themed birthday? Have a look at this ravishing nail set that has the exact Frozen hues to go with your day. Not much effort has been put into this nail art because the glitter is doing all the talking. It’s so hard to process the beauty of these nails, everything is so on point. Definitely, something Elsa would consider on her birthday. That chunky butterfly is everything. 

Frozen Themed Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: @dawn.marie_nails

20 – Turquoise Marble Glamorous Birthday Nails

Could your nails be any more feminine? Another fantastic glitter ombre nail art design, this time with a turquoise shade of blue and a lovely shade of white. The marble art is reminiscent of the marble summer art we like, and the turquoise is the ideal birthday tone.

Keep the middle nail-free for some pretty marble art to round off the look and add oomph. The white and blue studs rest nicely on the glass square nail, adding a little edge to the aesthetic.

Turquoise Marble Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: @luxurynails30

21 – Blue Raisin Glamorous Birthday Nails

If you want something stunning to amaze the people out, try this blue detailed art on clear nails. Although these nails aren’t created using the actual raisins they give out the same vibes. 

Go to a trusted nail salon to achieve this look on your birthday because this art is so easy to be messed up. 

Blue Raisin Glamorous Birthday Nails
Instagram: @jessievan.nails

This was our take on listing down some of the unique glamorous birthday nails ideas for your big day. You will have everything that you have been looking for. However, our favorite ones are definitely the ones with zodiac signs. They’re so birthday appropriate.

Have a happy one, cuties!

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