47 Beautiful Marble Nail Designs

Marble nail designs are stunning nail designs, created to look like the most beautiful marble countertops you’ve ever laid your eyes on. But if you think these looks were difficult or complicated, you’re very much mistaken. There are lots of ways in which you can easily achieve this seasons hottest trend, and here are 47 stunning designs to get you started…

Pink Marble Nails with Gold

Don’t let your nail polish routine get boring. Marble nails are a great way to add a little bit of flair to your nails. They’re easy to do and require just two nail polishes, and some gold of course!

Pink Marble Nails With Gold
Photo: Pink Marble Nails with Gold Source: q_by_mrnailspl

Emerald Green Marble Nails with Gold

Swirling and blending these complementary shades together takes a bit of practice but once you’ve got the hang of it, you won’t be able to stop with these stunning stony designs.

Emerald Green Marble Nails With Gold
Photo: Emerald Green Marble Nails with Gold. Source: silkbeauty.uk

Pink and White Marble Nails

Although it looks complicated, the marble nail effect is a by easy one to recreate. To start with, you need a base coat and in the case of these pink marble nail designs, you’re obviously going with a pink polish colour.

Next you need your marble feature colour and in this case, we’re going with white. Using the contrasting colour, dot and squiggle different sized lines and splodges, using a small brush to blend them together. Using some alcohol or nail varnish remover will help to make the smudging and marble effect easier to achieve.

Pink And White Marble Nails
Photo: Pink and White Marble Nails. Source: nailsbycharlx

Purple Marble Nails

Everyone is raving about purple marble nails at the moment! And why wouldn’t they be, with so many different shades to choose from and stunning color combinations. In fact, we are such big fans of purple marble nails that we have written a whole article dedicated to them. Check out these Gorgeous Purple Marble Nail Designs for more ideas.

Purple Marble Nails
Photo: Purple Marble Nails. Source: nailsbyrek

White Marble Coffin Nails

Love is in the air. And if you’re getting married, you’ll want to make sure that your nails match the mood. So here are some white coffin nails for your wedding.

White marble nails are one of the hottest nail trends for weddings this season. They are not only chic, but they also have a sense of elegance and sophistication to them that makes them perfect for a wedding.

White Marble Coffin Nails
Photo: White Marble Coffin Nails. Source: elegancjanails

Stiletto Green Marble Nails with Stone Effect

If you don’t have the time to create your own marble nail designs make an appointment at the nail salon, cheat it like we have with a very clever little tool called the nail wrap.

Nail wraps are amazing creations – you simple take the sheet of polish, flatten it down on your nail, neaten up the edges, and apply a top coat to finish. There are plenty of designs to pick from, and on Etsy alone, we found hundreds of marble nail designs in wrap-form.

We do love a good cheat tip!

Stiletto Green Marble Nails With Stone Effect
Photo: Stiletto Green Marble Nails with Stone Effect. Source: impressionsbymonette

Nude Marble Nails with Stone Effect

If you don’t have the time to head to a nail salon to get a gel polish, you can achieve a super shiny and long last gel manicure at home, even with these creative marble nail designs.

You can buy gel top coats which do the job just as well, and although they don’t quite live up to salon standards, still last longer than your regular at-home mani which makes them a great idea to us!

Nude Marble Nails With Stone Effect
Photo: Nude Marble Nails with Stone Effect. Source: glossy.studios

Pastel Opal and Marble Rainbow Nails

Out of all of the marble nail designs we’ve shown you, these were our favourite. Glamorous, picture-perfect, and sophisticated- everything marble nails should be.

Pastel Opal And Marble Rainbow Nails
Photo: Pastel Opal and Marble Rainbow Nails. Source: sansungnails

Black Marble Nails

You can cheat a marble effect nail with the help of magnetic nail polish although we haven’t got the hang of that yet so we daren’t dry it for ourselves!

(Have you ever tried to use the magnetic nail polish? We always make such a mess!)

By layering and mixing / matching different tones, shades and finishes, and then using the magnetic tops of the polish bottles to swirl them all together, you can be left with some stunning designs. Although we think using nail wraps (or a nail salon) to create these marble effects might be easier.

Black Marble Nails
Photo: Black Marble Nails. Source: _sparkle_and_shine_07

Grey Marble Nails

Mimicking the look of stone, these stone effect marble nails are to die for, don’t you think? There’s something very luxurious and sophisticated about them, like neutral suitable-for-work nails but with a bit of an edge.

Grey Marble Nails
Photo: Grey Marble Nails. Source: thenail.nurse

Burgundy Marble Nails with Glitter

Marble nails can be done with any color nail polish, but burgundy is one of the most popular colors for the winter season. It looks great with a bit of glitter on top to make it more festive and glamorous!

For more ideas on what to wear during the festive seasons, check out our article about 21 Christmas Nail Art Designs.

Burgundy Marble Nails With Glitter
Photo: Burgundy Marble Nails with Glitter. Source: lb_institut__

Rose Gold Marble Nails

There are two types of marble designs for your nails – water marble and these stone-effect marble. They have two slightly different finishes, one being more tie-dye marble and one being more … well, stone-effect.

If you’re following a tutorial on Youtube, make sure you’re following the right one. We accidentally did the water marble nails first because we didn’t read the description properly … (Our bad!)

If you’re obsessed with rose gold as much as we are, you’re going to love our article Rose Gold Home Decor Pieces We Love.

Rose Gold Marble Nails
Photo: Rose Gold Marble Nails. Source: beautyboxspmuandbeauty

Light Pink Marble Nails

We love these marble effect nails – they look a little like ink splodges, and we also love the way the gold foil has been used to accentuate those swirls and lines.

Light Pink Marble Nails
Photo: Light Pink Marble Nails. Source: eternitybeautystudio_abudhabi

Black and Gold Marble Nails with White and Gold Marble Nails

One thing we learned when we did this on our own nails was that the nail foil stripe needs to be in exactly the right place on every nail otherwise it doesn’t look quite right. You might find it takes you a little bit of practice.

(And if it doesn’t, well done… And how did you do it?)

Black And Gold Marble Nails With White And Gold Marble Nails
Photo: Black and Gold Marble Nails with White and Gold Marble Nails. Source: lenoirnailsspa

Marble French Tip Nails

When you’re going with an intricate pattern like these marble nail designs, longer length nails are always going to give you a better finish, although that’s not to say you can’t achieve the same effect on shorter nails. You just have more space to play around with shapes like these long coffin nails.

Marble French Tip Nails
Photo: Marble French Tip Nails. Source: megs_beauty_off

Orange Marble Nails

Marble nails are a really playful way to dress up your nails. It is a simple way to add some interest and dimension to your manicure. The best part is that you can do these nails in about 10 minutes and they are perfect for any occasion!

Orange Marble Nails
Photo: Orange Marble Nails. Source: megs_beauty_off

Lavender Marble Nails

These lavender marble nails are a really cute way to add a little bit of sparkle to your nails. They are perfect for those who want something that is not too flashy and still girlish.

Lavender Marble Nails
Photo: Lavender Marble Nails. Source: madzb_iridescentnails

Grey Marble Nails with White Marble Nails

Gold foil / tape has been used to really make the look come alive in this clever design, and if you don’t have that to hand, you might find that streaks and smudges of a metallic nail varnish, or even glitter, can have a similar effect.

Grey Marble Nails With White Marble Nails
Photo: Grey Marble Nails with White Marble Nails. Source: nailparlour.id

Marble Almond Nails with Tortoise Shell Design

Combining two amazing nail designs in one, we have marble effect plus negative space. Mix the two together and you have a simply stunning nail look that anyone would be proud of.

Using the usual marble technique, simply apply nail tape to the nail before you start painting to leave a blank space. This will be your negative space.

Just remember to wait until it’s all completely dry before you remove the nail tape otherwise you’ll be left with some nasty nail smudges.

Marble Almond Nails With Tortoise Shell Design
Photo: Marble Almond Nails with Tortoise Shell Design. Source: rosalindofficial

Brown Marble Nails

Brown marble nails are a classic and they always look great. This is because they have an earthy tone that matches the natural beauty of the stone effect marble nail.

One of the best things about this style of manicure is that it’s simple to recreate at home with just some polish and a few tools, like a dotting tool or toothpick.

Brown Marble Nails
Photo: Brown Marble Nails. Source: nails_by_kidaclaire

Blue and White Marble Nails

We love the ocean, we love marble nail designs, so we definitely, one hundred percent love these ocean marble nails, using stunning shades of blues, whites and nudes to leave you with a wave effect look.

Blue And White Marble Nails
Photo: Blue and White Marble Nails. Source: haloranails

Red Marble Nails

Glitter works well to catch the light obviously, but this is an optional extra. These nails would look stunning with or without that shimmer.

Red Marble Nails
Photo: Red Marble Nails. Source

Blue and Purple Marble Nails Coffin Shaped

Why wouldn’t you add rhinestones to marble effect nails, that’s what we want to know? We love this look, probably a little too much for us to wear everyday to work, but for a special occasion, we’d love to rock these smashing designs.

It goes back to that one feature nail we talk about so much – sometimes all you need is one nail to stand out to make your entire hand look fabulous.

Blue And Purple Marble Nails Coffin Shaped
Photo: Blue and Purple Marble Nails Coffin Shaped. Source: pinkladies_nails

White Marble Nails

Marble nails are not just a trend anymore. They are a statement!!! The stone effect marble nail is the latest trend in the world of nail art, and it is a perfect way to show your love for all things luxurious and chic.

White Marble Nails
Photo: White Marble Nails. Source: aronlaura.nailartist

Brown Marble Nails with Copper

Marble nails are an elegant way to show off your sophistication, especially with this gorgeous white and copper marble feature nail.

For the brown nails, you can choose a sophisticated shade of brown that matches your favorite outfit and make sure that it is not too dark. If you want to add some glitter, then you should go for a glitter polish that has a little bit of shine to it like this copper glitter polish. You can also use gold and silver colors if you want to get more creative with your design!

Brown Marble Nails With Copper
Photo: Brown Marble Nails with Copper. Source: studioida_

Light Orange Marble Nails

These coffin nails sure are amazing, and the fact that they’ve matched with that tangerine orange shade just makes our day. These are everything we love about nails right now!

Light Orange Marble Nails
Photo: Light Orange Marble Nails. Source: aboutallandnothing.nails

Dark Blue Marble Nails

For when you can’t make up your mind what kind of mood you’re in, use each hand and paint it a different shade of your favororite colour. The dark blue and sea green shades in these stunning nails look a little oceans inspired, and we couldn’t help but fall in love with them.

Plus, who doesn’t love long and long coffin nails like these? For special occasions and big events, these ones are definitely a surefire winner.

Dark Blue Marble Nails
Photo: Dark Blue Marble Nails. Source: nailwork_lety

Pink and Blue Marble Nails

Another marble nail look we’re simply in love with, these half and half nails are amazing and we would never have thought of putting these two ideas together. We’re awfully glad we’ve seen this one, and we’ve added it right to the top of our nail to-do list.

Use silver nail foil or tape to split the nail in two before using that to separate the two colours and designs. Add the marble effect to the tips and mix it up by having a whole nail, a black nail, a neutral nail, etc. The choice is yours – go crazy with it!

And if you’re not in the mood for some silver accents, opt for gold instead. Both metallic hues work with this mesmerising marble effect, and once you’ve done your nail, add your silver stripe, and you’re basically done.

Pink And Blue Marble Nails
Photo: Pink and Blue Marble Nails. Source: bogosanna_nails

Green Marble Nails

If you want to recreate those gold flecks on the marble nails, use gold pieces of foil – you can buy them from most places that sell nail supplies. Give it a finishing coat of clear polish when you’re done, and you’ll have dreamy orange nails just like these.

Green Marble Nails
Photo: Green Marble Nails. Source: _gwena_nails

Red and Black Marble Nails

Red And Black Marble Nails
Photo: Red and Black Marble Nails. Source: totylkopaznokcie

Blue Marble Nails

You don’t have to go over the top with your marble nail designs, sometimes just a little hint of marble is all you need like in these stunning petrol blue marble nails.

Blue Marble Nails
Photo: Blue Marble Nails. Source: mitts_nail_bar

If you love blue nails, you’re going to love these Matte Navy Blue Nails.

Black and Gold Marble Nails

We love marble and we love glitter so add the two together and you have some very happy nail-fans. These are stunning and we can’t get enough of them, muted shades used to make them easy to wear during the day, but with just enough about them to make them really stand out.

Black And Gold Marble Nails
Photo: Black and Gold Marble Nails. Source: nail.ebersbach

Yellow Marble Nails

It’s such a simple design – add your nude base coat, add your black swirls and use nail varnish remover to run them a little, add those yellow and white splodges you can see and do the same with the nail varnish remover, and then finish it all off with a nice, strong and durable top coat. To give them even longer staying power, use gel polishes.

Yellow Marble Nails
Photo: Yellow Marble Nails. Source: polished_by_m

Blue and Gold Marble Nails

Marble and matte together sounds like it should be brilliant, and it really is. The good news continues – you can buy a matte top coat which turns any nail polish you have at home into a matte finish instead of a glossy one.

Once you’re done with your clever marble nail designs, simply add that matte top coat over the top and wait for it to dry. You’ll see it turn more and more matte as it does so.

Blue And Gold Marble Nails
Photo: Blue and Gold Marble Nails. Source: jackienailz_

Hot Pink Marble Nails

Wow, you are going to stand out from the crowd with these hot pink beauties! Not only are they an incredible color but they also have a marble effect and glitter too making these nails very high up on our list of favorite marble nail designs!

Hot Pink Marble Nails
Photo: Hot Pink Marble Nails. Source: marianasnailss

Jade Marble Nails

These jade and white marble nails give off such a peaceful and patient feeling. If you’re anything like me, then you will need this feeling of patience when attempting marble nails like some of these shown in this article.

Jade Marble Nails
Photo: Jade Marble Nails. Source: peridotnails.be

Blue Marble Nail Designs

When mixed with white, these gorgeous blue marble nail designs create an ocean-like effect that is perfect for those who love spending time at the beach or poolside.

Blue Marble Nail Designs
Photo: Blue Marble Nail Designs. Source: phenome_nails

Milky White Marble Nails with Dark Blue Marble Nails

A very delicate touch of marble has been added to these nails. We are so in love with this dark petrol blue shade at the moment and it goes really well with this milky white polish too.

Milky White Marble Nails With Dark Blue Marble Nails
Photo: Milky White Marble Nails with Dark Blue Marble Nails. Source: __nailsbyandi_

Rainbow Marble Nails

Why stick with boring old black, white and stone-effect marble when you can have rainbow marble nail tips just like these? There’s something very beautiful about those washed-out pops of colour, and the fact that they’re just on the tips makes them much less obvious to wear – perfect for those who can’t get away with bold and bolshy nails.

Rainbow Marble Nails
Photo: Rainbow Marble Nails. Source: lesnazzy_nails

Stunning Blue Marble Nails

If you’re going to go for long nails, in our experience, it is easier to do ‘regular’ things with these pointed nails than with square tips. Typing, picking things up, everything seems easier with a point rather than a blunt edge. Just a little tip from us to you!

Stunning Blue Marble Nails
Photo: Stunning Blue Marble Nails. Source: mbracebeautyandnails

Ombre Marble Nails

In this magical marble mix, you’ve got a stunning ombre effect, the blue butterfly design on the ring finger (which we LOVE!), marble and a hint of glitter … It’s basically everything you could ever want your nails to look like.

Ombre Marble Nails
Photo: Ombre Marble Nails. Source: roxanysnails

Pink Marble Nail Designs

Marble and gold – why wouldn’t you? It looks fabulous. We love the white and gold nails here, but that pink shade just adds a little something extra to it. You could switch that pink for any shade you liked too – perfect for when you need to pick and mix your polish colours to match outfits.

Pink Marble Nail Designs
Photo: Pink Marble Nail Designs. Source: dre.s.nails

Orange Marble Ombre Nails

Who doesn’t love orange? My grandmother once told me that if you want to make your tan stand out more, orange is the way forward and overtime she went on vacation, she’d opt for bright orange talons. We’re not sure whether or not we believe that but we know that we love these orange marble nails, and we know she would too!

Orange Marble Ombre Nails
Photo: Orange Marble Ombre Nails. Source: jackienailz_

Coffin Jade Marble Nails

Combining jade green tips with jade green marble nails is a stunning look that goes perfectly with any style. And if you fancy adding a touch more bling, these nails would look amazing with some gold rhinestones decorating the tips.

Coffin Jade Marble Nails
Photo: Coffin Jade Marble Nails. Source: damariss_nailzz

Almond Green Marble Nails

These gorgeous green and white tips are the perfect combo with the almond nail shape. A french manicure with a very swirly twist!

Almond Green Marble Nails
Photo: Almond Green Marble Nails. Source: seanails.edsquare

Royal Blue Marble Nails

No one will be messing with whoever wears these beauties! The evil eye symbol is said to reflect an evil glare back to any who dares give it and bring you good fortune of course!

Royal Blue Marble Nails
Photo: Royal Blue Marble Nails. Source: lazaileennailz

Short Rose Gold Marble Nails

If you have short nails and therefore not the length to play around with complicated and intricate designs, opt for a multi-look – different designs and finishes on different nails. Alternatively, pick one nail and make that one your feature marble nail. It gives you the perfect starting place to practice.

Short Rose Gold Marble Nails
Photo:Short Rose Gold Marble Nails. Source: nails_by_heatherhums

Lime Green Marble Nails

And to top it all off (for now), we’ve got this fruity marbled beauties. Perfect for the summer look and looks great with this seasons denim trend.

Lime Green Marble Nails
Photo: Lime Green Marble Nails. Source: majjellin

But what about you? What were your favourite marble nail designs? Have you felt inspired by any of the ideas we’ve shown you today? If you get creative, don’t forget to come back and let us know what you did. We can’t wait to see your creations. If we love them, we’ll feature you on the list.

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