11 Black Cat Face Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Are you struggling to come up with ideas as to what you can dress up for this Halloween? We’ve got a great idea – how about a classic black cat? Why? Well, these black cat face makeup ideas for Halloween are stunning to start with, and following on from that, it’s a really simple and easy costume choice. Everything black is something most of us can achieve without even trying, and it gives you a chance to play around with your makeup and hair a lot more too.

Go nuts with colour, or keep things on the down-low with those black and white monochrome tones. It’s up to you – customise it, go nuts, get creative, but above all else – make sure you come back and let us know what you come up with. We can’t wait to see.

For now, take a peek at these:

Black Cat Eye Makeup Kitten Flicks

Do you want to know what the best thing is about these black cat face makeup ideas for Halloween? The fact that you still have the opportunity to show off your “proper” makeup skills. For the most part, as long as you have kitten flicks with your black eyeliner, the rest of your black cat eye makeup is down to you, and that let’s you be as experimental as you so wish.

Source: Instagram / @glambymeli

Black Cat Makeup White Eyeshadow

In order to make your eyeshadows colours pop, here’s a perfect tip for making those bright shades even brighter – use a white eyeliner to cover your entire eyelid first.

The whole point of using a white eyeliner as a base product of sorts, is that any colour you apply over the top will instantly be lighter, brighter and bolder, and when you’re trying to make a statement with your eye makeup, that’s one tip you definitely won’t be able to live without.

The only thing that makes this classic black kitty look better is those super-long claw-like talons. Don’t forget about your nails too!

Source: Instagram / @alvajay

Black Cat Eye Makeup Extra Long Lashes

Those eyes are beautiful, and that’s just why we love these black cat makeup ideas for Halloween. Go extra-long with your lashes, and go darker on your eyebrows too. The idea is to look like a cat, not natural. If you want to re-design the shape of your eyes entirely with eyeliner, go ahead and do it. That’s the beauty of makeup – it lets you be whoever and whatever you want to be.

Source: Spotted on Pinterest

Eyeliner + Pink Lips

With the right eyeliner, and a nose with whiskers, the rest of the look can be as bold or as natural as you’d want it to be. We especially love this adorable look – a pale foundation used to create an almost-white base, and beautiful pink lips to complete the look. This one might just be our favourite.

Source: Instagram / @giuliannan

Black Cat Makeup Half n’ Half Lip Look

Another thing to definitely try for this Halloween – that half n’ half lip look. The top lip has been painted black, and the bottom lip has been painted nude in a bid to make it look more feline-like. It’s a tough one to get right without smudging, but make sure you use something that doesn’t budge. Otherwise you’ll just end up with grey lips. Not that grey lips are bad, but it’s not the look you’re going for, you know?

Speaking of grey, we love the grey tones used in our next black cat makeup ideas for Halloween. It’s very sculpted and we love that. We like to think of this look as a real challenge, and isn’t that what you want?

Source: Instagram / @tanlehoux

Black Cat Eye Makeup Grey Smokey Eyes

If you want an instant way to add a smokey eye to your look, without the need for all that complicated layering and blending? Well, we read this great tip in a magazine, and we feel it’s only fair to share it with you lovely lot!

Draw a slanted (italic) hashtag on the outer corner of your eye, and then use a large fluffy blending brush to gently mould it into shape. It’s such a super quick technique, and perfect for when you have a lot of other complicated makeup ideas going on within the same face. Anything to make life quicker and easier for ourselves, right?

Instagram / @j_make_up

Black Cat Makeup Contouring

Extra contouring as been used on the nose, and also around the cheekbones and the jawline. The aim of the game is to give yourself that classic feline face shape, and modern makeup techniques have definitely make that a lot easier. The eyebrows are a great finishing touch on this black cat look, and if you’ve noticed, eyeliner has been used to give extra details.

According to studies, black cats are the least likely critters to be adopted from shelters, mostly because of their association with all things spooky and Halloween-y. They’ve been the subject for superstition for so many years that these days people are actually afraid of them.

What’s to be afraid of? This black kitty looks simply adorable, and we definitely think they’re fighting for a great cause! The cute black kitty cause!

Instagram / @beautydesignsbydenise

Thick Eyeliner + Accessories

This look is brilliant, don’t you think? The eye detail on this is crazy good, and when you think about it and break it down, the detailing itself isn’t actually that difficult. All you really need is a good black liquid liner, and plenty of it too.

The eyeliner is brought to a point where the eyes meet the nose, and the eyeliner has been added thick to completely redesign the shape of the eye, giving it that classic feline shape. Really long eyelashes have been applied to both the upper and lower lids, and those classic cat-ears have been added to give it that really bold kitty finish.

One thing you definitely can’t live without when it comes to Halloween is accessories. Without them, many of our outfits wouldn’t make sense at all, and and although the cat-makeup on this beautiful face is spot on, those ears really add something special to the look. We love that they’re made of lace!

Source: Spotted on Pinterest

Elegant + Gold

The idea of black cats being bad luck first originated from the pilgrims, and those Puritan Pilgrims not only had a thing against black cats, but anything witch-related at all. Not only did they actively avoid owning black cats, or coming across them for that matter, the poor little critters were actually persecuted – sought out and destroyed.

We know that’s a very sad story, but it’s one you should definitely know when you’re dressing up as a black cat for Halloween. These poor little guys have a really hard time of things. Let’s turn it around and what better than with black cat makeup ideas for Halloween like these wonders?

This is a look that Kim Kardashian herself would be proud to rock, a very elegant, sophisticated, and grown-up way of being a black cat for Halloween 2016.

The gold helps to add something super-sparkly to the look, plus it gives you a reason to go crazy with that new highlighter you just bought.

Source: Instagram / @missj15

Black Cat Eye Makeup Long Lashes

The Ancient Egyptians used to worship cats, and with a look this bold and glamorous, we can totally understand why. If you want to go big and bold for this year’s costume, black cat makeup ideas for Halloween like this are a great idea, and it gives you a chance to play around with the most un-used shades in your palette too.

Lashes are super important when you have bold eyes that you want to make a real statement. If you want to make your own lashes look super amazing rather than relying on falsies all the time, there’s a great trick that you can use to make your mascara work wonders. First, apply a coat of mascara. Then give it a good dusting with some translucent, loose powder. Shake it off a little, and then repeat with another coat of mascara. The powder grabs hold of the lashes and the massacre together to make them blacker, longer, and thicker. AKA the lashes you’re desperately trying to achieve.

Source: Instagram / @viva_glam_kay

Black and White Eye Liner

We love the cartoon look of this black cat look, especially the way that white liner has been used to create the impression of glossy highlights. White isn’t usually the first liner you’d grab when you’re thinking of black cat makeup ideas for Halloween, but as you can see here, clever techniques can really bring your look to life.

If you don’t have time to apply lashes, (or you just forgot to buy some like we do all the time), fake it with black liner, just like you can see here. In fact, this is a great way of livening up your daytime / work makeup face to work for that evening event you totally forgot to prepare for. All you need is your regular makeup plus black and white liner!

Instagram / @xmisslr_

And there you have them – 11 black cat makeup ideas for Halloween 2016 that we definitely think you should rock! Go bold, go bright, go as crazy as you dare. Just make sure that you have plenty of fun, and take plenty of pictures too. We can’t wait to see what you beautiful lot come up with!

Happy Halloween!