21 Pink and Purple Eyeshadow Looks

21 Incredible Pink and Purple Eyeshadow Looks

Are you on the hunt for some pink and purple eyeshadow looks you can easily achieve and get right? Well, we’ve found some, and we think these 21 looks are simply divine. From the bright and light to dark and moody, there’s a look to suit everyone and every occasion.

Take a peek at these beautiful eyeshadow looks, and don’t forget to let us know which ones are your favourite. And if you try them for yourself (and are proud of your work!) send them in to us so that we can feature you on our website! We wouldn’t have anything to show at all if it weren’t for you lovely lot!

1 – Sunset Pink and Purple Eyeshadow Looks

With the help of a deep and rich purple shade, and a pop of bright orange, you too could have eyes as beautiful as a sunset. Yes, we know it’s a cliche, cheesy chat-up line, but if our eyes actually looked like a sunset, we wouldn’t mind the compliments. Using different shades of pink, purple, and also orange tones, the trick is clever blending around the outer corner and crease of the eye, and a solid pop of bright orange in the centre. With eyes this great, you don’t even need lashes.

Sunset Pink And Purple Eyeshadow Looks

Source: littledustmua

2 – Pink and Purple Eyeshadow Glitter Eyes + Blackberry Liner

Of course, if you wanted something a little more glittery, you could look for pink and purple eyeshadow looks like this one. The blackberry liner you can see here is actually liquid lipstick, but there is nothing to stop you from using non-eyeliner items as eyeliner. You just need a thin brush and some setting spray to ensure it doesn’t move or fade throughout the day. Doesn’t that open up a brand new bunch of looks within your same makeup bag?

Pink And Purple Eyeshadow Glitter Eyes + Blackberry Liner

Source: beautybydesiree

3 – Light + Dark Smokey Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

Light and bright shimmery shades on the inner corner of your eyes really help to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. It’s also a great trick if you’ve spent one too many nights burning the candle at both ends. You know, partying the night away and / or working too hard. Or both. Life … it’s a struggle these days. Keep the darker shades to the outer corners, and make sure you get your blending action right, and you too could be rocking beautiful pink and purple eyeshadow looks like this one.

Light + Dark Smokey Pink And Purple Eyeshadow

Source: ssssamanthaa

4 – Bright Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

If you fancy more pink than purple, this look might just be right up your alley. It’s a great look if you want to look fierce. We’d definitely recommend it for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and anniversaries too. If you have deep blushers in shades you never use, get creative and use them as eyeshadow instead. Start light and build up the colour, and make sure you keep everything in place with a good setting spray. We’d recommend this one – XXX

Bright Pink Eyeshadow Look

Source: littledustmua

5 – Cut Crease Liner + Pastel Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

The cut crease is a really big look for right now, and everyone wants to get in on the action. Why not add a little something different to your cut crease, by accentuating it with a pastel pop of colour? This look uses purple, but there’s nothing to stop you from playing around with different shades and tones to see what you can come up with. It’s bright and perfect for spring – don’t you think?

Cut Crease Liner + Pastel Pink And Purple Eyeshadow

Source: dirtymelodies

6 – Pretty with Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

If you want a smokey eye look, but something that isn’t so dark and moody, we’d definitely recommend lightening up the mood by throwing some pink into the action. Keep the brighter pink towards the outer corner and the crease, and then darken things up with a smokey-black, or even purple shade, right in that tight corner. Things are left lighter towards the inner corner, keeping things fresh and fun.

Pretty With Pink And Purple Eyeshadow

Source: dixiewolff

7 – Eye-Catching Pink and Purple Eyeshadow Looks

It’s now considered super cool to rock experimental makeup, and we love the new and interesting ways that makeup and fashion bloggers are using to create stunning and unique looks. Shades of deep blue, dark purple, and a light and fluttery pink have been perfectly blended in a wonderful mix of shades, with some foil pieces added to the corner of the eye for a really shiny, dramatic finish. Everyone won’t help but look twice at you, you’ll sparkle so much!

Eye-Catching Pink And Purple Eyeshadow Looks

Source: lipsonfire_

8 – Romantic + Soft Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

If you don’t have holographic and foil pieces, there’s no need to despair. These pink and purple eyeshadow looks can easily be jazzed up with the help of a few rhinestone additions. Who’d have thought you’d have more ways to use these shiny delights than on your nails … ?

Romantic + Soft Pink And Purple Eyeshadow

Source: g.glr

9 – Dramatic Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

What a deep and dramatic look, and it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. The glitter over the top of the really thick black eyeliner has stopped this look from being too sharp and mean-looking, and we’re going to be honest, we really kind of love the look … a lot. It’s like a new and colourful twist on a smokey eye, and we love it when classic looks get a new and modern twist, don’t you?

Dramatic Pink And Purple Eyeshadow

Source: marioncameleon

10 – Pop of Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

In order to get your shimmery shades, like these, to pop and sparkle just as much as you’d want them to, you’re going to want to put a few base products on your eyelids to ensure it all works and sticks together. You will need an eyeshadow primer, and this will be sed to stop the makeup from slipping and sliding throughout the day or night. You will then need a very light coloured eyeliner – pencil form – or a light coloured eyeshadow. If you have white, even better. The very light or white base gives the brighter and colourful powders used on top the chance to really pop … just as it should do really.

Pop Of Pink And Purple Eyeshadow

Source: syoih

11 – Simple Shimmer Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

This look barely has the faintest hint of purple about it, and we love it, especially for spring. Now the weather is getting warmer, we’re seeing more pastels and florals doing the rounds, and we think this makeup look will fit right in. What do you think? Is it time to add a lilac shimmer over the top of your regular nude and brown shades?

Simple Shimmer Pink And Purple Eyeshadow

Source: mariagabriela_mua

12 – Berry + Glitter Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

Glitter can be a real pain in the backside to work with, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up on the whole idea of this look entirely. There are a few tricks you can use to make life with glitter makeup a lot easier, and one of the things is to always have some tape to hand. You’ll be amazed at how great a piece of tape can be at picking up those little shiny pieces when you wrap it around your fingers. Give it a try – it’s like one of those things that takes fluff away from clothes, but for your face instead!

Berry + Glitter Pink And Purple Eyeshadow

Source: candykillerr

13 – Pastel Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

What about a combination of pine and purple eyeshadow looks, with a little blue throw in for good measure? When the weather gets warmer and spring has definitely sprung, we’re definitely feeling all of these pretty pastel vibes. How about you? Is this colourful delight something you could get on board with?

Pastel Pink And Purple Eyeshadow

Source: pastelcosmeticsdream

Do you want to recreate this stunning look? Check out the video below!

14 – Blush Pink and Purple Eyeshadow Looks

Of course, just because you’re playing around with pink and purple eyeshadow looks doesn’t mean you need to go super bold and bright. Even duskier and blush shades, just like this almost-nude beauty, can be perfect for a more sophisticated and easier-to-wear way of rocking the pretty shades. You see – there really is a look for everything!

Blush Pink And Purple Eyeshadow Looks

Source: vegas_nay

15 – Dark Pink and Purple Eyeshadow + Silver Pop

We loved this look for a lot of different reasons, but especially that dark plum, almost burgundy eye on the top lid especially. These dark and matte shades are really great to work with, buy you must remember to start gradually and build up. A colour like this is not something you will want to slap on and hope for the best. Learn to blend – there are plenty of Youtube tutorials. It’s one of the best things we ever learned!

Dark Pink And Purple Eyeshadow + Silver Pop

Source: makeupby_ev21

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16 – Pretty, Bold + Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

But sometimes you don’t want matte, right? Sometimes you want something pretty, bright, bold and super-shiny, and this look covers all of those bases, we think. When you want pink and purple eyeshadow looks, you might as well go all-out. It’s much easier to wear the brighter and more intimating shades in your palette once you’ve had some practice. You’ll also gain more confidence by watching makeup tutorials on Youtube. Most of the girls in those videos are regular girls, just like you and me, and they’re teaching us the tricks they’ve learned from the people before them. It’s just what makes the world go round …

Pretty, Bold + Pink And Purple Eyeshadow

Source: syoih

17 – Princess Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

How about this pretty contrasting beauty? The almost baby-blue shimmer of this look really is breathtaking, and it looks like something out of a Disney movie, we think. We’re not sure if Disney princesses would have approved of makeup like this, but we like to think they would have!

Princess Pink And Purple Eyeshadow

Source: lipsonfire_

18 – Sunset Pink and Purple Eyeshadow Looks

And for those days when you need to shine bright and show the entire world you mean business, how about pink and purple eyeshadow looks just like this one? Okay, we know there is some orange-tones thrown in for good measure in this look, and that’s a shade that is totally intimidating. However, used in this clever combination of pinks and purples, it looks more like a stunning sunset that a fright-night horror, so we think you should be brave and just think outside the box.

Sunset Pink And Purple Eyeshadow Looks

Source: dixiewolff

19 – Berry Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

That bright pop of colour on the inner corner of the lid really helps to lighten up any makeup look, and it’s a great trick for when you’ve accidentally gone too dark and moody. Too much eyeliner? Don’t worry, add some sparkle over the top. Think you look too mean and moody? Don’t worry – that shimmer pop will happy you right up! Trust on this – it’s the smartest trick and all the makeup artists are doing it!

Berry Pink And Purple Eyeshadow

Source: dirtymelodies

20 – Sparkle Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

What’s not to love about this glamorous pink sparkly look? On-fleek eyeliner, the most beautiful pops of colour we’ve ever seen, and all in those beautiful rose gold shades too – one of the hottest shades for right now. It’s definitely one we’ve added to our lust-list!

Sparkle Pink And Purple Eyeshadow

Source: giamariewaits

21 – Shiny Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

This cleverly blended mix of bright purples and dusky pinks really does make for an interesting makeup look, and we’re absolutely obsessed with it, if we’re being honest. We love the way that the rest of the face has been left somewhat nude and natural with an eye look as bubbly as this one, and that’s not a bad trick to use if you’re scared of trying those bright pops for the first time.

Shiny Pink And Purple Eyeshadow

Source: ssssamanthaa

Aren’t these pink and purple eyeshadow looks the prettiest? We could think of a hundred and one events we’d love to rock these looks too, but Valentine’s Day is definitely the first one to spring to mind. Go show these fabulous artists some love – we wouldn’t have these inspirational looks in the first place if it weren’t for them!

Oh, and don’t forget to send us in your looks if you’ve created pink and purple eye shadow looks that rival these ones. Not that there’s a battle of course. But, if you want us to feature you, get creative and send in your shots! We cannot wait to see what you come up with!

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