21 Halloween Makeup Designs To Die For!

Hey there, beauties! Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year, and it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with your makeup and unleash your creativity. Whether you want to go for a spooky, eerie look or something more glamorous and sparkly, there are plenty of makeup designs to choose from.

Crazy, Scary Clown

Ghetto Clown Costume
Instagram / @voodoobarbiedoll

Pop Art Glam Skull

Pop Art Halloween Makeup Zombie
Instagram / @ssssamanthaa

Ghetto Clown Halloween Makeup Designs

Ghetto Clown Halloween Costume Makeup Design
Instagram / @chrisspy

Pop Art Zombie

Pop Art Halloween Makeup Green Zombie
Instagram / @lola_von_esche

Pretty + Purple Glitter Skull Face

Pretty And Ghetto Clown Costume For Halloween
Source: lolaliner

Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride Halloween Makeup
Instagram / @ginamarie_mua

Red + White Halloween Makeup Designs

Red And White Halloween Makeup
Source: Spotted on pinterest

Battered Beauty

Halloween Makeup Design
Instagram / @makeupbyemmad

Devilishly Red

Devil Halloween Makeup
Instagram / @lola_von_esch

Wonder Woman Pop Art

Wonder Woman Pop Art Halloween Makeup
Instagram / @mel73544

Simple Black + Natural Skull

Halloween Makeup Simple
Source: jamiegenevieve

Cute Yet Creepy Clown Face

Ghetto Clown Costume Halloween Makeup
Source: aveme_lissa

Glamorous Mummy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Glamorous Mummy Halloween Makeup
Source: dadollitaz

Pop Art Zombie Style

Pop Art Halloween Makeup Zombie Makeup Design
Source: ellie35x

Devil Girlfriend

Devil Girlfriend Halloween Makeup
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

Melted Barbie

Melted Barbie Halloween Makeup
Instagram / @ginamarie_mua

Classic Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Designs

Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup
Instagram / @daisyfranchesca

Steampunk Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup
Instagram / @meaganlforsythe

Dotty Pop Art

Dotty Pop Art Halloween Makeup
Instagram / @ssssamanthaa

Spiderman Halloween Makeup Designs

Spiderman Halloween Makeup
Instagram / @lola_von_esche

Glitter Skull Clown

Glitter Skull Clown Halloween Makeup Ghetto Clown Costume
Instagram / @voodoobarbiedoll

If you’re looking for a classic Halloween look, you can never go wrong with a skull or skeleton design. For a simple yet effective look, try a black and white skull with exaggerated hollow eyes and a black lip. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can add some colorful details or glitter for a more unique twist.

For those who prefer something more glamorous, a mermaid or fairy design is a great option. To create a mermaid look, use blues, greens, and purples to create scales on your face and add some shimmery highlighter to your cheekbones. To create a fairy look, use pastel shades like pink, blue, and purple to create a dreamy and ethereal effect.

If you want to be a bit more daring, a pop art or comic book design is sure to turn heads. Use bright, bold colors and thick black outlines to create a cartoon-like effect on your face. Finish the look with a colorful wig and some bold lashes for a truly show-stopping effect.

Finally, if you’re looking for a more subtle Halloween look, try a themed lip or eye design. Use black lipstick and a spider web stencil to create a spooky lip design, or use red and black eyeshadow to create a sultry vampire eye look.

Whatever design you choose, remember to have fun and experiment with different colors, textures, and styles. Halloween is all about creativity, so let your imagination run wild and create a makeup look that truly reflects your personality and style.

Happy Halloween Beauties!