Stunning Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

21 Complimenting Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

Summer is the perfect time to start getting experimental with your makeup looks, and if you’re having a hard time trying to figure out the right kind of new makeup looks for you, you’re in luck! We’ve been paying much more attention to the makeup that we’re wearing recently, and right now, we’re going to take a closer look at stunning makeup looks for green eyes. We’ve found a few looks that you might want to take a peek at …

1 – Green Eyes (Yes, you can!)

When you’re rocking green eyes, what about green eyeshadow? We know you’ve probably been told to avoid the shade entirely, but we think it’s a beautiful look. Especially this one! This look has been wonderfully created using a dark purple, almost plum shade towards the outer and inner corner of the eye, and adding a wonderfully bright and highly-pigmented metallic green shade for the centre. It kills two birds with one stone too – that reflective green in the centre will reflect the light and make your eyes not only look bigger, but also stand out more. Winning all round, we’d say.

Green Eyeshadow Makeup Looks For Green Eyes
Source: Pinterest

2 – Blues + Golds for Green Eyes

Of course, if you didn’t fancy plum and greens, you could always take a slightly different approach. It’s a very similar look to the one we showed you before, just using different shades out of your palette. A darker blue shade has been used towards the outer and inner corner of the eye, a lighter gold shade used right in the centre, rather than the green. It just goes to show how switching up the colour can change the look of your makeup entirely. Is it about time you started to get a little creative?

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Green Eyeshadow
Source: Pinterest

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3 – Light Coppery Tones for Green Eyes

If you’re not feeling the bronze tones (which are perfect for green eyes, by the way), how about copper ones instead? Another shade that is very much in style right now, you could take things more bronze / gold if you wanted a lighter look, or even more to the red sign of things if you want a look that’ll really stand out. We love rose gold for right now, however, and copper and rose gold just blend so well together. Play around with the two shades on your hand with a fluffy blending brush before you start playing around on your eyes. You’ll soon get a good entire of what colours and shades work well together out of your makeup palette.

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Copper
Source: taniawallerx3

4 – Shimmeringly Simple

It’s simple, elegant and beautiful, and that’s just three reasons why we love stunning makeup looks for green eyes like this one. A hint of pink, but some dark and dusky nude thrown in for good measure, it’s an every day look that you could also spice up to take you right through to a rockin’ night time event also. Add a thicker slick of eyeliner, and even some glitter to the centre of the upper eyelid, and then complete the look with some nude lips. What do you have? A look that the Kardashian / Jenners would be proud of, that’s what.

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Glitter
Source: makenziewilder

5 – Copper Palettes for Green Eyes

Copper tones actually work really well for ALL eye colours, not just green ones, so that means you should definitely have a copper-shaded eye palette in your collection. If you don’t, you don’t know what you’re missing. Here are a few that the CherryCherryBeauty den have been obsessed with lately. What about you? Shout out what makeup products you’ve been using in the comments below. We’d love ANY excuse to buy new makeup!

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Copper Eyeshadow
Source: Pinterest

6 – Blue Flash

We said blue flash, and we’ve used a blue eyeliner example for the purposes of this post, but you could use a wide number of different eyeliner colours here. We’ve been watching tutorials on Instagram and Youtube recently, and we’ve also noticed that makeup artists have started used lipstick shades as eyeliner also, which gives you even more colours to play around with.

Here’s a fun trick that we’ve been using for a long time too – with a little saucer of water, a thin eyeliner brush, and your regular eyeshadow palettes, you too could have a wide array of liner colours to get creative with. Dip your brush in the water, and then into your preferred colour, and build up the colour in the places that you would regularly use eyeliner. Just think of the endless possibilities!

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Blue Eyeliner
Source: makenziewilder

7 – Liner + Lashes

You will find lots of information on the internet that conflicts itself, one colour being better for you than others, for example, or some other shade that you should definitely avoid if you have green eyes. We’re telling you to ignore all of those makeup tips and advice. Play by your own rules. When you have a few minutes alone by yourself, get experimental with your makeup. If you don’t, you won’t ever know what shades go with your skin tone and eye colour. Just because a magazine said you couldn’t wear purple eyeshadow, for example, doesn’t mean you need to forget about the colour entirely. You just need to work out how to wear it well for you, and that just takes a little bit of practice.

Here’s another thing to remember also – every look seems to look much better with some liner and lashes!

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Eyeliner
Source: watchoutladies

Do you want to recreate this gorgeous look? Check out the video tutorial below how to make winged eyeliner.

8 – Passionately Pink

This look has got sultry Valentine’s Day written all over it, we think, but whatever you think, you can’t deny that it’s both beautiful and elegant. One of the stunning makeup looks for green eyes that we fell in love with at first sight, there are plenty of ways you could customise it a little to make it more or less dramatic, dependant on your mood. Use a lighter pink and things become much more daytime ready. Use some glitter and you’ve got an easy party look. Who’d’ have thought a bright and bold look such as this one could be all that versatile?!

Pink Makeup Looks For Green Eyes
Source: Pinterest

9 – Light Purples + Lilacs

Have you been told that light purples and lilacs won’t work for your green eyes? we read that somewhere once, and we’re really glad that this beautiful makeup artists has created a look to blow that myth out of the water! These tones look wonderful with green eyes, as you can see, and they’re easily play-around-able too, giving you more ways to make the look much more unique for you. Let your individuality flow free with your stunning makeup looks for green eyes … and then send them into us obviously. We would LOVE to feature your work!

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Lilac
Source: Kathleen Lights

10 – Shimmering Splendid

We love a bit of glitter, so imagine our joy when we came across this delightful look – another of the stunning makeup looks for green eyes that we definitely think you need to sit up and pay attention to.

It’s a classic smokey eye look, using black kohl liner, slightly smudged, to give it an intense and rocky edge, but things haven’t been left there. A beautiful light and silver glitter has been added to really bring the entire look to life. If you have green eyes, you should remember that they are rare. Give them a bed to sparkle in!

Glitter Eyeliner Makeup Looks For Green Eyes
Source: makenziewilder

11 – Bronzed Beauty

Green eyes are quite rare – it has been estimated that only two percent of the entire population of the world have green. If you’re one of those people, we are insanely jealous. Out of seven billion people living on planet earth, that means that about 140 million people have this particular eye shade.

Now we’ve got those fun facts out the way, let’s pay attention to the makeup side of things. We just like to wow you with facts at the same time … Although we told you to think outside the box, one colour that has been shown time and time again to work on green eyes, is bronze. Bronze eye makeup is not only easy, but everyone’s dong it right now. That means you can be in style, just like Kim Kardashian, for example, and rock the best shade of your eye colour at the same time. That is some serious multitasking, girls!

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Bronze
Source: helenesjostedt

12 – Flash of Light

Remember that we told you to get creative with your eyeliner looks? Well, we’ve shown you blue, now we want to show you a different colour entirely. What exactly are your views on … orange? We know it’s not conventional, but that hasn’t stopped us from falling in love with the look. What do you think? Would you be brave enough to rock it? What would yo do to this look to make it easier to wear? Shout out your comments below – we’d love to read your thoughts.

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Orange
Source: Kathleen Lights

13 – Copper for Green Eyes

Do you remember that we discussed the idea of copper? Well, as far as stunning makeup looks for green eyes go, this could be one of the most stunning, and also one of the most simple too. Here’s a tutorial to follow to show you just how easy these makeup looks are once you break them down into easy steps. Even we could follow these guidelines, and we’re always getting our makeup looks wrong. What do you think? Simple enough to recreate for you?

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Copper Tones
Source: heidimakeupartist

14 – Dark + Sparkly

One shade that doesn’t work particularly well for green eyes, is silver. Well, silver and grey tones to be exact. There are ways that you can liven things up to make them work for you, but if you want an easier way to wear these stunning makeup looks for green eyes, we would probably recommend avoiding silver to start with. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with the shades that you definitely know work for you. You can always grow and get more experimental later on!

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Dark Eye Makeup
Source: miaumauve

15 – Gold + Peach for Green Eyes

Gold and peach are two shades that work really well together, and they make the perfect eye makeup for green eyes too. It’s such a simple look once you break it down, once again, and as you can see, this makeup artist has used the age-old trick of using white eyeliner to make things pop. This means using it on the inner corner of your eye. That helps to open your eyes up and make them appear bigger and brighter. Using the same white eyeliner along the waterline can be too harsh for some, but there’s nothing to stop you from using a nude eyeliner instead. It’s a tad easier to wear … (or so we find).

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Peach Eyeshadow
Source: stylistanna

16 – Green Smokey Eye Tutorial

If you have lighter green eyes, opt for a darker green eyeshadow to start with. You can start off small and start experimenting with colours and blended shades once your confidence has grown. You don’t need to throw yourself right in at the deep end, trying to recreate the most complicated and extravagant makeup looks you can find. There’s nothing wrong with playing and learning slowly.

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Green Eyeshadow Looks
Source: makenziewilder

17 – Dark Green / Light Green

If you have a darker green tinge to your eye colour, opt for a lighter green to surround them. The tick is to go lighter or darker than your natural eye colour, but never to use the same shade. If you have green eyes and you surround it with the exact same shade of green eyeshadow, your eyes won’t stand out at all. They’ll just get lost in your makeup, and that’ll be such a shame.

Green Eyeshadow Makeup Looks For Green Eyes
Source: vanyxvanja

18 – Simple + Sweet

One thing that you should not take for granted when you have green eyes, is brown mascara. It can often look much less severe for daywear, and you can combine it with a number of shades of eyeshadow too – nudes, bronze, golds, browns, and even pinks if you play your cards right. Try a brown mascara – give it a shot, just the once. You might be surprised at how much softer your daytime makeup looks end up being. Just like this look, brown mascara can be simple and sweet.

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Simple
Source: taniawallerx3

19 – Gold + Shimmering

There’s that silvery-white shimmer on the inner corner of the eye again, and here’s another golden bronze look that we think you might just love. It’s a super glamorous makeup look for green eyes, and we think it would make for great vacation / holiday makeup too. Just make sure you’ve packed your waterproof mascara for those endless days tanning by the pool …

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Gold
Source: klaudiabadura

20 – Rose Gold Stunning Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

Didn’t we tell you that rose gold makeup looks for green eyes would work? Well, here’s the proof. Are you a believer now? With plenty of liner and lots of lashes, any look is instantly made much more glamorous, so you could opt for a slick of rose gold for during the day, piling on a touch more, those liner and lashes, and even a hint of glitter if you’re feeling sparkly. It’s the perfect thing to take you from easy day to party-all-night.

Makeup For Green Eyes 20
Source: vanyxvanja

21 – Blue + Purple Beauty

Here’s a stunning spring time makeup look for green eyes, and just in case you thought blue and purple were out of the question when you had green eyes, here’s a stunning look that proves that is, once again, just a myth. Work with purples on the outer and inner corners, saving that beautiful blue for the centre of your eyelid. You could even add a touch of blue shimmer or glitter also, it just depends on how much you want your face to sparkle.

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes Blue And Purple Eyeshadow
Source: makenziewilder

And there you have them – 21 stunning makeup looks for green eyes that we think you could achieve at home with ease. If you click on the links, you’ll be taken to the original artist, and we’ve tried to find links to the tutorials here possible. You should definitely go and show them some love – we wouldn’t have any inspiration at all if it weren’t for them! (Plus, they’re very talented, don’t you think?!)

Don’t forget to let us know what you thought of our choices, and we’d love to know which one is your favourite … or which ones. Leave your comments below, or get int ouch via social media. The links are all at the top of this page, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve been creating. If it’s a little masterpiece, send it in to us. We would love to feature you on